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Reneta Gancheva

Bango Vassil

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Bango Vassil is the day when Bulgarian gypsies are celebrating the beginning of their new year. It is on the 14th of January. For them it is the most important day of the year. The legend says this is the day when St.Vassil saves their nation from being swallowed up by the Red Sea.

Traditionally, Bango Vassil is the day when all the family gets together. The oldest women cook, clean,  and prepare the house and in the night all come to one house. When doing the housework, you have to be quiet and not to say a word.
The family I met was Vassilka and Vassil’s. Their nine sons, with their children and grand children,  celebrated in this big blue room. There was only bird meat on the table. A lot of wine, rakia and other alcholoic drinks disappeared quickly.  The feast continues for two or three days. This is the way the day goes. Everybody is happy and they enjoy their celebration!



My name is Reneta Gancheva. I am from Bulgaria and 18 years old. Now is my last year in Yambol’s language high school. I take photos for a small local media.

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    skiwaves and Vissaria:

    it is some kind of traditional cake with walnuts.. as far as I remember.


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