Tiger Blood

© Stefanie Mueller from her essay in BURN 02


Who has tiger blood? Well, tigers have tiger blood. While drinking the blood of tigers and cobras and rhinos might be considered an aphrodisiac for some, it would seem to me that a bit of exercise, a good night’s sleep, a full moon, some good wine, and candle light might be a better way to go. My feeling is, leave wild animals alone. Reaching in vain for an elusive romantic notion has probably had everyone one of us make a mistake or two. Learning is of course the name of this game of life.

While I mostly feel I have so much to learn, I spend a whole lot of my time as a mentor. Not with huge quantities of knowledge. My only job as a mentor/teacher is to give those who seek it a solid dose of energy. Get ’em fired up. Make them THINK they drank some tiger blood. Drive them just a little bit crazy. Make sure they do their very best work..

If you think it, if you believe it, then you are 90% of the way to having it. Most of my mentoring I do gratis. One of my responsibilities on this planet. Self imposed and as pay back for being lucky. Some of my mentoring I do for a tuition. As altruistic as I tend to be, I too must face earning a living. I do not need much, but my workshops do have a tuition attached. Any astute person, and there are many here on Burn, can certainly over time get on Burn whatever I teach in a workshop.. for free. Send me a link and I am going to give a review, some thoughts,  and hopefully get you going on a project. Audrey Bardou, Panos Skoulidas, and Erica McDonald, all with significant essays published on Burn are just three examples of emerging photographers I mentor with no compensation expected.

Others here have guaranteed my time by taking a week long shooting workshop. In New York, in Thailand, in Mexico. Wherever. Education usually does cost. Books, college fees, etc. If most of us feel that education is one of our most valued commodities, then we should all be willing to consider education as worth the price, assuming the stuff that gets learned is worth it. I always try to make it worth it for those I mentor gratis just as much as to those who compensate.

So I think I will use this same model of give most away, and be compensated for the rest on my work now in RIO. I would like to take  this Burn audience vicariously with me to Rio. Yes as an educational exercise.  As reportage. This 4th trip to Rio in the last 2 years will finish my last chapter for my personal book.  I have already completed my National Geographic assignment.  I am taking you with me with daily updates as i  finish the book. How I how think about a book, and a fast paced walk on the wild side in RIO.

For it is this “behind the scenes” approach I am taking by presenting a subscribing audience with a real time real view of “this is how it is”. A  very personal look  at play that is work, and work that is play . A party, too much fun to be serious? The party, well , yes. But a serious effort? Absolutely. My whole reputation as a photographer will be on the line. The National Geographic piece will most likely be out in late spring of 2012 and my RIO book and exhibition opening in Sydney , Australia at around the same time.

The NatGeo piece will be one thing hopefully of great value for one demographic , and my personal book will be perhaps my very best work. We will see. I am feeling it. Deep down. Anyway the process , both  the physical and  the psychological,  will i think be educational for those who seek it here on Burn. We may also do a super limited  workshop experience. 2-3 students max. Details to follow.

Some of this will be regular programming here on Burn. Yet the deepest behind the scenes will be a daily updated subscriber section. For a month. Those who choose this option will get a serious discount on the book. I must work out the exact numbers formula , but the  one month subscription will be less than a cup of good coffee and the discount on an expensive book will be about 20%.

In other words for example  you invest 2 dollars for the WHOLE MONTH (that is like 6 cents per day)  for  daily how to do it updates …then later get say 20 dollars off the price of the book. Or 10 or 15 , depending on exactly how expensive a book i do..  The exact numbers are now in flux, but I will have it all locked down in about a week.

So you will  see what I am doing in Rio now for a nominal monthly fee, and save serious money if you want the book. A good deal for you and might just help me get the book done. OR don’t subscribe, don’t buy the book , and you will get much of it here anyway. No hard feelings. I am going anyway. This is going down no matter what. But of course I will try to make the behind the scenes so damned compelling, you will go for the subscription !!  Use your imagination.

My case in point, and my next big feature,  is to  see what is up in RIO through my daily picture/text postings and dialogue with you.  I am leaving in about two weeks for a month of free style rocking crazy serious shooting. Gonna be intense. Can you handle it?

Better drink some tiger blood first!! Smiling…




Everyone is trying to figure out ways for photographers to earn a living in the digi age. At Magnum we are working on this , as a member photographer I am doing the same. The main thing is to have original content. The model above , if it works, could be then used with many photographers. The readers in effect vote on content. In general, Burn in 2012 will have all content you will not have seen prior. We will pay for this of course. Hopefully with your donations which do keep us going already with EPF and original commissions as we did for Burn 02 with Paolo Pellegrin and Bruce Gilden. This is the model we want to use for everyone. This is our goal.

So our whole point, both with live “broadcasts” and with online and in print is original content. Seen first here. Perhaps a part of the new upcoming Magnum system of individual photographer “channels”. Stay tuned, more information later.

It is most likely to your personal advantage to give our small crew here at Burn your support. After all , we are only here to discover you. To find new work , from new photographers, and to light a candle as well to some icons who may lead the way for you. You will spend your earning on photography one way or another, and I can honestly say you will be doing yourself more good keeping the flames at Burn on blue hot level…We are photographers at Burn.  Not businessmen. Yes we need funds to keep going. Why wouldn’t we? We are not rich photographers. Burn struggles every month to survive. Mostly we want to be able to create fine objects. Fine books. Fine workshops. Give you good spirit.We want to stand for the high end of photographic pursuit and we intend to earn it.

You can easily see we have no advertising and our only sponsors are generous donors. We only owe you.

I am guessing that Burn 02 (available below) will be sold out or close to it by Christmas. I believe last year that 01 was gone by mid January. My friends at the traditional publishers of photo books tell me that Burn is rocking the boat. The few copies  of 01 we did hold back are now selling for double the original price. We did not hold back any for that reason, because this has been a total surprise. We expect 02 to be a collector item as well. Limited edition anything is always of best value.

Anyway, check us out. Hang out. All of you just being here helps us. Give us your ideas. Give us your pictures. No wait, SELL US your exclusive essay!! Photographer’s rights are my mainstay philosophy. Our whole constitution at Magnum is about photographer rights.

So  yes help out my staff with a bit of support if you possibly can. If you are a committed photographer this will come back to you in a very real way. Or if you simply enjoy looking at leading edge photography , then it will come back to you in a real way as well. Our donation button is in the right hand column. Buying 02 is another way to help all of US. Thank you.




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475 Responses to “Tiger Blood”

  • brian, it is not an app, it will just be a web page, no iphone or ipad needed.

  • Of course he is referring to the social media users and that’s where he falls. To most it is just a app something to use, not vintage, not deep and meaningful just a way of presenting a image.

  • I think you are missing his points. Just wondering, did you actually read the whole thing?

  • No I am not missing his point I just feel he starts from a false premise and is assuming too much

    Also Pete I see the following as a insult “did you actually read the whole thing?”…….. but then it does come from someone who feels that they are a cut above all that post here

  • Thanks, Bill. My brother’s cat, but is very groovy… mellow.

  • Sidney, yes, a wonderful Indian summer fall day. no pics to show you as I’m at home now, but did four wonderful portrait sessions today, three outdoors. First, an elderly couple, loving each other, second, a family, who I first photographed 22 years ago, now an update, kids grown, dad not well, maybe the last portrait of them together, third, an extended family, again, old clients that I’ve not photographed for years, mom, dad, grandma, kids, grandkids, dogs, fourth, a three generation mother,daughter,grandmother photo in the studio, hugging.
    It is a priviledge to do what I do.

  • Actually I was just asking. But it seems like I struck a nerve. Always looking to pick a fight aren’t you?

    As I said, I just thought it was interesting. The man is a graduate student in Sociology at the University of Maryland so he probably has SOME idea what he is talking about.

    But of course you are much smarter than he is…. Talk about arrogant.

  • PETE

    when i was in Tokyo a few years ago, i went to photograph some Japanese teenagers who were into the American 60’s look..or so i thought….they had the greased back hair, listening to Elvis, tight pants, rolled up sleeves , the whole bit…my feeling was that they for whatever reasons were going for an American nostalgia thing…for ME it was an American nostalgia thing…after long interviews and after trying to tell them “hey Mr. Japanese dude, i really DID have slicked back hair, i really WAS a teenager in the 60’s 70’s “…they only smiled at me…as it turns out THEY were not referring to the 60’s at all..THEY were thinking modern…NOW…they had some vague idea of a reference, but that was not it at all..for them it was a brand new thing…THEIR INVENTION….NOT A REPLAY..

    folks who are looking at photographs that look like either this or that or “look like everybody else’ pictures” are just looking at the tech aspect…”looking like” as if tech were the only factor…pictures shot with TriX and printed on Kodabromide are not necessarily great pictures any more than an iPhone shot with the Hipstamatic technique…why would they be? it is still about the picture…the Kodabromide print could be “scanned” with an iPhone and then sent out on the internet and who would know if it was Hipstamatic or the real thing..and vice versa the Hipstamtic could be put on film stock and taken back to the darkroom and printed on Kodabromide (or equivalent)…there is a lot of chatter about the tech side when always and forever the tech was just the tech..8×10, 35mm, digi full frame, digi smartphone…great pictures are rare in any medium…tech fads come and go…or tech fads stay and stay..depending on your point of view and what you are doing and why you are doing it…

    folks really do spend a lot of time worrying/focusing on/about the wrong things…always better to simply find a technique that works for you and the subject matter with which you are working and go for it…photographers have ALWAYS gone for a look…the old masters would have used Hipstamatic in a heartbeat if they had it!! photographers have ALWAYS used whatever was available…again, whatever was available…selenium toning, double printing in the enlarger, soft focus lenses…all stuff for an effect…everybody has ALWAYS had the same tools..yet only a few did something with it..that was true THEN and that is true NOW

    cheers, david

  • EVA…DQ

    listening…thanks for thinking….all being factored in …all high adventure…it will be fun to see what happens..it is not about the money…i am going to Rio anyway of course….it is just to find out if folks on the net are really interested in certain kinds of content…with so so much content free..in this case i am not selling pictures but an experience , a process..perhaps something THEY can use later to support their own work…

    all of us who are pros were not really supported by readers actually but by advertisers to a particular newspaper or magazine..the readers never really had a say in what was presented to them..they bought the brand (NY Times, NatGeo) then just took whatever was delivered..now viewers/readers get to vote on what they really want/like..they vote with their $1.99…

    as you say DQ, you prefer a free app to a 99 cent app…funny because i doubt you really quibble much over 99 cents for anything else in your life but on the net we are all used to free…two text messages for me to Europe costs me $1.00 and i just chat $10. away before i realize it..phone bill comes…i just pay it…i got nothing really for 10 bucks and yet i think twice , like you, before spending 99 cents on an app…

    well internet content cannot stay free for long…at least not the good content..will people care about good or not? some say no, they just don’t care that much…too many choices….but i think that once people actually see good or realize good, they want good….in all aspects of life..so will be the internet, or so i think…you can always cook at home after going to the market and buying your meat and vegetables one item at a time…saves money, and you create the meal exactly as you want it…or make your own music playlist after researching this and that…OR you can go to Radio Paradise and listen to an arbited choice OR you can go to a fine restaurant you trust and allow others to prepare a gourmet meal…cooking yourself is great, and going out to dinner can also be great…one does not preclude the other…hmmm, i am getting hungry doing all this writing…:)

    cheers, david

  • all hands on deck for a good vibe salute and big hug for John Gladdy….i did not realize he was going for surgery, but i do remember him mentioning poor health….i will try to reach him this morning….

    5 minutes later: cannot get John on the phone….went back through my skype chats with him and see that he clearly mentions some serious health issues…but this was just before i saw him in Paris …in Paris he seemed fine , jovial etc etc..so after Paris i figured John ok…will keep trying….anybody else here on Burn who lives in London and knows John?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PATRICIOM…I might need to contact your father for some insight tips…he has been in my shoes…
    he knows!

    IMANTS ~ PETE…a lion and a tiger…ongoing philosophical analysis…
    keep BURNING amigos

    GORDON…is back home…and don’t we all love his place?!!!

    MICHAELK…if FROSTFROG likes your “tiger”…you are doing fine!!!

    yes…a BURNING meeting in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAIK is there…a True BURNIAN
    HAIK has helped me …credit when credit is due…THANK YOU HAIK !!!

    Good morning from beautiful Grecolandia…!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Philosophy begins with wonder”

    hmmm…I am not there yet…BUT YOU ARE…


  • David..

    I mean paypal fees.. I don’t know the numbers, but I do know that if I make a money transfer, unless it’s cash on the table, it has costs attached. If not with each transaction, at the end of the day paypal will want their sip of that coffee, so, since you’re giving this ride away cheap, at least look that whatever you get is free of charges for YOU! Haik, or whoever has set up the burn-paypal thing will know.

    dq’s suggestion about different options is a good one! As already said, if you need/want help, just give a shout.

    And I’m sorry to insist, wish I was as educated as Justin, but we need to skype before you leave, please and thanks and sorry :)

  • Civi..

    It’s November.. John Gladdy said he’d have surgery in November.. I’d rather be already in December!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Well,I believe in November…November is a good month…I am sending ALL my good energy,
    and I mean ALL of it…to one of the best,Golden hearts here in BURNLAND…

    JOHNY, if you can read this…you are a fighter…and you have promised me…
    3 years ago,that you will come to your civilian’s house…
    I will wait for you…therefore,go on,finish with the “technicalities” and I will be here…

    ALL our LOVE to JOHNYG…we are HERE,whatever you need…together We Can DO IT !!!

    EVA,thank you…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and yeap,FROSTY…you have promised me a cat…yeap

  • Civi..

    yes, THAT John.. he mentioned it here on the boards, or I wouldn’t have brought it up..


    It’s not about the money.. yes, I do understand that, but at least make sure you break even, somebody must work on this baby, right? Setting up the page and all that.. you (all) cannot work for free forever, just like you say, the net can’t be all free forever..

  • No Pete no nerve just your superior wanna be attitude asking me if I read it. I just disagree with his initial premise just because he is graduate student in Sociology has nothing to do with it.
    We could go into thw same thinking and state that the clean, sterile clinical come look of your images is some sort of faux-cctv look ……….

  • John Gladdy – Whatever it is, I’m pulling for you, for whatever that is worth. DAH, if you have contact with John outside of this board, please pass my regards on, just in case he does not read this. Were it not for his encouragement, I would never have made it to your loft.

    Civi – haven’t forgotten.

    There’s a black cat sitting right here, on my desk, beside my keyboard, saying, “I’m tired of Alaska winters! Send me to Greece!”

    But I won’t let him go.

    Nope. Has to be a different cat.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    BURN is calling London…we are looking for JOHNYG…

    ok,I will be out again…I am on a mission BUT,BUT…my eyes and my soul is HERE…

    IMANTS,so many of my friends are in the Australian Embassy …we are coming over:)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Civi – haven’t forgotten”

    FROSTY…that’s all I need…

    I will be back…and remember this:

    BURN is the place to be…WHAT NOT TO LOVE!!!

  • No Civi you stay put Europe needs and wants you ……….if you come here you will be just another tourist who drank too much ouzo and had to be rescued by those tanned six pack carrying Bondi lifesavers. Then we will just put you on a boat bound for Christmas Island where you will be met with more ouzo and cigarettes and full “refugee go away” status

  • EVA

    yes, we are working on it..but since it is pretty much a brave new world, there are almost no markers..nothing to look at prior…new turf, new territory…it is all a guess..all instinct…all the stuff i have dealt with my whole career….all ok

    cheers, david

  • Eva breaking even is working for free

  • hey All. Am very touched. No worries this end. Am gearing up for a few rounds of minor heart surgery. Not valves or tubes or anything, just misfiring all over the place. A couple of electric shocks, maybe a little bit cut off it here and there and should be good as new. I have been advised that I should drink large amounts of fine cognac in preperation for this…and I am taking this advice very seriously indeed.


  • PETE,
    I do not agree to the article you posted. Just as an example, take instagram. Even if all used the same filters to apply the same look to each picture, you would notice, that beyond that every photographer focuses on different aspects of their subjects. This came very clear to me, when I started to follow david on instagram. Composition, the decisive moment, interaction with the subjects are much more important to the look of a picture than any filter one could apply to a picture.

    I hope you can read burn, or have someone telling you about what they read on burn to you. All the best to you, good recovery and healthy return to here.

  • John! :) I love the English humor! Take care.

  • Could get expensive John if they specified a cognac that befits a surgeon’s fees.

  • John..

    You better check in here once in a while, ’cause you don’t want me to be too worried about you, you really do not want that!

    Love ya, take care!

  • Ahh Imants..This is the UK. THERE ARE NO SURGEONS FEES. No medical insurance needed.

    EVA. I do, every day, have just been keeping quiet lately. And no I do not want you to worry about me….well maybe just a little bit :)
    Love ya too…..when do I get my print from texas???

  • Just like our public hospitals here unless one chooses to go private and not be in a que

  • John G, positive vibes coming your way from the North West of England.


  • Pete…

    I’m genuinely curious and I’m not poking around looking for a argument to find out why you have such difficulty in appreciaiting any photography which isn’t “straight”. I sort had the same kind of problem when I first started on RoadTrips but I’ve managed to fall in love with most styles of photography. Actually I’ve learnt to see past style and technique and recognize good work whether it’s brutal grain, heavy digital manipulation or blurry images. All I ask from the work is to moved by it and perhaps take me away somewhere new. So I just don’t understand why you have so many hangups! I’m sure you’re missing out on sooooooo much fun!! :))

  • When I mentioned $2 was a great price I naturally assumed the Burn crew had already looked into paypal charges. So as far as I’m concerned if $2 means breaking even then it’s a no, no!
    Paypal charges 2.9% + 0.30% per transaction – discount rates are available if you are a merchant. It’s free if it’s between friends.

  • @ SIDNEY:
    Thanks for your comment. I’m having fun with that kind of format! and I’ll try to finish the ongoing shepperd story next summer (I will put more images soon, need to “LightRoom” the whole bunch of my selection).
    Here is another website: http://www.panorama-gallery.com

    Will LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to do Rio in panoramic with some burnian folks.

    @ CIVI:

    How do you see a devaluation of the Euro??
    I can’t understand how IT can be so, so high compare to the US Dollar or Chinese Yuan. I think that is the way, hard at the beginning… forget about putting the money in bank accounts… buy BURN 01, 02, 03, …, 10, 11, 12,…, 99 before it disappeared. Or buy art (prints, vinyls, paintings, coins).
    Living for 25 years in Buenos Aires and knowing what a devaluation is, is nearly impossible to me to save money in a account, althought I’m living in France (rated AAA) since 2005…


    nice to finally get you on skype this morn…you are, as i remembered you, just as feisty as ever..good


    ok, well thanks…i mean we use Paypal all the time here, but i never pay any attention to those things…anyway, thanks for thinking and i will come up with the lowest possible number and still have it make sense to do it…i will also know way more our upfront operating costs after i spend some time with Haik this weekend upcoming in L.A…he is the one who will actually set up the RIO website with a subscriber section…

    your message to Pete was exactly what i have been asking since i met the man…nobody asking him to give up anything, only suggesting he look at some things from another vantage point…

  • David…

    What you’ve managed to teach me since 2007 and I’m sure many others has made my life with photography so liberating and so much more about ME and MY life.

  • PAUL

    good..that is the only point of Burn..

  • John Gladdy :))))))))
    i will send emails for all TEXAS print purchases etc…once i finish details with gallery monday night…Gallery does not move as fast as i do unfortunately…their taking their time while im in a rush to be done with it…
    so tomorrow night , tuesday morning expect email from me with details…
    (that goes also for Eva and many more )..love u all..working very hard over here..
    big hug
    we are almost done..almost there..hang on one more minute
    thank you
    feel free to email here:
    (vent or send me some love:)
    anyways, all $$ transaction will be done through paypal etc
    i will send private emails to all (buyers/sellers) etc

  • PAUL and DAH

    ” why you have such difficulty in appreciaiting any photography which isn’t “straight””

    Well that is not true and DAH should know this since one of my essays he keeps threatening to run is actually work shot on Capitol Hill with an iPhone and an app.

  • I the support area on Burn: to set up a monthly subscription I need to set up a paypal account (which I don’t really want to do) whereas to make a single donation I can just use my credit card to do so – any reason why?


  • Oh and I forgot to mention the series I am doing with the iPhone of trips my wife and I take. The plan is to make a little 6×6 blurb book every year with these images that are shot with the polaroid app. Looks cool, still just snapshots.

    A lot of people here seem to like to judge people they don’t know. I try to keep any comments to the work being presented unless I get attacked, which seems to be often here. Something I find pretty interesting since I am ALWAYS coming from the viewpoint of a working photojournalist and many times the ones doing the attacking are NOT working as a photojournalist.

    And DAVID, you go on and on about creating a style. Well here is the thing, I never went to photo j school and I only took one photo class when I was 17. Everything I know and do with a camera is from learning on my own without the influence of fine art classes or reading books about the masters. Sure I have looked through them but never really studied them.

    So why can you not just accept that THIS is my style? A style that is probably more AUTHENTICALLY mine than one which would have been influence by all the study you have done. So many times you read on BURN how a certain photographer’s work reminds someone of some other photographer’s work. Seems to me if a photographer is trying to create his own style and someone says it reminds them of another photographer’s style, then MAYBE the photography is successful, but the photographer’s quest for uniqueness has failed.

    One last point… DAVID, you said twice now, once when I showed you some work in D.C. and most recently on BURN when you said I have been doing some really nice work both with the circus and Capitol Hill.

    The interesting thing is that I have been doing all of this for years. My style has not really changed in the last 5 years. So really it seems to me that you are making this statement after a couple of years of being a critic of my work without really ever knowing what my work was comprised of.

  • Mike..

    because a monthly subscription is like when you have your bank in charge of paying your phone bill (for example), it is automatically detracted from your card.. hmm.. that’s some bad English..

    Do you use a calendar of some type? Computer, phone, good old moleskine? Just set the alarm, mark it down in red letters, monthly.. only way I can keep track of stuff :)

  • Ahhh.. what I mean, Mike, if you don’t set up a paypal account, you can make monthly donations, and to remember to do it, mark it, set alarm etc. .. I need an alarm for my braincells TO WAKE UP! :)

  • One last observation…. DAH said:

    “when i was in Tokyo a few years ago, i went to photograph some Japanese teenagers who were into the American 60′s look..or so i thought….they had the greased back hair, listening to Elvis, tight pants, rolled up sleeves , the whole bit…my feeling was that they for whatever reasons were going for an American nostalgia thing…for ME it was an American nostalgia thing…after long interviews and after trying to tell them “hey Mr. Japanese dude, i really DID have slicked back hair, i really WAS a teenager in the 60′s 70′s “…they only smiled at me…as it turns out THEY were not referring to the 60′s at all..THEY were thinking modern…NOW…they had some vague idea of a reference, but that was not it at all..for them it was a brand new thing…THEIR INVENTION….NOT A REPLAY..”

    Well in a few years when everyone gets tired of screwing around with smartphones and especially the apps, they will again start making photographs “straight” (as Paul said, but not sure what that means). They will take the time to see the light and compose and then I will be the hippest guy on the block. LOL

    And David, you can say that back when you where younger YOU WERE the photographer who did that work that the new guys seem to be emulating, but of course they will be just thinking modern….

  • I thought the article Pete recommended interesting on several levels, not least of which was the mastabatory quality of the academese. Photo-wise, however, I don’t think it’s much of a mystery. The generic hoard on Facebook use the apps because they think it makes their photographs look good. Since they are not photographers and mostly just point and shoot with no technical knowledge or sophisticated thought of light or composition, most of their photos are just not that interesting without the app. With the app, however, their points and clicks come out looking cool. And of course they all look the same. They all looked the same anyway. Center the subject. Click.

    For pros, of course, it’s a different story. Walker Evans Polaroids don’t look like my uncle Malien’s Polaroids or Trent or Tiffany app crap on Facebook. Still though, every time I see “davidalanharvey is using Instagram – a fun & quirky way to…” I’m reminded of an especially snarky put down of the X-Men movie: “And starring Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto.”

  • Pete…

    “A lot of people here seem to like to judge people they don’t know. I try to keep any comments to the work being presented unless I get attacked, which seems to be often here. Something I find pretty interesting since I am ALWAYS coming from the viewpoint of a working photojournalist and many times the ones doing the attacking are NOT working as a photojournalist.”

    Well this is a little unfair isn’t it? Considering this is a place for learning and the emerging. But I do sort of get your point but it would be a little like not letting any non-guitarist like or dislike a Led Zep solo because she or he don’t play the guitar.
    Besides half the art world in general would end up without critics…. Most theatre critics, music critics and on and on are never working artists.

  • JOHN G:

    Here’s wishing you a safe surgery and speedy recovery. I’m sure the doctors will recommend some unsavory lifestyle changes which you will promptly ignore…. (and maybe you shouldn’t but one’s life is one’s life to live).

    Thanks so much for buying the print. FYI I took my cut and put it back into buying a lovely print from Aubrey (boy with photograph). Looking forward to receiving it as well.



  • Ah, sorry for the omission above — best wishes Gladdy. You’ve got a lot of positive karma going for you.

    But as for Paul’s point about Led Zeppelin guitar solos, that’s not a good analogy at all. In the ongoing photojournalist/non photojournalist debate, the better analogy would be, using the Waltz as a stand in for photojournalism, to someone who simply doesn’t understand what a Waltz is, or even believe in the possibility of the existence of a Waltz, much less its actual existence; but who instead vociferously instead argues that all music is free form jazz, that it could only be free form jazz, and that even if there were theoretically some other kind of music, there shouldn’t be, and that anyone who thinks any different just doesn’t understand the masters of free form jazz, which is kind of redundant since there could be no other kind of masters. Or something like that.

    And since you go on so much about this, Paul, perhaps you should consider studying up on your classic PJ history and ethics. Particularly as David is one of its premier practitioners and has been for a long time. Did you ever take his advice and research the Topeka Capital Journal?

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