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December 17, 2008

who is this??


the man is a teddy bear….a family man…he would much rather talk about his teenage daughter Nina and French wife Sophie than about photography…honesty is his best policy…. you never never have to worry about what he “really thinks”…i live in Brooklyn…..but, Bruce Gilden is Brooklyn….

many think Bruce “attacks”…i do not know this for sure, but i am imagining Bruce has had a least one of his subjects “attack back”…but, Bruce and i are as much on the “same page” as anyone i know in Magnum …we surely have opposite personalities and ways of working, yet we have exactly the same “code” for life regarding fairness, transparency, and family….

Bruce is now working on a project on foreclosures in the U.S….a hardball look at one of the primary reasons for the financial collapse in America and the folks who “lost it all”…his new Magnum in Motion digs in deep and gives us a vision of a side of this country that most ignore…when Bruce went to Florida for the opening series on foreclosures, he showed us a certain kind of sympathy that i just do not recall in his previous work…

my first impression of Bruce came with his book on “Coney Island”…then “Haiti”, then “Go”….i thought Bruce harsh , but irresistibly fascinating…and funny…i can never take my eyes off of Bruce’s pictures even though i might feel a bit guilty for “intruding”, even as the viewer….if Bruce appears somewhat cynical with his work , when you know him personally , he is more “realist” than cynic….there is a difference…..the man’s work reveals a part of his personality, but not all…there is a straight up kindness in Bruce Gilden..and nobody but nobody has a better sense of humor…

please keep your eye out for Bruce’s continued work with foreclosures….anybody can smell a book in the making…

i am only hoping that i do not become one of his subjects…..

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December 15, 2008


nothing happens until it happens , but things are happening…cracking, buzzing, and yes burning bright…we will launch soonest a working model of BURN magazine (or journal or??)….the house will not be finished…we still need to  get in the wiring and plumbing and it will be a long time before all the furniture is chosen and the interior is decorated and we all feel “at home”…but, at least you will have a sense of it….and you will have a “place at the table”….

i must right now thank Anton Kusters for his tireless efforts working on design and function…the boy flew all the way from Brussels to spend four days here sleeping on my floor… the next sleeping bag was Tom Hyde and tossing and turning on the sofa was Chris Bickford…my place looked like a homeless shelter rather than a home for a  wellspring of  ideas…reminiscent of my grad school days or some version of a camping out road trip….

all i can say is that i was totally humbled by all of the hard work from Tom Hyde(flew from Seattle), Eric Espinosa  (flew from Cincinnati), Erica McDonald, Andrew Sullivan, David McGowan, and Andrew Owen from Look3..and i will never forget Kelly Lynn James who gets total credit for suggesting BURN as a title…many  thanks to all of you who wrote, phoned in, and sent constructive emails..but, it ain’t over yet….

today and tomorrow i must attend our Magnum board meeting…our winter interim gathering of the tribe…who would have ever thought i would be on any “board”, but well life has its twists…i might be able to get an interesting post out of it , but in the meantime all of you will have time to chew on this…..

oh yes, if you are in New York, we have our annual Magnum book signing at Aperture tonight…please join us…

back soonest…..


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  • Thanks Paul… more to explore… I had actually been there before, but it was good to return…

    Thodoris, I know what you mean… I will be dropping by often and I won’t be disappointed if a cat shows up every time…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Go MR.HARVEY!…twitter feed …you are not afraid to “move around”…

    “Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    hmm…I strongly believe that MR.EMERSON was talking about MR.HARVEY ..yeap

    and as MIKER says…
    Can I purr now?:))))))))))

  • Greetings all from Burnei airport, probably one of the most boring airports to be stuck!

  • ooops! a bit lagged here, Brunei not ‘Burn’ei… : )))
    i need a good shower and some sleep…………………..

  • Can anyone recommend an Ipad portfolio App?


  • Yesterday I had look through Koudelka’s recently republished “Gypsies” and I was surprised by the matt paper, it took me a couple of minutes to get used to the “look”. I’m much more accustomed to seeing a little shine in prints but I finally fell in love with it. Well I left it at the shop, I’ve got more pressing things to pay back and because the book is utterly safe in the bookshop nobody round here buys those sort of books, only dribble like “Mastering photography once and for all”.
    What I really found immensely interesting was how strong the contrast in the prints were. The blacks were real black without any detail at all, big fat blacks and film grain everywhere, marvellous!! Quite refreshing from all the farting around these days with digital trying to find detail everywhere in the blacks, highlights and techniques like HDR.

  • Paul..

    get the book, pay back later! No kidding!

  • THAT WAS 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW THE 2011 LUCIE AWARDS!!!! STAY TUNED!


    C International Photography Magazine
    Foam International Photography Magazine
    GUP (Guide to Unique Photography) Magazine
    Nueva Luz Photographic Journal

  • a civilian-mass audience

    time to shine
    DAH and ANTON
    DIEGO and ALL
    You are the vision
    you are the strong
    along with the people
    who DO believe
    that hard work can bring
    amazing results…

    I love you ALLLLLLLLLLLl

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