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Snapshots of friends and family have always been one of my loves. Here from the Look3 photo fest are Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, NYTimes Magazine; Scott Thode, Visuals Editor of E.O. Wilson’s “Life On Earth”; and their daughter Sylvie who I photographed as a baby.

Soon on Burn Magazine I will be doing a series on couples in the magazine biz. There are quite a few of note. Kathy also rips it everyday on Instagram with her incisive photos from the NYTimes office @kathyryan1

BurnDiary – week 5


Test print

Test print at my darkroom door made by Kaya Berne who works by remote for me here at Burn Magazine while a U of Va science student.

This print is from a med format neg of Kerry Payne and Justin Staley wedding. Kerry just aced a week on BurnDiary. Kaya just aced this print. It has taken us all day to get the darkroom set up and to make only one good print. Yet the mood of film and the darkroom slows you down. Like what’s the rush?



Kodachromes from Barcelona

After super minor hernia surgery I am stuck at home eating almonds and drinking water and popping pain pills. Times like these force one to do what procrastination allows you not to do any other time. So I am now editing some Kodachromes from Barcelona and vicariously re-living my own life. From the looks of this take it appears I was having a lot of fun on the NatGeo expense account. Well I never get busted for having fun as long as I have the pictures to prove it!

Beach fun

More fun on the beach today, wedding tomorrow. Koh Phangan, Thailand. #doubleexposure, photo: @michaelchristopherbrown

Sleep Area

Passed out at the full moon party "sleep area", Koh Phangan, Thailand. iPhone photo by @michaelchristopherbrown

Full Moon Party

At the full moon party on Koh Phangan, Thailand. iPhone photo by @michaelchristopherbrown

South Nags Head


15 Photographers – Iranian Living Room

15 Photographers

Iranian Living Room

If you leaf through our family album the first ten years of my life
were spent in black and white
and predominantly in our living room yet my memories of those years
are full of colour.

~ Hamid Ziarati, Iranian writer


Under the creative direction of Enrico Bossan, head of photography at Fabrica, 15 young Iranian photographers welcome us into the “Iranian Living Room”, a unique space beyond global media and local state. This is where life is lived in private in Iran; it is often where life takes place, in fact.



In this living room both literal and metaphorical, we are privileged to discover multiple interpretations of Iranian reality: cultural differences and similarities, solitude and conviviality, relaxation and excitement, dressing up for an interior life versus dressing up for the street, the rhythms of religious ceremony and the patterns of everyday life.

Where much life on the street is presented by the world’s media as foreign and inhibited, behind these closed doors the lens captures a life that is immediately recognisable in all its untrammelled richness. It takes on a central role as a kind of counterpoint to the contested street, functioning as a new public sphere. It is both far away and close to home. These vignettes are framed by young photographers who, through their own storytelling, might help change the stories we tell about Iran.

Iranian Living Room is the first of a series of editorial projects self-published by Fabrica.




Fabrica is a communication research centre. It is based in Treviso, Italy, and is an integral part of the Benetton Group. Established in 1994, Fabrica offers young people from around the world a one-year scholarship, accommodation and a round-trip ticket to Italy, enabling a highly diverse group of researchers. The range of disciplines is equally diverse, including design, communication, photography, code, video, music, journalism and media. Fabrica aims to create the next generation of creative leaders, capable of positively addressing 21st century issues.


Mohammad Mahdi Amya, Majid Farahani, Saina Golzar, Sanaz Hajikhani, Hamed Ilkhan, Ali Kaveh, Mahshid Mahboubifar, Mehdi Moradpour, Sahar Pishsaraeian, Negar Sadehvandi, Hashem Shakeri, Sina Shiri, Morteza Soorani, Nazanin Tabatabaei Yazdi, Ali Tajik


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