Buenos Aires. K.,F. and A. sitted on the top of one of the towers of Dock Sur. Dock sur and Isla Maciel originally were the same neighborhood founded by Italian immigrants and port workers who dared to cross in the river and settle into what once was a swamp surrounded by the waters of Rio de la Plata, the dirty Riachuelo and the steam Maciel . Over time, a highway was constructed that cuts half the Isla delimiting two new zones, the favela of Villa Trankila and the Dock Sur with its towers and thanks to an infrastructure project over the past 10 years, Isla has lost its insular condition.
This division is now theater of conflicts, a war for territorial control made by Narcos groups.
Guys from the Isla are scared to go close to the towers and the same happens to guys who live in Dock Sur. The towers are extremely dangerous places controlled by narcos with weapons who sells drugs under the buildings. All the towers are connected from dark alleys and tunnels.

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