Emerging Photographer Fund 2011 – Call for Entries

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We are now receiving submissions for a BURN grant of $15,000.

Deadline for entry is May 15, 2011

Funding is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow.

The Emerging Photographer Fund grant was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit created by the member photographers from Magnum Photos, Inc…Funding for the EPF has come from several private donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Some of the previous jurors have been:  Carol Nagar, Martin Parr, Gilles Peress, Eugene Richards, Maggie Steber, Fred Ritchin, Bruce Gilden, David Griffin, John Gossage , Susan Meiselas, and James Nachtwey…For 2011 an equally astute set of jurors will be selected and announced before the deadline date.

The 2008 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Sean Gallagher for his essay on the environmental Desertification  of China.

The 2009 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Alejandro Chaskielberg for his 8×10 format essay on the Parana River Delta.

The 2010 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Davide Monteleone for his essay Northern Caucasus.

Anyone can enter the EPF 2011 Grant, there are no age restrictions… however, it is intended for emerging photographers, who are the icons of tomorrow and not today…

we use the SlideRoom system which is very easy to use for your submission to the EPF 2011 Grant… you can sign up and edit your work as much as you like for the next several weeks, right up to the deadline, and you only need to pay the submission fee IF/WHEN you actually submit your final essay for consideration…

All the rules for submission are explained in great detail once you are signed in to the SlideRoom system and start uploading your images.

The EPF grant 2011 submission link:


Deadline for submission: May 15th, 2011

The winner will be announced in June, 2011 at the Look 3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia

81 Responses to “Emerging Photographer Fund 2011 – Call for Entries”

  • For the fourth time, born out of nothing if not passion, dedication and hard work from a few people.. just look where this has led to.. amazing.. looking forward to see all the essays for the 2011 call!

  • You know, that guy with the cigarette looks like he’s trying to make up his mind whether or not he should ask the other guy for ten bucks.

  • Nah.. that’s Akaky IRL looking at Akaky..

  • The poet William Stafford was asked by an interviewer about his habit of writing a poem every day. He told the person that yes – he started the poem in the morning before the kids got up, then he put it down while he made them breakfast, then he might work on it after the kids went to school and put it down for lunch and so on until by the end of the day it was done.

    The interviewer, incredulous that anyone could write a poem every day asked Mr. Stafford, ‘How do you do it? How can you be inspired every day to write a poem?’

    Mr. Stafford replied, ‘I lower my standards.’

  • What a brilliant, wild, unforseeable and magical Road (trip) we’ve all been on since the First EPF Award….I am so happy and proud that the EPF continues to grow and nourish photographers and photography….as both a former finalist and entrant, I want to encourage EVERYONE (here that Toronto!) to submit a body of work….not so much with the notion of ‘competition’ but for a simpler notion:

    to gather your work and organize it for a vision and an effort to share it!…and to celebrate yourself and each other….

    Rock On EPF #4!…

    some Joyce to apply to each and everyone of YOU!

    ““I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.”-Joyce


    Just remember, it’s about photography/community and dont’ forget to celebrate yourself and EACH OTHER! :))

  • Chilling out, happy… been a good day full of photos.

  • “Just remember, it’s about photography/community and dont’ forget to celebrate yourself and EACH OTHER! :))”

    …..and kick some ass :>))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”

    Swami Vivekananda (Indian Spiritual leader)

    A big THANK YOU to MR.HARVEY ,to ANTON…to the CREW…to MY BURNIANS…to the DONORS…to the
    MASS AUDIENCE(silent readers)…

    let’s get this party started…Born to BURN:)))

  • AKAKY has the inside scoop !!

  • EPF again – so soon? I swear time is speeding up…

  • EMYR

    yes, i was thinking exactly the same thing…. :)

  • Jamie Maxtone-Graham

    All of the above.

    Very exciting to think of what work will be seen here soon……..

  • Ok, so I’m not too much into those competition or award things.. but I kinda follow pictures.. so today I stumbled over the World Photography Awards shortlists.. and of course I recognized some of the pictures here (there might be more, have not explored it all yet):


    Alejandro Chaskielberg is one of the finalists.. has happened also with Davide Monteleone, after winning the EPF he won another grant or two shortly after.. just saying.. you folks who have work, SUBMIT!!

    (’cause I want to see more…)

  • Hello to everybody!

    I have a bit stupid question )))
    I can not find here at the website any contact email regarding the Grant issue.
    Meanwhile – i have some questions to be asked since i want to apply.

    Does anybody know where i should write to? Maybe i just did not notice the email address… Really did not find it.

    Or maybe i can put some questions here? Maybe they will also make some points clear for others…
    1) is the deadline – May 1, 2011?
    When i logged in at https://burn.slideroom.com/ there it was said that the deadline is 05.02.2011. So, should i just ignore that?
    2) Is the Grant only for the work in progress projects?
    I have a huge project planned starting in september and lasting at least a year. I have not started shooting for it – i am just doing organiztional work for the moment and the research. Is that possible to apply with the portfolio of one project and proposal for another?
    In case it is not possible – i also have a project that i am planning to shoot within several years – i have been doing it already for two years. So, i will apply with it.
    3) Are there any deadlines for the end of the project? If the grant provides the winner with money, will it want the work to be done by specific time?

    all the best,

  • DARIA..

    the answers to all of your questions are right here on this site if you click on Emerging Photographer Grant 2011….you can go into to slideroom and edit all you want between now and deadline time and then decide to enter or not enter at the last minute…so it is a free place to edit until you make your final decision…the grant is given to someone who has a project already going and wants to have fund to either complete or expand…the $15,000. is given within one month of the announcement of the recipient…there are no requirements of the recipient but so far all have stayed in close touch regarding their work..we choose photographers that we feel will make the most of the funding based on their work …i hope this answers your questions..but feel free to ask more or again..

    cheers, david

  • Hi David,
    My sincere application for such a honest effort. It is remarkable inspiration to the emerging photographers in the world. U definitely the photographers and photography to a great level.We support your effort morally and emotionally.

  • Hi all and DAH!

    The topic is “Call for grant”… but my comment is about “Call for assignments” :)

    I found which post has fewer comments so my question will not be lost in hundreds of comments under other photographs…

    first of all… a small update from my side…

    I am again based in Romania (after a few months while I was back in Poland)… I didn’t have much time to check all the comments under each new post because simply I don’t have any time (but my mind is always with Burn! yesterday I had a great time with Thomas Bregula here in Bucharest at mini-Burn.-meeting)… last months were concentrated on photography… 18 hours a day…only 6 hours a day were left to get some sleep…

    I worked for a two NGOs.. and that was an excuse to hit the road and photograph my new project called “Drum Bun!”. Until now, I was able to continue my project while I was traveling to places where I was assigned to shoot for those NGOs… costs of a gas for my car were reimbursed by those NGOs (it was a perfect situation!). Right now I will make one more trip to Poland.. so I will shoot on the way again… but during the summer I want to photograph Eastern part of Romania and I would love to apply for your assignment.
    Right now, I am about to start a new job (on 18th April).. job not related with photography at all… unfortunately there is no other way for me right now to support myself… I don’t eat much but time to time I have to (and not everyday Thomas Bregula is here in Bucharest to invite me for a dinner ;-))…

    But.. I am planing to hit the road again during the summer… I am looking for a support. I am searching for sponsors… in Romania… and here on Burn.
    Any kind of help would be great. If any of you have some connections to companies here in Romania or other European companies which would be able to support my project – for example: rent a car for a month (I am not sure that my Skoda Favorit from 93′ would be able to make it anymore), give vouchers for a gas, offer me some equipment (camera with 35mm is all what I need) or support me in any other way… would be great.

    I am not sure I am allowed to show a link to my work (in progress; from this project) here, so I just put a short description of my project:

    “In summer I moved from Poland to Romania. Most of my travels between Poland and Bucharest and my travels related with assignments around Romania are by car.
    Because Romania has only around 200km of highways, the main roads are through the small villages which makes traveling quite slow.

    What makes my trips difficult as a passenger and driver makes them at the same time interesting for me as a photographer.

    It became natural to photograph things which I see through the car window.
    Traveling almost across a whole Romania gives a great picture of current Romania.
    My photographs are collection of observation Romanian diverse landscapes, villages and people in their environment. ”

    Hugs for you DAH and all of you!


  • “but so far all have stayed in close touch regarding their work”… David, does it mean that you want to know or the work has already to be known to you before the recipient applies for a grant???

  • Anthony RZ, a recipient of a grant is someone who has got the grant (in the case of the EPF Gallagher, Chaskielberg and Monteleone), not someone who submits to it, meaning that they have been staying in touch AFTER they won the grant.

  • Eva, thank you sweetie:) oh my English my English!… before starting Spanish classes I should have study English a bit more:))…

  • David, how do you usually consider, would 12 well selected strongest images be enough for a serious story presentation at Emerging Photographer Fund? Cheers


    i am talking about paying attention to what a photographer does with the grant money once received…i do not need to know the work before the photographer applies for this grant…it could be the case, but is most likely not the case….i secure the jury for this grant, i do not jury the grant myself….yet, i do pay attention to what the photographers do even though there is no obligation on their part…

    cheers, david

  • Hi there,

    I have submitted and paid the fees for the 2011 grant. Would it be possible if I could add further details to my cv/biography since I have just got a few more updates recently.

    Slideroom stated that I would need
    If you wish to make edits to a completed submission, please contact the institution directly and request they UNSUBMIT your portfolio. If they grant this request, you will be able to make edits and resubmit for free.

    Tech support

    sorry for the inconvenience,

    kind regards,


  • MITI,

    I have unsubmitted your application, so you can make the necessary changes and then re-submit. You do not need to pay the submission fee again.



  • Hello,

    I just submitted my latest project. But only after submitting it I read here that this competition is for a work in progress. So, at the risk of sounding silly … I was just wondering, if I submitted a portfolio that I have already finished working on, does that disqualify me from the competition?

    Thank you very much.

  • Yanita…

    no of course not…you are not disqualified…but most grants are designed to help photographers actually do something moving forward…not just a reward for having done something…the deadline of our grant is May 15…why not just pop in an idea for a future project that would somehow tie in what you have already done? just a thought

  • Thank you David.
    I’m sorry I just wasn’t sure where to write this down in the submission form.
    My ultimate goal is to document the area of Brooklyn where I currently live in terms of the different ethnicities, religions and cultures residing in the area. I’m focusing on the strip that runs from Sheepshead Bay to Sunset Park…. This is something I’ve been doing for the past two years, and am hoping to continue for the next three years (partly because I think that 5 years is a fair amount of time for such a large project and partly because I’m not sure if I’ll still live in Brooklyn in three years). That section of the borough just fascinates me – so many cultures and religions all in one little corner it’s amazing. but this project as a whole is so large I have to divide it into subsections, mostly according to the area or culture/religion I am photographing… What I’ve already submitted is just one of the subsections of the larger project – the reason I chose it is because this was a one-time event and so I feel as though it is a complete and finished portfolio that can stand separately from the rest…
    Please let me know if this doesn’t fit with the rules and I will resubmit a different portfolio.
    Thank you very much.

  • Yanita, don’t take what I say for granted, but I would say don’t worry about that finished – unfinished “issue”. The boundary between finished and unfinished photo-essay is so thin, and I guess the respectable Magnum judges are mostly looking for your ability to create a strong visual material of your chosen subject. They want to see images that speak for themselves, tell a visual story even without your written statement. If photographer is really talented he/she can basically take “just” strong random photos, put them together, write a short lyrics (or even someone else can do it for them), and it’s already an interesting project, book, gallery show. That can also lead to getting a grant. If you are one of those very few photographers, you can already start planning how you are going to spend your 15000 grant, and I tend to think you are. Best wishes


    i have tried to make the EPF with as few “rules” as possible….Anthony RZ is correct in his statement…unrecognized great photography is what we want to represent on Burn in general…and with the EPF as well…in any case, keep me personally updated on your project…winning an award is a good thing, but there are many other ways for support ….stay in touch

    cheers, david

  • Oh David, what are the “other” ways for support? Could you share that with me as well? or is it just for Yanita?:)

  • Sheepshead Bay to Sunset Park… That’s my backyard too. Fascinating area full of fascinating people. I Hope we get to see your project, Yanita. It’s a worthy one.


    Burn supports many photographers…essays here receive a minimal payment, but it is payment… and oftentimes essays here receive support from our audience…for example, Laura El Tantaway picked up good support from readers here for her Egypt work …and i personally spend a lot of my time mentoring projects from readers here….many of the essays in Burn 01 came from this hands on approach…no, not from my official workshops, just from things i chose to work on based on need and talent…many published Burn photographers have been recommended by me to the established print magazines…i am not an official agent, but i do forward on to editors new photographers they may not know..mostly i think the benefit of Burn for young photographers is simply the exposure…several have reported increased print sales or assignments or whatever after being published on Burn…hey man, just trying to do a little something…does not always work, but trying is all any of us can do i suppose….thanks for asking..

    cheers, david

  • mw,

    I have lived there for one year as well, but the value of a visual project is in its visual value, not in its name, idea, or written statement. At least, I think, it should be this way. But I am sure there are different opinions about that:)

  • David, thanks for the answer, interesting…

    Yanita, just another thought – Art world has always been corrupt, and when things come to financial support… well, if he/she is just an unknown random photographer from the street, even if he/she is good enough, personally I don’t believe he/she will get that 15000 grant. But miracles happen, and the chance to win this grant is still higher than playing a lottery.


    you could not be more wrong in your final word to Yanita…corruption ?….you see anybody get this grant that you had ever heard of before? sorry but you are way off on this one…give me a break…we are busting it around here to give young photographers a head start…we raised independent money with no controls whatsoever and choose a respected jury that votes independent of the other jurors….where is the corruption? pretty strong word Anthony and discounts anything you have ever said or written before….leaving Burn? good


    you may not win this award, but you can rest assured you will not be a victim and that your entry will be treated with respect and you have just as much chance as anyone else….do good work and that is all you need to do…thank you for your interest…

    cheers, david

  • Anthony, thanks for clearing that up for me. Good job ridiculously accusing David of being corrupt, too. At least you’re not blaming the Jews, eh. Not publicly anyway.

  • David, I don’t know what’s going on inside Burn, I was talking about Art world in general, and just expressed my thoughts and doubts… I think my thoughts about corruption gave you an opportunity for you to express EPG standards in public, and that was a good thing, wasn’t it? Actually, I believe what you say, or want to believe. David, no, I don’t have to leave Burn, why should I? But I have never had a chance to join Burn either, what way that would be? I don’t like communities, and I think in general, camera club communities actually are quite disgusting phenomenon… I just check what’s going on here, but I am on my own, solitary as always. If not your name behind Burn, I would never open a page here… I wanted to meet you in NYC, but you are so busy, and you don’t respond to private emails:)). With big respect

  • Thank you everyone for your replies.
    I have to say, the discussion was a bit more than I expected, but it is definitely heartwarming to know that people pay attention – I believe that is the best (and sometimes the only) way to support an artist, especially a photographer. Winning a contest, especially with a prize like this one, is always very attractive, but what is even more important to me personally is to have good feedback on my work from people who are experienced in the field.
    David, thank you again for clarifying the rules of this contest. I would love to stay in touch and show you the progress of my work.
    (Right now going through a little bump in the road because trying to get permission to photograph certain religious festivals is a little harder than I expected, but I’ve already managed to get a couple of great shots in spite of everything so hopefully my luck will continue in a good direction) :)

    Thank you and good luck to all of us in the contest! :)

  • Anthony R.Z. .. I guess you do realise that by what you have just written you not only say David is corrupt, but also a liar.. and that this counts for the whole Burn crew and all the past and present jurors as well?

    If you do not realise it, then you better read again what you wrote above.

    Best would be to ignore you. I should.


    Why don’t you give us a link and show us what YOU can do (have done) instead of just lobbing insults against whomever, warranted or not? Put up or shut up is my sage advice…. and I’m sure others will back me on that one. You’ve been anonymous way too long on here for all the vitriolic you sling about. At least Jim Powers gives us his full real name….


  • David, Charles,Mike, Eva, All…sorry we all had to wake up (or sleep in) with the classic pre EPF negativity…Maybe we should create some ne T-Shirts on Burn Store..thinking..thinking..hmm
    how about..
    “Apollo 13 never landed”!
    “Burn killed Hip Hop”
    “C.I.A, Burn, D.E.A get out of Gaddafi’s palace”
    “Burn is Corrupted”

  • or…
    “when one Osama dies, a new one is Born!”

  • Put up or shut up is my sage advice…. and I’m sure others will back me on that one.

    another Burn T-Shirt:

    ” Put up or shut up “

  • “Art Sucks” (in a pink font)-hoodie

  • how about…
    “im afraid im not good enough for EPF”…for girl bottoms undies


    “my Past haunts me, and ive done nothing about it” (men’s shirt)

  • or

    “My name in Anthony and i dont play well with others”

    (Anthonyyyyyyyyyy once again you made everyones day although i know u sacrificed yours)

  • or
    “the Jews did it again”

  • How about:

    “Life is Unfair”


    “Yet another talented young photographer got an EPF grant and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

    and on the back:

    “of course I couldn’t be bothered to submit…”

  • if “Art”/”Burn” is so corrupted then why u trying so hard to be associated with then?
    why reading, responding, sweating all this?
    why spitting on others work and efforts to fund poor unrecognized photogs..
    why spitting on DAH/magnum reputation?
    back it up!..why everyone one that was a recipient so far was NOT Dah’s personal friend?
    why am i not “winning” the award every year, since im a “friend”?
    Was Nachtwey and or Gilden “corrupted” for last years EPF?

    and ok, ok..i shouldnt be sensitive..maybe (yeah right) u never meant to “accuse” Burn , but u accused ART circles..
    which ones? enlighten us… maybe you could open our closed eyes…go ahead..lead the puppies and the kittens to liberation…go ahead unleash the beast..share your information with us…
    maybe you know who killed JFK or John Lennon..tell us about it it..
    who killed Kurt Cobain?
    Biggie Smalls?
    who? tell us? And if it was a Burn “associate” tell us..who did it?????
    who killed Tim?
    who killed Chris?
    who shot MLK? who shot Micheal C Brown?
    was it Burn’s corruption behind it? Moss-ad? the Germans? greek anarchists?
    who Anthony, who???????????????

  • “Yet another talented young photographer got an EPF grant and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”
    laughing…………damn it charles…im trying soooo hard and u nailed it with one word:(

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