Buenos Aires, Isla Maciel. K. (16) looks outside of a window after having a violent fight with some people in the street. The fight ended only thanks to the intervention of the police who detained her for a couple of hours. On her face and body the signs of the brutal fight. Adolescents like K. are always in danger. Currently the only solution for her is to enter in rehab community to detox herself and leave the street but it’s hard to do it without the permission of her mother and her complete will to recover. She has 3 younger sisters (13, 7 and 3 years old).
Her father spent his days stealing and consuming paco, he was very violent. He beats her from the cradle. Her mother every time tried to defend her she was systematically beat, also with a stick, reason why she has big back problems. In 2016 her father was killed by the police. He escaped from the theft of a car, had surrendered, his arms raised, and they shot him the same in the street.
Since that moment K. lives on the street.
Her mother was abused up to the age of 18, reason why she seems completely stunned and she cannot provide for her family.
K. has also been abused by 5 to 12 years by an uncle. She commonly uses paco, marijuana, cocaine, any kind of drugs and alcohol.
She goes with her boyfriend F. to steal food when they are hungry and clothes when it’s too cold. She already had three abortions and was self-defeating by constantly cutting her arms. Recently she lost weight because of the high consume of Paco and she started to prostitutes herself. With the help of some social assistants and doctors she starting to think to rehab in recovery center.

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