(based on a true story)



So I took this picture about half an hour ago. In Rio. Well, Renata is in Rio and I am at home alone in Carolina talking to a black cat. Renata is a character in my book about to go to press in Italy which was shot in Rio. My not so secret fantasy night in Rio. (based on a true story). Yes the real title. Go figure. Presses roll in 20 days. Hmmm, maybe I put this in? Blending fact and fiction all the way.

What about you? If you are a documentary photographer, ever think about fiction? In photography fiction and non-fiction tend to be done by different photographers . Writers cross all the time. My work in Rio is all “real” but real only to my immediate surroundings. For this book I did not “go anywhere” to take a picture. Wherever I happened to be, was where I was going.

There will not be one word in this book. Zero text. Almost no title. That is why I want you to read it very very carefully.



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  • Here’s a really interesting (recent) Martin Parr Q&A session. I thought it worth sharing…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    TOM HYDE…maybe,maybe…;)

    oime! AKAKY…are you for real? …are you?

    thanks ROSSY…

    Good morning MY BURNIANS…life is beautiful!!!

  • Good evening Civilian-Mass-Audience…YOU are beautiful!

  • Am I for real? Are any of us real?

    AKAKY IRL: I’m for real, bubba; I know that because I’ve got killer gas today. I’m still wondering about you.

    AKAKY: Too much information, dude.

    AKAKY IRL: Such is life, guy.

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    I have so much to say…but for now…I will say this:

    where the freak@#$%^…have you been???:)))))))))))))

    love,love,peace and photography…I love you MY LADY…and thanks for everything…

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    AKAKY…no comment…I am pissed off…

    400 yours? why? tell my why?…pisser:)))))))))))))))))))))))

    bouhaha…my arsh

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    TOM HYDE is a fun of organics chickens…!!!

    yeah,babieeee…I am in!!!

    Goodmorning from beautiful Grecolandia!

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