advance warning….


update:7:15 am september 3  nags head, north carolina…..hurricane Earl….

house shaking like hell and cannot take much more it seems…but not taking in water anywhere that i can see which is amazing in itself…now blowing 75mph and raining horizontal sheets…my street is a river…i doubt i can even walk outside and surely not make it to the truck….i cannot believe electricity is on and coffee almost ready…

simply spectacular to see and feel , but not something easy to show in a picture..will a shot out my front door is probably best i can do and even that will not be easy…weather satellite shows it is almost over…cats tired of being prisoners in the darkroom…they do not seem to have any appreciation whatsoever that i saved their lives…so far

( below is september 1  post)

no joke, i am now in a bit of trouble…

hurricane Earl , now updated to cat 4 is gathering strength …and headed for my town…this is a very different report than i had earlier today when we all thought Earl was going to pass 300 miles out to sea ….now, it appears we have been given advance warning of the worst possible news for those of us who live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina… all but permanent residents are being evacuated and almost everyone is preparing to leave…our island can take any beating , it is  supposed to move around and come and go,  but the structures on it are extremely vulnerable to wind and water at all times…everybody knows, nobody should live here…

yet i do, and i always knew the risks…grew up in this neighborhood, fell in love with photography in this neighborhood…

i now have about 24 hours to make some very major moves…i must do all i can to save my house and honestly there is not too much i can do except close the wooden hurricane shutters…what i really must do is round up all things of archival value…my negatives which i have here ready to make use of my darkroom …was just getting ready to print a few editions of my early family work…

my son Bryan and his girlfriend yoga maestra Michelle  are my neighbors…just by amazing luck we are all here now to lend each other a hand ….Bryan travels the world as a film maker but always makes sure he is here this time of year for the world class surf…Bry lives to surf and he has made it an art….film making is in second place in his mind, but his visual talent is clear….Bryan’s main tool,  the surf , was in its most majestic moment this afternoon…..alas, those beautiful waves from this afternoon might just come and try to clean out these overbuilt beaches by tomorrow…i just love those waves….they are the earth and the earth has rights… more than my personal property which i hope will survive, but it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t…

however, i am not idle, nor complacent ….if the projected path of the hurricane continues as is predicted , i will have no choice but to put my negatives/prints/books  etc into my pickup truck and drive away to safety…if it were not for the negatives etc i would be tempted to stick it out..and no my friends cannot come and get the negatives for me..already thought of that…they will not let anyone not from here to come here…i think …

hmmmm, story here?? maybe i can get permission from NatGeo to let me publish a picture or two here on Burn from what is going on…i mean wouldn’t that create buzz for their upcoming OBX  NatGeo Magazine story which they are contracting from me?? just thinking off the top of my head…more important things for me to think about now…

when things get dire , i feel my best…little things irritate me and i am annoyed too easily….but big things and major problems tend to make me calm and focused… problems are no more important than anyone’s,yet this seems to be a problem for many…every tv network on the planet is set up down on the beach…..anyway let’s not overdue this..all things relative and in the realm of natural fluctuations , this is the easiest to survive because of the advance warnings…..but i do know that you would be interested and mostly how ironic that we have been discussing archives, and digi and film etc etc…

ok, must move on this …i will keep you updated as best i can….

oh yes, almost forgot, much better and bigger news…Diego Orlando , Special Projects Editor of Burn, is in Perpignan, France at this very moment and is showing (and maybe selling) first edition copies of BURN 01 at Visa Pour L’Image …we must also talk Jean Francois Leroy, Founder and Director,  into at least a projection for the Burn audience next year..if you are in Perpignan now , just know i miss hanging out with  you and yes  please buy a book from Diego…this is a seriously cool book featuring 25 essays from photographers/artists published here on Burn , both iconic and from the audience here, two think pieces by Akaky and Bob Black, and  printed and bound by the best in Italy supervised by Diego and designed by Anton Kusters and researched by Anna Maria  Jester and yea i am in the mix too…  and if you are not published  in this edition,  maybe next….please try….best part of this is if my own stuff ends up underwater, at least i will have BURN 01 to show….i think this really might be the first seriously published book/magazine from the works from an online blog audience…

anyway, just to give you something constructive to do , i will do what i often do and ask you a question…

ok, here is a relevant one: if you were in my shoes , would you now concentrate on getting the old work/negs/prints off the island or should i spend my energies on taking new pictures of the catastrophe around me?

-david alan harvey-

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  • @DAH: is your email still the aol one? Tried to drop you an email but it bounced back. Not sure but might be the second time.


    my aol account has been defunct for over a year…best

  • Heh, silly me… I bet I’ve seen the email over here before, but in gmail I’ve just stuck to the david that showed up there. I’ll resend now.

  • Btw, if you’re on flickr you can curate part of David Hurn’s exhibition Passing Time (to open at Third Floor Gallery on the 18th of November) and win a signed copy of his latest book, Writing the Picture. All the info on this thread:


    NYT about venice.. In the photo you’ll see Abraham and his wife (the lady that bitten by the dog 2 years ago that caused me to feel how handcuffs work)..:(

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…your photos…last photos …good to have them…
    The Universe is changing…the Circle of Life…
    Please…take more pictures…for the next generations…
    More civilians are coming…

    My BURNIANS…when you hear the “click” …your vision becomes our vision…

    The circle of life…
    Life goes on
    We have to move on
    But if you don’t look back
    You are cursed to pay back…

    love you All…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Your backyard is constantly changing…and you are the witnesses …
    Keep shooting…

  • Civi, shot kitten and chicken a couple hours ago, is that fine?

    Panos, keep on taking pics!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…you suppose to be …sleeping:)))

    So,you shot one kitten and a chicken…that means you had a good dinner…:)))
    (to be perceived as a joke)…for my oversensitive BURNIANS…

    And yes,EVA I am waiting for my visual …I can wait…

  • please watch this video about a wonderful project by Zana Briski called, “REVERENCE” and help her fund it!

    talk about Loving your subjects… whooaa….

    thank you, erica, for posting this on fb!

  • Re: venice, I wouldn’t sweat it, man. Every cool scene dies from some combination of gentrification and repression.
    Zen fascists will control you
    100% natural
    You will jog for the master race
    And always wear the happy face
    And if that fate unbecomes you, find the new scene. It’s out there.
    uber alles

  • Link for today:

    Sean Gallagher:

    (Civi.. ehm, I do not eat kitten!! my mother would kill me!)

  • Eva, Thanks for the link…

    Sean does some really nice work, it’s great to see the journalistic context in which we hope to make an impact through photography, and Sean has done just that.

    Best, Jeremy

  • Hey all,

    Been underwater for a while with work, but figured I’d pop up to let you know about this little game. David Hurn is having the public search through his Magnum archive for 5 pairings to be included in an upcoming exhibition in Wales next month. He’s giving away 5 copies of his new book, Writing the Picture, to the winners — more info, links, etc., here:

    (you will have to join Flickr if you’re not already a member)

  • Jared ., we are in the flicker!
    Nice work… and yes needle fever it is according to Facebook ;)

  • I was wondering if someone has a bit of advice regarding model releases please. I’m shooting a project with a family and getting everything model released (an editorial model release) as I go.

    The mother is guardian and is signing the relaese for the 16-year old daughter. However the daughter has recently given birth; so obviously is the baby’s mother/guardian; but as the daughter is under 18 her mother is her guardian. Technically; who would be the legal guardian for the new baby?

    I think I will put the mother and the daughter’s name on the release to cover everything, but would value any input! Thanks.

    Cheers :-)

  • Also, I forgot to mention that the daughter’s fiancee (the baby’s father) is over 18 and name will be on the new release too! Thanks..

  • Ross, if you’re getting all three names on the release–two of which are legal age–you are in good shape.

  • But getting actual legal advice never hurts either! ;^}

  • Ross i wish I could recall details from my teen preg story that ran in a mag – i didn’t handle the releases, editor did, but i remember something about one of the subjects being an issue. an underage mom’s mom was not signing, so her (underage mom’s) face couldn’t be shown..her baby’s face wasn’t shown either but i think that was at the discretion of the underage mom.

  • Ross,
    You should be covered with the mother signing for the daughter and for the fiance
    to sign on behalf of the infant.
    Just make sure you’re upfront with everyone and that they are well informed on what a model
    release permits and what your eventual intentions with the images are.
    I’ve worked most of my career shooting commercial stock and twice have had releases challenged
    on the basis of an “I didn’t really understandcwhat a model releas permitted”.
    Both times it involved non professional models who were paid for their time.
    Just be overly clear.
    Also,you mentioned an ‘editorial’ release which,I assume, only permits ‘editorial’ uses.
    Just make sure that your subjects understand that images could eventually end up on magazine
    or book covers or a websiteclanding page.
    There have been some legal challenges that claim these uses are ‘advertising’

  • Link for today is about Darcy Padilla:

    Check out the Julie Project.. talking about commitment..

    Jeremy, you’re welcome :)

  • Does anyone know who took the photo of the running tiger on the cover of “The Economist” October 2nd-8th, 2010? I can’t find a photo credit anywhere. It is an amazing photo something like what Nick Nichols does with animals.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    you are Inside now…I am waiting…I believe…!!!
    What not to wish for!!!:)))thank you

    and the link of tomorrow is…!!!
    tell mama not to worry…i eat only chickens…:)))

    you are right…there is no credit…that’s not good…BUT i found a similar one…
    if you don’t mind…:))),itp:photo&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=i7LATMaZNY-B4Qa-3IHZCw&ved=0CA0QpwU
    check Fourth picture /third line/row

    BURNIANS…I am here…I am visualizing…cause You are All SPECIAL

    I need to hear from …so many of you…please proceed to the BURNING area
    Thank you

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oops,Sorry LEE…
    you might have to google running tiger photos…
    well, the point is that “The Economist”…has lots of Getty images…

    I have no clue…i am just a civilian…AFP…
    Peace…go figure

  • Michael, Erica, Mark.

    Thanks for all the input it was very helpful. I’ve been allowed incredible access and have shown the family every picture (so they can ok them) I’ve taken so far. I’ve also taken a ton of “record” photos for them too.

    We have spent a great deal of time talking over the potential outcome of the shoot. At the very beginning we spent a few hours talking over the ramifications of potentially displaying your life to the world. I explained (many times) that their life could be displayed on a gallery wall, book etc for all the world to see. The family then held a meeting to discuss whether they wanted to participate.

    A great deal of it has revolved around gaining trust and ensuring that everything is out in the open. I’m a pretty open book anyway; but have strived to ensure that I have done everything in an open and respectful way. It’s a VERY fine line to tread; pushing to get photos bit not being pushy either!

    Re; “Just make sure you’re upfront with everyone and that they are well informed on what a modelrelease permits and what your eventual intentions with the images are”

    We discussed the model releases many times. I’m using a legal editorial model release (used by one of the photo libraries I work with), not an open release. Again; this is a protection for them. They can then be assured that the images will never end up in an advertisement etc.

    Another reason I am using the release is so no one can say that I “used” the family, and that they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

    This has been the most challenging shoot I’ve ever undertaken; there are so many privacy and sensitivity issues. However one of the biggest challenges is educating people as to just how much shooting needs to be done.

    So far (touch wood!) everything has gone well. I think one of the biggest compliments I received was when one day the daughter said to me (after seeing the latest batch of pics), “How did you get those photos while we were doing nothing!”

    Thank you all for your input; it was appreciated. :-)

  • Hi all,

    It’s happening right now the second fórum latino-americano de fotografia de São Paulo and it can be seen live with this link: In 1 hour and half from now Martin Parr will interview Alec Soth. Unfortunately i think the interview will be translate to portuguese, but i’m sure there are some brazilians an portuguese around. Enjoy.

    Big hug.

  • Sorry!!! There is actually a translation option to spanish, portuguese and english.

  • Would love to watch it, but fortunately there is some paint I have to watch drying instead.

  • Funny John!!! Guess another masterpiece of yours is on the way…

  • Lee;)
    I bet u looking forward for a new tiger tattoo design.. Not?

  • No actually the piece is almost finished. Sunday the last work & it is done.

  • Nice website John, not looked at all but loved The Word gallery.


    The Economist is my favorite news synopsis magazine , but they just do not give photo credits anywhere, ever…

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