advance warning….


update:7:15 am september 3  nags head, north carolina…..hurricane Earl….

house shaking like hell and cannot take much more it seems…but not taking in water anywhere that i can see which is amazing in itself…now blowing 75mph and raining horizontal sheets…my street is a river…i doubt i can even walk outside and surely not make it to the truck….i cannot believe electricity is on and coffee almost ready…

simply spectacular to see and feel , but not something easy to show in a picture..will a shot out my front door is probably best i can do and even that will not be easy…weather satellite shows it is almost over…cats tired of being prisoners in the darkroom…they do not seem to have any appreciation whatsoever that i saved their lives…so far

( below is september 1  post)

no joke, i am now in a bit of trouble…

hurricane Earl , now updated to cat 4 is gathering strength …and headed for my town…this is a very different report than i had earlier today when we all thought Earl was going to pass 300 miles out to sea ….now, it appears we have been given advance warning of the worst possible news for those of us who live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina… all but permanent residents are being evacuated and almost everyone is preparing to leave…our island can take any beating , it is  supposed to move around and come and go,  but the structures on it are extremely vulnerable to wind and water at all times…everybody knows, nobody should live here…

yet i do, and i always knew the risks…grew up in this neighborhood, fell in love with photography in this neighborhood…

i now have about 24 hours to make some very major moves…i must do all i can to save my house and honestly there is not too much i can do except close the wooden hurricane shutters…what i really must do is round up all things of archival value…my negatives which i have here ready to make use of my darkroom …was just getting ready to print a few editions of my early family work…

my son Bryan and his girlfriend yoga maestra Michelle  are my neighbors…just by amazing luck we are all here now to lend each other a hand ….Bryan travels the world as a film maker but always makes sure he is here this time of year for the world class surf…Bry lives to surf and he has made it an art….film making is in second place in his mind, but his visual talent is clear….Bryan’s main tool,  the surf , was in its most majestic moment this afternoon…..alas, those beautiful waves from this afternoon might just come and try to clean out these overbuilt beaches by tomorrow…i just love those waves….they are the earth and the earth has rights… more than my personal property which i hope will survive, but it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t…

however, i am not idle, nor complacent ….if the projected path of the hurricane continues as is predicted , i will have no choice but to put my negatives/prints/books  etc into my pickup truck and drive away to safety…if it were not for the negatives etc i would be tempted to stick it out..and no my friends cannot come and get the negatives for me..already thought of that…they will not let anyone not from here to come here…i think …

hmmmm, story here?? maybe i can get permission from NatGeo to let me publish a picture or two here on Burn from what is going on…i mean wouldn’t that create buzz for their upcoming OBX  NatGeo Magazine story which they are contracting from me?? just thinking off the top of my head…more important things for me to think about now…

when things get dire , i feel my best…little things irritate me and i am annoyed too easily….but big things and major problems tend to make me calm and focused… problems are no more important than anyone’s,yet this seems to be a problem for many…every tv network on the planet is set up down on the beach…..anyway let’s not overdue this..all things relative and in the realm of natural fluctuations , this is the easiest to survive because of the advance warnings…..but i do know that you would be interested and mostly how ironic that we have been discussing archives, and digi and film etc etc…

ok, must move on this …i will keep you updated as best i can….

oh yes, almost forgot, much better and bigger news…Diego Orlando , Special Projects Editor of Burn, is in Perpignan, France at this very moment and is showing (and maybe selling) first edition copies of BURN 01 at Visa Pour L’Image …we must also talk Jean Francois Leroy, Founder and Director,  into at least a projection for the Burn audience next year..if you are in Perpignan now , just know i miss hanging out with  you and yes  please buy a book from Diego…this is a seriously cool book featuring 25 essays from photographers/artists published here on Burn , both iconic and from the audience here, two think pieces by Akaky and Bob Black, and  printed and bound by the best in Italy supervised by Diego and designed by Anton Kusters and researched by Anna Maria  Jester and yea i am in the mix too…  and if you are not published  in this edition,  maybe next….please try….best part of this is if my own stuff ends up underwater, at least i will have BURN 01 to show….i think this really might be the first seriously published book/magazine from the works from an online blog audience…

anyway, just to give you something constructive to do , i will do what i often do and ask you a question…

ok, here is a relevant one: if you were in my shoes , would you now concentrate on getting the old work/negs/prints off the island or should i spend my energies on taking new pictures of the catastrophe around me?

-david alan harvey-

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    Tomorrow more airplanes for me…

    I am trying to follow EARL …let’s see…BUT I am not a photographer
    so don’t expect any visual…
    and remember…whatever happens in BURN…doesn’t stay in BURN
    therefore enjoy your weekend…Happy holiday for the N.Americans…
    I will be transmitting from Grecolandia…pretty soon

    LOVE YOU ALLL…LOVE YOU ALLL…keep shooting

    I will be back:))) cause BURN is the place to be…What not to BURN!!!

  • CIVI,

    Next time you gotta make it to this remote corner of America. A guest room is always waiting!


  • Getting off topic somewhat but this is a brilliant piece of must see work. It’s a “mockumentary” that packs a serious punch on a very serious issue. Please watch and share with all a sundry. The sumptuous narration is courtesy of Jeremy Irons.

    Paul Treacy

  • Should have been “all and sundry”. Fingers were going too fast.

  • Hi from Visa pour l’Image,

    we missed you !! Thanks to everyone who join us for the photos.

    cheers, audrey


    thanks for showing us the pictures from Perpignan …sorry i missed all the fun with you and all….your work looks terrific in Burn 01 and i am sure your parents are very proud of you as are we all… this family work will increase in value for you as time passes…

    hugs, david

  • Audrey, congratulations for Perpignan! I hope you got your own copy of Burn 01 signed by those fellow photographer-luminaries. How does it feel to be a luminary?


  • Audrey

    Congratulations and thanks for the photos.

    DAH, when will we be able to order a copy?

    Hurricane Earl update, one dead and 150,000 without power after Earl smacks Canada’s maritime provinces.

  • Audrey, it looks gorgeous, congrats on being in and getting the very first copy!!

  • You’re welcome. Many thanks to you. Burn01 is very beautiful, you will see…

  • DAVID :))

    so relieved to hear all is well….i was like a worried mother when sitting in the Halifax airport on Thursday when returning to Toronto….and now i must contact those who entered our lives in Cape Breton as they were rocked pretty hard…..both M and i sent you emails….so relieved to know you skirted the worst of it….the irony of hurricanes, having weather a few in my life in florida and having ‘swum’ through 2 direct hits, the irony is that the light after the storm is gone is transcendent….and, in truth, the dessert after the madness….a shame, it requires such a devastating first course…happy you, the kittens, your sons and their partners and chris b and everyone else is well and safe if a bit sloggy….that is a profound relief for all of us, indeed….

    and big congrats on Burn01….cant wait to see the copy :))))….ok, will be away from computer….the trip was transformative, especially photographically….and will show you something from it soonest….startling ;))

    AUDREY :)))

    thanks so much for the links :)))))…..that’s a terrific copy…how did that copy get there in front of Klein? ;))))))



    Thank you for your reporting from Perpignan… I missed not being there but at least, I shall have my own copy of Burn 01 very very soon now…. I can tell that after making your parents famous, you are on a mission to make my own parents have their moment of fame :):)…



  • David; Will there be a “buy” option listed on Burn for the magazine? Cheers :-)

  • Audrey,

    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Burn01 looks very nice copy!
    I expect to get it soon… I wonder where caould i buy it.

    Have a good time in Perpignan. :))


    thanks so much for the link to that hilarious yet heartbreaking mockumentary.
    within minutes of posting it on facebook i have a street daughter in tears (she had no idea) vowing never
    to use plastic again (i know, we’ll see..) and an oceanography teacher/friend who is going to have her
    students do a research project on it to raise awareness.

    may awareness bring change!

  • Katia,

    The work of Chris Jordan has been mentioned before here on Burn, but in case you haven’t seen his series on the birds of Midway Island that have died ingesting waste, here’s a link:×24

    I work for a paper & plastics recycling company, and see a lot of challenges first-hand. Burnians, please make sure that your items to be recycled are separated properly and are rinsed and empty. The less man-hours that are involved in sorting materials, and the less contaminated those materials are, the more valuable they will be to industry. I can’t quote specific figures, only anecdotally – most, if not all, municipal recycling programs would not exist without the support of taxes and grants. In order to make these programs self-sustaining or even profitable, they have to be able to compete with the pricing for raw materials. I hope that we are close to that tipping point…


    we will be sending you a copy of Burn 01 since you are one of the essayists represented….your essay looks very subtle yet strong in this book…

    cheers, david

  • Where do you buy a copy of Burn 01?

  • Where do you buy a copy of Burn 01?

    Where do you buy a copy of Burn 01?

    Where do you buy a copy of Burn 01?

  • I get this request a lot lately!!;)

  • Audrey, (as many have already said) thank you for sharing your photos from Perpignan! You are a most excellent ambassador for Burn! :-)

  • Ladies and gents it’s an honor for me to announce that I’m sitting in Venice beach having a beer with mr. Luis Ochoa.. cool guy… Shooting.. Right next to me as we speak:)

  • David,

    Thank you very much for your comments about the Burn01.
    My many Korean freinds of photography want to buy the book, too.
    So i will order that book together.

    I heard your foot was hurt..
    Please be careful and don’t to walk too much…hope to get well soon.

    Kyunghee Lee

  • I wasn’t alone, my apologies and thanks a lot to Laura, Jean, Patricio, Diego, Jean-Michel… Everyone who joined us for the photos…

    Bob, I don’t know… :=))))

    Eric, c’était un plaisir de rencontrer tes parents, ils sont adorables, tu es très chanceux ;=)

  • Laura, sorry for not answering sooner, was a tad busy over the weekend ( ), will get in touch with you, and Diego, thanks!


    within the next few days we will have a paypal button right here for the purchase of Burn 01…it has not officially launched so to speak and i will do an appropriate post when it is totally available for all who wish to own it…….Diego Orlando of course did take some advance copies to Perpignan so we could see the reaction from the international photo community…… we are going to bring half the copies to the U.S. for distribution here and the remainder to be shipped out of Italy…the work for shipping, the sales tax structure for various countries etc is a formidable task for all of us, so please be patient…worth the wait….

    cheers, david

  • Is there a list of photographers who made it into Burn 01??? or was everyone in the book notified??

    I have tried to ask this question over the past months and have gotten no response. Just figured either no one knew or David and Anton kept missing my posts.

    Thanks, Valery

  • Jim Powers: hi Jim!



    yes, i missed this question….sorry…however , i did post once that all photographers who were in BURN 01 were notified because they had to re-size their work for hi res reproduction…sorry you missed this…and it is all essays which were published in Burn this time singles…BURN 02 may have a whole section of singles…each edition will be different from the other both in content style and physicality and design of the book/magazine itself…i promise you that you will want to try for 02 or 03….even the big name iconic photographers are trying to get in…but, they are in the minority from my point of view…BURN will continue to feature the younger evolving revolving emerging i wanna make it eager talented photographers….

    cheers, david

  • Anton, I have just received my copy of 893 magazine and I just want to say congratulations and thank you to you, your brother Malik and Taka-san for taking me inside a society that I would not otherwise have been able to visit. Wonderful photography, Anton, I love the layout of the magazine and the quality of the magazine (Lulu) is superb. I’m really impressed and I want the book!

    As some of you may know, Anton is closing orders for the book on Sept. 8th – so do yourself a favour and order one now!

    Anton has said that he will sign and return any copies that are sent to him: I’ll include a few euros with my copy for the postage, Anton. Thanks again and keep “playing it wide”.


  • I might consider sending my copy to him too so that he can sign it for me. That’s a great idea, actually. Great stuff Anton.

  • I’ve just re-registered with the tax authorities here. It took longer than I hoped it would despite all my yapping. No more stay-at-home-daddying. I need to make a showreel this week. Have any of you got a drop dead stunning showreel? Know of any? Let’s see some show reels. Please post some links here. I’ll post mine when it’s done. A showreel for Burn 01 would be cool.

  • Burn 01? 02 03??? I’m missing something here! I’ve been away too long!!!
    Will someone please help me catch up? Where do I find info about this? is it print or an online mag??

    David – How do I submit??

  • Read a few posts up, Jason. Not available yet. But soon, apparently. All very exciting.

  • And finally, and I do mean to stop doing this sort of thing for a while, there’s this bit of fluff from yesterday:

  • Thanks David!

    By the way I did also submit more singles as you suggested a while ago. Congrats on Burn 01 it looks great.

    My best, Valery

  • BURN 01 … it would be awesome if it was ahipable to india too ….. whom shall i bribe to …to get avail of this facility …..lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    i know you did…and i thank you…and i plan two publish at least two…i have not been able to work with the new singles lately just because of my own natgeo shooting schedule which i am sure you can appreciate takes most of my time these soon as i slow down a bit with my own work, i will get back to yours pronto….smiling…

    cheers, david

  • JASON…

    you just got a D- for the class….now please go back and do your homework…who doesn’t know about BURN 01??

    however, i will also do a new post in a few days…for new readers who have no idea…the old ones, like you and a former student to boot, should know what is going on….smiling….yes, we will set up the darkroom …

    cheers, david

  • BOB…

    welcome home…welcome back….your text piece for Burn 01 is solid…that one piece is going to be around for awhile…too late to fix it…hope you like it…i do

    cheers, david

  • Vivek, just the other day I got Pablo Bartholomew’s ‘Outsidein’, shipped by, India, without problems. I’m sure, shipping the other way around works as well!

  • Bob, welcome home. While you were in Nova Scotia did you come across any photo stores that sell film? I’m heading out that way soon from the u.k. and I’m thinking about buying film on my arrival to miss the x-ray checks at the (3) airports.



  • DAVID :)))))

    wouldn’t change it for the world, ’cause it belongs to you, anton and everyone else at Burn :)))))….and it’s good to be home….good to be back here too….i’ve got so many damn emails and no desire to spend time at computer….and, you’ll laugh, but shooting intensely in NS was a transformative experience…..the light, the gorgeous, god-blessed light….i saw color, as a photographer, for the first time in 10 years….though i shot all b/w…on the last day, when i finally decided to shoot color, it was gray/overcast….now back, cant see color at all in Toronto…as a photographer…but, i’ve decided to put a hold on ‘nothing is black & white’ (that’s the long thing i’ve been working on for you, anton and BURN) and now, new thing, based on what i did in NS….won’t develop the film for 3 weeks (want it in my body before i see what i did)….a perfect antitode to all that stuff, ‘and our memories’, ‘bones of time’ ‘oxen of the sun’…all those intense faces and abstractions….and this one, all about space and emptyness and light, overwelming joy of light and landscape…so much to say, but want this to be a surprise….more later….M and i are so happy you guys made it and very excited about BURN01 and all everyone :))))….more after this week, must get adjusted to seeing/talking to people again…and yes, i finished volume 1 of Proust…and shot a shit of film and made sure my wife and son got lots of love and joy :))))…maybe we’ll move to obx to escape cities…i much more productive away from computer life :))))….hugs

    Mike :)))…

    well, i’ll tell you that Nova Scotia is extraordinary….we spent our whole time on Cape Breton….and the land is as gorgeous as n.california and western ireland….awe inspiring….actually, much of it looks too like scotland and e.england….i hand-checked all my film going into NS….didnt buy anything there as we were staying in small small fishing villages… favorite was Neil’s Harbour…i have a great B&B recommendation if you need it…great place to watch the ocean lick hungrily upon the land….and great folk too….cabot trail indescribable…..which part are you going….i was disappointed with Halifax, but by then, i cared only about land, light, sky and sea….but, i am CERTAIN you can buy film in Halifax as there are 8 colleges and 2 fine art schools….

    look here:

    try atlantic photo supply:

    let me know if you want any tips for places to stay :))))

    we loved Margaree too :)))…and the beach below R. Frank’s house :)))))


  • Wow Thanks David! good to know though….. and please I understand about your work, I am amazed at how you find time for everything you do as it is. Thank you again and again for all you do. I look forward to seeing more of your new work as well.

    Ciao, Valery

  • Mike R

    When in Halifax check out the viewpoint photo gallery

    Bob B

    Welcome back.
    I’ve gone to Nova Scotia many times over the past few years for a wooden flute festival in Lunenburg. In 2006 Martha joined me, and after the festival we spent an amazing month touring, including a lot of time in Cape Breton, where Martha had lived for a few years back in the seventies. A magical place indeed.

  • To succeed one must fail. The most successful have often failed many times over – look at Edison and his light bulb!

    David Should we set up a date for me to come visit? December? January? I’ll have to get your address too…

    I look forward to Burn 01!

  • Thanks Bob and Gordon, my wife and I are visiting relatives in Halifax (so I’ll check out the viewpoint gallery)and have a trip to Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail planned. We are going with friends, so they know accommodation, thanks. I’m also going to go to Prince Edward Island. I’ll telephone Atlantic Photo Supply (I was going to order from B&H, NYC but shipping is more expensive than the film!). We visit Scotland regularly an I envisage a similar landscape – only bigger!

    Thanks again to both of you.


  • JASON…

    honestly it is very difficult for me to set an actual date…i am going to be shooting almost all the time either OBX or RIO right up until Christmas….right now, january or after does seem to make the most sense…we will have to jockey around with our respective schedules to get it right…


    yes, Cape Breton quite nice…my first serious early color tranny work (Kodachrome) was done on Cape Breton when i was a teenager…would like to return someday….must have been late summer or early fall when i was there, and all of my work seems to have been in the fog…coast, boats…loved it.


    India is indeed on our distribution map, but probably expensive shipping i am imagining…our biggest problem with Burn 01 from a purchaser standpoint is shipping costs…since we are such a small operation we cannot get the super low cost shipping rates that Amazon and others are able to negotiate because of their high volume…anyway, one way or another, we will be sure to have a copy for you….why not just come and pick it up?? surely you have recovered by now from your last trip to the Burn Hotel and are ready for more…we have our loft class getting ready to start on the 17th…i know you must want to join us don’t you?? try to imagine…


    yes, a show reel spot here on Burn would be cool…i am just not sure how many we would have…but certainly as time went on we would pick up some…you wanna be our show reel editor?

    cheers, david

  • It probably has been posted here before, but DAH, I loved that Rio-bag, very, VERY carioca!

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