Buenos Aires, Isla Maciel. A. cries abandoned in the arms of her boyfriend K. because of family’s daly problems. The only way to escape their daily horrible condition is love. Their relationship gives them strenght and confort from the lack of affects from the families and support from society. A. (14) lives with her mother, her sister (8) and her brother (7). Nobody knows anything about the father, the mother has been prostituting since many years.
In 2016 there was a fire in her home. Her mother was working and she had the responsibility of the little brothers. It was a cold winter night, she went out with her friends leaving a candle lit by the bed of her little brother. The blankets took fire and he was saved thanks to F.’s intervention that pulled him out of the ames. Even today, F. remembers the feeling of his skin attacking on him.
Her brother is burned on 85% of the body. An arm is deformed.
A. passes from periods of addiction to periods clean. She prostitutes with the consent of her mother and her aunt to bring money home because she feels guilty of the fire. She got recently pregnant.
K. (18) lives between his father’s house, his mother’s and the A.’s.
His brother (16) has a mental retardation and has never been to school. His sister (7) has problems in talking. His dad is very violent, he is s drug addict and he has abused him.
He frequently crippled his arms. Hip Hop is the only way out he has to escape the violence he daily lives.

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