Shooting here in Rio is almost over. Actually I think it is over. I only have about five days left here and those days are mostly going to be taken up with organization. Yes, there is back end organization which is just as important as the front end. Since ONE NIGHT IN RIO is coming fast, I must be constantly on it. Between now and March when the printing for the book will be done, I will have to be paying close attention to many things. The basic concept, the basic flow, sequencing, final choices, is happening now. On location.

There will be a time to reflect as well, but the raw immediacy of doing it NOW is i think a good thing. For sure making prints now and having them on the wall is a very good thing. There is no way I could think about this as a book or show from just looking at pictures on a computer screen. They are too disconnected that way even if all the “good ones” are on one folder. Not the same as the tactile experience. Even the young people around me who only really know the computer experience are looking at prints on the wall as if prints were some kind of new invention. Everybody likes hard copy.

Four weeks ago I just had RIO as a working title. I knew of course, and the purpose of this last trip, that the diary approach was what would happen. The more visually literate evolution has evolved from just daily shooting, looking at the wall, thinking things over and well just bursts of energy that turn into ideas, a print goes up , moved over here, the light comes in the window just right, somebody says something that triggers something else and bam you just know hell THAT’S IT!!  the whole book, this whole two years off and on of shooting in Rio will come down to one mythical night. Will it be a complete picture of Rio? No. It is getting narrower by the minute.  It was only about a week ago that I knew it was over. Done. Finished. The book was done. I had it. For better or worse just over.

Stuff I wish I had thought of on the first day, I am just now thinking about. Why couldn’t I have come up with some very obvious things right at the beginning? Why do I have to be at the end for some things to reveal themselves? Just doesn’t seem right, but yet that is the way it is. The way it always is. At least for me.

So a cotton candy day will turn into a mysterious night. No big deal. Not much to it. Pretty simple structure/plot. Just one book. Only one look. Not definitive. But you will know what I was thinking and it will have authorship and it did get done.


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