Lovers. Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York. Photo: @kerrypayne

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  • Whoa, very nice, love the classic, timeless feel. Cheers!

  • Really lovely photo, you do such great stuff.

  • Kerry…
    Once again this is another beautiful shot. Do you go out often searching for images as you’ve been doing this week for BurnDiary?

  • Looks set up to me. his hand in particular.

  • Tom, yes, that’s the thing I love most about it too. No doubt the black and white makes it so. The first thing I noticed were her deep red nails in his black hair as she stroked his head, and I may one day do something with it in color but this image begged to be black and white.

    Gordon, huge thank you. :)

    John Gladdy, definitely not set up, that’s how I found them. I never pose subjects, that takes the challenge away for me.

    Paul, not nearly often enough. When I travel I’m ‘looking’ more but I usually shoot in the same style as David, wherever I happen to be, whatever takes my eye. Usually I post am image to IG every day, but it has been wonderful to dedicate this week to revisiting many of the places I used to haunt when I first moved to New York. And I’m happy with the results. So much so I’ve decided to dedicate a few hours every day for the remainder of the summer to see what I can do.

  • Kerry. WOW. Thats pretty close to still get a candid, with an iphone. Your practically standing over them by the look of it. You must have a cloak of invisibility.

  • John, I can be bold when I see a picture I want and I often get this close to my subjects. My ‘real camera’ lens of choice is always a 28mm. In most cases I get a frame or two before they become aware of me, those are usually the ones that work. When they see me I ask them to carry on as they were. Sometimes we don’t even talk, a wink and a smile is enough. Other times I’ll flirt* a little and keep shooting. Sometimes they actually do relax and forget me, most times the good stuff is all over red rover but I’ll make a few more frames anyway. I very rarely have anyone get upset with me and love the freedom my camera gives me to approach people.

    *Flirting is my first language, whether they’re 3 or 93. It’s my personal belief everyone should flirt a little every day. It’s good for the soul. ;)


    you do so so well on a daily basis always…no small feat….few can do this…many thanks for your week of great moments….

    cheers, david

  • Kerry…

    Thanks for the highly inspiring week of soul drenched photography.

  • Kerry, is your week over already? You charged Burn Diary with life. You have given those who will follow you both challenge and motivation.

  • “*Flirting is my first language, whether they’re 3 or 93. It’s my personal belief everyone should flirt a little every day. It’s good for the soul. ;)”

    I suspect that this will better for you than it would for me, Kerry. If I tried it, I would get my ass kicked on a regular basis. ;-)

  • Akaky – that’s what called, “flirting with danger…”

  • DAH – My thoughts exactly. Kerry seems to have hit every shot out of the park.

  • “..and remember, the best stories you have ever read, the best films you have ever watched and the best photographic essays you have ever seen have usually been personalized visions of what could have been a casual observation or not noticed by someone not attuned…”
    David Alan Harvey RoadTrips 18 July 2007

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