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Snapshots. Whatever is coming down around me at any moment. That is what I like about Instagram. For me a personal diary and I hope now for this audience as well. I think this is the best way for us to launch BurnDiary and for this audience to have a platform in real time.

Your best Instagrams, if you are the designated photographer for the week, will appear here on Burn.

Why Instagram?

Somehow Instagram just feels right. I started going to my Iphone for even serious shooting a couple of years ago and right at the same time wanted to do Instagram mostly just to stay in touch with my family. Then I simply liked it as a new creative and useful exercise.

I like shooting everyday and I vowed that my Instagrams would never be shot of any subject that was more than 20 feet away from wherever I  happened to be anyway,  as in the above picnic shot.  In other words I do not “go anywhere” to shoot an Instagram. That is my parameter, but does not have to be yours.

I just like the egalitarian nature of these little pictures on my phone. A level playing field for all. For sure it does not preclude serious shooting or books or anything else. It simply is what it is. Matter of fact, what it is may well be taken very seriously. I see more evidence of this everyday.

So now BurnDiary is a platform for you. A platform to be used any way you choose.

For those of you who are thinking of photography in a professional way, this is the time to “prove” you can do it. That is, producing on demand. So my friends here is your stage. Your time to show what you can do. If you can have a week of shooting and make a few really nice pictures, editors will notice. Almost everyone has a few stunning pictures in their portfolio.  Want to really make an impression? Show editors what you can do NOW.

OR simply relax, chill, and let the joy of photography as your personal diary become the imperative. It is all up to you.

You can do a mini essay or simply shoot random. Whatever suits your spirit. Whatever shows your authorship. Whatever is just fun for you.

We had been looking at a good way to do BurnDiary and for many reasons, technical and otherwise, Instagram seemed like the best way to let this audience shoot right before our eyes in real time. In the next 12 months, we will have 52 photographers that we will choose to let us see you “produce on demand” for a week. Give it a try. Let us know if you want to try it. This is sort of a trial run we are doing now starting with last year’s EPF winner Matt Lutton.

Here’s how it works:

Each week, a different photographer will be taking over BURN instagram, sharing and posting photos taken with their mobile device in real time. The contributing photographer will hold the reigns and take on the challenge, curating @burnmagazine to their own design and posting 1 or 2 photos a day.

The best of the best posted will be shared on BURN at this new page: BurnDiary

For those of you who don’t know much about Instagram, it is an application which can be accessed on your iPhone, Android, or tablet. The application is free – anyone can sign up.

Week 1 starts off with EPF 2012 winner Matt Lutton. He’ll be taking over BURN and Instagram for 1 whole week starting June 31.

Follow along with BURN on Instagram at this handle: @burnmagazine

Start fishing around and you will see many truly serious photographers using Instagram. I would like to see you be one of them.




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  • Maybe David. I’ve got to quit fooling around and focus on getting the enormous job and the smaller but still big jobs I have taken on done, but I can’t stop myself from thinking of some of the possibilities and how I might be able to pull it off.

  • Didn’t Huey Lewis already decide for us that it was hip to be square?

  • David, with regard to you not speaking to children unless with their parents: this happened to me.

    I was walking down an alley between shops and a car park when a little girl (about 4 – 5 years old) approached me and said “Can you help me find my mummy?”. I thought “NOOOOooooooo!” but said “Of course I will, hold my hand (HOLD MY HAND) and we will go and find her”. As we walked towards the shops I was waiting for the shout “Stop that man! He’s taking my little girl!”. To cut a long story short, we went into a large store and I told the tale to a member of staff – just to get a witness – and just as the little girl began to cry her mummy turned up and told her daughter off for getting lost! A bloody nightmare but I couldn’t just leave her.

    Instagram claims a right to use your photographs for free, I’ve seen you earlier post about this but I would have thought that you would have a concern here.

    Will we still be able to submit essays to Burn? I finally have something for your consideration but I can’t find how to submit.


  • all a great idea. how does one get one’s postings noticed? my monicker is @sblitz1

  • John Gladdy….
    I’m impressed! Just arrived home from work and found a parcel from Sorika! Now that’s speed and efficiency. Book looks great and love the photo included in with it. I’ll start reading tonight and I’ll be posting a review on Amazon once I’ve finished.

  • For those of us without smart phones, we can follow along here: http://statigr.am/tag/burnmagazine/

    Gonna have to try out that Bluestacks program now (thanks Bob!).

  • Sorry, wrong URL above. Follow along here: http://statigr.am/burnmagazine

  • PAUL.Thanks. Hope it does something for you. But even if you dont like it, please say so in the review. hagiography’s are only really useful for saints.

    New website layout from potatoshelter.
    First time I looked I thought ‘shit, I took all those?’
    Looks kinda funky.

  • John Gladdy…

    Oh I’m sure it will do something for me. My wife has already picked it up in awe as she went through the images – she used to paint very, very well and then asked me to translate the back cover…that’s a good sign.
    Don’t worry no worshiping reviews…although perhaps hagiography should be for the bad (but not evil)guys at least they are always true to their bent. Saints were just too worried repressing instincts.
    Anyway off to see your link… I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a long, long night…

  • John Gladdy…

    That’s one snazzy website layout you’ve got their! I want more pictures can’t get enough of that honest grit you manage. Wouldn’t mind seeing you do some kind of intimate portrait essay on the life of one of your female models/friends…

    BTW Here’s a couple of my new street portraits… Thoughts John?

  • I’m sorry, but I did not understand. How do I submit my photos? I have to share photos on instagram with the tag @burnmagazine ?


  • Hi Max,

    Please tag the photos with #burndiary , thanks!

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