part of our little Burn magazine team met tonight over Pizza Hut delivery…thin and crispy Supreme is the suburban delivery of Coke, only Pepsi..hmmm, now where was i…oh yes, revelations…not necessarily things which can really come true, but well you all know how it is..i start this way, and then try to make it happen…so, revelation now, attempt/work on it to begin immediately…no time to mess around…

FIRST, we think we will try the obvious…keep EPF as is…no change…our Oscars…grumbling is part of it…the nature of it…

however, we will start with a grant of equal size a readers choice for the recipient…all of you literally vote for say one out of 15 finalists for example and for say another 15k ..nothing to do with EPF……at another time of the fall…the Peoples Choice Award for Burn may not carry the weight of the EPF , but it will satisfy the desire of readers to play in the game….and real financing for some lucky recipient who won the hearts and minds of the people…power!

SECOND, a Burn branded camera bag has been born (anyone surprised?)…we will announce at Look 3

THIRD, RIO, yes my RIO will be a super over sized tabloid to all of to everyone…maybe postage only ..we will see…but an unbound tabloid on high quality paper that you can take apart and hang a spread/picture on the wall…i will look for a sponsor so i can give it away to you folks……will also be a real book too for sale, but the free tabloid will be a collector item itself no matter how many we print….

this will happen AFTER Rio makes its debut in NatGeo of course …one thing at a time por favor…we are talking early 2012 i think….the tabloid will be the “directors cut” …all stuff that could not be published in NatGeo and the totally behind the scenes rip it up….what you think?

there is a fourth thing, but i will save that for tomorrow…well hell, i cannot give it ALL away right away…

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  • a civilian-mass audience


    I request the help of an academian to write ….what i can’t express with words.
    for now…just THANK YOU MR.HARVEY and BURN CREW …I just freezed..

  • Two! I want two bags!!! Haha…. no, seriously. TWO! No matter the cost. I know it’s been vetted beyond belief, so let’s see the mutha!

  • amazing plans! hope they all come to fruition :)

    love the idea of the tabloid, can’t wait to see it. also hope to see the “you made me leave” book very soon, somehow very excited about that concept. any idea when it might become a reality?

    oh and bags… hmmm as i look around my room I count 9 bags… do I need another one? hmm if it says Burn, I guess so haha…


    now YOU are a true bag man! you do not give a damn about the possibility of 15k, but do want to order up two bags….ka-ching!

  • wow…
    BuRNING down the house!!!!!!!!!!
    it just keeps growing…..
    like your weeds……
    thanks all….

  • One bag’s enough for me Dave , what are we talking , bike courier stylie with some Billingham inspired leather and brass?

  • bags? camera bags? i never knew u can design that…never crossed my mind… now thats a SERIOUS surprise…

  • kool revelations :-)

  • Don’t know why I find the phrase, “Panos on Revelations” in the recent comments menu funny

    Guess that job with the Vatican is still on the table!

  • David…

    This is serendipity! My wife at lunch yeterday at lunchtime was once arguing/complaining/pulling my leg on why I own so many bags…it’s the usual story people do not understand the quests for a perfect camera bag, they’ve all got some stupid fault. My domke can’t take an A4 folder with mu injury scans, i hate the lowe pro they scream photographer, and I could go on and on.
    So my wife said,
    ”you’ve got too many something has to go.”
    ”Too many! Haven’t you seen David The Zen Bag Master video he’s got a garage devoted to his bags!”
    “Well ask him to sell you one of his, there must be be one he’s tried which could suit you perfectly and then we chuck all the others out OK”

  • btw..i love and respect the Chinese government , North Korean and Thailand too…
    what not to love!!!!

  • and i hate the freaky greeks…bringing democracy..democracy?????? wtf is that!
    we need a king and a queen…
    as Sex Pistols used to preach: Long live the Queen, she aint no human being…
    just joking folks..
    and yes, im proud to be an American!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DEMO-CRAZY …oime!

    and I am proud to be a BURNIAN…cause once a BURNIAN…always a BURNIAN !!!

    I am on the streets and I need to travel light…
    how big is the bag? does the BURN poster and my ouzo fit?

    P.S …I,love the darker side of BURN…I can see now…

  • Amazing, what a development. I even don’t know what I should be more happy about. (I’m still happy you stay with burn)
    Really looking forward. Man, I wished I could be at Look3, hope to see you again in summer in Italy.
    DAH, you know how to set expectations … and what is the fourth thing?

    For the bags – I am sure we need a distribution point in Europe to make them affordable here, too …
    (I’d buy one anyway at least, for sure)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    two more questions…before I go…
    What is MR.HARVEY photographing…?
    and is he holding an M10?:)?

    well,since I don’t know what is outside…I LOVE the inside…

    your glowing warmth…priceless

  • marcin luczkowski


  • DAH…

    Rio, super sized tabloid – too cool!

    People’s choice award – wonderful – all inclusive. it’s fantastic how much burn is giving to the photo community, now lets see how much debate will come as to voting methods… all good i suppose.

    thanks for staying on-board, we needz ya!

  • Big hug, David; I don’t know if it is the weeding as Wendy suggests or the high-cadence cycling, but there is energy in and energy out with you lately!

    This tabloid idea is great, and a first volume freebie sits well. As is the (intelligent) people’s choice award. I love the camera bag too, and would be a proud owner for sure. For the record I’m sick and tired of the black bag and think one in a dark brown shade is far more invisible and discreet. Just saying.

    All these ideas could easily bring in revenues for Burn in the future – even the People’s Choice – and anything that helps Burn survive in the financial realm comforts me. Bring it on!

  • flashback two years ago… you were threatened homelessness … and no power… no showers…

    now youre giving away freebies??? WOOHOO me want a bag too… oh wait.. that’s not free..

    DAH, are you getting fancy on us now?


    i do not think “fancy” could ever be applied to anything i do…how about “organic”?

  • Organic Happenings as a friend of mine likes to say…

  • Breaking the norm..
    Dare to be different.. While the whole publishing OLD dying world still relying solely in ADVERISEMENT to stay afloat there comes BURN that does not “do it” for the profit,
    Here comes BURN, “breaking the law”/ as Judas Priest used to sing..
    Showing that there are more ways / IMAGINATION … more new ways than plain following or Leading..
    BURN is not a FANCY leader nor a FANCY follower..
    BURN is a whole another LANE as that Brooklyn artist named Jay-Z used to say..
    Burn is a whole another lane standing there alone all by itself.. Without any competition, “from another world” as i saw written on a car sticker once..
    Burn is definitely the next big thing.. The place to “steal” from.. The place to be copied..
    The place that does NOT need FANCY google analytics or FANCY cheap google commercials/banners and insecurities of this kind!
    Although I was the one that 3 years ago up in Williamsburg , in the Kibbutz , up on the 6th floor I was hallucinating from starvation at that point ..smiling.. “suggesting” to David:”can we please sell out, juuuuust a little bit?”ha ha..
    I couldn’t see it surviving.. I was scared and almost convinced that Burn is doomed to fail.. Leap of faith? Lack of imagination? Fear of hunger? Conservatism? Anyway u wanna call it , DAVID proved all my fears wrong…
    Sometimes when there is not an exit door or a window in our jail cells all we have to do is simply WALK through the wall.. It is possible.. DAH/Burn proved it..
    Good morning America and good night (to Europe and the Rest of the known and unknown world) once again:)
    Peace, love and Imagination.. No fear!:)

  • so psyched!!!

  • PANOS… laughing…i had totally forgotten your then famous line “can’t we sell out just a little bit?”….just funny…well, actually we do have to sell some stuff..not to pay me , but to pay everybody who helps me…we did do well with Burn01 in that we sold it and so we will see what happens with 02 which is going to be seriously hot….and our contributions, bless everybody, help keep us afloat…so far our contributions are 100% without any control..those who help ask for zero editorial control…keep up your always always good spirit and dedication my friend…and nobody believes it when i tell them that you DELIVER better than anyone…ok my neighbors waiting for me to get on my bike and ride to breakfast..see you soonest at Look…

    cheers, abrazos, david

  • Hahahaha, you go from leaving to this in the space of about a month? So it’s all or nothing, then? I like that!

    I’m gonna cop me one of them Burn bags. I uh need a new bag now I have a new camera. Yup, that. It’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it like a tongue on an iced up ski shaft.

    Looking forward to all the glorious newness, can’t wait for it all to drop.

    Viva le BURN! Viva Barça! Viva big dreams!

  • Ricardo Vasconcelos

    This is what i call GREAT NEWS…
    actually they are EXCELLENT NEWS!!



  • Wow! This was already shaping up to be good weekend, and then I wake up to see this fantastic news!

    A People’s Choice award is certainly an interesting idea; for me, part of Burn’s secret sauce is readership participation. It is not only an excellent publication – but a school, a salon, a community…

    David, thank you in advance for RIO tabloid – can’t wait to see it! I have a copy of Jodi Cobb’s “Reflections of Seoul” that I received gratis. I don’t recall the particulars of how I signed up to receive a copy, but appears to have been sponsored by the marketing department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and published in conjunction with NatGeo. Just a thought: a potential sponsor of your tabloid (depending on content) could be an entity responsible for promoting Rio/Brazil tourism.

    A BURN camera bag! There has been talk in the past, now it coming to fruition just as I need a new one :-)

    Have a great weekend, Burnians!

  • i’ll take one! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (a bag and a t-shirt)…or i’ll take Bryan’s hat too (killer tuque)

    and i know who gets my $15,000 vote for PEOPLE’S CHOICE:

    CIVILIAN-MASS AUDIENCE! :)))))))))))))))))))))

    just think David, how much ouzu he’d buy for everyone with that kind of change! :))))))))))))))

    and god damn, i will buy a new laptop for Marina’s trip for her fellowhship, so does this mean i have to get an ipad too?…can i play RIO on a laptop…i WANT THAT (please include Bryan’s film)….i especially want the longer edit of your pics amigo (any surprise?) and really the behind the scenes…

    maybe we should should fight more under pictures, it always seems to generate heat to bring on more good news ;)))))……

    now, i need some of that porch, wind, thin and crispy obx time….hoping soon :)))

    big hugs to the 3 of u….

    and damn, i promise not to argue with anyone who disagrees with me under the People’s choice Award ;)))))))

    big hugs and love from marinka too


  • David, count me in for a bag as well…

    Very interested to see what the tabloid will look like… I missed the chance to get a copy of the “Last Days of W.”, won’t make the same mistake twice…

    As for the People’s Choice Award… how come you decided to go for another full 15k award instead of say 3 awards of 5k—if that was ever a consideration—you know, more love spreading around…

  • “can we sell out just a little bit”

    How ’bout a free Rio tabloid with every BURN bag purchased !


    well the obvious beauty here is that everyone, thee and me, can come or go whenever we have the freedom to stay or go, as do Anton, the rest of our crew, and i as first choice would be to have somebody who is an “emerging editor” take over the day to day running of Burn…and i would just show up once in awhile..that is still the most likely scenario …you have not been around for the whole evolution here, but this sequence of thoughts and events has been with us all along…our biz plan was always something that started here with a comment or part of one of my posts..if you go back and look you will see how the EPF came about, how the name Burn came about, the whole idea of mentoring books etc and Burn 01 in print and paying photogs for some finished is all a matter of record…loose and freestyle and yet geared to actually make something happen..and hell its just been fun…take the fun out of it, and we would all go do something else…


    we have not decided exactly how it would go…but yes , if we had 15k , we could have three 5k mini grants…good idea…it would all have to happen simultaneous because running two awards grants will be a killer job…just the EPF alone is a solid three months of work for least…the so called Peoples Choice award might have to be run a different are always wanting to volunteer for work..maybe you are the man?

    cheers, david


    well, you get a free RIO tabloid whether you purchase the bag or not anyway, so not quite understanding you….the bag bit is not designed as a significant income producer for us …it is way more of a total big smile based on my fetish for bags for years…one camera, one lens, and 100 bags!….the manufacturers make money , we do not really…the bags, shirts etc are just things people keep asking for ..the last thing i want is for somebody to be calling me in the middle of the night saying their bag strap is too short….but i will approve the design, construction, colors etc, of this bag based on my real use of it on assignment…the only other bag designed and built by a photog is of course the Domke bag…that is why it has been popular with real photographers on real assignments for 35 years or so…no matter what i approve , i will always always refer to Jim Domke as el maestro of bagworld…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    YOU have no right to use civilian as human shield…:))))))))))))
    and you keep forgeting DIMAS…
    BOBBY,MARINA and DIMAS…come on,my Academian…I know,you have seen better days BUT you got to focus…
    oime…I LOVE YOU BOBBY…
    I already have won my award…and it’s YOU,ALL of YOU !!!

    PANOS…you have to focus too…”
    “all we have to do is simply WALK through the wall”…hmmm…our BURNING tent has no walls,no flies either;)…:)))

    BURNIANS…because of YOU…ALL of YOU
    BURN is the place to be
    BURN is unique…bags,no bags,awards,no funds
    the point is …MR.HARVEY and the BURNING CREW = an Inspiration BURNING ball
    don’t forget to watch…Manchester United v Barcelona tonight…

    I am out on the streets with my people…Revelations=Revolutions

    P.S…speaking of loose…hmmm…running…

  • I regard the marvellous part of Burn and the grants is anyone, who genuinely wants to create something meaningful and is prepared to do the HARD work, which of course ALL essays, of any expressive consequence need, have the chance thanks to Burn. Gone are the times before Burn, where perhaps someone living in Papua New Guinea who had that “rare air”, “the eye”, “the killer instinct” and all the hunger and talent necessary to make something exceptional, would most likely slip under the radar, unless she or he travelled to some photo editor. That excuse has ended, we have David and Anton plus the Burn Crew ready waiting for that someone special. Someone living on any of the seven continents and all the millions of islands with crappy land-line internet, busy working with only 1 hour a day to shoot his/her project, but goes out and creates that essay against all odds. Age has no excuse, David and Anton couldn’t care less if you are 10 years old, a 16 year old on a skateboard or some middle age mother/father desirous with expressing your roar.
    We all now have a chance if we really believe in our abilities because THEY our BURN family BELIEVE in us.

  • brilliant stuff – lovin the developments.. just great.

    i’ve mostly been using a regular “charity-shop” bought shoulder bag and a mixture of brand inserts, for the past year or two – had it at lookbetween..
    lately have been thinking, (as it’s wearing out), of unpicking it, improving the pattern a little, and stitching a new one..
    probably won’t actually do that though.

    i’m a poor seemster(?) and charity-shop shoulder bags are been plentiful..
    besides – would love a BURN one
    well done all.. exciting stuff the people award..
    in my teen football team, “players player of the year” was THE gong to get

  • ..and by way of celebration, the shock-wave from a trombone..

  • I’m having bag problems at the moment. However, for my street shooting days I’ve happened upon a cheap tiny computer game bag which happens to be a good match for my FujiFilm X100, extra batteries & cards, a small London A-Z (map book), notebook, pen and lens cloth.

    But to add an adapted Olympus Pen Digital for filmmaking, audio recorder and other bits, I’m scuppered. Still searching. Perhaps a Burn bag will sort me out.

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Oh, how about a Burn lens cloth? Now that would be sweet.

    Many are obsessed with bags (as am I) but I LOVE lens cloths.

  • David, I’m in…
    “excellent organizational skills” is something I would probably never put on my resume, but there is always room for improvement… stepping outside my comfort zone and what not…
    We should talk offline about what it is you have in mind…

  • So no bus purchase then ;)

  • DavidB..i still got that lookbetween freebie too;)

    Paul, love lens cloths too:)

  • Bobus!:))))))))
    i agree, i already know where my vote goes to, too: the one and only (
    and i know who gets my $15,000 vote for PEOPLE’S CHOICE:

    CIVILIAN-MASS AUDIENCE! :)))))))))))))))))))))

  • 1 more hour left:
    GO MESSI……………………………..:))))))))))))))))
    400 million people watching!
    Patricio is right..(try this with baseball;)


    btw..Al Jazeera gives the game free to your laptop in 7 different languages…
    Also the whole Arab world is watching…the whole planet is watching…
    Soccer/FUTBOL unites…(now try this with American football….laughing!)

  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    “The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”
    Oscar Wilde
    “We are what we believe we are.”
    C. S. Lewis
    This one’s for Panos…
    “I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.”
    Jim Morrison
    And so is this one :)…
    “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”
    Frida Kahlo


    (thats a big banner on the Wembley stadium…watching live the pre game show)

  • Paul, u r the greatest!!!!!!:)
    one love

  • And the GAME starting NOW!!!!
    MESSI , let’s do this!!!!!

  • Barça!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Viva Barça! Viva Bob Paisley! Aint no one from The Other City gonna steal my team’s crown in Europe for British teams, no way. Come on España!!! Help a little Liverpool girl out here! ;-P ;-P ;-P

  • Jim Morrison said some truly bizarre things.

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