Emerging Photographer Fund 2011 – Call for Entries

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We are now receiving submissions for a BURN grant of $15,000.

Deadline for entry is May 15, 2011

Funding is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow.

The Emerging Photographer Fund grant was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit created by the member photographers from Magnum Photos, Inc…Funding for the EPF has come from several private donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Some of the previous jurors have been:  Carol Nagar, Martin Parr, Gilles Peress, Eugene Richards, Maggie Steber, Fred Ritchin, Bruce Gilden, David Griffin, John Gossage , Susan Meiselas, and James Nachtwey…For 2011 an equally astute set of jurors will be selected and announced before the deadline date.

The 2008 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Sean Gallagher for his essay on the environmental Desertification  of China.

The 2009 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Alejandro Chaskielberg for his 8×10 format essay on the Parana River Delta.

The 2010 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Davide Monteleone for his essay Northern Caucasus.

Anyone can enter the EPF 2011 Grant, there are no age restrictions… however, it is intended for emerging photographers, who are the icons of tomorrow and not today…

we use the SlideRoom system which is very easy to use for your submission to the EPF 2011 Grant… you can sign up and edit your work as much as you like for the next several weeks, right up to the deadline, and you only need to pay the submission fee IF/WHEN you actually submit your final essay for consideration…

All the rules for submission are explained in great detail once you are signed in to the SlideRoom system and start uploading your images.

The EPF grant 2011 submission link:


Deadline for submission: May 15th, 2011

The winner will be announced in June, 2011 at the Look 3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia

81 Responses to “Emerging Photographer Fund 2011 – Call for Entries”

  • If not your name behind Burn, I would never open a page here…

    we all know that Tony…its your personal ambition led u to believe that “meeting”, “befriending” an iconic “contact” is enough…nah (u have to bring your work with u too imho)..

  • … I wanted to meet you in NYC, but you are so busy, and you don’t respond to private emails

    why DID you NOT say from the very beginning whats “bothering” you????
    my father used to call this behavior : “ATTENTION WHORE”…
    sorry (no, im not sorry really…you should be..and dont bother apologize coz nobody will believe you..trust me on this one..:(

    (imagine whats gonna happen after the announcement in june:(…just imagine…cant wait..
    ALL..do NOT miss LOOK3 this year..i will be there….crossing fingers that i WILL WIN…Anthony is my only “competition” this year i think…

    ok , all jokes aside…please support Look3 with your presence…lets talk art over beer…ok lets talk about corruption too if we have the time…;)

  • Panos, I get the feeling that you’re upset about something.

  • Smiling… Yes I wuz..I’m aight now;)


    my thoughts about EPF were born in public…right here…the whole Burn initiative has been transparent from the beginning…i invented the EPF grant right here in the comment section of Burn…many here watched it happen…i have written dozens of times about the inner workings of this grant…the funds come from some readers here who exert zero control of how the funds are spent…and the funds are spent on the best of work submitted by other readers here….i do not know how it could be any cleaner…remember , i said “readers” not necessarily “commentators”…99% of our audience does not comment….

    you used the word corruption and you used it here and you used it in connection with a reader asking us a simple rules question…your response to Yanita was totally inappropriate by any standard of decorum or decency….corruption generally applies to the not so clean disbursement of public funds etc…the folks who contribute here would i think stop contributing if they smelled a rat…where do you think this grant money comes from? you see advertisers here? you see interest groups here? i sure as hell do not have any money to give away..

    fund givers here know that it is a dollar in and a dollar out….all of their money goes to the recipient of the grant…

    we take none of it at Burn..our only compensation is from the fee we levy to enter and that barely pays for the program we use to judge the award and very small compensation for the staff who makes it all happen and last year helped to finance part of Burn 01…personally , i of course correctly take nothing….

    if you do not know what is going on with Burn , then you should either do a bit of homework or just not ignite the fire you have by answering essentially in my behalf to Yanita who was just trying to find out the rules for the EPF…suggesting to her an element of corruption when all she wanted to know was the technicalities of essay completion was going a bit far….

    yes, my private email is a bad way to find me…i receive way too much email…my mother cannot reach me through private email…however Anthony i feel that i have written back to you many times here in the comment section of Burn where i usually can be found UNLESS i am shooting or teaching a class…at those times my attention is either on my photographic work or on my students..otherwise i am here to answer questions,sometimes offer opinions, and look at various links of work where we have indeed discovered a few new photographers….

    i am not quite sure how accessible you think i should be for you under my current set of circumstances as a full time shooter, publisher, etc etc., but perhaps a bit of practical adjustment might in fact help a whole lot..for those who use a bit of logic and have just a bit of patience and rational humanistic decorum, i do my best to accommodate…

    i have only taken the time to answer you Anthony because i see that flat out retaliation only leads to more bad vibes, more bad blood and as i watch the news we have enough of that going on already….just think about what you said, and what everyone else has said, and maybe even what i have said…thank you

    cheers, david

  • Hi Anton,

    Many thanks, sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Hello David,

    So sorry to bug you, but is there any way to add two more images to the portfolio I submitted please?
    My submission is under Yana Akilov.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you so much in advance!

  • Are there any rules for video submissions beyond the 60 mb limit? Should they be 1080 on the short side like the regular photo submissions? Or should the photos inside be 1080 on the short side? Or is there a minimum size? Or anything else someone contemplating that kind of submission should consider?


  • Oi….

    Just randomly clicked to read here briefly to encourage people to submit, and I discover this dross….so, let me go briefly out in the open to reject, in total, Anthony’s suggestion or anyone else’s suggestion about ‘insider’ corruption in the EPF, or for that matter, the entire Grant here (or elsewere)…

    let me first state by stating that I was honored to be one of the 10 finalists the first year David created his EPF award. David did not know me personally nor had we ever met. In fact, he didn’t know anything about my work, other than a few pictures from my Lighstalkers gallery. He’d never been to any of my exhibitions and our relationship was created and born entirely of my participation on Road Trips. My submission that year was a project I had made specifically for David/Road Trip: 2 weeks shooting a group of Korean/Japanese students before they left Canada. 2 weeks, only 5 rolls of film. It was later graciously shown at LOOK3 by david. I felt really honored and humbled to have been recognized by David and was stunned that he had chosen my work, particularly work that seem so odd and limited/limiting in it’s visual and conceptual idea. Among the other winners that first year were some powerful young photographers, many of whom now have close and strong relationships with one another and have bloomed in their discipline. The finalists: lance rosenfield, erica macdonald, kyung-hee lee, Kevin german, brendan Hoffman, andrew Sullivan, katia roberts, eric espinosa, cristina Faramo, kelly Lynn James, chris Bickford, natan moss, marcin luczkowski, joni karanka, aleksander Nowak, alex Reshaun and yours truly. And most importantly, of course the winner was Sean Gallagher.

    Now, you may not have kept up, but from that lists at least 3 of us have completed books. almost all of us have had multiple exhibitions and have gone on to deepen and develop the work. Some have formed collectives, worked for the Times, and begun to mentor other young photographers ourselves. Nothing unites us in our relationship with David/Magnum except our love and respect for him. We had no ‘inside’ relationship to david/magnum what so ever and david choose that first year simply base on his visual assessment. Look what Sean has gone on to do as well with his practice. Of those photographers, I had no idea who Kyung-hee or Natan or Joni or Aleksander or cristina was. Did not know their work, never met them, had not photoworld relationship with them. In fact, I hadn’t met any of the finalists at that time, and those whom i knew I knew only through either Lightstalkers or Road Trips.

    The second year I submitted Bones, which david had graciously published, a project shot in 2 weeks as well made specifically for my father, my son and david: also limited in scope. I submitted not expected anything but as one of the alumni. the second year produced the extraordinary winner Alejandro Chaskielberg, a photographer whose work i knew nothing about. Last year’s winner was Davide Monteleone whose work i was familiar with. Both 2009 and 2010 produced a wonderful list of winners (finalists). Some of whom I knew and was friends with (Jukka, Lance, Justin, etc), some of whom I was familiar with their work, but many of whom I’d never seen/heard of. Again, there is no relationship in any of the 3 years winners/finalists that have anything to do with David/Magnum other than their love of photography and their act.

    If you look at all the Finalists, it extends the range of photography from Journalism, Documentary, Fine Art and Conceptual (just as BURN01) did. It is impossible to say there is any ‘inside track’ among submissions. Shit, I encourage my own wife to submit the 2nd year, and she was chosen, and by that time I actually had a real-life and important/intimate relationship/friendship with David. So, if he didn’t choose his friend’s wife’s work, fuck, he ain’t corruptable. And let me tell you, my wife’s work is brilliant and she’s gone on to winner awards (including being chosen for this year’s Boris Mikhailov fellowship). this means, David (and whoever is on the initial selection committee) choose people that speaks to them or that they feel they want to support.

    There are always photographers not chosen whose work (arguably) deserved recognition, but that is the way of the world. Grant awarding is a purely subjective/personal choice. Any photographers/writer that gets overly worked up about all this stuff is not only blind but looking/thinking in the wrong direction. WE MUST SUPPORT EACH OTHER as a community. This should never be about winning/recognition/money. This should be about supporting this brilliant and incredibly magnanimous thing that David had the balls and courage to create. He did not create it for himself or for Magnum, he created it for YOU YOU YOU photographers! Wake the fuck up! :))

    For the first year, I decided not to submit anything, cause in truth i wanted to be here for David and BURN as a loud voice of support! I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 4 weeks helping other photographers work on their submissions and their statements. I’ll never tell David whose work i’ve helped just as I’ve never told david whose work (other than Marina’s) i’ve helped/encouraged to submit. I don’t want him to know or be in the slightest way prejudiced. I can tell you this, david runs this grant with both openness and ethic and i’m shocked and horrified at the implication that ‘insiders’ get a leg up on this one.

    If that were true, I’d be at least 10,000 richer by now…or Anton would have won….or panos, for god sakes…some of david’s closest friends in the world who’ve submitted haven’t even been chosen.

    Lastly, i just want to encourage as many photographers to submit as possible. I want David and his selection crew to see as much brilliant work as possible. really. The better the work, the richer the prize. And the prize IS NOT $15,000. The prize is making the work, is showing (if you wish) the work, is creating the work.

    I have a close friendship with david and i can tell you also that there isn’t a fairer, more open honest grant awarding game in the biz. I know, i’ve won and lost my share of awards. The ONLY criteria that works is that your work speaks somehow to them and that is a pretty good place to begin.

    Besides, the truth is that it isn’t the grants that matter, but it is the work. And, i’ll be right here raising a glass….ummm, a bottle of the red stuff to the winner and all the finalists.

    I am a photographer and a photographer trying to support a family on teacher and artist earnings, but I’m a fan, a supporter of photographers/photography….I am totally excited to see whose work gets chosen…and i am totally excited to see whose work isn’t chosen but will be published here, exhibited other places…

    Now, let’s gut this bullshit and celebrate and support…

    enough of my speech :)))

  • typing error


    my wife was NOT chosen the second year, meaning that if I or she (and she’s a pretty persuasive person) couldn’t get david to pick her just by the fact david knows/likes her, then no one corrupt David…except Simone ;)))) (that would be david’s cat in OBX)

  • last note:


    please don’t let this stuff get you down/upset…as we’ve talked about before…they’ll always be people who question…and always…remember all the good the grant and burn and the teaching and the mentoring have done…that MUST outweight the bad/questioning…i know it is draining, but please remember above that all the great that has been done…and all those who appreciate…the winners, the finalists and all those not chosen but have just had the pleasure of the support…and the support means more than the $$, especially to me and marina and a whole entire photocommunity out there…

    see u soon :))

  • In case my question got overlooked by Bob’s admirable words…

    Regarding the submission rules for video? Are there any rules other than the 60 MB limit? Video dimensions? Image size within the video? Time? Anything?


  • Anton, others,

    technical question:

    when I upload pictures into the slideroom account, the contrast in my images changes a lot. So, I change the contrast of my images (darker and more contrast) as to get them right when viewed on full page in the slideroom acount. Is that the right thing to do? Anybody same experience?

  • kristof

    contrast should not change, images are not altered when uploading… don’t make adjustments for that.

    if it seems tgat contrast changes, check if you saved your images “for web”, so with an sRGB color space

    but again, nothing to worry about, just leave your images as they were



  • Kristof,

    If you’re using Photoshop make sure you go to:

    View -> Proof Setup -> Monitor RGB

    When you post-process your pictures in this mode then what you see in PS is what others will see on their monitors when you upload your files.

  • Another question regarding video: I don’t see .mp4 (H.264) listed as an upload option. Is that not permitted?

  • Anton, Thodoris,

    thanks a lot for the response! Anton, my images were in sRGB for upload, but the problem was as you, Thodoris, pointed out. They were photoshopped in Proof Setup, CMYK mode…for print. So now finetuning in monitor RGB mode. Technical part for images on web is new for me, so again thanks a lot!

  • Hello? Hello?
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?

    A little Pink Floyd to while away the time…

    But time’s getting short? Is it okay to submit an mp4 for the video? I know it’s not listed as a choice, but can’t imagine why it would be a problem?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MW…hold on…help is on your way…

  • Dear David,

    Sorry for such a late reply, I was sure I submitted the my ‘thank you’ back but double checked now and figured out that somehow it did not appear. Anyway, thank you very much for the information and your kind answer.

    All the best,

  • Dear David, Dear burn team

    I admire your work and the effort you do with the grant. But I’m quite disappointed in the slideroom application. I tryed like fifty times to pay my submission with my credit card and I always got “transaction decliend” error message. You can belive me this is the first that happend to me. The hint from the slideroom team is try it again with a different credit card or call us. So in Germany most of us just have one credit card. I would send you guys a check or use paypal. but infact I will simply not submit any thing because of slideroom.

    Cheers Dirk

  • Dear David, Dear burn team,

    I have to correct myself. I got help from the slideroom help desk and now I can make my payment via telephone.



  • Dirk…

    we are trying to figure out your problem, however nobody else seems to be having this problem, so we are assuming something wrong at your end…what else can we conclude? from all we can see Slideroom is working perfectly….

  • Dear Burn Team,

    I’m trying to add my submission, but in slide room when I click on ‘submit’ i get this message
    ‘There are no active programs available at this time.
    Please contact your organization for more information.’

    it is currently 5:00pm pacific time on may 15th, and I haven’t seen anything stating a time restriction for the day, is this a slide room eror?

  • Hi all,

    I just went to upload my essay to the SlideRoom, tried to click ‘start a new submission’, and it told me that it was unavailable and to contact my organization. I understand I’m pretty late in the day on the submission, but I was wondering if it would still be possible to submit?

    Thank you for the attention.

  • tysnaden, sean,

    I’m being told that the deadlines are always set automatically at 6pm EST. Unfortunately there is no way we can change that. I will verify this with slideroom support.

    HOWEVER there is always a 24 hour grace period for people who have started their submission before the deadline, so they can complete it without getting caught by time zone differences.

    That said, starting a fully new submission process past the deadline is unfortunately not possible, hence your message Sean when you clicked “start a new submission”

    cheers, a

  • Hi,
    I submitted my essay by the deadline, but it did not even occur to me until just now that I should create an account on the actual burn site- is this going to disqualify me?

  • Tim,

    there is no need to create a burn account to enter the EPF, but you are surely welcome here :-)

    Cheers, a

  • ANTON…

    did you hear from the woman who was in Cuba with no internet connection?

  • Hi Burn People,

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating this grant. I know there’s some amazing talent out there and I’m excited to see it. I love photography, creating my own prints and seeing other people’s work. I’ve only just learned of the existence of Burn and I’m glad you’re here.


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