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It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Japan. This photo from a Tokyo piece in the late 80’s for NatGeo. Now I return to do some shooting and a Magnum photo workshop in our Tokyo office. 15 students max, 3 spaces left I believe. January 20-24. Link in my profile. My relationship with Japan goes back to high school. I befriended Masaaki Okada, who had just arrived for some study abroad, because he was an artist/painter , different from my classmates. We ended up roommates at our art driven college and Masaaki became a huge early influence as an artist and teacher of Eastern philosophy which I integrate to this day. Masaaki did the original 1967 layout for my latest re-released book Tell It Like It Is about the Liggins family in Norfolk, Va. About 15 miles, yet a world apart, from my high school where I met Masaaki. It’s always circles. Everything influenced everything else. Random meetings, fleeting moments become life decisions. I never really “plan” anything preferring risky adventure, and the raw excitement of discovery. Once you go down that road, you can never go back. For better and for worse. Join me if you can in Tokyo. Street shooting at its best. #magnumphotos #magnumworkshop #tokyo #kodachrome #japan


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Photo by @mmordasov from Sochi, Russia. Let’s consider the season of winter hike opened. Here is one of my favorite places in Sochi called 33 Waterfalls.#waterfall #everydayrussia #sochi


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Photo by @mmordasov from Sochi, Russia. This is a view from the mountain I live on. Can’t stop admiring the town of Sochi.#everydayrussia #sochi

Sochi sunset

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Photo by @mmordasov from Sochi, Russia. I haven’t been home for several months. The first sunset in Sochi. Whit out the polar night)#sunset #blacksea #everydayrussia



It’s unseasonably warm and foggy here in the outer banks. While usually folks here are complaining about the cold this time of year, they seem oddly uncomfortable with the warm. As if something is seriously wrong. El Niño is the rationale. While I like warm more than cold, winter here is relatively mild compared to further north. Winter also reduces tourism which could use some reduction one way or another. In winter it’s only the locals mostly, less traffic, shorter grocery lines and I get work done in winter that just isn’t happening in summer. Tourism brings some seriously ugly construction. Like this miniature golf course. This morning I was up early shooting waves and birds, yet I end up publishing Jurassic plastic. Hmmm, makes no sense. Yet I’m sure kids love it and if kids love it mom and dad are stopping. I too have played this mini golf course with friends and a cold beer. Warm continues for another few days I think. I’m headed for my bike while it lasts #outerbanks #beachgames



My favorite “old school” motel in the outer banks is the Sea Foam open year around since 1947. I live only about 2 miles from this motel on the oceanfront, yet every once in awhile I fantasize checking in here just to see what it’s like. This morning in the fog there was only one car in the parking lot, so it’s not everyone’s dream motel which is exactly why I like it. #outerbanks #beachgames

Flying to Sochi

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Photo by @mmordasov I am flying to Sochi and to the sun. #everydayrussia #sunlight #flying

Merry Christmas


Sweet Lyla Maryanna, almost 2, exits her little play house created by Dad Bryan from a hot water heater shipping box. As usual excited Lyla had more gifts to open than she knew what to do with ( that’s Christmas!) yet I’m sure the handmade house will be a treasure forever. 🎈🎄 #littlelylamaryanna

Ski season

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Photo by @mmordasov from Kirovsk, Russia. The week from northern Russia is over. But the the ski season is opened! Unfortunately, not for me. I have to leave this small, cozy and dark town and fly to warm and sunny Sochi. Nevertheless, we have great snow-capped mountains in Sochi too. And a warm sea also #everydayrussia #kirovsk #polarnight #skiresort

Merry Christmas from Russia

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Photo by @mmordasov from Kirovsk, Russia. Merry Christmas! #polarnight #kirovsk #everydayrussia #marrychristmas