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El Elina

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Happy new year from “La Elina” Photo @albertinadurso posting from #elcampo


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Visitor. #elcampo photo by @albertinadurso Don’t worry it’s a ‘culebra’ or ‘falsa yarara’ literally ‘fake viper’ and it is not poisonous.


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Andrés, gaucho. Estancia “El Amanecer”. This is @albertinadurso posting from #elcampo .

El Amanecer

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The lagoon of Estancia “El Amanecer”. Photo @albertinadurso from #elcampo


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Hello, everybody! This is @albertinadurso . I will be posting on @burndiary for the next few days from the Argentinian pampas, a couple of hours driving south from Buenos Aires. It’s an area of open spaces, where animals outnumber men, dotted with small villages surrounded by estancias. The Argentinians simply call it “El Campo”. iPhone only. Many thanks to @diegorlando for this opportunity! I hope you will enjoy!


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My husband @alessandrobelgiojoso is getting his beard groomed at Sergio’s barbershop in Ranchos. This is @albertinadurso posting from #elcampo



Isabela , Puerto Rico. Join me for a photo workshop in Puerto Rico in late February when it’s going to be freezing in northern latitudes! I’m doing a workshop for the first time in SanJuan because I just returned and it’s just a great place to shoot and learn. I’m doing all of my workshops now in places where I am working on my BeachGames book. Working side by side with students and getting pictures up on the wall day by day seems to work. We did it that way in Rio in early 2015 and will do so next in Puerto Rico and sometime later in 2016 in Thailand. Yet after just being in PR, I know what a great place it is for shooting, easy low cost travel, safe, and just terrific people and landscape. I will take 12 serious students max and a portfolio review is required. Keep your eye on (link in my profile) for details upcoming soonest. ‪#‎puertorico‬ ‪#‎coconut‬ ‪#‎fujifilm‬




Guanajuato, Mexico. I always love photographing cowboys and most especially in Mexico during a cabalgata when hundreds form a religious procession. This one somewhere between San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato city. These men ride hard, drink hard, and pray hard simultaneous. Their wives and children are also part of the mix, yet usually following in SUVs etc. If you are a gringo photographer you too will at least drink hard. The more you join, the more you will be accepted. At some point I did try the ride. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are an expert horseman which I am not. These days most have fiberglass saddles which are way way out of any “comfort zone” and walking afterwards could take a few hours of rehab. However this is something to see and live. There must be more fiestas of one kind or another in Mexico more than anywhere on the planet. Always a reason for a fiesta. Always a brass band. Always drums. Always an accordion. Always shots of tequila or mezcal or something you can’t really identify. Always so so much fun. Viva Mexico!!!#guanajuato #sanmigueldeallende #cabalgata

Thai boxing



Thai boxing in Pattya beach town. I’m headed back here soon to shoot a segment of BeachGames. The tiniest kids will box. Seemed dangerous to soft children skulls to me but I’m a photographer not a judge. #thailand #thaiboxing #pattya

Cécile Menendez – Rapid Eye Movement

cecile menendez-31

Cécile Menendez

Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement is the paradoxical phase of sleep: only when we let go completely can we free ourselves from all social or moral proprieties. Images seem to flash by in a chaotic or incoherent yet significant order; through this stream of images our subconscious shows us the very core of who we are. Although I observe and explore the fragmented memories of dream sequences,  I’m not looking to reproduce them, but just to impulsively and sometimes accidentally take photographs of  those who are close to me. Through this way of working I would like to find release from the control inherent in intellectualised photography, like a way of life in which emotions have a more important role. This photographic series comprising 30 polaroïds, ektakrome, digital and analog photographs was put together during a period of two years, it  integrates the necessity to take pictures of  human relationships.




Born in 1970 in Belgium, Menendez lives and works in Arles, France. Her work has been presented in galleries (du Tableau, le lac gelé, Arena, Voies Off), festivals (festival Voies Off, Arles, PhotoEspana, Encontros da Imagem, Portugal), museums (Musée des beaux arts de Liège, Belgium, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid), art fairs (Drouot, Leclerc, Supervues, foire d’art contemporain, festival Apart). She graduated from the French National School of Photography (Arles, France) in 2015 (master 2 level). She founded the collective “In The Kitchen”.

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