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Today is the last day @rrrudya is posting for the #Burndiary -this time from the #harbor city of Hamburg I’ve been to Hamburg twice – each time it was a spontaneous trip, which marked a beginning or an end of something very special for me. It is weird how we associate places with particular events or people of our lives and cannot get rid of a weird nostalgia – which can be a good or a bad thing- for the things we experienced seeing, smelling, touching and feeling on that particular spot at that particular moment. I am a very #romantic person, and for me this kind of place-related nostalgia has a very cinematic form. Sometimes it is #Bertolucci, sometimes #Almodovar but most often it is #Fellini in color. Today while I was biking through the streets of Hamburg, I had a very nostalgic mood indeed- a little bit happy, a little bit sad, longing for the things I haven’t experienced yet and not regretting the things I’ve done in the past. #germany #travel #nostalgia #beautyiswithin

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