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Burn editors Diego Orlando, DAH, and Anton Kusters on beach Carolina - photograph by Bryan Harvey

sorry i have not been around here for comments etc…nevertheless i HAVE been doing all things Burn …both at LOOK3 and now at my home…the whole Burn staff and a few crashers and hangers-on did manage to get to my house after the three day non-stop marathon that was LOOK3…Burn  officially started off the final day of Look  with the slideshow leading to the announcement about Irina being our new EPF recipient…i am so proud of all of the jury for selecting Irina…thanks Maggie Steber, Narelle Autio, Trent Parke and Barbara Stauss…these jurors added  to our repertoire of photojournalists like Davide and Sean winning our award but also more conceptual artists like Alejandro and Irina as recipients as well……Burn 02 coming soonest and the reason for the meeting at my home,  the book is going to rock it bigtime…we will launch with a special Burn slideshow in the arena at Perpignan this year…an honest too cool European opening of Burn.

anyway, i cannot stay long now, but i just wanted you to know that yes i am having fun and still working all the time to make this an educational hangout for all of you…Anton just left for the airport…next story up will be his Yakuza book official announcement…after all Anton is a former student and Burn colleague who listened and then went and did it with his own special talents…so damn right i will help to sell his book on Burn prior to Burn 02….later i will also do my own RIO, but in early 2012 with a free tabloid for all of you and a book for sale if you choose…all books and printed objects of any kind coming from Burn will be built around their limited edition appeal…Burn 01 has already proven this…as will Anton’s book, and 02,  and maybe maybe YOUR BOOK….yes, we will be looking all around the town…for things that will make sense…for things that just MUST be published…Diego is your go to book guy. Bryan, who shot the short film for our upcoming book JOOK is going to be selecting a few new short videos for our attention…we want to start featuring more short films…

anyway, this is the conversation on my front porch…as you all know by now if i am anywhere near you, everyone is always invited into the discussion…we plan to do Burn meetings in Warsaw, Rome, Bangkok, etc. meet more of you, to look at your portfolios, to consider your work for Burn. we will have to charge something for this but just enough so we can get to you…plane tickets, meeting space, etc., etc…anyway, we can all figure this out….we are thinking of more ways for all of you to participate, starting with a call for self portraits…yes, just like i did for Road Trips…only this time for possible but not guaranteed use in Burn 02…as a portfolio of a hundred or ten…we would have to see…not silly gratuitous gimmicky use of self portraiture, but something totally sophisticated yet edgy…yes, looking nice for 02…anyway, we are working it all out…fun stuff…creative stuff…education stuff…only things we like and care about…figuring we are pretty much on the same page with whomever is here…no pandering to an audience who will never like the way we think but assuming a nice connection with a significant number of like minded folks who just appreciate the visual image…and with photography as a way of living life….hard to knock the combo…

ok nuff said…

Mike Courvoisier, Diego Orlando, Maya Joseph Goteiner, Michelle Madden Smith and Bryan Harvey

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  • DAVID,

    Your front porch seems to be quite busy…. So refreshing to see all of you hanging together… Sky looks great, light is superb, good company, family near by…. what more to ask for…. thanks for sharing with us a bit of these special moments…. photography as a way of living life…. need to think about that….



  • marcin luczkowski

    Burn meeting in Warsaw? When?

  • Yeah, photography as a way of living life…!

    Hope everybody is well out there! Hug, D.
    PS: Anton, man, that’s what I call a tattoo! ;-)

  • sweet….especially the smile and the sand and the surf and….the light!….:)))))….next time, i want in (the beach house)! ;))))))))))))

    anton: love the ink!

    david/diego/anton: sent u some teaser self-portraits….tough week with family/friend in florida…off for a few days….

    will be in Foley Beach in August (end)…if y’all are in town, i may drive up for a day…


    hugs around

  • Yes, that’s it…”photography as way of living life” or as I always say…


    HOW CAN I GET A BURN T-SHIRT FOR MARINA???? (and me of course)….she leaves for her Fellowship Residency with Mikhailov in 2 weeks…if we can get her a t-shirt, i can have her do some lovely PR :)))…she is taking BURN01 to show her students (she’s giving an artist talk) and show to Mikhailov….any chance i can get one, or how??….

    gotta run


  • tattoo? where? i didnt see any tattoos anywhere? hmmm…

  • ohhh ..that tattoo…hmmm (i did see it ,but i thought it was just photoshop or something…:)
    thats a full body knight armor, not a tattoo…
    A tattoo is a scar, this tattoo her is more the Mona Lisa , in “upset” kinda “wild” mode…
    good afternoon y’all from the beautiful United States of America!!!

  • “Here”, sorry , not her;) misspelled it:(

  • And, as a pleasurable counter-point to Panos’ sad (but important to be shared) link –


    Man, looking at all the Look3 photos, I just wish I’d been there. Wendy started it earlier, with the soundtrack I was grooving along imagining the fun! I am so psyched for Paris now, this is going to be AMAZING!

  • Brother Bob,

    Michelle was the keeper of the grey Burn t-shirts – I think there were a few left, but not sure….

  • I think you should do a “Burn” in Barrow, in January. I will attend.

  • Think Tank…i love it! the Burn tee’s aren’t bad either…limited and collectable I hope.

    Burn on Burnians…I can feel the salty air, and smell the fresh lime, Coronas!

    Much respect – Jeremy

  • questions:

    how to acquire a burn camera bag??


    this call for self-portraits – not being familiar with Road Trips, is this an email submission to DAH or to burn?

  • How about we honour this year’s EPF with a “Back To The Future” theme self-portrait submission? (I’ll do my Grade One red sweater portrait – if David does his – but I don’t know where I’ll get the pine-panelling wallpaper…or the polyester turquoise faux-chenille sofa!)


  • Anton, the ink on your back looks almost as good as the ink in your book.

  • this call for self-portraits
    who? what? where? when?…that was back to 2008 i think

  • BOB,

    the burnstore to buy the burn tees is here:


  • Love the photos.

    Also love all the photos of Look 3 posted, although didn’t notice any Burn bags.

    I’m afraid I’m not much into edgy or sophisticated. Silly I can do.

  • ALL

    Well, I may be home from LOOK3 but my feet aren’t touching the ground yet. What an amazing 3 days…4 for me as I arrived a day early to see the exhibits. I encourage all you Burnians around the world to start saving for LOOK3 2012 — IT REALLY IS WORTH IT!!!

    I just gathered and posted some of my photos here:

    Not too much in the way of documenting the people or the event as I was trying out what I’d learned in DAH’s fabulous Low Light/High Mind workshop. As a self-taught photog I had only a nodding acquaintance with shutter speeds. But after a few hours with DAH I am now playing with SS all the time. So cool! It’s never too late to learn ;=)

    Just want to give a special shout-out to my new and old in-person Burn friends Wendy, Gina, Anton, Panos, Hillary, Kurt, DAH, Andrew, Erica and her husband Spencer, Michael C, Kerry, Scott, Diego, Cori, Mike Y, Linda O, Bryan, Michelle, Paul, David McG, Doug, Marie, Dave K, Anna Maria, Johnny, Richard and all those whom I may have forgotten (my apologies).

    Bought Anton’s book and it is SPECTACULAR!!! And Kurt Lengfield gave me a copy of his book “MoJo” which features his wonderful iPhone pics from the Mississippi Delta workshop. Thanks so much, Kurt. I love it! I had ordered Sam Harris’ book “Postcards From Home” and it was waiting for me when I returned home. What a treasure! We had seen his work here on Burn but there’s nothing like seeing photos in print, especially stunning photos like Sam’s.

    We have so much talent here. What a great community to be part of. Thank you, David and Anton, and all the others who keep Burn alive and thriving. Such an adventure…


  • Happy time on the beach :D

  • Patricia – I was glad to see you on the Panos gallery. I don’t know if you saw the comment I left on revelations, but I wanted to thank you for the comment you left on Lens. I appreciated that. Now I will look at your LOOK3 gallery.

  • @ ALL:
    This posted made my day!
    BURN is International but for real, not in the e-world. Meeting in Perpignan (I’ll be there for sure), Rome, Warsaw, Paris, Bangkok, etc, etc…
    BURN is touchable, with Burn 02 coming, Anton’s book and meetings everywhere…

    OK, got my panoramic selfportrait waiting for submission.

    Abrazo a la gran familia


  • Oops: is POST and no POSTED (erratum)

    and yes, that’s a T-A-T-O-O !!!
    and yes that’s a P-I-C-T-U-R-E !!! meanwhile the japanese tiger is looking at the italian editor… the master is smiling behind.

    Thomas, Viele danke for the link to the t-shirt store, get mine :-)

    Beautiful morning here with 30Celsius (don’t know how many Fahrenheit, here we have the metric system).


  • David…Hope we might be able to chat sometime over Skype. Have a book project I’d like to talk to you about. Unless you are planning a Beijing leg to your Burn meetings?!

    All…Wish I could have been there at Look3. 2008 (my last, and only, time there) seems like an age ago. Next year maybe!


    i am aware we need a skype session…try me tomorrow morning early my time (est)…i am up very early…


    it was amazing to see you in such a high energy mode at Look…not that i have ever not seen you in high energy mode, but well you are simply indefatigable …and with a youthful enthusiasm that catches others…a gift my friend, a gift…


    silly can be edgy….nice portrait in the mirror, does not seem silly actually, and i am wondering how you like your Fuji…i may have left the wrong impression Gordon…what i wanted to say in my post , which was actually originally written as a comment here, was that even though i really wanted the audience participation in this 02 edition, i really want these self portraits to be on the same level as the rest of the book….so that in five years ten years you will still hold this book with pride…remember, and all of us forget this it seems, is that this whole magazine comes from this audience…i am well aware that i could have more readers if i simply went a bit more mainstream….but i am not here to create a popular magazine..why would i do that? i work for popular magazines..and i know the editorial drill to stay popular..i want nothing to do with that mentality…it is not bad, it is intended to sell magazines…i want an audience, but i want the audience that naturally falls my way…i think you know i just want this self portrait section to be really nice..that’s all..and yes yes of course we also need to sell 02 but we will remain clean and free of advertising so that those of us who produce 02 can make straight editorial decisions simply based on our tastes and not what an advertiser might prefer…not realistic? ever hear me sound realistic? smiling…

    by the way Gordon , you may remember we did a self portrait deal for Road Trips a few years ago…it was terrific…some great great work in there for sure…i will expect the same this time around…

    cheers, david

  • MARCIN..

    we will be counting on you to help us think about that one…next spring? maybe this fall….we will need a space that is convenient where we can set up a projector and screen…just a room that will hold maybe 50 people…anyway, we can skype about this…the only way it make sense is if i make a stop in Warsaw in connection with something else i am doing in Europe..but we can figure this out…


    i think you know i already did my january in Barrow…one was enough…on the other hand, in some really twisted way it would really be good…but for sure it would be a meeting of thee and me only…i think the others here would prefer something a bit closer to the banana belt in Juneau


    we must come up with a deadline and a structure for submitting self portraits….this week….we have to tweak out the Burn bag a bit…will let you know soonest how to get your hands on one…

  • A BURN front porch think tank – to be extended internationally?
    What not to love!! :)

  • regarding selfportraits .. I have one, or so …
    when I had to do a biometrical passport picture:

    an anonymous…

    or the one I still like, even after three years

  • DAH it would be kool to see BURN participating @

  • Burn(Organic)Think Tank Toronto…?!?! Hosted by Bob and Marina Black…:)

    Any chance seeing the EPF semi-finalist list before we dive into the next contest?

  • MARC…

    this list will be published here within minutes….attached to story on recipient..congrats , you are one of them!!


    hang on to your self portraits until we have a proper place to send them..and here is not the place..lost for sure here

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I had a dream …almost three years ago…and oime…
    my dream is coming through true…

    damnit…BURN is like Anton’s tattoo…(PANOS,you are over the limit:))))

    I told you …even the e-sky is not enough for all our energy…
    revolution-evolution…yes,LASSAL…What not to love!!!

    P.S…hmm…I don’t do self-portraits…am I out?:)))

  • does my self-portrait have to be of me? or can I use somebody else?

  • Thomas, Love your passport pictures. Now that’s sophisticated and edgy!

    Yes, I understand what you are saying. Glad you liked the mirror portrait of Martha and I, I like it too. It was a silly playful moment. I joined burn after road trips, but will wade back through the archive to see if I can find the self portraits.

    You asked about the Fuji. I love using this camera. There are some frustrating quirks which require a learning curve. Fuji has promised a firmware update in the near future to deal with some of the issues. The frustration recedes after a few weeks and it is a sheer joy. The viewfinder is wonderful. I bought it primarily because of the optical viewfinder, but you can instantly switch to the excellent evf which I find myself using much more than I thought I would, or of course you can use the screen on the back of the camera like any other compact. My only frustration with the viewfinder is that the distracting distance scale cannot be turned off in manual focus mode.

    The image quality is simply the best I’ve ever experienced. The jpgs straight from the camera are amazing. Almost all of the photos in my x100 gallery are jpgs from the camera. You can see these files full size by clicking “original” underneath the photo. I’m generally a RAW shooter, and still shoot RAW plus jpg with the fuji, but I find myself seldom going to the RAW file. Other users on x100 forums are reporting the same experience and are becoming jpeggers.

    I suspect you would enjoy using this camera if you spent some time with it.


  • If you’re interested, I could help with organizing a Burn meeting here in Cyprus as well… space, projector, etc…

  • Laughing… Panos and his RoadTrip self portrait :)

  • Akaky,yes u can u shoot someone else for your self portrait as long as it’s you in the photo…;)

  • Probably most of us have someone (or sometwo or so) who got them go ‘a-ha’.. I know I do.. found reading these interesting:

  • Eva…

    Thanks for the link. :)

  • Sorry all.. won’t be around much.. gotta go and build a new shelf.. with a BURN board or two.. :)

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