advance warning….


update:7:15 am september 3  nags head, north carolina…..hurricane Earl….

house shaking like hell and cannot take much more it seems…but not taking in water anywhere that i can see which is amazing in itself…now blowing 75mph and raining horizontal sheets…my street is a river…i doubt i can even walk outside and surely not make it to the truck….i cannot believe electricity is on and coffee almost ready…

simply spectacular to see and feel , but not something easy to show in a picture..will a shot out my front door is probably best i can do and even that will not be easy…weather satellite shows it is almost over…cats tired of being prisoners in the darkroom…they do not seem to have any appreciation whatsoever that i saved their lives…so far

( below is september 1  post)

no joke, i am now in a bit of trouble…

hurricane Earl , now updated to cat 4 is gathering strength …and headed for my town…this is a very different report than i had earlier today when we all thought Earl was going to pass 300 miles out to sea ….now, it appears we have been given advance warning of the worst possible news for those of us who live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina… all but permanent residents are being evacuated and almost everyone is preparing to leave…our island can take any beating , it is  supposed to move around and come and go,  but the structures on it are extremely vulnerable to wind and water at all times…everybody knows, nobody should live here…

yet i do, and i always knew the risks…grew up in this neighborhood, fell in love with photography in this neighborhood…

i now have about 24 hours to make some very major moves…i must do all i can to save my house and honestly there is not too much i can do except close the wooden hurricane shutters…what i really must do is round up all things of archival value…my negatives which i have here ready to make use of my darkroom …was just getting ready to print a few editions of my early family work…

my son Bryan and his girlfriend yoga maestra Michelle  are my neighbors…just by amazing luck we are all here now to lend each other a hand ….Bryan travels the world as a film maker but always makes sure he is here this time of year for the world class surf…Bry lives to surf and he has made it an art….film making is in second place in his mind, but his visual talent is clear….Bryan’s main tool,  the surf , was in its most majestic moment this afternoon…..alas, those beautiful waves from this afternoon might just come and try to clean out these overbuilt beaches by tomorrow…i just love those waves….they are the earth and the earth has rights… more than my personal property which i hope will survive, but it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t…

however, i am not idle, nor complacent ….if the projected path of the hurricane continues as is predicted , i will have no choice but to put my negatives/prints/books  etc into my pickup truck and drive away to safety…if it were not for the negatives etc i would be tempted to stick it out..and no my friends cannot come and get the negatives for me..already thought of that…they will not let anyone not from here to come here…i think …

hmmmm, story here?? maybe i can get permission from NatGeo to let me publish a picture or two here on Burn from what is going on…i mean wouldn’t that create buzz for their upcoming OBX  NatGeo Magazine story which they are contracting from me?? just thinking off the top of my head…more important things for me to think about now…

when things get dire , i feel my best…little things irritate me and i am annoyed too easily….but big things and major problems tend to make me calm and focused… problems are no more important than anyone’s,yet this seems to be a problem for many…every tv network on the planet is set up down on the beach…..anyway let’s not overdue this..all things relative and in the realm of natural fluctuations , this is the easiest to survive because of the advance warnings…..but i do know that you would be interested and mostly how ironic that we have been discussing archives, and digi and film etc etc…

ok, must move on this …i will keep you updated as best i can….

oh yes, almost forgot, much better and bigger news…Diego Orlando , Special Projects Editor of Burn, is in Perpignan, France at this very moment and is showing (and maybe selling) first edition copies of BURN 01 at Visa Pour L’Image …we must also talk Jean Francois Leroy, Founder and Director,  into at least a projection for the Burn audience next year..if you are in Perpignan now , just know i miss hanging out with  you and yes  please buy a book from Diego…this is a seriously cool book featuring 25 essays from photographers/artists published here on Burn , both iconic and from the audience here, two think pieces by Akaky and Bob Black, and  printed and bound by the best in Italy supervised by Diego and designed by Anton Kusters and researched by Anna Maria  Jester and yea i am in the mix too…  and if you are not published  in this edition,  maybe next….please try….best part of this is if my own stuff ends up underwater, at least i will have BURN 01 to show….i think this really might be the first seriously published book/magazine from the works from an online blog audience…

anyway, just to give you something constructive to do , i will do what i often do and ask you a question…

ok, here is a relevant one: if you were in my shoes , would you now concentrate on getting the old work/negs/prints off the island or should i spend my energies on taking new pictures of the catastrophe around me?

-david alan harvey-

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  • house shaking like hell and cannot take much more it seems…but not taking in water anywhere that i can see which is amazing in itself…now blowing 75mph and raining horizontal sheets…my street is a river…i doubt i can even walk outside and maybe not even make it to the car….cannot believe electricity is on and coffee almost ready…just spectacular to see and feel , but not something easy to show in a picture..will a shot out my front door is probably best i can do and even that will not be easy…weather satellite shows it is almost over…cats tired of being prisoners in the darkroom…they do not seem to have any appreciation whatsoever that i saved their lives…so far

  • wow. been thinking of you all night…

  • So you rode it out. Wow. You are brave. Amazing. Think I will make some coffee myself. Glad you made it dude.

  • Glad to hear things going well, still take care for yourself.
    The wind around your house seems to be all the good enery people are sending to you ;-)

  • amigo…

    jsut home….left NS just be earl descends there….had no idea about Earl until yesterday….no tv, no computer, no emails, almost no people for seems like an eternity, a paradise….then, of course, thought all about u in the halifax airport, fingers crossed that it wounded swallow obx…now my thoughts are for our friends in Cape breton….having stuck out 2 hurricanes, my thoughts are with you and the cats :))…..dont worry, cats always appreciate, but it may not be so apparent…more words later….computer stings after so much silence :))

    hugs for you, the boys and the cats….happy you are intact

    more this weekend…



  • good morning David- i’m super glad to see that Earl decided to stay just off shore and that you and your neighbors are safe… a nice adrenalin rush experiencing a taste of the storm, without the utter devastation and misery of a direct hit…

    now with the worst almost over ( for the outer banks anyway- good luck new englanders!)and the wind subsiding soon, i imagine Bryan is ready to surf..


    i am not sure i am going to make that workshop in Spain….you will of course get a refund from EFTI the organizers if i cannot make it…for one thing i am in the middle of a heavy and unexpected shooting here in Carolina….this storm will be over soon, but the pictures will just begin….and on top of everything else , i can barely walk…i had an injury to my foot during all of this mess that might put me down for a few days..not sure…still moving now painfully…so, i cannot walk, it is blowing bad, i need a picture, and i am supposed to be in Spain…mama mia….smiling..

  • So you stood fast. Well, glad it all worked out okay.

  • Glad you made it David, it sounded awfully scary.
    And with your spirits up (and coffee ready) you should be ready for the aftermath too. Stay well and mind your foot.
    Best wishes,

  • David,
    hurricane Earl sounds really ferocious and I hope you manage to keep you and your house in a good condition.
    The image of rain taken out of your car reminds me of a stormy night 20 years ago. My mother woke me up one winter morning and asked me to have a look outside. There I saw the new car of my sister totally covered by our neighbours fir tree which came down that night and crashed right on my sisters Golf. There was hardly anything to be seen from the car…
    It was still dark and so and I decided to go back to bed for a little longer… some time later I heard my sister coming into my room crying „Reimar… my car!!!“ I guess my answer was: „I know!“ So I got out of bed and we looked closer at what happened. Meanwhile it was a bit more bright, but there was not much we could do. For my sister this was a real shock because it was her first car and almost brand new. She phoned the insurance company and I phoned a friend to come along with a chain saw. Some hours later we had liberated the car from the needles, branches and tree trunk. Of course I took many pictures of the rescue mission. The roof of the car was completly smashed – little hope this car would ever drive a meter again. The insurance guy came and took some polaroids… ah, the good old days of film… and then my sister drove the car to the next Volkswagen garage. Hard to believe, but the car was still running. I went to the newspaper and when I went into the newsroom they editor asked me if I had a picture of the storm and I said yes! The image was published in the paper the next day. About a week later the Golf had a new roof and my sister sold the car many years later with 360 000 kilometers on the clock to someone in Turkey where the Golf is probably still running.
    This year we had a lot of rain in August and a severe flooding at the water mill of my family, but luckily we had no major problems… it is somehow part of the location and we are prepared for it. To see the forces of nature is a miracle to watch and I always stand in awe when I witness such events which luckily are very rare in my part of the world. There is little you can do against the forces of nature. In the coming days I have to pump the water out of the cellar…
    Everything is fine in my part of the world. The sun is out here and I hope you will have some sunshine soon. Until then make the best of the weather!
    Take good care and all the best!

  • dah
    and the house stands….
    81 years….
    can’t wait to see a photograph…
    glad you and neighbors are safe….

  • Have to agree: hurricanes suck, but nor’easters suck even more. After a hurricane you dont have to shovel five feet of snow out of your driveway.

  • David, Sorry for your foot injury and for your house and… for negatives.
    If I where you I would save the negatives (about works may be you can reprint.. and all else.. I use to do more than one copy and keep it in different and far away place (disaster recovery lessons at University where useful), of course carrying a camera to take picture… may be an old Nikonos..

    BUT… I’m writing here to tell that I’m in Perpignan with Audrey and .. I JUST BOUGHT THE FIRST COPY OF BURN.01!!!! From Diego. The second copy was sold to Eric parent’s :)
    To give my compliments to all of you is not enough. Perfect selection of the essay.
    We took, with Audrey, some picture i.e. with William Albert Allard with the book. You’ll see it :)

  • … If I where you I’ll also record an audio about the voice of Earl

  • DAH

    Hope you understood it was a joke…..Who cares about money back as long as you’re safe!!

    I just read your last update. It’s wierd to think that you are going trough a cat4 hurricane there, while I read my laptop sipping a cold beer out in my terrace at 33º. It’s amazing how small the world is sometimes, and how big and changing it’s others. What’s not love?

    Good luck and if you finally make it to Spain,you have to tell me all about the experience!!! :))

  • LAURA,

    I am jealous regards Burn01!
    Celebrate with a cold one!

  • LAURA!! Pick one up for me please and drop it off on your way back home!!! Argh.

    Just back from Foligno, Perugia, a couple hours from here. There was an exhibition, Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou. Important word in that sentence is ‘WAS’. As in ‘is’ no more. Has been taken down. Should have come down on September, 9th. Argh.

    But weather is nice, dinner on the table, life is good :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…Dearest MR.HARVEY…

    take care the injury…we know…that you know…BUT when the adrenaline is high…
    you don’t really know…hmmm…BUT…I hope you know…that you know…
    well…I have your key for the Greek house…and one extra for our HARVEY family…
    you can bring the cats too…no problem (no kidding)…

    if you need some cleaning…you know…that I know…there are some good BURNIANS out there
    willing to help…is that right …MY BURNIANS???!!!…

    amazing…you write good too…I know …that you know…you are not an academian…
    BUT…you have the charisma to “glue” people…if you know
    and if you don’t know by now…then here it is

    WE LOVE YOU MR.HARVEY…please, take care yourself and the family…

    P.S …i need coffee

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and a big BRAVO to all of you…

    BURNIANS,silent Readers(mass Audience), Sponsors,Donors…
    BURN 01…has a footprint…

    ORLANDO…thank you for everything…we will meet sooner or later…!!!

    LAURA…we need visual stimulation…



  • i love many thrills..never a dull moment:)

  • No advance warning for Ross in the “Shaky Isles”……………..stuffed up all the dunnies in Christchurch,water’s gone kaput gotta drink beer again Ross?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    IMANTS…We need update…

    “A powerful predawn earthquake struck near Christchurch, New Zealand, on Saturday, sending people into the streets as windows exploded and buildings crumbled.”

    it’s a busy week…we are too many all over the Universe…I am thinking to open a relief center…
    I know…I know…AKAKY IRL is ready to shoot…(by the way…AKAKY, I am proud of you…very…)
    and to ALL my BURNIANS…

    What not to BURN !!!

  • Dunno never felt a thing here……… grin

  • a civilian-mass audience

    cause you are …an earthquake IMANTS…
    (to be perceived as a compliment)

  • I would have loved to see someone shoot a video of you, David, putting the kiddies in a safe place, but also the whole enchildada of what went on around the house as Earl the big bad wolf of a hurricane, tried to get in! .

    Save your foot, good to hear all of you are safe, and the house too!

  • David – I’m going to be printing in a darkroom most of the rest of the evening and then busy all weekend – SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR NEGATIVES ARE SAFE!!!!!!

    Check your darkroom for light leaks!!!!!

    Would love to visit your beach house sometime since it’s still there.

    This fall? or winter? to talk about book!! I hope you’ll be free sometime for a little bit.

    I’ll check your schedule if I can find it.

  • That was a wild ride, DAH
    Without having ever met you I get the impression you could give this guy a run for his money :>))

    Stay thirsty my friends !

  • Civi/Imants; Yes the biggest earthquake (7.1) since 1931 (when Napier was destroyed)’s_Bay_earthquake

    Christchurch has been pretty badly knocked around; but thankfully only 2 serious injuries. We get a heap of earthquakes, we had a good one here last week, shook the place around a lot. I suppose we are fortunate that we have good building codes (because of the earthquakes) and that stopped a lot of the damage.

    We are going to get the “big one” sooner or later though; it’s not a matter of if; but when. And Wellington; the capital city, sits atop the main fault line!

    Mind you; I only live about 20 km’s from Mount Taranaki; and she’s overdue to blow too! :-)

    And of course; Auckland our biggest city of 1.1 million is actually built on volcanoes!

    Cheers :-)

  • David; I’m glad to see that everything turned out ok. I was away from the internet and unable to add my 2c worth of advice!

  • Just watched the evening news and they now think about 2 billion dollars damage. And now they are going to get 120+ kmh winds and 4 degree Celcius temps for the next 3 days…

  • Ross it is those stupid hobbits that are behind this rockin’ and bangin’…. Gollum was right when he called them nasty little hobbits

  • See even the Us suffered due to ant Gullumism

  • Hobbits? Hmmm dunno;

    For centuries before Europeans arrived, Māori had experienced rū whenua, which means ‘the shaking of the land’.

    According to Māori tradition, earthquakes are caused by the god Rūaumoko (or Rūamoko), the son of Ranginui (the Sky) and his wife Papatūānuku (the Earth). Rangi had been separated from Papa, and his tears had flooded the land.

    Their sons resolved to turn their mother face downwards, so that she and Rangi should not constantly see one another’s sorrow and grieve more. When Papatūānuku was turned over, Rūaumoko was still at her breast, and was carried to the world below. To keep him warm there he was given fire. He is the god of earthquakes and volcanoes, and the rumblings that disturb the land are made by him as he walks about.

  • Imants; Click on the song “Cape Turnagain” at this link re; Ruaumoko

  • Ok we will let the hobbits off maybe it is The All Blacks running over the NSW Warratahs

  • Warratahs must be a NSW band Ross you don’t have warratahs (flowers) you got possums

  • We’ve got Warratah fence posts though… :-)

  • Bad day in NZ a quake and a plane crash ……… time for something good

  • EVA, I’ll try to pick one. If I find Diego. I just saw him for a moment this morning. :)
    If I don’t find him, anyway Diego will be in italy soon with a lot of copy and in the meantime you can have a look at my copy. I’m going back to Rome tomorrow.

  • ALL,

    Okay, I take it this is the new discussion thread? Not just storm warnings?

    Anyway, here’s a crazy idea: collecting photographer’s developing trays. JOHN GLADDY, this one goes out to you!

    Also, if you missed it in all the hurricane hoopla, here’s a repost of the link of me on local TV teaching my rock photography camp. Kinda embarrassing, kinda fun…

    :) CP


    yes, this is a Dialogue post, so THE place for the moment for general discussion…i will try to do a new Dialogue post soonest that might seem more appropriate, but for the time being this is it…i am scrambling shooting these last two days of summer to capture what i can for the upcoming article on obx, so no time to do one now…weird but the beginning of yesterday i was in heavy heavy winds and rain and by the afternoon , it was a beautiful summer day and the surf was clean with light offshore to shape the waves and as big as a sand break wave can be and still be ridden…damn dude, i been wearing sandals for weeks, but reality will hit me soon enough…in the meantime, i am off to shoot….end of season lifeguard party will close out my day….


    you coming down here? winter best at this point i think…you can help in the darkroom?? i am slammed all fall

  • David – Winter sounds great! and HELL yeah I can help out in the dark room!!

  • David – Time is short right now – My girlfriend and I are great darkroomers. I’m excellent at printing and setting stuff up – Kayla is great at mixing and processing film. do you have an Idea what month would be best? Do you have big plans for upcoming assignments?

  • DAH,

    Oh man, have fun! Cold and rainy here… what else would you expect in Seattle! Check out my class when you get a spare five.



  • In an effort to stimulate tourism to this place, I am including several photos taken there recently. Please come and spend some money; this locality can use the revenue.

    The previsou PSA does not reflect the views of the management of this station nor of any known Akaky anywhere in the world. Thank you.

  • CHARLES. My selenium dish looks like some of those..and of course my favorite coffee mug :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    CHARLES…oime…is that really YOU…our CHARLES…FELIX’S dadda…
    BRAVO…hmm…you ALL BURNIANS look good…

    I better check my diet…I will need MICHELE’S magic diet or spiritual guidance
    HUGS and cheerios…oups…can at least have some cheerios…:)))

    AKAKY…you street photographer !!!

    JASON…the DARKroomer…!!!


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