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This is Luis.

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This is Luis. He is a painter that invited me to have a tea in his studio and take a photograph of him. Before taking the photo, we talked about his passions. He loves plants and books and spends part of the year in the country side where he has a house full of plants and books… Photo by @ana_yturralde for BurnDiary. #portrait #books #window #burndiary

Flashy Shoes

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I met a well-known performer on the street wearing flashy shoes. We talked for some minutes and then he said: “This performance is just for you”: he took a chalk from his pocket and drew a heart on the floor. Just for me. Photo by @ana_yturralde for @burndiary. #performer #shoe #performance #chalkheart #heart #street #burndiary

Summer rain. Family reunion Carolina



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“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly” – Franz Kafka Just passed by a cafe-bar called KafCafé dedicated to the writer Kafka. All its walls are covered with bookcases and you can read any book while having a drink or listening to music. “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old” – Franz Kafka. Photo by @ana_yturralde for@burndiary. #kafka #burndiary #throughtheglassFollow


Eugeni Gay Marín – From Quantum Island

Eugeni Gay Marín

From Quantum Island


La Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca is located at 3800m altitude. An old sacred place, legends say Manco Capac and Mamma Occlio departed from there to establish the city of Cusco and the Inca empire. Today it is inhabited by three Aymara communities. Two and a half hours by boat from the nearest town, it has remained relatively isolated for a long time, until the entry not many years ago of tourism and motorboats.



The island kept ancestral rites, sacrifices of llamas or night ceremonies at mountain tops. It is a magical place, eagles predict the fate of people, are able to predict death, flying women, light entering the lake, gold comes and goes, souls who attack by night, a sacred city sunk around and some even believe the island is the ark of Noah and that the Titicaca Lake originated during the Global Flood. They live in harmony with the earth, growth, grazing animals and fish, the lake gives them life. Offerings are made to Pachamama every time they drink, when they kill animals, in ceremonies with coca leaves.

I went there for the first time in 2006 and since then I have returned 4 times, first attracted by the landsacape and the sense of calmness I found there, later I began to realize that the island was much more than just that, it was a way of understanding the world around us completely different from the Western vision, other values, other priorities, which have made this place so special.




Born in Barcelona in 1978. Eugeni Gay Marín has been working as a photographer and teacher since 2003. His images have been published in various media such as El País Semanal or Lonely Planet, and he has participated in two collective books and has been selected to show his work in several festivals. In 2010 Eugeni Gay Marín co-founded El Observatrio project, specialized in monitoring photographic student work and in 2014 he began Fotoholica, a digital retouching company for photographers.

In 2014 he won the photography FNAC New Talent in Spain for the work “From Quantum Island”. This project was exposedin the Voices Off festival in Arles and won the “Le prix Révèlation SAIF 2014”.


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Eugeni Gay Marín

Letters make words.

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Letters make words. Words make phrases. Phrases make stories. And persons live stories… This is what I thought when I took this shot this afternoon in the airport of Palma. A phrase extracted from the text on that wall: “Daily: Happening on or relating to every day”. Photo by @ana_yturralde for @burndiary. #daily #airport #burndiary #letters #phrases #stories

Electronic Youth

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Alba is a teenager and most of the time she is stuck to her iPhone… and enlightened by it?. Electronic youth. Photo by @ana_yturralde for @burndiary #teenager #iphone #mobileaddiction


View from our window.

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Hello everybody! I’m Ana Yturralde, @ana_yturraldeand I’ll be taking over the @burndiary feed for this week with pictures from my daily life. I’m a photographer based in Spain and living in two cities, one on the mainlands and the other in an island: Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. Today I’m in Palma and this is the view from our window. The first thing I do every morning is to take a glance of the sea while having a fresh orange juice. It gives me a sensation of calmness, specially in Sundays knowing that the world outside is in motion but I’m relaxed at home enjoying a quiet day. #palmademallorca #burndiary #spain #windowview


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Goodbye part one @rrrudya posting from #Hamburg for the #Burndiary Some pictures don’t need extra words #motionblur #streetphotography #love


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Today is the last day @rrrudya is posting for the #Burndiary -this time from the #harbor city of Hamburg I’ve been to Hamburg twice – each time it was a spontaneous trip, which marked a beginning or an end of something very special for me. It is weird how we associate places with particular events or people of our lives and cannot get rid of a weird nostalgia – which can be a good or a bad thing- for the things we experienced seeing, smelling, touching and feeling on that particular spot at that particular moment. I am a very #romantic person, and for me this kind of place-related nostalgia has a very cinematic form. Sometimes it is #Bertolucci, sometimes #Almodovar but most often it is #Fellini in color. Today while I was biking through the streets of Hamburg, I had a very nostalgic mood indeed- a little bit happy, a little bit sad, longing for the things I haven’t experienced yet and not regretting the things I’ve done in the past. #germany #travel #nostalgia #beautyiswithin