Magnum Portrait


A one minute movie by Chien-Chi Chang

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  • if you want to take photographs then you have to work despite others. Why all this I want to be different, I want to be history?

    why is it so “wrong” to want to be “history”? who put blame in “ysterofimia”?

    posthumous fame

    1 Greek (el)
    1.1 Etymology
    1.2 Noun

    [ ] Greek (el)

    s legacy
    general let’s reputation s legacy
    accusative a legacy s legacy
    vocative a legacy s legacy
    [ ] Etymology
    Posterity < late + reputation

    "posthumous fame" is a higher deed. It is Not Ego, it is the higher path to Service (now as far as enlightenment goes, sign in/check with Dalai Lama;)

  • it is Not very honest to pretend one should not care about reputation and/or legacy…
    it is an unfortunate assumption that “I do Art to please myself only, otherwise im a gold digger”…
    If i do a photo “exhibition”, am i an Exhibitionist?
    lol…didnt think so either;)

  • and why putting so much guilt in everything we do? why “Ego” is bad? why “democracy” in arts?????
    No Equality in Arts. No seniority either..i was here first!!!!! Art this does not count…Talent (some call it ego) does, though!

  • In other words , Art shouldnt stay hidden in drawers waiting to be discovered like a hidden treasure..Art should be for all of us, art needs to be displayed…An Artist should not feel guilty to admit hers/his higher aspirations for legacy and the need for reputation..
    Its the same as hiding/pretending you are never horny!..
    really? try it!
    Since when “horny” mean low spirited, ego fueled instinct?
    well , since jesus and mohhamed took over….long long time ago!

  • Panos…

    No democracy in quality, it just wont’t work, imo. Same basic rights to opportunity, yes, but that’s it..

  • i wish there was some democracy in FASHION too…coz i wanna be a model

  • and i’d love some “democracy” in music too…Why Billie Holiday? why Amy Winehouse? why not ME???

  • Bob Dylan paradox:

    “Bob always wanted to be Famous, leave a legacy and reputation and he DID”…does this (his EGO) makes his work any less????

    Kurt Cobain paradox:
    “Kurt never wanted to be famous (im sure Charles that knows more on this matter would agree), but he “failed”..In fact he became not only “just famous”, but an icon for a whole generation…does this diminishes his work? does that make his music any better? Does the fact of Kurt being way less “selfish” than Dylan or ELVIS makes him a better/bigger/more real artist?

  • Eva exactly…
    Equal opportunities (to access) for ALL…
    may the most “intriguing” work survive…

    Im always fascinated with people do not understand the nature of motivation…
    We call it “MY home”, we call her “MY wife” , “MY checking account”, “MY new car”, “MY dog”, “MY beautiful daughter”…but when it comes to arts we have to be selfless and democratic ego-assassins..
    Isn’t it an Ego – crime against all other human beings when we choose our next lover and stay committed?
    Why not being self less and democratic and share love with all human beings…
    Ahhhh , why NOT democracy in LOVE??????????????
    why do i discriminate all men? why am i not democratic enough? why do i only choose women for lovers?
    what is wrong with my EGO?


    (although the Magnum guy -click above- here looks pretty intense and a bit “selfish”, does this makes his work any less?)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…what are you smoking?:)))
    (to be perceived as a joke)

    who is going…Italy?
    July 24 – 30, 2011, Val di Chiana, Italy
    David Alan Harvey On the Road

    let me know…cause I don’t travel light

  • Civi…

    Not me.. going that is, just trying to STAY!

  • Yea, but note that history almost always proves that members of excluded groups (women, blacks, italians, greeks, whaaa-t-evah) are capable of producing at just as high a level as any other group of humans once they are given equal opportunity. Speaking in general of course…

  • Why Billie Holiday? why Amy Winehouse? why not ME???

    They’re better looking than you are, dude.

  • other than that, there is no reason to take Magnum seriously… :)

    Absolutely true. Who would ever take a group named after a brand of condoms seriously in the first place?

  • They’re better looking than you are, dude.
    Amy Winehouse? really?

    … about Keith Richards? do i have a chance there?

  • how about Keith Richards? do i have a chance there?

    You and Otzi the Iceman both have chances there, guy.


    speaking of MAGNUM, i want to THANK in public, photographer ALEC SOTH for sending me this THANK YOU POSTCARD (click above, 2 photos/sides of POSTCARD) From the recent RV Magnum Road trip!
    (i received it about 10 minutes ago, but i need to mention that this is the second Postcard i get from Soth ..and also big thank you to and from JIM GOLDBERG for his POSTCARD that sent a month ago!)

    Let’s see when the second part of the trip starts!!!!!???

  • Panos, cool postcard!

    And yes, Magnum PI did do serious work. He was even able to procure a patron (Robin Masters) that allowed him the use of a Ferrari and residence in a Hawaiian mansion :-)

  • my personal experience from the recent POSTCARDS of America Magnum RV/ Road Trip project from SA to Cali etc…
    very intense experience..spending a whole day assisting Goldberg or Paolo or Soth can be very exhausting but rewarding…Jared assisted Michel Subotzky in Cali, im sure he can also verify, same as Nick that followed Paolo in El Paso, or Kim that assisted Jim Goldberg in his “veterans” story atc or Xavier driving Susan Meiselas around..
    Its a community with bunch of creative , “crazy” , fun people ..
    i dont know much more really…
    My only friend is DAH and i started a friendship with Nikos Economopoulos in greece too..very nice kids/guys/people et all… none of the above ever looked at me down..none told me that im nobody coz im not in magnum, nobody told me that i should or i should not be in magnum or anywhere.. but most agreed that its good to check, learn history, respect my peers, do not immitate nor follow, bring something new to the table and also do not rush and take your time and relax and have fun..
    therefore , ladies and gents i think that magnum is a bunch of cool individuals that , geez..what would we do without them? without Frida? without Kurt? without Dali? without AKAKY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    life would be boring … who likes life without ART?

    and according to Nietzsche : “Art is the Proper Task of Life”


    yes yes im a POSTCARD / MAGNUM collector…but i worked hard for each card…he he..
    please sorry for bragging but see all my RECENT adds in my collection…

    lets start with a Paolo Pellegrin headshot of a “shithead” (my twin brother Spyros) here and as you click on next pictures u will find a surprise
    (two BURN.02 POSTCARDS )

  • “yes yes im a POSTCARD / MAGNUM collector…but i worked hard for each card…”

    Panos, if you make available your mailing address i’ll shoot you a couple of my postcards
    Nothing to do with Magnum but,at least, you won’t have to work for them !


  • For people tied to endless repetitive work and a daily ‘struggle’ for survival, or those stuck in the drudgery of the mundane an icon a hero represents an escape from the dreariness of everyday life. Of course it isn’t a real escape, merely a symbol…

  • Mark, i sent u an email with address!!!!!!!

    YES…I wish every Burnian could SEND ME A CARD!
    why dont we all exchange postcards????????????

  • a civilian-mass audience

    speaking of postcards…I received the coolest cards from AUDREY
    check them out:
    scroll little …
    she is MAGNUM…a silent one!

    oime…postcards exchange???…hmmm…oime…
    I have to think fast…
    I am sweating…and you don’t want me to sweat…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…you made me stay:)))))))))))))))))))

  • Civi…first time i agree with u..
    Audrey is Dope!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    who like life…without AKAKY?…

    I will second civilian!!!

  • My son and I whilst walking to his private lessons were stopped by a lovely intense young woman. She’s told us Jesus is coming back very, very soon…
    As you can all imagine I’ve got enough on my hands with my Magnum icon adoring…
    So if anyone is interested in assisting Jesus in his latest roadtrip just be patient, he’s on his way back…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    damnit…if I could only write…the way I think:)))))))))))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    first time I am gobsmacked…

  • Jesus is coming? again? geez,,,time put my cigarette of in the nearest ashtray and quit smoking asap!

  • “She’s told us Jesus is coming back very, very soon…”

    …..and only 167 shopping days until Christmas !

  • very soon at your nearest church!

  • ” why dont we all exchange postcards???????????? ”

    Sure. Send me the one you got from Soth and I’ll send you the one I got from my aunt :)

  • Maybe we can get Burn to publish the new bible…if Akaky writes this version it will be the first bible i’ll ever read. Bob can do the extended version :)
    It will be a bestseller!! The EPF prize will be a million dollars!!!!!

  • Paul, i know u kiddin and all dat;)
    but but, burn is no cult…no bible…bible gives me the creeps..same as manifestos….;)

  • As it’s a Burn published book we’ll need images for the new Bible…
    May I suggest Panos and D’Agata :)

  • the time Burn gets “serious”, thats the day we need to “destroy” Burn!

  • “i dont fast but i eat fast”

    american proverb

  • Panos…
    Yes kidding!!!!
    Never read the bible in my life and don’t plan to either…it also gives me the creeps the whole subject.
    There is no need to believe in Christ or read the bible or go to church to be a nice person…

  • true, nobody can enforce kindness .. fear never made the crowd “better”…but but..fear keeps the crowd relaxed/together so we all “obey”…
    funny thing about christianity is confession…u can kill your mother but if u remember to confess the last minute, u good to go!(of course – especially the catholics accept all payments/cash/stocks/all major credit cards etc-even travelers checks)

  • But if anyone wants to read the bible, or go to church or whatever that is fine with me as well.

  • Paul.. there IS a good reason to read it, to know what you’re talking about, and to know the difference of what’s written and of what we’re told…

    Panos… “the time Burn gets “serious”, thats the day we need to “destroy” Burn!” .. agree!

  • Organized Religion is a web, very smartly built around fear and with guilt as ultimate weapon became the most profitable business through the centuries..tons of cash to be made from offerings from the poor, the sick, the desperate…”coolest” thing about this business is that anyone can start it and no inventory/ investment needed…u open a coffee shop u need to buy a refrigerator etc…start a church , u need a few chairs and a microphone…

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