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Good morning. Chieska @chieskafortunesmith here. Hope you all have a good day today.

Jason Vinson – Holi

Jason Vinson


India is a hard place to shoot. Not because there is nothing to shoot, but because there is so much to shoot. The country is filled to the brim with colorful buildings and interesting people. It can almost feel like shooting fish in a barrel. Go during the Holi festival and things get easier. The country is now engulfed with colored powder and dyed water. People fill the streets in celebration of good over evil and the coming of spring. Going into a situation like this, it can be easy to shoot at anything and everything, but I really wanted to shoot something different.

I went to India with the idea to shoot one camera with a single prime lens. This allowed me to concentrate only on the moments that fit my focal length and also saved me from chasing images that were never going to work. I didn’t have a specific story in mind while shooting, but knew I wanted the images to work in a series as well as be able to stand alone. To do this, I considered the light to be king. If there wasn’t interesting light on the subject, it didn’t make the cut. What I was left with are a set of images that are held together by the light they share.





Jason Vinson is rated as one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the US and Canada. Based in Northwest Arkansas, him and his wife run the photography company Vinson Images. They specialize in Creative and documentary photography and are inspired by light and moments.


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Jason Vinson


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Hi, I’m Chieska @chieskafortunesmith taking over burn diary this week. I live in London. This city definitely has some faces worth capturing.


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Hello. My name is Chieska @chieskafortunesmith and I have been invited by @burndiary to share my photos over the next week. I am an American living in London. I mostly do street photography and portraits. This is me enjoying the sunshine.

Mr. Parks

Mr. Parks behind his screen door on Tangier Island, Va. my first big NatGeo Magazine assignment in 1972. Tangier sits in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and is home for about 850 fishermen/crabbers and their families. I spent weeks trying to capture the daily life on Tangier. At that time Tangiermen weren’t really up for being photographed, so I had to very slowly gain their trust. I’m going through now many of my retro pictures for an upcoming book. I plan also to return to Tangier since they face a serious problem of island erosion and rising water levels and featured recently in a New York Times Magazine piece by Jon Gertner and photos by Andrew Moore. Long term projects always hold a special place in my heart. One cannot help but become emotionally invested. I look forward to returning soon.

School Year End Dance


My junior high school year end dance. In the gym of course. This is the last in my series of three IG pictures I shot at school as a young teenager. I’m going over a lot of retro work in preparation for one of my upcoming books. I’m debating whether to publish this as is with the drugstore date stamp or take the negative into my darkroom and make a really nice reprint. This was made before I could afford to buy an enlarger and it’s a bit over exposed. All of the dance pictures I shot were from a distance. I’m sure I was afraid to go closer. I know I didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t dance. I was of course in love with one of those girls, Cheryl Harvey (last name coincidental) , yet unable to actually talk to her. She did look at me twice though. As you can see the girls are dancing with the girls and all the boys stacked in the back trying to figure out what to do. Classic. I mean when you are 14 (almost 15) and wearing braces and dreaming of your drivers license, there really wasn’t much you could do even if you knew how to do it which I didn’t. So I took pictures. Cheryl Harvey from West Junior High School 1958 (Warren,Ohio), are you out there? I just wanted to say hello . #warrenohio

People on Super-Color

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To finish my week here, a sample of a new series i’m working on. “People on Super-Color” At Pont Morand, Lyon. Tkx a lot everybody! ️ I am @vitolx from Lyon, France.

Saxe Ave

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Photo 2The wait… Old lady a at Saxe Av.

Retro 2


Retro. 1958 according to the drugstore print stamp. So I was 14 and testing flash (#6 flashbulbs). Yes one shot and then you had to change the bulb. My friends yes sipping cokes at our junior high school dance in the steel mill town of Warren, Ohio. My family had moved from the all white preppy/tourist/military Va. Beach, Va community seen in my previous post to a culturally mixed steel mill town in the rust belt. Bam! I was pretty much rejected by the white kids because I was a “new kid” and definitely not cool. Braces etc. My classmates included Poles, Italians, and blacks. It was the black boys who took me “in”. One of them, Wayne ( last name not remembered) was also interested in photography and we were the only two kids who used the school darkroom which was somehow part of shop class. I’m cruising through my retro pictures now for my second book project tentatively titled “Off For A Family Drive”. I hate the word “retrospective” and generally don’t like retrospectives nor “best of” books , so I will just try to turn this flash back flash forward book into a kind of photo novel. Not linear. Past and present mixed. That’s how I see life anyway. Why I’m working on BeachGames and this life novel simultaneous I have no idea. Nobody should try two books simultaneous. One of them will inevitably take over. This photo novel is a monumental task and BGames is simply a zine. Yet even a simple zine isn’t simple. Anyway, home alone no distractions no party and digging deep.

Siewalk shadow

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Last day here at @burndiary it has been a lot of fun. Specially interesting cos of the discipline that i… don’t have! 3 photos a day it’s sometimes, a huge challenge! Tkx again to @burndiary and and everybody that pass by…! I tried to transmit a bit of of my days here in this beautiful Lyon. This is photo 1 Will be back later with the last two. Cheers everybody! ️