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Taos, New Mexico. Native American powwow. A mother hugs her daughter who had just won a traditional dancing contest. This was part of my photo story about powwows all over the U.S. and the cover of NatGeo Magazine. I’m going through a lot of retro work now as I work on my Off For A Family Drive book. Students will be gathered at my home for the next two weeks all centering around their work and the photo essay medium.

Indigenous highlands

Indigenous highlands Oaxaca, Mexico. From my book “Divided Soul”. I have now two weeks of students coming to my home in the Outer Banks. I’m building two new books of my own and focusing on my students who want to publish books. It’s all about the process. Keep your eye on my IG Stories if you have an interest in building narrative. We will also do some live broadcasts here and on FB. To be announced.

Brian and Sue

Bryan and Sue

Clary Estes – Those Who Remain

Nina's granddaughter, Adelena, looks at her grandmother's body during the church service at Nina's funeral. Fatigued from grief she is quiet for much of the event. I occasionally hold her close and we take a moment to grieve and listen to the Orthodox chants of the priests. Like Nina, Magdalena is also diabetic and her family keeps a close eye on her diet and insulin shots everyday.

Clary Estes

Those Who Remain

Hundreds of thousands of people from a corner of eastern Europe were forcibly deported as political exiles during two waves of Soviet repression in the 1940s. Many of them died during the journey or in exile. Others returned home with shattered lives. Only a few survive today.

“Those Who Remain” tells their stories. The Stalinist regime devised the deportation program to identify and exile political dissidents from what is now the Republic of Moldova. Those selected, often for reasons having nothing to do with politics, were killed or exiled with their families to remote regions of Kazakhstan and Siberia. Those who survived had to wait years to be liberated. If they managed to return home, they were systematically silenced and shamed by the Soviet and post-Soviet societies. Only recently, long after most of them died, have they been free to speak publicly about their ordeals.

“Those Who Remain” gives voice to these former deportees, and to their children and grandchildren. It bears witness to a profoundly important historical event that is little known by the rest of the world. These survivors have been waiting decades to tell their stories, which are shocking and harrowing, but also inspiring. See their faces. Listen to their voices. Some are still with us, those who remain.





Clary Estes was born and raised in Kentucky and is currently living internationally and working on a variety of photography projects in Japan, China and Moldova. After she graduated with a Masters Degree in New Media Photojournalism from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2013 she moved to Japan as an Ishibashi Zaidan Photography Research Fellow with Nagoya University for two years. She is now living and working in rural Moldova with the Peace Corps. As a storyteller, Estes’ interests lie in long-term documentary projects focused on underserved, obscure communities. Her work does not merely document a story straight on; rather, it analyzes and re-analyzes the story over the course of months and years to show the dynamic and complex nature of the stories we live.

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Clary Estes

Spring in the OBX

Spring storm OBX. 5-22-17

Morning coffee

Morning coffee. OBX

RIP Stanley Greene


Stanley Greene is gone. Dear friend, colleague, and a dedicated photojournalist to the core. Member of the prestigious NOOR @noorimages photo agency, Stanley most often pursued significant stories beyond the normal news cycles. When all other news outlets left Chechnya, Stanley stayed. He believed more in the story then he cared about running off to the next hot spot to get an assignment. His acclaimed book “Chechnya” the result. Stanley lived in my New York building for several years along with Paolo Pellegrin, Lorena Ros, Kadir Van Lohuizen, Alex Majoli, Thomas Dvorzak, Kerry Payne,Chris Anderson, Rob Clark, Monia Lippi, Tim Hetherington, David Coventry, Marion Duran, and Michael Christopher Brown. The karma was unbelievable .Stanley was in the center, part of the buzz, relentless in his effort to do the right thing. The real deal. You can’t buy “Black Passport”. Sold out long ago. I hope it gets re published. Testament to one of the finest chroniclers of our time. Big love Stanley 🎈

Beach dog

Beach dog OBX.

Beach time

Nags Head, NC.

Close up

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