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Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Worn floor

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The worn floor around Senhor Joaquim’s barber chair. “The 60 year old floor sits under this one, this floor is a little over 30 years old”. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.


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This morning I went to get a hairy and give my barber Senhor Joaquim a copy of a book of photos I made from Brazil. He features in the book and was very happy to see if after a long hiatus. At the end of my haircut he tried to give me money for the book, which I didn’t accept, such a gent! He has been cutting hair for over 60 years, “a lifetime” in his words. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Sao Paulo

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Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Rush hour

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Lunch hour. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Farhad Rahman – Song of a Coast

Farhad Rahman

Song of a Coast

The sea changes by time. Land lost with reaming past. New story created with a new settlement. Time changes people’s lives beside the sea. Mood of coast, swinging randomly, changing its landscape.

Born in a small country like Bangladesh, with 580km of Coastal area beside the Bay of Bengal, it is always fascinating to me. The total coastal area consists of forest, beaches ,mountains and small islands which is still not come in front of people visually. My initial plan was to document the whole coast area from South-West to South-East. After making some random visits in different coastal areas I came to a place called “Kuakata” which is a bit of a touristic area situated in Potuakhali district.



I found the world I was looking for. The real life of the people by the sea. Most of them live of fishing, cultivating, farming, and their lives are strongly influenced by the extreme sea’s changes.
In recent years due to the global warming, the erosion of the Costal Lands has started and the sea has already took many forests and human structures built by the sea.

For me this was the right place to start my story about the coastal area of Bangladesh and I started documenting it. This body of work will be consider as the first chapter of the Bangladeshi Costal Area, with portraits of both Nature and People.
The project is ongoing.




Md Farhad Rahman is often preferred to be introduced as the student of “Life Around Us”. As a Bangladeshi he born in 1986, after finishing his 3 years professional course in photography from Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute he started to work as a freelance documentary photographer. Currently he is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is mostly an observer of life and space around him. Particularly his photographs project the relation between life and space as it is in home and abroad: a positive portrait of rural to urban life, space and the nature within his reach. He developed a love for photography while he was a teenager carrying film-based camera and transited to the new generation professional camera technologies. A longtime darkroom guy is most interested in the digital darkroom now.

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Farhad Rahman


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Smoko (morning tea) in the back of a truck. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.


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Another ray of sunshine, Estella is a librarian working here in the mapoteca (they have whole library just for maps!). This is her expression as she explains to me (in the voice of her pet birds) how excited they become when she walks through the front door. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.


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The sun just peeked through this cloudy São Paulo day. When I was a kid my parents used to take me and my brother camping a lot in outback Australia. We would get out maps and plan our trip, looking at names of towns and mountains we didn’t yet know. I guess something rubbed off, decades later I’m still looking over paper maps, searching for mountain ranges that hold information about our planet’s history. I still get the same kick of excitement today thinking about the places I will see and the people I will meet on my fieldwork in central Brazil. Ben McGee (@mcgeesees) posting from São Paulo.

Screen Lab




October 13-17, 2015
 EXTENDED deadline: September 30th
November 10-14, 2015
FINAL deadline: October 15th

Screen Production Lab is a training and mentorship program that focuses on production and distribution of visual documentaries across media platforms.

We are building a global talent network of visual storytellers around our core team. As we are aiming to produce and distribute the best visual narratives, we decided that putting ourselves on the road twice a year and producing labs in different cities around the globe was the most effective way to achieve our goal.
We are starting with London and New York where our long-term partners are based. In the following year we aim to produce another 2 labs in different continents.
The Lab program consists of two 5-day face-to-face sessions with a group of production experts, three months apart. Between the labs we offer one-to-one project mentoring. The 1st session is focused on production issues, while the 2nd session is centered on distribution and culminates with a pitching panel in front of experts from film, broadcasting, publishing and art backgrounds. The Lab is designed to meet production, financing and distribution needs of participants’ stories. A program of public events in conjunction with our partners will be scheduled during the Labs.


We will select up to 20 participants – professional visual storytellers with a story in development or production stage, who are searching for ways to develop it creatively, financially or are looking for distribution channels.


The lab is led by award-winning stills and film editors, curators, interactive producers, distributors and programmers.


For further information:


Jorge, the son of a military commander, spends a Sunday afternoon at his aunt's house.

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