coming soon ….

(based on a true story) is done….well, almost…being hand assembled….now….

book to be launched May 4 in Sydney at the HeadOn photo fest….solo exhibition :  Australian Centre for Photography….

we built this with zero compromises….zero…all out independence….yes, a miracle…thanks Bryan, Erin, Candy, Roberta, Renata, Eva, Diego, Mike, Valeria, Marcela, Kamila, Tonico, Claudia, Andrea, and EBS printing Verona…

a novella set in Rio, but not about Rio… a puzzle, a game??  interactive/analog…map/poster included …stay tuned…

of course the long term, or maybe even short term, goal here at Burn is to do specially crafted or hand crafted books for a variety of authors….the plethora of on demand book companies makes it terrific for everyone to have a book in their hand…i love these on demand books for many reasons…

yet, finally, i think we all honestly miss the special feeling a book used to bring…the specialness of a book in hand…when everyone has something or everyone has virtually the same thing, then it ceases to be special…so, that is why at Burn we will only be interested in books that could not possibly be on demand books….this hit me as i was often handing someone Burn 02 and saying, “here is your book, oh by the way this is not an on demand book, we printed this in Italy”…i do not want to have to say that…

i want it to be obvious that Burn books are physically technically aesthetically impossible to produce on demand….

so let’s see how it goes…we have done well with the only other two publications published by Burn….01 and 02…..if this works, then we will go forward with gusto into the book publishing biz….not an empire… , a specialty shop…..for artists and those who appreciate fine objects….

oh by the way, lest you think we are only building objects for those who can afford them, we will always have, just as in everything i do, a gratis element..for the the gratis spinoff of (based on a true story) we will print a newspaper tabloid version and distribute for free in Rio de Janeiro where the cariocas of every social class welcomed me and allowed me to do my work….without the genuine hospitality of my friends in Rio this book would not exist….and yes yes , there is a NatGeo version of my work coming up in the October issue of the Magazine…

as always , i thank this audience for their support….for some of you it will come back in an amazing way…



(sent while on the way to meet Antoine d’Agata in Williston , North Dakota in search of BIG OIL  …   watch our adventures on the Magnum site….Panos driving our camper….oh my oh my)


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  • Got back from the Burn 2 exhibition; it’s all ready to rock n roll at 5pm!!!! Looks really good!!! :-)

  • A few from last night. I took more movies than pics. Just got to sort how to upload them! I will start with FB! Have patience with me!

  • BURN SHOW PACKED FULL!! huge success…

    We did it! Those there and all thise not there also, because BURN IS YOU, Burn is US!

  • right here right now. . thping from eva’s iphone… in the crowded pub…david’s book is born , full moon over bondi and we are burning downunder… beers now more photos from eva, ross a d me. so proud of these guys and girls… WHAT NOT TO LOVE : )))

  • DAH: ‘Tell ’em I would write but i’ve had too many drinks’.

  • Yeah, looks like a terrific opening exhibitions in Australia! Great! Running to the newspaper kiosk to buy NG issue.
    Well Done
    PS: DAH: No sleep ’till Brooklyn… as Beastie Boys used to said… you’re with an incredibly huge momentum…

  • Congrats to you all, and I really miss being with you.
    Thank you for reporting and posting the pictures.
    It give a little bit of the feeling there. :)
    What not to love?

  • Thank you all for the reports – wish I could be there :) Congratulations David!!!

  • BIG smile!!
    Thanks for the updates..
    exactly thomas…
    what not to LOVE?

  • Some pics from tonight. sorry there aren’t any more; the battery died in my little borrowed point and shoot….

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  • And more pictures, dammit!

  • “Sold out.” Wow. I trust that was just a limited number of books brought to the show and that there are plenty left over the rest of us.

    I’ll cry myself into sleep, if not!

  • Thomas.. you gotta cry..

    just kidding.. we sold all the books we managed to get ready and shipped over here in time for the launch, which indeed was a limited number.. they just went like cold beers on a hot summer night.. also Burn02 was very much appreciated and sold well.. people really liked the Burn show and the book, Diego did an amazing work with curating both of them!

    I know Sam has pics to post, but no iPhone (WHAT??), and others will hopefully too.. the gallery space was packed full for the whole time, thanks to HeadOn for the opportunity to show the real thing, quality photography from the emerging through the top notch photographers, including David and James Nachtwey.

    Great stuff.

    This is not a blog, an online thing, a virtual world.

    THIS IS FOR REAL. For all those believing in it and busting their ass to make their dreams come true.. you’ll pardon the use of the word, but that simply is it.

    Thank you all.. and most of all, thank you David.

  • …….and in a non blog world things happen…………my work mysteriously disappeared on the day but with a bit of where in the !@#$%^&*!!! is it … mysteriously wallah it appears………. miracles happen.

  • Roberta Tavares

    First and foremost, we are all sad (and feeling lost) cause eva is leaving today in one hour. She became fundamental piece in so many aspects beating all the odds embodying each caring, generous, efficient criterions that this “operation” requires. She is the boss and the captain of this crazy circus.Thanks Eva..when even “thanks” will be never enough to retribute your parcel here.

    About the last days..
    The continuous pleasure of knowing talented professionals , interesting characters, but nothing tops the great time meeting these wonderful faces i was always curious know that happens that there is this weird instant connection you can have with someone , completely precipitated but so honest as you can recognize your tribe around. You are definitely part of my tribe and I do love “postcards of home” even more when i checked the book on my hands. Ross.. the sweet , gentlest , kindest man ever lived ..the mood and atmosphere changing just having him around and thanks Ross for your help. Imants and Linda..what a great surprise , if I admired Imants before as such powerful creative mindful authentic Im completely his fan cause besides of all those aspects, he has someone really special in the top of any brilliant choice he has made in his life ..Linda is a treasure. Kerry Payne is definitely a sister, she is family, she is part of ” how you would like to be”..she is fire and tears

    The exhibition..
    The most emotional day since we began this journey..The relief see it happens, to call ourselves crazy and see it evolving in something magnificent when we pay attention in someone opening and digesting the book. The content and concept are due to David and Bryan who put so much efforts ,passion, creative input to assure that this book would be recognized as honest, as a new direction , as confirmation of Davids boldness and truth. I keep repeating how happy I am to be part of that and believe me…if happiness could be evoked in words , could be felt as status and transcendent moment the perfect picture and definition..Im happy as Ive never been before

  • SO great to hear all the reports! and the pics!
    I am celebrating and toasting with a cold beer to you all!
    A lot of work brings a lot of success.

  • Thank you ROSS!!!!! for live coverage :)
    Glad u made it!

    ROBERTA , thank you for your words!
    Big hug to EVA!!!!

  • eduardo sepulveda

    wow eva, there is no better word sometimes!!

    e asim como a luz no coração, esperança feita alegria…

    feels just like life!

    closest biggest moon hugging, thanking and celebrating!

  • Thanks for the report, Roberta! Someday, Eva – I’m amazed at you have done. I hope to learn more in the future.

  • John never had any of the books up for sale though I do consider them as done. Have to figure out selling and bulk printing that final hurdle. Thanks for the dot………

  • Gary Winogrand interview video…

  • Thank you Ross once again :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Let me tell you this…:

    I came here cause of the pictures…and for the free spirit…
    I found a family…and some real souls…
    The journey
    The journey…yeah,MY BURNIANS…I am proud of YOU…and my vision for a Universal Family
    Became reality…
    SAMMY,IMANTS,ROSSY…AUSSIES…your time to shine…
    And because we are ONE…WE ARE ALL SHINING…

    Excuse my English…I am fighting in Grecolandia…election time…oime…

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLL…I am on the road…I will be back to hug you ALLLLLL…

    VIVA BURN…may the spirits be with ALL of US…rock on MY FREAKING BURNIANS
    What not to LOVE…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA,ROBERTA…?????? You have crossed the waters…????

    BURN LADIES…wow…BURN LADIES…don’t we all love them…?

    SAMMY…damn,SAMMY…spread the love…

    And where is KERRY and MATHEW…and my other AUSSIES…?

    Ok,enough…I am counting votes…civi sends you good energy with souvlakia, feta,garlic and ouzo…

    DANCE MY BURNIANS…I will sing later…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And don’t you dare… Not to keep a copy for your civi…

    I can be very mean…grrr

  • a civilian-mass audience

    THOMAS…chaos again…May 14th you will be back…What not to LOVE!!!

    Be ready to dance:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    And keep reporting (RENATA!) when your fingers are not lazy…miracles are happening!…hiihiii…

    You know what I mean…therefore keep reporting …we are all together…

    ROSSY…I love your pics of our BURNING LADIES…VIVAAAAA…

    EVA…safe travels…ohhh, MICHELLE don’t forget my birthday cake…hmmm:))))

    Can I sing now…I want CANDY…

    I will be back…for sure

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Oups…I am saying…

    Keep taking pics as ROSSY and EVA…blah,blah…

    Full moon makes me hyper…oi…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…there is nothing wrong to be excited…per se…therefore 100 will be mine or else…

  • Civi…

    crossed the waters, crossed them back again.. will report once back home..

    (BASED ON A TRUE STORY) show AND book rock, BURN show rocks, and what rocks most in all this is the people.. thanks everybody downunder!

  • Civi..

    your copy of the book is on me! Don’t even TRY to start to argue!!

  • congratulations to all exhibited ,,,, and many thanks to all for the reports …..cheers ….

  • Some pics.. arrived back home with my head FULL.. and my heart also..

  • Roberta Tavares

    Eva… we definitely miss you..but that you know. Dont worry that we will certainly keep making you crazy , but I assure you that everyone is just fine…for what I can tell :). A special thanks to Ross who is being crucial in the visual report attentive, so present, so necessary among us. Thanks Ross..that means a lot ..Sam again, for giving insights to this wonderful family audience and all the support and consideration. See you tomorrow morning for your presentation at the workshop (what I predict it will be incredible as his photography..But that Ross will be in charge to give you a glimpse)

    Everything is still emotional with the progress of the exposition that (based on a true story) is progressively and powerfully conquering and also the effects of the workshop s beginning. Then, we have a complex of anxiety, expectations, tense faces, the collective feeling, the individual battle against insecurities, the perseverance coming from 20 passionate enthusiastic committed students and such sense of strenght on following what is visible named as passion(just for that,not less than that and brilliantly only for that, for being here, for showing up without glimpse of what waiting for them, accepting this challenge, exhibiting their work, for being welcoming and opened to hard honest opinion and advices..that stands any Bravo, bravo bravo! I could direct to someone ) Thats a hell of a journey I surrender in total respect and admiration… For the daring commitment to improve, to evolve , to get in the point of recognizing themselves as photographers and authorship, giving more than they (thought) could offer before, reinventing, experimenting, pushing boundaries, reaching edges, leaving comfort zones and dealing with all their worst fears as creative productive minds..thats fascinating, addicting as audience, as someone who can imagine the weights of tears, smiles, of non sleeping nights…but still that isnt neither my ride ..So, they will answer for that and results will come out in this so expected presentation on Friday , where truths will come out and changes will be felt..Im appreciating the view(honored cause it is inevitable the feeling that they are already prepared..just that necessary push coming from David …the mentor inside and outside the class, the “motherfucker” to a big daddy, the guide, the releaser, the philosopher and therapist . Worthy to report the relevant role of Stephen Dupont who carries the same insightful inspirational creative genius properties of what he displays in his work. I am sincerely enchanted for the potential that the student have …the tools are on the table and Im sure they will surprise us ) That is the enthusiasm entailing this week ..that is a week that will forever matter

    ps)I am humbling asking you burnians to dare with me and my english is being a chaotic intense period and the lack of time to review and to correct my mistakes along this massive comment ..that must neglects some standards and understanding …Sorry for that , but I opted for the risky than the silence..sorry you need to pay the price while trying to make it all converted in some heartful sense of comprehension :)

    Love love love from aussie land

  • Roberta, before I got to your ps at the end, I was thinking about how dramatically your English writing skills seem to have improved since I first started reading your posts. And regardless of your level of fluency, the fact that you are a very good writer comes through the little grammatical mistakes that are progressively fewer and far betweener. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • one night in bondi… based on a true story…

    sorry for time lapse in posting…

  • Roberta, I have been writing in the English language since my first scribble of a word. I have lived off the written word in tandem with my photography and every time I write – EVERY TIME – I do so in a string of grammatical blunders, misspilins, dropped words…

    I think you have done well. I enjoy all your reports, whether from Australia, Brazil… anywhere.

  • I asked around the office and everyone says that fewer and far betweener is right. I don’t know why it sounded strange to me. Ah well, such is life, I guess. Never mind me.

  • Naw, I was just playfully mangling the language. Your office buddies are messing with you.


    we could try to answer in Portuguese, to show you how good your English is. ;)
    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • €¥#%%@&)?

    Them’s mighty big fightin’ words…

  • Thank you SAM and all for perfect coverage…smile y’all!!!

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