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Holi Festival, Dubai


Holi Festival, Dubai . A day to rid oneself of past errors and conflicts by meeting others. A day to forgive and forget and simply recognize friendship. Originating in India, this night in Dubai brought many nationalities together in a unifying warm spirit. Carrie Larose from Toronto, Canada is in Dubai on vacation and rocks to the electronic “rave” that was indeed a part of the fest.

Train to Florence

On the train to Florence, where this afternoon I met with Edo. Now we’re both on our way to Rome, waiting for tomorrow to take our flight to Dhaka! By @annalisanm for @burndiary

Pink Bow

The pink bow celebrating Agata’s birth hanging on the wall of grandma’s house. @annalisanm

Shisha Pipe


One of my top students in a recent Dubai photo workshop is also an excellent smoke ring expert. Nadja Wohlleben really knows how to handle the shisha pipe so prevalent here in Dubai

Dubai. Baby stroll.


Time to leave and come back home.

Time to leave and come back home. I really feel regenerated after this relaxing countryside afternoon! Thanx @cecile___d! ..Even for teaching me this is the perfect time to sow spinach and chickpeas seeds! Now time to pack my suitcase and prepare my camera bag for tuesday. @annalisanm


This is Cecilia (@cecile___d). We’ve known each other for a long long time, since we were 4. We grew up together. She lives in a huge countryhouse, where she takes care of her garden. This morning I came to see her, to say bye before leaving for my trip. (We had some delicious home-made tortellini!!).@annalisanm

Photo Tips #5

Lifetime Friend

Hi everybody! I’m Annalisa Natali Murri, @annalisanm, I’ll take over @burndiary this week! Really excited! I’ll be sharing with you my ordinary and extra-ordinary daily life..posting from Bologna, where I live, and somewhere else around the globe! Hope you’ll enjoy it! I’ll start with this pic from the lovely night I’m going through having some beer with my lifetime friends Caty & Gegio, cheers!

Arthur Meyerson – The Color of Light

Arthur Meyerson

The Color of Light

I never planned on becoming a photographer. But just like a great photo, it was a matter of coincidence… a combination of, “right time, right place”. I was lucky. For the past forty years, I’ve been a commercial photographer. Those assignments introduced me to people that I never thought I’d meet and gave me the opportunity to see places and things I otherwise never would have seen. Since then I’ve traveled to over 90 countries and all seven continents. And while I diligently worked those client assignments, I continually made photos for myself documenting my travels. A photographer friend of mine reminded me that living a life in photography is like having a license to steal experiences! And those experiences allowed me to create a body of work that has now become my book, “The Color of Light”.
For me, this book represents an extended photographic project. The pictures presented in “The Color of Light” are what I consider my “personal” work.  That is, the non-commercial images… those I found interesting and shot for my own pleasure. They are photographs that are less about technique and more about a pure passion for seeing and capturing what I saw. While the subject matter and locations are diverse, the pictures are related to one another because they highlight the three themes that interest me the most in photography; light, color and moments. Light produces color. Light can be soft or intense… color can provoke or excite. It can also inform. At their best, light and color can come together at a moment in time and create an atmosphere, emotional response and/or a sense of place. For me, that is the power and joy of the color of light.



Arthur Meyerson is recognized as one of America’s finest color photographers. Since 1974, he has produced award-winning work for magazines, advertising agencies and major corporations. Articles and exhibitions of Meyerson’s photographs have been featured in books, magazines, museums and galleries. A photographer with a strong commitment to his profession, Arthur conducts workshops and leads photo tours throughout the U.S and abroad. In 2012, he published his highly acclaimed book, The Color of Light, a collection of some of his personal color images from the past four decades, spanning 90 countries and all seven continents.

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