Coastal road…

We are almost through Big Sur territory. Landscapes the obvious rule here. Not so many people to meet. My one good people situation needs some permission to publish , so we are waiting on that before posting…Balancing driving and shooting the tough part of any  “trip” essay….I am trying to figure this one out…For super large geographical areas like a whole country, for  magazine assignments I have always just pretended the whole country was small. Forget miles and just think picture situations. For example, when I once had to do Spain as an essay, I simply made Spain like 7 or 8 places where I shot. Each being  a microcosm of the whole. Still travel makes taking pictures hard. Many students will tell me when I ask why they want to be a photographer, “oh well, I love to travel”….I always think “wrong answer” and yet here I am doing it…Hmmmm

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  • Ah drive-in theatres , I worked at the Starlight drive-in theatre in Edmonton for many of my early teen-age years in the concession.

  • the fun of traveling… :)
    I used to hate traveling – especially for business. Then, I started photographing the way and surroundings of my journeys, and found my peace with it. Therapeuthic effects of photography :)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly”

  • Hello All,

    I saw this today, and thought it appropriate to post here :-)

    The Surfer’s Guide to Taking Risks:

  • Can you tell us the details on the portrait of Candy and if you used any flash or other light? I really like the flavor of it.

  • This summer I was driving for 9 days form San Francisco to the Grand Canyon and back to LA and it was great!. Few time for too many places… I wanted to stop everywhere and take pictures!…
    Travelling with you in this Road Trip… Cheers from Spain!

  • Candy’s portrait is gorgeous; Art and Nature in league with each other. The background looks like a colour-field painting, complemented by the minimalistic kiss of flash on Candy. The balance within the four sides is what really gets me though. It immediately looks perfect, but no matter how long I look at it and try to analyse the why, it just cannot be figured out. Is the image flowing outside of the frame, or is it being held inside? Some of each, I think. Full marks for mystery! My only complaint, and hope, is that it should be enlarged to one of the full-sized prints David is going for.


    “For example, when I once had to do Spain as an essay, I simply made Spain like 7 or 8 places where I shot. Each being a microcosm of the whole.”

    Am I reading this right? In Spain you travelled the country, but only shot eight locations? That’s a relief to read. I’ve always felt guilty about my impatience trying to get from one destination to the other, and not stopping for the work in between. For some it’s the voyage, for others: location, location, location!

  • I used to hate traveling too, until my brothers, most of whom have been in the Navy, told me that going from my house to work didn’t really count.

  • I really love this one of Candy, esp in contrast to her in Rio.

  • Milli, you just said out loud what I was thinking:)

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