Here is just a quick sneak peak at what’s going on over at Rio Book. Honestly it is a rather amazing experience in all directions. This will never happen again. Anybody can see this is a one time event..Come on over and hang.

For those of you who have never been here before, what is happening over here is a $1.99 pay wall website where I am right now finishing up my work on a book, tentatively titled One Night In Rio. This follows a NatGeo assignment completed and also ready for publication.. Why the paywall? To test this model for others for one thing. Yes there is free content all over the web. Most of the content I produce is for free as well. However, some things are unique. We pay for uniqueness every day for everything. For a buck99 I think I am giving a one of a kind experience. Those who are there seem to think so as well. Is it as good as a one week shooting workshop? Probably not, but it is the very best explanation I could ever give for building rapport, working a situation and building out the essay concept. I could never really do this in class as I can here.

Anyway, check us out. We have almost two more weeks of live on the scene several updates per day.

Oh yes, the photo below is by Carla De Conti, a Harvard Univ photo student, who is shooting the behind the scenes pics as below. A lot going on. We hope to see you…

I take a late night shot of Candy trying to get the moon in the picture. Those are the kinds of things I try late night.

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  • Jeez Panos, you’ve got some catching up to do. The Repugs have done at least 20 more stupid things since that boner.

    Not complaining though. Sure is getting dead around here. It’s not usually this bad when David goes to Rio. And it’s not like he took everybody with him.

    Anyway, since nobody’s looking, here’s the rest of the walking around photos from my last card. You can tell I wasn’t in an altogether happy mood. I cracked a bone in my foot towards the beginning of the card so mostly they are either limping or driving around photos. Haven’t been doing much walking for going on a month now. I’m thinking about getting one of those carts like they have at Walmart, but I looked into it and the fastest ones only go 10 miles an hour, and most of them don’t do half that. One of my earliest memories is of a visit to my great grandmother’s. Her second husband had somehow lost both legs and he had a wheelchair outfitted with a nasty little two stroke motor that would do about 40 miles per hour. If I’m ever really disabled I’m gonna fix me up something like that and tool around Burning Man. Ah, the things we think about when going stir crazy…

  • nice series MW..
    loved the broken statue in garden and many more….

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