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Oaxaca, Mexico. For “Off For A Family Drive” book. Work in progress . Follow on IG Stories

The zine coming soon

BeachGames. The zine. Coming soon. Track the evolution on IG Stories.


A shoutout for my local friends here in the Outer Banks NC. I sat down at home last week with the “Bokeh Bros”., Rich Coleman and Ryan Mosser, @bokeh_bros for an interview . See link in their profile to hear the podcast. They are both photographers here and do podcasts on photographers and other creatives. Thanks Rich and Ryan. Come back anytime. @bokeh_bros


Jockeys Ridge, Outer Banks NC early morn 4/25/17


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To close out my week, here is a favourite photo of my two specials. Thank you for hanging out this week, I have appreciated every single comment and like. If you want to see more, come and follow me at @chieskafortunesmith Cheers everyone. 🏾

Thru the window

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Through my window..@chieskafortunesmith

Party in Nairobi

Nairobi 2004. My photo essay about a new Africa for NatGeo Magazine. At a Nairobi party a 23-year-old lawyer, Khadija Hassan Kanyare, stands ready to make a difference. “My grandparents had to put up with colonialism,” says Hassan Kanyare. “Now we have to put up with with dictators who bully and berate people who have nothing. Hopefully, my generation can do something about it.”


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Entangled. @chieskafortunesmith


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Trio. @chieskafortunesmith

Throwback 2

Retro: From my photo essay on Nairobi in 2004. “I like school,” says 11-year-old Mary Akinya, smiling shyly in her Sunday best just after church in Kibera. “I like reading in Kiswahili [Swahili].” Chances are, Mary wouldn’t be attending school except that Kenya’s newly elected government introduced free primary school education in 2003. About 1.7 million children previously excluded from the system are now enrolled. “I am reading a story about a cheetah, elephant, zebra, and lion. They are fighting over who is strongest. But the zebra is the smartest and he wins.”