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Photo by @fran.gennariEverything happens for a reason, they say.#photodiary #brooklyn #nyc

Morning light

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Photo by @fran.gennari. Morning light. Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Sunset games

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Photo by @fran.gennariSunset games. Chilling at home after a long day, watching my neighbors play football in the street.#brooklyn #nyc #photodiary

Harlem vibes

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Photo by @fran.gennariColorful Harlem.#nyc #harlem #photodiary


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Photo by @fran.gennari.To breed and train pigeons is no joke in Brooklyn. You can see them every day dancing hypnotically in the sky, perfectly coordinated.This activity is a big reliever from the stresses of daily life and the distractions of the street, matter fact a real life-saver for many people. The pigeon fliers are usually working-class blacks or latinos and were introduced to it by Italians, Irish and other fliers of European descent, in neighborhoods like Bushwick, Canarsie and Ozone Park that were undergoing gradual racial shifts. I truly hope that the rampant gentrification that black and hispanic communities like Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick and Williamsburg are facing – now more than ever – won’t led this fascinating hobby to disappear.#brooklyn #nyc #photodiary #pigeons #gentrification

Mark Schacter – West

near Pincher Creek, Alberta

Mark Schacter


The creative process is a mystery. The sharpest insight I’ve ever read about it was written by Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist and songwriter. In his autobiography, Life, Richards revealed his fascination with the motivation behind artistic creation. He wrote: “What is it that makes you want to write songs? In a way you want to stretch yourself into other people’s hearts … It becomes almost an obsession to touch other people.” That’s as good an explanation as I can provide of my intentions as a photographer. I am motivated by an urge to communicate on the most fundamental level – a more profound kind of communication than is possible (for me, at least) with words. It’s about trying to do the impossible – draw other people into my own head and have them see the world as I envision it. Photography is an imperfect attempt to share my private experience. The 20 images in this essay are the result of travel in western Canada and the United States over a period of six years. They are my attempt to convey a vision of “the West” – a deliberately nostalgic and anachronistic vision of a region shaped by cowboys, cattle ranches, farms, empty spaces and small towns. Though the photographs are of the present time, my intentions were rooted in the past; rooted in a world that no longer exists, even if visible signs of it remain.




Mark Schacter was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada – a small, remote city on the western shore of Lake Superior. The surrounding landscape is rugged, empty, undulating rocky terrain covered by boreal forest and dotted with small towns perched on the edge of wilderness. His home city is filled with reminders – towering derelict grain elevators, an abandoned iron ore dock, shuttered paper mills – of a recent industrial past built on a natural resource economy that has nearly disappeared. Schacter’s family moved away from Thunder Bay when he was 16, but his photographic tendencies continue to be shaped by the environment of his childhood. He drawns to scenes of emptiness: landscapes and cityscapes where human presence seems like an afterthought. Sometimes Schacter thinks of himself as a kind of archaeologist, recording with his camera signs that “people have been here” – have struggled to made a living, build something, leave a mark of their presence.

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Mark Schacter


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Eye contact in a chaotic place like Manhattan is very often all you can get from the people around you so don’t take it for guaranteed, ever. This morning I was in the city on my way to get some extra batteries for my camera when I spotted them, far up there across the street, looking out the traffic underneath with binoculars. I waved at them as I took the picture and they immediately waved back at me. Gotta love NY.Photo by @fran.gennari#nyc #manhattan #photodiary

Francesca NY

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Hi! This is Francesca Gennari @fran.gennari . After an healthy summer break we’re back with @burndiary, a daily look to the lives of our Burn family’s photographers. Diego asked me to start off September so I will be taking over Burn Diary from New York City, where I just moved a few weeks ago. After working behind the scene for months I am really happy and excited for this opportunity, many thanks to @davidalanharvey and @diegorlando .#brooklyn #nyc #photodiary



Outer Banks NC. #nagshead #surfers




Garden spider. I think spiders are an acquired taste. Most people don’t like spiders . I don’t really gravitate to spiders except for these typical garden spiders which eat a few flies and mosquitos and moths and always show up about now. I marvel at how they weave their web. An engineering feat by any standard. They are fast killers. Their prey do not suffer. Also amazed at how close the phone camera can go. iPhone