federico caponi – wedding



Wedding Guests by Federico Caponi

Warsaw, Poland. Wedding guests playing with a doll.


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  • Well, it’s raining (cats and) dolls now… Don’t know why, but I feel a bit saddened.
    Interesting anyway ;o)

  • Great photograph Federico! It made me do a double-take: montage, composite?

    It was none of the above, just a good eye and great timing. Congratulations on your publication here on Burn magazine.

    Weddings are great venues for candid photography don’t you think?

    Best wishes,


  • Funnily enough, that was my first thought as well – the two girls further back look almost as though they’ve been edited into the shot. I like it though – the depth and the angles really work for me.

  • Deliciously mad picture. Love it!

  • that’s really funny..
    one dead as a doughnut dolly..
    or ‘dolly can fly’..

    the girl in the middle looks primed to jump n laugh when dolly hits the dirt..

  • !!!!! brilliant! :))))

    when i opened up this morning, i was like: holy fuck, they’re throwing a baby!….and my heart started to race…even now, when i realize it’s a doll, im like: holy fuck, they’re throwing a bably! :)))))…

    i love this photogrpah…the brilliant greens, the path of yellow (flattened) grass, the expressions on the girls, the snake-hose like a jump rope, the title (absolutely brilliant) and this vignette sense on the borders…as if from the 19th century this pic, but somehow distilled with mad colors….

    one of the coolest single pics of the day in a while…



  • i like the photograph very much. it reminds me of one of my dreams.
    thank u

  • Eun-young :))))…your dream, or my dream?….glad to see u here…running, see u in class….b

  • one of my dreams too :)))))…running ;)…rab (bb)

  • like my dreams too :))….

  • takes me to a different age, yes…like dreams…

    and impeccable expressions, love this one.

  • Like a still taken from some old family super 8 home movie. its cute.

  • i opened BURN and saw this and said whattt??? and looked at the comments and said WWWHHHATTT?

    how come i don’t like this? i don’t really know. if i don’t have an opinion maybe i should not say it. but i don’t like it. but i don’t know why. what about this do you like guys? technicalities again? dreamy like look? maybe i just don’t get it. or maybe it is just a break from all the drama we have seen before. i dont know.

  • Eye candy. One of those things you run across and say, “That’s different,” and then move on.

  • Gracie. I dont ‘like’ it as such, I just think its cute. It has an old, nice, nostalgic vibe thats all. And I think thats enough. Not everything needs to be loaded and on a hair trigger.

  • I reacted just like Bob Black. Only my stupid taste, but this is precisely what I love about photography the most. Being surprised, shocked, bewildered and then relieved with a laugh, all in one frame? I strive for that every single day! Even if I never look at this photo again, I’ll never forget a pixel of it. It’ll come up in my mind at the strangest times, and make me laugh again. Thank you, Federico Caponi, for this precious gift you gave me!

  • a lot of interesting things going on in this photo

  • I like the dreamy quality of it. The composition makes me move around the picture and the content is enough to make me stop. Interesting find.

  • I feel like
    that doll..
    thank you..

  • Being a new dad my heart jumped into my throat on first seeing this (I actually let out a small gasp). I love this kind of shot. I just wish it was scanned a little better (highlights are really washed out, at least on my laptop).

  • Interesting, dreamy, evil…in that they delight in (“Holy fuck, they’re throwing a baby!”- thank you Bob Black!) tossing a doll in the air…I hope they know that’s not okay to do with a real baby. They seem so amused and gleeful about it. And in that sense, evil (not that i really think these little girls are evil, but I am entertaining the idea…) Children are playful and innocent…right? The title “Wedding Guests” is a fun, playful idea as well, because it connotes (at least in my mind) adult guests…in this sense, these little girls are considered mature, but they are playing with a doll. Interesting twist. Strange and fun on many dreamy levels…

  • and this is the real photography… simple… moving…

  • when i saw this it immediately took my eye right into it. i love this. its a wonderful photograph. i love the texture of the ground. the light and the way it play in the photograph overall. it also took me a minute to figure out that it was in fact a doll they were throwing. not a real baby. this is indeed a magical photograph. thank you for this federico!

  • I dont think baby tossing will catch on as a spectator sport, but that’s just my opinion

  • there is everything to like about this.. it achieves the ‘second glance’ which photos need..

  • another photo of children.

  • i like the postures of the kids…reminds me of certain photo composites of skate boarders, that show various stages of a trick.
    a fun, serendipitous, street photography moment … or in this case, “lawn” photography…


  • For me, it’s cute.
    No more. No less.

  • I completely agree with bob black and Stupid. It’s a little sad that in the hectic quest for originality and for always upping the ante on stunning visuals and/or themes, many of us seem to have lost track of the true essence of photography. I was privileged, while attending one of DAH’s workshops, to have the chance to listen to Chris Anderson who came to talk to us. He was saying how after a point in his career, having by then won every award in the book etc. etc., he came to the realization that making really “impressive” photographs can turn into cheap trickery, and he tried to rediscover simplicity in photography. His wonderful book of Holgas was the result. Maybe there’s a lesson there for us all.

  • Just love this. If this were more “perfect” it would not be nearly as good. Goes way beyond “cute” for me. Just a bit darker would be better but that may be just me. Agree with others about the brilliance in simplicity.

    Dimitri, that was a great story.

  • This photo is great fun, and a bit edgy at the same time. And I’m a big fan of simplicity.

    Dimitry, thanks for the Chris Anderson story, good food for thought. “Cheap trickery “may be a pretty blunt description for it, but I have to admit, a lot of stuff out there starts to look a bit alike after while. Trendy might be a kinder word.

    Mike R “Weddings are great venues for candid photography don’t you think? Yes I agree. Some of the coolest most innovative PJ work I’ve ever seen is being done by wedding shooters….oops, did I say that out loud?
    Wedding photographers really don’t get no respect.

    Weddings are the only significant ritual western society observes outside of funerals and maybe bar mitzvahs.

    Actually I know there are more than a few wedding shooters lurking out there. I’d love to see a wedding essay here. Weddings are the only significant ritual western society observes outside of funerals and maybe bar mitzvahs.

    Anyway thanks Federico, love it.

    gordon L.

  • Thanks to everybody for the nice feedbacks…well…because this is a site visited by many photographer I’d like to tell everybody that I’ve shot this photograph with a LOMO LC camera (the old metal russian one) with a little cheap flash on its hotshoe…on kodak film…that’s it. The “vintage” look of this photo is probably given by underexposing the shot and then pushing the developing to 400 asa…thanks again, I’m really glad and honored my photo was choosen for Burn website.

  • Thanks everybody for the nice feedbacks…well, because this is a site visited also by many photographers I’d like to tell you that this shot was taken with an old LOMO LC camera (the metal russian one) with a cheap flash on his hotshoe. I Underexposed a kodak 100 asa film and then pushed to 400 during the developing, this maybe gives the “vintage” look to this pic. I’m really honored Burn Magazine published my photograph and once again thanks to all of you. All The best. Federico

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