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Special delivery, my friend’s dad brought us a dog! Burn Diary, meet the newest member of our family – Paçoquita. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.


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Tonight I went to see a favourite live samba group where the musicians sit in a circle playing music while people gather around, drinking, talking, singing and dancing. Unfortunately this was the lightning strike that signalled the beginning of heavy rain and the end of the music for tonight. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

On top

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Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

In the middle

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Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.


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I’ve been working with my profs at the university today, writing a grant to apply for funding to conduct our research work. Without many people around and no horrible fluorescent lights on, the afternoon sun on this map shows beautifully the topography of South America. It’s furrows and crests record its history, much like a story is recorded in a person’s face – one of my favourite photographic subjects. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) saindo para tomar uma cervejinha em São Paulo.


From my book Divided Soul (Phaidon). Oaxaca, Mexico. Leica M6, Velvia film #oaxaca #mexico #velvia

Subway station

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I know my photographs are influenced by my life up until now, I see the images I make as a record of my passage. Sure I make some decisions to go and make photographs in a certain place but a lot of it is just about recording the people that I encounter. Coming from Australia where our entire population is roughly equal to the greater metropolitan population of the city of São Paulo, I am amazed at the difference between the weekdays and the weekends here. The people that file through the metro stations like a civilisation of ants or are pushed up against the doors of bulging buses are nowhere to be seen. The city has a ghostly feel about it. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

No lights

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No lights? No problem, this iconic university bar still packs out. Probably better to drink all of the beer before it gets warm anyway. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Christian Werner – 74

Christian Werner


The Yezidi religion is one of the oldest. Since its founding years 74 genocides committed against them. The youngest and most systematic done by the IS terrorist militia. The Yazidis are more persecuted than other religious communities, because they are regarded as devil worshipers. This is because they believe in Tausi Melek, a fallen angel in the form of a peacock. Since the invasion of the IS terrorist militia in Iraq, hundreds of thousands Yazidis were uprooted and are on the run. Thousands of men and boys were shot and beheaded women abducted and sold at auction as sex slaves. In adverse circumstances they have erected makeshift shelters, where they found just enough room. Only a few have made it into the camps set up by NGOs. Most live in the reinforced concrete skeletons of unfinished houses, improvised in tents made of tarpaulins and branches or on the road.
They had no chance to prepare for the flight, nor to pack the essentials. Winter has come to Kurdistan and saps the forces of refugees who have no winter clothes or blankets to protect themselves against it. Until the beginning of the year 10,000 Yazidis were encircled in the Sinjar Mountains of the IS militia. Over 4 months, they fought with little food, little ammunition and weapons to survive until the Kurdish Peshmerga free fought a land corridor. With the story, I wish to draw attention to the situation of the Yazidis, who are the main victims of this conflict. Here I want to show a broad spectrum. The current life situation, the despair of the encircled, the struggle for survival, the war with all its horrors, the religion, the destruction of religion, individual fates and their background.




Christian Werner is a freelance multimedia/photojournalist based in Boitzum, Germany. As a teenager he developed his interest in photography while traveling to foreign countries.
In 2014 he graduated the photojournalism & documentary photography course at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. His main interests are social diversity and global political issues. The areas of interest is mainly the arabic world and culture.
Chris worked in various countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.
His work has been exhibited internationally. He welcomes assignments local and overseas.
Since 2012 Christian is represented by agency Laif.

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Christian Werner


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This morning I met with the manager of Florescer NGO inside one of São Paulo’s biggest “communidades” which is a low socioeconomic neighbourhood. Last week a friend and photographic mentor of mine died. It’s time for me to follow his example by passing on knowledge to other people. Here in the community we are going to run a photography course for a group of children to tell a story of their own.