Dubai. The Walk.


Where hot bikes and cars are on full display.


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  • eduardo sepulveda

    Also x100s? It marvels me that a DAH is a DAH is a DAH no matter what tool you use. Yellow on the walls and light board of the bike gives me some Oaxaca hint but… quite a different pace on the foreground.

  • Well, here I am back for my now weekly visit. Not much going on, it seems. No new essay to look at, no real discussion or dialogue of any kind taking place. It goes without saying that David’s Dubai pictures are all pretty damn decent.

    See you next week.

  • looking at those bikes i wonder if they are overpriced there , or same as here in US?

  • Dubai…never been there..never even came close..i was always afraid that there’ll be no beer/wine…
    Also , even if there is which now i know that alcohol is afraid i wouldnt be able to afford it…
    Can someone go there as a tourist (speaking middle class America again), and actually afford a month vacation …?

  • Bill, obviously David is shooting and Dubai not so famous for its internet “connections” i think (not sure)…
    But speaking of “real” discussion?
    You and Me and All are suppose to be “THE” discussion, right?
    Gotta help here…tell us your recent experiences…he he, gotta chip in , here ,its not a Vegas show..(tongue in cheek;)
    biggest hug bro

  • after this one…i knew what heatstroke feels like…

  • Panos, it is still Saturday so I can comment without breaking my one day a week resolution:

    “Gotta help here…tell us your recent experiences…he he, gotta chip in , here ,its not a Vegas show..(tongue in cheek;)”

    Panos, I tried this suggestion of yours last Saturday. It didn’t work here, but fell completely flat. And that was the best one I am likely to come up with for awhile. I certainly have nothing to match it this week – just a rather mundane flight home from the Brooks Range I made Thursday and then posted on my blog.

    Yesterday morning, I did eat breakfast at Abby’s, where I was drinking my coffee out of Tim’s cowboy cup, when Tim walked in expecting to drink out of that very cup. Abby makes the best breakfast of any restaurant I have ever eaten in – right here in Wasilla, Alaska. I have cut my blog down to one or two posts a week and haven’t post it yet, but I will, soon, because she has changed her hours and my blog has attracted many customers to her, so I promised her I would post her new schedule.

    Now there’s some discussion for you!

  • 2,4 are wow!

    Thank you Ross

  • Ross…

    Same here as Panos, 2 and 4 are wow magic powder.

  • Panos, I got a chuckle out of the “One man standing – RESIST” shot. Very nice. Excellent eye work.

    At the same time, you also managed to put an exclamation mark on the point I was trying to make.

    However mundane a flight through the Brooks Range, passing in a small plane once again but in reverse through those severe and beautiful mountains, where David almost got killed. and then continuing on across the main body of Alaska is still a wonderful experience. I never tire of it – and I twice TRIED to share it with you.

    In my own personal river, the water is at a good level and flowing well. After my surgeon and the American medical system wiped me out last summer, I thought I was done for, along with my wife and cats.

    Anyway, I did not see how I could hang in without losing my home and just about everything else (But damnit! I would have kept those cats going no matter what!) yet workwise things have really turned around good for me. I have some excellent projects under way and am making good money – although, given the medical bills, it does not feel as good as it ought to. Given the vagaries of being a freelance photographer/author, I know it won’t last forever and then of course I must yet have a third surgery to try to repair the damage my surgeon inflicted upon me during the last two rounds.

    Yet, my entire career has been one financial disaster and then another, but each time something has always materialized to not only save me from destruction, but to keep me working on something worthwhile. And I’ve rescued a good number of cats. Maybe next time, cats will rescue me.

    For now, the river is flowing well and things are going good and that’s why I have cut back my time not only here on Burn but everywhere online, including my blog. I’ve had a lot of fun with my blog and have taken it to some pretty interesting places, but as an economic enterprise it has been a fool’s quest. (Should you read this, Imants, I can already see you jumping up and down with glee…)

    But damn! It has been fun and I don’t regret it all.

    Ross – those images are a nice, quiet, way to break the quiet. I enjoyed them all – especially 1, 3, 5 and six.

    Anyway, it will soon be midnight and so I now end this one day of this week I have allowed myself to browse and comment here at will. Maybe next week I will stop by again and drop in a bit more nonsense.

    Until then…

  • Bill … Cool , bro!
    Thanks for the time you invested above..
    Feels good when reading stuff written this way …
    Heartfelt ..
    ( oh ok ok ok , I go a little softer , so what !!??:)

  • Thanks for that guys; I’ve just been quietly working away down here. Am just shooting what’s happening around me; no major plans just shooting and enjoying every minute of it.

    Frostfrog; That’s a real bugger about the medical bills. We moan about our medical system here but don’t know how lucky we are to have free medical care. So a bit of a reality check really….

  • Re; the flipped car image. I was coming back from my folks place at about 6.30am and was second on the scene. No one injured but the young guy sure looked pissed off! They were off on holiday and as you can see it was rudely interrupted!

    He was trying to take a pic with his phone for the insurance company so I offered to take some and email them to him if he wanted them. Took some for myself too! It amazes me how good 3200asa is from modern small sensor cameras.

  • Picked up the other day one of my wife’s books on Picasso by John Berger. One part that has stood out is with the description on the creation of “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and how he had to “forget” his talent and drawing skills to produce something so utterly profound and brutal. Kind of stopped being aware of himself… just being

  • Ross I agree… Just a few years ago and 3200 Asa was a dream for the future..
    Also speaking of size , Leica was the smallest pro body you can go..
    Nowadays put an M next to a J1 and all of a sudden a Leica looks huge as a dslr ..!!
    Who would know that the most POPULAR and for everyday use camera EVER would come from a smaller phone body???
    Times they are a changing

  • I doubt assigning Panos, or Panos self-assigning, the task of keeping comments going is going to have any kind of long-term success. Could be wrong, of course, so go for it… but I believe the problems run much deeper.

    The biggest tell is all the cockroaches that got cast into the light at the recent Picture of the Year International awards disaster. One of the most respected photojournalists in the world working for the most respected agency in the world, won one of the most prestigious awards in the world and it turned out that he had hired a model, given the model a prop, and shot it at a location irrelevant to the story. The fallout from this was that just about the entire photo establishment rallied around him and effectively swept all the bugs back under the rug. Big, big story, eh? Yet no serious exchange of ideas about such a monumental clusterfuck here on burn. If we’re talking about a site where people talk about current issues in photography, how dead can dead be? Pretty fucking dead.

    No, unfortunately (imo), it’s become primarily a fan site where the comment ranges from “good photo, David” to “great photo, David,” with the occasional “great essay, go team.” Not that there’s nothing essentially wrong with that. It’s just a big change from the way it was before.

    I don’t know why it’s changed so much, gone so far away from interesting discussion about current topics in photography. I have a few theories, all of which probably have a little truth to them, but none of which explain the whole thing. Probably best to just accept that things change and go with the flow.

  • It was cold…but not colder or coldest. Hopefully when I’m back there this week will be warmer….

    Hi, everyone…..


  • mw – agreed…..I followed much of the story online and in comments on various folks FB pages….

    I need to get into a groove with burn again. it seems I read and follow and then BAM! it’s been weeks since I’ve even looked.

    To that end, does anyone have suggestions for reading/following the site on an android tablet? Any particular apps to use? I picked up a Nexus 7 and am trying to learn to use it…..

    good light, all.


  • Mike are you talking about Paolo?

  • If u are, I’m sure you know by now that a sniper and a marine are both soldier..
    And nobody hired any models or props etc..
    Why folks like puting others on pedestal just to push them over.. ?
    But anyway all jokes aside , no , nobody hired anyone .. If you do more research you’ll find out that there was nothing weird in the making of that photo..

    But again I doubt u referring to Paolo coz that’s old news..
    Visit my Facebook , last month to see all appropriate links that’ll help you judge ..
    Don’t believe the “sour grapes” street talk..;)
    Ok time for a beer

    Right Patrick ?

  • All stay tuned and breathless .. New “movie” coming up:
    ” how to train dogs how to dance after midnight , while maintaining a brutal buzz”

    Soon to a tablet/laptop near you

  • Speaking of St. Alcohol, err, Patricks day… our local festival they ran out of beer at 1:00 pm. This was after the official “Blessing of the keg” (yes, by a priest) that occurs at 10:00 am….

  • Were there other award winners who got caught using a model, a prop, and a fake location?

    I hate to personalize it, though I guess that’s impossible. And that’s a big part of the problem. Everybody knows Paolo. By all accounts he’s a great guy, fantastic photographer. And Magnum. And POYI. All good people, fantastic contributors to photography, etc. So at the top, is it just a choice between one’s friends and the long standing ethics of the profession. Who wouldn’t choose their friends? That’s not a rhetorical question.

    But as to the topic at hand, why wasn’t that discussed on burn? I don’t mean that as an attack on anyone. It’s just one example of the many that are no longer discussed on burn. But it’s a big example, an elephant in the room, so to speak.

  • Mike , once again , check my FB page, all your questions has been promptly answered months ago.. I don’t wanna ask :where u been? But really why bring it up now? What friends are u talking about? What sides? Damn , u sound a little grumpy today , but like I said .. All answers are in my FB and on the web..
    It’s funny though how to choose to believe mainstream media accusations , u already charged the guy with a crime and you won’t even MENTION his name ..
    St.Patricks bro, get a beer, smile…
    We all heard the story and accusations from “traditionals” ( aka old farts )…
    Charges dropped and now the vampires looking for next victim..
    Join them all you want but I’m telling you it’ll harm your soul in the end..
    Choice is yours malaka ;)

  • I was just going by what he said, which is that he shot a model with a prop in a fake location and that he thinks that’s okay.

    Anyway, my question here isn’t whether or not it’s ethical to shoot a model with a prop in a fake location for editorial photography, or whether it’s seemly for the higher powers to be to bless that kind of thing for particular individuals; the topic I, and a few others, was discussing was why burn comments have been so dead and my question/example of the fake editorial photographs was why such a major issue had barely been mentioned and not at all discussed here. Just seems emblematic of the larger problem. If, of course, lack of comments or discussion of contemporary photography is a problem. Maybe it’s a feature?

  • Panos; You’re right, I put the little V1 beside the d300 and can’t believe the size difference. For me, for most situations, good enough (quality) has become good enough. For some strange (and probably psycological) reason, I shoot “looser” images with the little cam.

  • Or to take another example, the POYI winner was heavily photoshopped, apparently a light source added. John Vink, who sometimes comments here, commented about it at length elsewhere. Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about just that type of thing here. Yet now it passes without a single comment.

    Again, I don’t mean it as an attack on anyone. Just questioning why? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not all broken up over it. Things change.

  • MW…

    I got the impression a lot of online sites especially blogs featured the Pellegrin case as a way of pushing the amount of visitors/hits on their site. These sort of scandals consistently bring out all the armchair photographers, always desperate for an excuse to avoid getting down to taking photos preferring to talk about lens resolutions or bitching about someone more successful than they are.

  • MW…

    Anyway on to more positive things in photography… Have you been out taking photos? Have you noticed that always the best photos are the very first or the very last?
    Here’s my last photo today, although my niece made me load a few more afterwards…

  • Paul, no, your impression of the Pellegrin and related issues is not at all accurate. It’s a very real issue widely discussed at the highest levels of photojournalism and documentary photography. The facts are not in dispute. The ethics, very much so.

    Nothing about the way I take photos is consistent. Nice pic, but the blurring looks weird.

  • And here is what I’ve been working on lately:

    It’ll be an e-book soon, next to the three others I published already.

  • photographic apps those pesky little blighters have done heap to the way we post process images or in many cases dial up a “pp” without any real input.

    I now teach using apps rather than Photoshop, nik, corel etc. Apps are great in that I do not have to teach high end application like Photoshop and we can get on with image making instead of spending time on technical matters. Great interpretations of an event or idea can be created with a minimum of digital knowledge of the individual.

    Though there is a potential snag with the whole caper ………. when students create app images I ask them ‘Is that what it looked like?” they say no “It looks better in the photograph”. Some go on the talk about that the apps help them interpret what happened, how the apps add depth to the story line, visual impact, audience response etc. But my guess is that they just see it as a extension of their real sense and can differentiate between so called fact and fiction. They are a pretty smart and flexible generation coming our way and they will challenge our ways big time.
    Photojournalism in the traditional sense, here I use a application called comic life but that is a different story……

  • John Vink , sounds like you kind of “charging” Paolo with a “crime”, no?
    I mean , I read the article above.. Thanks for posting :)

  • JV, awaiting e-books great works

  • “Photojournalism in the traditional sense, here I use a application called comic life but that is a different story……”

    Somehow I find this brilliant :)

  • Repeat of my question from earlier that may have been lost a bit….

    … does anyone have suggestions for reading/following the site on an android tablet? Any particular apps to use? I picked up a Nexus 7 tablet and am trying to learn to use it..would love to be able to easily follow this outside of the browser interface…but maybe the browser is best?

    Headed to MN tomorrow early. Looks like a bit of snow.


  • Andrew B…

    No idea if this is of any use but when I don’t have my ipad nearby I read Burn on my Galaxy S phone with google chrome.

  • Speaking of small cameras and also about photo tech etc; here’s an interesting Moriyama video…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    My apologies,I haven’t been around …I am the one who is requesting reports…oime…

    and now,I am reporting from the war zone …may the spirits be with ALL of US…

    and to our friends in Cyprus …BE STRONG and please say NO,NO,NO to IMF…

    MY BURNIANS…ALL MY LOVE to ALL…and believe in you.Thank you!!!

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