Magnum Portrait


A one minute movie by Chien-Chi Chang

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  • Dude, you sit around all day combing through these comments just looking for ways to insult people. I know you think it’s clever, and often it actually is, but it comes across as extreme self-loathing.

  • Prints, darkroom not printer, glued on sheets held together with paper tape, folding like a harmonica, captions handwritten and signed by as much people as possible futured in the photographs.. that is what I’m going to do, taking pics since 2006..

  • Pete
    Glad you’re having a good time with the x100. Good stuff.
    Mine has rarely left my side since I got it. It is changing how I photograph.

  • “well at least you’re not coming here in the middle of August with 40+ temperatures and regular power cutouts because some morons stacked a hundred containers with confiscated explosives next to the biggest power plant on the island”

    Thodoris, I’m sorry, I know that being without power in the middle of a Mediterranean summer must be absolutely miserable for you and everyone else there, but I have to tell you, the above is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a very long time.

  • “Mine has rarely left my side since I got it. It is changing how I photograph.”
    The same here, of course I’m talking about my crutch :)

  • Akaky, I know… if only this was a cartoon… one of roadrunner’s schemes gone wrong… but 12 people got killed in the blast (could have been WAY worse if it hadn’t happen at 5 in the morning…) and the damages to the newly constructed (!) power plant are estimated to 2B Euro—which could very well lead Cyprus’ economy into the hands (claws really…) of the IMF and the World Bank, a prospective that could make the current annoyance of power cutouts a fond memory of the “good old days”…

  • No need to sit around all day to make a short note on your stupid comments like “Dude, you sit around all day combing through these comments …” only insulted you after you decided swearing at me was your best tactic……….was your last comment another joke?

  • Ross, ” that probably applies to every art endeavour” yes, absolutely, my point is that when looking at the retrospective book or exhibition it is easy to think that photography is easy; forgetting the years of hard work that produced the work you are admiring. You know what I mean.

    “You are an “essay”…just by yourself! Civi, a ramble, maybe: love you too.

    John G, Speaker’s Corner; looking forward to seeing the essay here.


    Email me if you wish with your observations about the camera. I am curious how others think as well.

    So far I am giving the image quality an A, interface a C. Still thinking about the usability but I think as long as I don’t expect it to behave like a high end DSLR, it is great.

  • Thodoris, most of life’s problems would be easier to deal with if it were all a cartoon, unfortunately.

  • Akaky, I’ve given free copies of my book to anyone who’s offered the tiniest bit of support along the way… how is it fair that you, who sent me some of the best pieces of text don’t have one? You’re one of the smartest guys I know… please think of a way I can send you one… maybe at your god-awful place of work, addressed “care of John Smith”?)

  • Seriously dude. Why do you sit around all day looking to launch personal attacks in a comments section on the internet? I don’t entirely mean that as a rhetorical question. Have you ever actually examined yourself, asked yourself why you act that way? I know, I know, your answer is always that I am — or whatever billy goat passes over the bridge is — a failure, a joke, a dishonest person without merit of any sort and rife with bad intentions. But try… try to step outside your torture chamber and contemplate the liklihood that you are really projecting your own insecurities onto others. Deep down, or probably not so deep, you consider yourself a failure, a joke, a dishonest person rife with bad intentions, but you are unable to face it, so you direct your scorn outside. Well, I suggest you face it. Then perhaps you can begin to like and respect yourself and stop launching so many personal attacks on others. You’d be glad you did.

  • “All cruelty springs from weakness.” ~ Seneca The Younger

  • Mike; Yip I know what you mean. :-) That’s why I like listening to those old demos that often get released on re-issued albums; it’s interesting listening to the development/transformations. Cheers :-)

  • mw another anonymous blogger who makes all these assumptions about others as if he knows them first hand. You know jackshit about me and just make up stuff on the and then retract it later by calling it humour. Laughing at your feeble cat calls

  • Mw wasn’t it you who did the swearing all I did was respond to it……..

  • mw what I love is you have a go at someone for being what you consider nasty and then launch into a verbal attack……… sounds pretty stupid to me

  • maybe just maybe mw you should use your real name on the wwwdot world

  • Yea I better stop responding as mw is really a 14 year old kid having a lend of me because someone closed mw’s facebook account.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok…reporting from grecolandia…

    I lost 2 chickens,some of the best…oime…
    can I blame the IMF ?…
    I will blame IMANTS and MW…instead…
    cause I got distracted…:)))

    ok,mates…you don’t want me to get angry …do you?
    therefore, I suggest to bring some wine on the BURN table
    and let go of the rest…

    P.S…and when you will come to visit your greek home…rest assured,you are not gonna share the same room…VIVAAAAAAAA…we love you mates!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I know,I know…civi does the blah,blah,blah…again…

    ok…I will not submit …
    or maybe not?
    shall I bring “the Mass Audience” self-portrait… on the BURN table?

  • Civi.. yes please :)

  • Civi.. yes please :)



    double YES (for the Portrait submission)


    if you don’t submit your portrait, I shall never write again!

    (feel the pressure!) :)))

    (ok, ok, threats are usually empty/taken back)…but you get the picture!

  • i meant MY threats are usually empty/taken back ;))))..but i would still love to see a BURN02 with a Civilian mass audience image in it!!!…plzzzz!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…I was just got distracted by the mates above…
    oime…what was I thinking ?
    oime…always read proof…
    oime…can someone save me by the bell?…
    oime…I feel the pressure
    and it’s HOT
    and BURNING

    EVA,MIKER,BOBBY…I will try BUT…I have to find a camera first…hiiii…lol:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I DID IT…

    YES,YES,YES…I submit…cause I love me BUT I love you too:)))))))))))))))))

    ouzo on me…!!!

    P.S EVA…August is here…I will be back home soon

  • Thodoris, how do you know I don’t have one? ;-)

  • Akaky, you are pulling my leg, right? with the exception of a few local bookshops who carry my book (none of which is marketing their titles internationally, as far as I know), I’m still the sole distributor… so, unless David gave you one of his, I don’t see how you could have one without me knowing…

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • Cue the creepy music now….

  • WHAT? She’s been dead for ten years?!?
    Nah, you’re bluffing man… if you had a copy, you’d have mention something before…

    Michael, I see your Twilight and raise you a Tales ;^)

    ‘night guys…

  • Oooh! Excellent, Thodoris! Well played.

  • CIVI… on top of a mountain, tirreanean sea(???) to the left, ionian sea to the right.. flies, grasshoppers and tons of cow poo all around.. need something?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    where the heck are you? can you see me ?

    I am across…I just killed a fly…wow…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…maybe a leg of lamb…or a cow…I am on diet:)

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