coming soon ….

(based on a true story) is done….well, almost…being hand assembled….now….

book to be launched May 4 in Sydney at the HeadOn photo fest….solo exhibition :  Australian Centre for Photography….

we built this with zero compromises….zero…all out independence….yes, a miracle…thanks Bryan, Erin, Candy, Roberta, Renata, Eva, Diego, Mike, Valeria, Marcela, Kamila, Tonico, Claudia, Andrea, and EBS printing Verona…

a novella set in Rio, but not about Rio… a puzzle, a game??  interactive/analog…map/poster included …stay tuned…

of course the long term, or maybe even short term, goal here at Burn is to do specially crafted or hand crafted books for a variety of authors….the plethora of on demand book companies makes it terrific for everyone to have a book in their hand…i love these on demand books for many reasons…

yet, finally, i think we all honestly miss the special feeling a book used to bring…the specialness of a book in hand…when everyone has something or everyone has virtually the same thing, then it ceases to be special…so, that is why at Burn we will only be interested in books that could not possibly be on demand books….this hit me as i was often handing someone Burn 02 and saying, “here is your book, oh by the way this is not an on demand book, we printed this in Italy”…i do not want to have to say that…

i want it to be obvious that Burn books are physically technically aesthetically impossible to produce on demand….

so let’s see how it goes…we have done well with the only other two publications published by Burn….01 and 02…..if this works, then we will go forward with gusto into the book publishing biz….not an empire… , a specialty shop…..for artists and those who appreciate fine objects….

oh by the way, lest you think we are only building objects for those who can afford them, we will always have, just as in everything i do, a gratis element..for the the gratis spinoff of (based on a true story) we will print a newspaper tabloid version and distribute for free in Rio de Janeiro where the cariocas of every social class welcomed me and allowed me to do my work….without the genuine hospitality of my friends in Rio this book would not exist….and yes yes , there is a NatGeo version of my work coming up in the October issue of the Magazine…

as always , i thank this audience for their support….for some of you it will come back in an amazing way…



(sent while on the way to meet Antoine d’Agata in Williston , North Dakota in search of BIG OIL  …   watch our adventures on the Magnum site….Panos driving our camper….oh my oh my)


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  • Civi: you mean I am talking tech talk?

  • Please, can we keep the doctor/dentist stereotype out of the discussion? The Monochrom’s biggest advantage is the increase in dynamic range and to a lesser extent the increase in useable ISO levels. I’m more than a little bit ticked that bottom ISO has been shifted from 160 to 320 (although it can be “pulled” down). I was expecting a simpler sensor would be capable of going the other way, say, down to 50 or 25…but that is not to be.

    What is really pleasing about the new body is how Leitz ignored the cries for Live View, electronic viewfinder, etc., and somehow made a camera even simpler than before. This is not a “dropping of the ball”, rather a “dropping of the glove” challenge. Adherence to their philosophy of simplicity is reassuring, and should be a comfort to those who appreciate the rangefinder approach, regardless of occupation.

  • Interesting review at mtomalty’s link. I think this bit sums up a lot of arguments:

    A lot of people simply are not going to get it. “It” being the need for an expensive digital M Leica that only shoots in B&W. That’s OK. This camera then is simply not for you. So lighten up, and recognize that there are people for whom the rangefinder ethos and the monochrome aesthetic is a passion and a calling. There’s nothing elitist going on, just a different mindset and sensibility than yours.

    Substitute whatever people are arguing about for the specific camera talk and it works as a rejoinder for just about anything.

    What I don’t understand though is this: If it only has 1/16,000,000 the number of colors, why doesn’t it cost 1/16,000,000 the price of the M9?

  • Jeff. Isnt there a decrease in DR due to the fact that there is only one channel now? Certainly much less room for error
    ..and also doesent higher ISO’s lower the DR also?

    and also also..if its so good out of the box why are they shipping it with Silver effex pro as standard?

    Also also also. If you had an M9 and any savvy on this wouldnt you just convert your files to lab space, strip out the luminace channel..convert back to greyscale, and work from that? that way you would be seeing pretty much what the M mono sees, but you could still shoot colour too?
    And short of lens fondlers and pixel peepers..who would ever know the difference?

  • Leica M Monochrom with Tri-Elmar @ 50mm @ ISO 320
    It didn’t take more than a day of real-world shooting to realize that the resolution of the MM is something special. I am confident in saying that the MM’s 18 Megapixel sensor performs more like a 26–32 MP Bayer sensor camera. This was borne out in the real world when I made my first large print on an Epson 9800. It was about a 26 X32 inch print and the native resolution was well under 140 PPI. But I ressed it up to 360 PPI in Lightroom 4, and the resulting print was remarkable. It was really difficult to differentiate between it and prints that I was making at the same time taken with the 36 Megapixel Nikon D800E. In other words, numbers don’t tell the whole story (humm…I think I’ve written this before), and thus the new Leica MM definitely punches above its weight category. The lack of an AA filter in combination with the additional resolution provided by having all of the pixels contribute to luminance resolution is what makes the difference.

    Interesting interesting …. This not your “ordinary” M9….

  • John:

    The colour filters on Silver Efex will be useless, won’t they? I guess the software will be used only for film choice effects, localized manipulations, and general contrast/brightness issues. And don’t forget the ever-important vignetting tool. Haha!

    I know you’re quite right in stating that proper exposures for highlights will require greater attention, and that higher ISO levels will reduce dynamic range relative to the lower ones. But DR will increase because there is only one channel. The bleeding that exists within the channel will remain, but the bleeding between the channels will no longer exist. Fewer channels mean less noise and sharper resolution. Your questions sort of answer themselves: there will be more difficulty in highlight recovery, and greater dynamic range all at once.

    I won’t be buying the camera as the cost is prohibitive and I prefer film at present, but the increase in DR is what excites me the most about the new model. It really is something the manufacturers should have been concerned about instead of competing in the race for higher ISO useability. I’d like to see a similar competition with regard to dynamic range. The Nikon D4 has great DR apparently, and it’s good to see Leitz at work on it as well. I also agree with you that it would be the best of all worlds if it could be done digitally in colour, but for Leica that is something for the future.

  • Shooting with a LEICA is like a long tender kiss, like firing an automatic pistol, like an hour on the analyist’s couch. 

    Henri Cartier Bresson

    ( I disagree ONCE again with Henri- nothing new here – : it feels more like a year on the analysts couch.. Not just an hour.. Either way comparing rangefinder with anything else is like comparing an Intense bike to a Barbie one , I’m sure the avid mountain bikers here know what I mean ;)
    Although its more than ok to have a Barbie on an Intense:)
    make sense?

  • Jeff the Dentist Doctor lawyer, wanna be’s etc is quite a large market for leica so their needs cannot be ignored

    and also also..if its so good out of the box why are they shipping it with Silver effex pro as standard? so you can use the colour sliders

  • I’d still ditch any of my newer cameras to buy back my M6…
    From a design point of view the M6, M7 and M9 and the best of classic Ducati bikes are sexy and I don’t usually find anything sexy apart from women…
    Kind of got something extra… Soul

  • Silver Efex works because, according to the new Leica’s specs, it outputs files in in a hardwired sRGB color space.

  • Jim Power…

    I thought sRGB color space was inferior to standard RGB. 8 bits???

  • Hmmm perhaps 16bit gfile ain’t necessary in monochrome

  • Maybe enabling a 16 bit colorspace would have pushed the price out of the average photographer’s price range.

  • Oh, they often call me Pseudo but my real name is Mister Earl…

  • Tri-X works because it’s in black and white.

  • Jim/Paul. Not quite what I meant. I have silver effex and know what it does, we all do right?…it makes digital files look like analogue films…and it does it very well..Now Leica are making a big thing of the luminance channel black and white sensor blah blah blah.but are still shipping a piece of manipulation software with the camera. Why? Because a single channel, greyscale image is just that..It has 1 look. It is NOT a wonderful return to all things black and white and pure. It is a neat look (see earlier post re lab space) but it is limited in the same way that only shooting by pushing and pulling pan F would be limited.

    Jeff. I suspect you are right and the color sliders will have no real effect(even re-converting to rgb is pointless as there is no color info to start with), but the custom film curves, grain overlays, vignettes, toning options etc etc will.

    PANOS. re-read that dude. look for words like ‘up-res’, ‘punches above its weight’…’.on a par with 26-28 mp cameras’…..Its hype written by a leica fetishist.
    And I say that as someone who has a big big full bag of them. Love them as much as my kidneys. All 35mm film work I shoot is on them….but I have yet to see one that turns water into wine. Also, remember David talking about the proof sheet for his book with the iphone and M9 and nikon images on it? How it was almost impossible to tell which was which?..thats most peoples reality.

  • “but I have yet to see one that turns water into wine.”

    And if you stop and consider things, it doesn’t matter one bit if a sensor shoots only BW or 14 Bit color or it’s the best lens or the highest resolution camera on the market… Hardly anything decent, awe inspiring, jaw dropping stuff is created ever. Rarely is the camera at fault… I can’t even count on one hand the amount of essays I’ve seen in general which were really incredible this year…

  • New tools are cool. Even if most of us can’t afford them. Its the fear mongering over at the Nikon sites that bothers me right now. Youve got the pixel peepers proclaiming the new high rez bodies are going to turn your high end lenses to dog crap. Or the next low end full frame body is going to cause a complete collapse on the resell value of your AFD screwdriven lenses. bla bla bla

  • thank you John

    (for whomever that did not understand the lyrics of the song John posted above, here is the lyrics, “enjoy”, click link)

  • btw , thank you Herve for the present u sent from Thailand…

  • Yeah. I dont think those guys like you much.

  • well…seems they tried to get a job there, didnt work out well… it happens…

  • but John since u brought it up, for someone to not like you (or vice verse ) has to know you first.
    Mystery is why someone “escapes” Albania, moves to greece , meet ALL GREEKS (of course;) and then decides that “they are ALL -this or that-“?
    Why move to someone elses house just to tell them you despise them?
    that will remain a mystery to me…
    and also – speaking about the “poem” above – why offending gay people , minorities etc?
    You hate the greeks? absolutely fine.:) no doubt ..
    but plz lets stay civil and let Gay community and or other communities/minorities aside..
    Lets stick with the “Lets hate greeks” slogan but plz plz lets leave the rest of the world alone…
    (calling greeks gay is not demeaning at all , its an honor , but homophobia is not a cool propaganda weapon im afraid…sorry…

  • when i say “you” i mean the “singer song writer” not u of course;)

  • What really saddens me though is that Europe terribly reminds all of us- bring back all those memories.. Nazis- Holocaust ….
    Once again big Euro CRISIS.. Unemployment at the highest..
    There’s no JEWS this time to blame…
    Now we have the IMMIGRANTS to blame..
    Neo nazis, fascism ON THE RISE in Europe..
    Remember how RACISM took over BRITAIN right after Thatcher???
    Remember the infamous PAKI- BUSHING that ENGLISH SKINHEADS “enforced” in London metro?
    Well ok ok ok ok ok let me relax..
    Fascism in Athens is not even close comparing to the BRITISH RIGHT WING SKINHEAD neonazis..
    It’ll be a joke to compare / relate British fascism with the Greek Nazi/golden dawn/retards but hey
    we getting there… Unfortunately…
    It seems that Athens will “be”/follow Britain steps in rejuvenating fascism ..
    Greeks so far immitated the BRITS hooligans..
    We turned Greek soccer fields into British soccer fields .. But copy the British neo nazism???
    That’s absurd.. Sorry Greece but if u keep following the wrong role models then you’ll most likely end up dead, laughed at and ISOLATED as the United Kingdom ended up being..
    Sad days for Europe!
    Nazis are up! And many are already celebrating !
    I’m out!

  • JOHN G:

    Like your words about why we shoot Leicas….

    Not sure about this b&w M. So far been pretty underwhelmed by the examples I’ve seen. Of course most reviewers can’t shoot (or process) worth shit. Nice thing would be having 10,000 iso. And yes one would need software of some sort to make the base look more unique (of course one could go just adjust curves and dodge and burn).

    Anyway, I’m perfectly happy with my new Leica. :) Her color is a healthy pink. No need for adjustment.



  • Her color is a healthy pink. No need for adjustment.
    loved this comment!!!!!!!! u made me smile

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime,oime…fuck Greece…? hmm…that’s not an easy task,i am afraid:)))))
    cause we already fucking ourselves…
    ADMIN, my apologies…excuse my language…

    back to our regular program:

    MR.JOHN VINK…yep,YOU are responsible for the tech talk…IMO,always,IMO…:)

    CHARLES…What not to LEICA !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    PANOS,check me out…:

    I AM IN :)

  • Panos, those are, to say the least, a vigorous set of lyrics, although this is more my speed:

    It’s always hard to beat the Gershwins.

  • So there’s Tiffanys and Leicas and the occasional Macys’ as well, but you’ll notice that no one ever names their kids after the Piggly Wiggly. You’d think that these companies would start paying out for the naming rights to kids the way they do for stadiums and buildings and such. I think that that’s a useful statistic, next to profits and losses; you can tell just how effective the advertising department is by the number of people who’ll take the money and name their kids after your company.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    What not to love…don’t forget them…how could you?:)

    Wherever you are moms…THANK YOU

    P.S tick talk…15th is almost here…

  • Sorry to get back to the tech talk, David’s book look’s great and I was incredibly impressed when I saw it in an early phase, though I wonder what happened to the cool Brazilian box, but regarding the ongoing Leica, or other large format camera vs. things like camera phones with app crap, I came across this video which I think illustrates the argument quite well.

    Although through most of the video it appears the point and shoots are going to win handily, in the end we are reassured that the good old fashioned muscle of great globs of glass will win out.

  • in the end we are reassured that the good old fashioned muscle of great globs of glass will win out……a short term view

  • What’s up kiddos!!!
    AKAKY I’m too tired to answer right now.. Had too much tequila celebrating mothers day like there’s no mañana :)

  • ……….and Heckle and Jeckle have a lot more fun

  • Leica video which really has nothing to do with photography…

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