coming soon ….

(based on a true story) is done….well, almost…being hand assembled….now….

book to be launched May 4 in Sydney at the HeadOn photo fest….solo exhibition :  Australian Centre for Photography….

we built this with zero compromises….zero…all out independence….yes, a miracle…thanks Bryan, Erin, Candy, Roberta, Renata, Eva, Diego, Mike, Valeria, Marcela, Kamila, Tonico, Claudia, Andrea, and EBS printing Verona…

a novella set in Rio, but not about Rio… a puzzle, a game??  interactive/analog…map/poster included …stay tuned…

of course the long term, or maybe even short term, goal here at Burn is to do specially crafted or hand crafted books for a variety of authors….the plethora of on demand book companies makes it terrific for everyone to have a book in their hand…i love these on demand books for many reasons…

yet, finally, i think we all honestly miss the special feeling a book used to bring…the specialness of a book in hand…when everyone has something or everyone has virtually the same thing, then it ceases to be special…so, that is why at Burn we will only be interested in books that could not possibly be on demand books….this hit me as i was often handing someone Burn 02 and saying, “here is your book, oh by the way this is not an on demand book, we printed this in Italy”…i do not want to have to say that…

i want it to be obvious that Burn books are physically technically aesthetically impossible to produce on demand….

so let’s see how it goes…we have done well with the only other two publications published by Burn….01 and 02…..if this works, then we will go forward with gusto into the book publishing biz….not an empire… , a specialty shop…..for artists and those who appreciate fine objects….

oh by the way, lest you think we are only building objects for those who can afford them, we will always have, just as in everything i do, a gratis element..for the the gratis spinoff of (based on a true story) we will print a newspaper tabloid version and distribute for free in Rio de Janeiro where the cariocas of every social class welcomed me and allowed me to do my work….without the genuine hospitality of my friends in Rio this book would not exist….and yes yes , there is a NatGeo version of my work coming up in the October issue of the Magazine…

as always , i thank this audience for their support….for some of you it will come back in an amazing way…



(sent while on the way to meet Antoine d’Agata in Williston , North Dakota in search of BIG OIL  …   watch our adventures on the Magnum site….Panos driving our camper….oh my oh my)


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  • Also big thanks to EVA, ROSS, IMANTS , ROBERTA, KERRY , SAM and all that added photos from Sydney..

  • As the organisers didn’t really want the books they got the jars instead ….


    thank u France!!! bingo! loved the elections results… A Hard Rain ‘s gonna Fall as a folksinger once said:
    at the Status Quo…

  • Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a setback yesterday in a regional election in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. Merkel and her government have borne the brunt of the criticism over Europe’s austerity drive.

    also THANK YOU to the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein GERMANY!!!

    sweet: folks in europe slowly, started realizing that “punishment” and “austerity measures” dont work..
    ONLY GROWTH PLANS have a chance..not cutting pensions and welfare of the poor…

  • it seems that CHANGE is in the air… well, call me a dreamer…who cares…who knows…only time can tell…

  • Roberta Tavares

    Thanks mv, Thomas and Frostfrog for the comprehension followed by encouragement . Im big fan of this duo. Some comfort inviting confidence on my thoughts over any language skills( for the record i`d definitely sound sexier and more charming in portuguese hehe) That means a lot, specially when Im on my way to describe the last two days and again to accept my failure as journalist, cause easily Im far from the impartial and impersonal zone . It feels that the emotional carries me to the core and annuls my chance to impress by a professional report . Do I care ? Selfish and self oriented to my own pleasure , my own views..maybe that is the way that must be or I wouldnt be so loyal to the honesty of this comment . Truths prevail and assumptions are quickly getting forms of reality. The main truth and it seems to be the guide rule sustaining the last events in Davids workshop: No surprise. Predictably is all about learning. For all of them, for me, for any observer. David was never the question when his ability as teacher, as mentor and inspirational force were always recognized as peculiarities of so admired and respected character. The real question is being …are the students getting, reaching , coming closer of the motivational goal that lead them to this workshop? Is the investment-the time, the money, the saving- being worthy ? Is it felt in each slideshow at the beginning of the class? I would like to be dramatic and to point out deficiencies and contras over pros…but the truth , as I mentioned before, comes again: Evolution ..and that is when you really feel the place of these committed students in this learning hard intense process. And till this present moment, the definition of those …to verbalize the moods, faces and perspectives..I would go for the trio: – frustration ( when pretension can overcome self confidence and from that on a painful route to accept that there are still a lot to correct, to improve, to impress ) what leads us to the next step :-reconciliation ( to stand the mirror, to face limitations and where lays the talent, to redefine what brought them here and from where to bring out the strenght required to the final zone , recognizing themselves as professionals, or merely damn great photographers ) -determination (the hardest is not easy..they can feel destroyed, rejected, devastated and lost (to produce and deliver in 5 days) but they leave the house, they go out there and next morning there will be always a next good thing and a new next step ahead ) It is exciting to watch the progress and how that effects on them, but not less important myself. David is changing them (as usual ) and these students are definitely changing me too

  • Roberta Tavares

    Important note: Thanks Immants for the exciting insightful strong efficient and full of lessons presentation. Immants is a real artist and languages seeker. Unbelievable your creations and to know the creator… :)

  • Roberta Tavares

    Second important note: Eva, we miss you

  • Roberta.. never as much as I miss you all over there.. good thing I’m busy or I’d crash.. it was so great to get to know all of you.. I’m richer than I was before, that is for sure!

  • Thanks Roberta I am sure that my books would love to sing to you but alas they are made of paper

  • What was I thinking ????

    Flying back up to Bondi tonight !

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA,I will argue forever:).I am a civilian and I will argue.
    I missed your weather reports,hiiihiii,
    hey,you are out there a real,true BURNIAN crossing waters,breaking barriers,BURNING SOULS!!!

    as SAMMY says: MASSIVE RESPECT !!!

    MATT,yeah,what were you thinking?:))))))))))

    oime,we are all crazy.BURNIANS on the road…ROBERTA,ROBERTA…yes,EVOLUTION!

    the time is now.

    thank you ALL…MASSIVE RESPECT!
    I will be back to dance.

    P.S Regarding the English writing skills.oime…if I can do it
    you can do it…therefore don’t stay silent my BURNIANS…
    BURN is the place to be…
    thank you ROBERTA for bringing this issue to light!

  • Roberta, I appreciate the good words. You are good at helping people to feel good (as, of course, is Civi).

    Imantz, you will be pleased to know that in another of life’s amazing coincidences, I and my in-law hosts happened to come upon a man with just such a camera on a street in Jaipur. He photographed us and I photographed him. It had been my intent to post the images I took of him right from Jaipur and then put a link here, but I had a painfully slow connection there, plus time constraints, and so I could not pull it off.

    It didn’t tie into the theme of the India series that I justt finished Saturday ( ), so I thought I would just hold off on it and drop it in sooner or later. Now, I will try for something closer to sooner.


    Niki Gudex (born 19 July 1978, Guildford, England[2]) is an Australian professional mountain biker from Sydney. She competes in both downhill and cross country disciplines.

    In addition to being a professional mountainbiker, Gudex is also a model and a graphic designer. In the Australian edition of FHM magazine she has been listed in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

    Welcome :))))

  • In the meantime somewhere in Germany ….

    THE FIRST “MONOCHROM” b&w digi Leica
    (thank u thomas for info)

  • Well, this Australian picture stuff is all very well and good, but one of the clientele here has just informed me that dolphins can and will rape human beings if given half a chance. I will never be able to watch a rerun of Flipper again. On the other hand, this sort of thing does dramatically increase the number of possible villains and story lines available for Law & Order: SVU episodes.


    please feel free to CALL MY FRIEND PAUL (in this number: 305 491 9209 ).
    He has 2-3 rooms available for a week rent in a big house close to downtown, Paramount theater etc…

    We also got a house with few other Burnians here..Also big surprise:
    See you ALL in Charlottesville Virginia !!!! next month

  • It is all bit sad Panos but it will keep those my shit doesn’t stink photographers happy ………… ps Silver Efex Pro™ uses colour tweaks in it’s software setup so that becomes redundant in the proposed leica workflow.

  • Where’s he getting this ALL stuff from? I’m going nowhere and getting there fast…

  • Or, Imants, the nonfeculent could use black and white film to begin with, thereby sparing themselves all that expense to begin with.

  • Akaky film just doesn’t cut it with pseudo retro thinking

  • I don’t understand why not; you can’t get more retro than film, unless you use glass plates and who wants to be bothered cleaning glass plates when paper plates are more convenient?

  • How do you get the pseudo?

  • Not an expert but this Leica is NOT a scam… A hyperbole, exaggeration ? Maybe yes.. A scam ? No..
    I’ll read specs again about sensor .. I think we might all rushed to judgements pretty quick..again I’ve no idea buy can’t wait for a real preview from LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE website.. I most deft rust their tech opinions.. Time will tell :)

  • But not buy
    Trust not rust..
    Lol… Love this phone , NOT?

  • How do you get the pseudo?

    Fake Id’s help.

  • So Panos you ditched photography for Luminious Landscape …………gotta love it.

  • Reading a great interview by Kurt Vonnegut with Kurt Vonnegut in Paris Review as we speak:


    Did the study of anthropology later color your writings?


    It confirmed my atheism, which was the faith of my fathers anyway. Religions were exhibited and studied as the Rube Goldberg inventions I’d always thought they were. We weren’t allowed to find one culture superior to any other. We caught hell if we mentioned races much. It was highly idealistic.


    Almost a religion?


    Exactly. And the only one for me. So far.


    What was your dissertation?


    Cat’s Cradle.

  • Ha ha.. Since I’m not a tech guy .. I gotta trust somebody …;)

  • What’s wrong with trusting your eyes????

  • Nokia 808 v’s leica……………………

  • What is v’s what could’ve been

  • HORST FAAS, one of the all-time great war photojournalists, and a mentor to many other illustrious photojournalists, has died at age 79. See his bio and some photos on Lens Blog:

  • Well; back home in NZ now and life is returning to normal. What a great 6 days! It was fabulous to meet up with those I’d corresponded with (or read their words or seen their images) over the years. Lisa, Sam, Matty, Michelle, Candy, Roberta, Kerry, Bryan and many others. And of course to finally meet Imants in person rather than across a Skype screen.

    The Rio and Burn 02 exhibitions were brilliant; it was a world away from what I’m used to! It was quite surreal to see my print hanging beside 3 of Nachtweys! It was also a privilege to help with the hanging of the Burn 02 prints; I doubt whether I will have the good fortune to be able to handle and help hang a Nachtwey print again!

    Thanks David for your hospitality and for you and Diego making the Burn 02 exhibition happen. Also; thanks for the opportunity to sit in on your workshop (esp Stephen Dupont’s presentation). I reckon by next week it will have all begun to sink in and absorbed properly.

    And speaking of the workshop; our Sam did a brilliant presentation of his “Postcards from Home”.Aas I have said to him probably a million times by now; still one of my favourite Burn essays…

  • And Eva of course! So many people and I’ve only a limited number of brain cells……

  • Imants hell yeah I’ll go with Nokia:))

  • John Vink :))
    Thank you thank you and thank you!!! Google it is;)

  • Nokia to me will be a authorship changer……….leica is all same same why is it not different.Anyway good on leica there are enough dentists doctors lawyers etc out there who will keep the dream alive………………..personally I think they should stick to making lenses……………..Zeiss has come long way and still have their high end quality market.

  • David’s student show on tonight

  • John – yes, thank you – for damn near killing me! I had my mind on the new BW Leica and somehow, when I clicked on your link, I failed to make the shift to Niki Gudex. So I was expecting to see more info on the Leica and more black and white samples… I just about had a heart attack.

    If I should suddenly find myself rich, I will buy that Leica.

    I don’t think I will buy that Leica.

    I would if I could, though.

    Maybe the Nokia, too. I don’t know anything about it right now. I will look into it. My equipment is all shot, anyway, in need of repair or replacement.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Tech talk…yeah,it was about time!

    I love you…extremely busy to check you out…IMF…got my “lazy ass”,
    But hey,

    LOOK3 times and I am there!

    Love you BURNIANS…all the eyes on our AUSSIE friends…hihiiiiii…you got to trust those eyes;)

    I”ll be back…keep reporting

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