of trees and dreams…


is there anything better than a childhood dream?  9 year old Gracie Johnson dreams of becoming a photographer….she lives now in the Virginia town where i also dreamed of being a photographer at about the same age…Gracie and her family are part of my American family series Off For A Family Drive…Gracies’ father,  U.S.Navy Capt. Andrew Johnson was the Director of Medical Operations on the first wave of Haitian relief after the earthquake serving on the military’s largest hospital ship Comfort…

symbiotic stuff….

so here at Burn we are creating Circus Magazine  for photographers 18 and under…young Gracie will of course be a candidate photographer…. with less than 6  degrees of separation, we are also working in the kindred spirit of her physician father Capt. Johnson and will be using the fee many of you contributed as part of the EPF  grant award for Burn  to send approximately $6,000. to Doctors Without Borders specifically to be used for Haitian relief efforts….

this year the Emerging Photographer Fund grant will be given to one of 25 finalists…more than double the number of finalists as last year…this will be a very tough call for the jury that i will name next week….while i am very proud that the tenor of Burn has made it so that generous donors have made it possible to give out a $15,000. grant for 2010 for the completion of one photographer’s project, i still want to be on the leading edge of a wave that will help as many of the talented unknown as possible…

after allotting first for Haitian relief, then paying our fee to Slideroom for making the whole entry and judging process easy, Burn is left with a small profit from your entry fees…we had approximately 1000 entries…..so what to do with the profit?

Anton and i figured we had three choices: Do we?

(a) take a vacation in the Bahamas

(b) throw a helluva party in my loft in New York

(c) give the money back to the readers of Burn

those who know me, know the answer….and Anton is of like mind…yup (c), we are giving the money back to you….

starting on July 1, 2010 Burn Magazine will start paying for every essay and single published online in our magazine….

we will have to start with a token payment of $500. per essay for one time use rights on work that comes to us through submissions…more for a first time exclusive….we are confident this number will rise significantly as we seek outside support….now we are doing this with your money….a big circle….the right thing to do in this nebulous time in the world of publishing…

Burn will not last forever…Burn will always be small….we only care about one thing at Burn and it matches the way i feel about everything i do…i just want Burn to set high standards and live by example…and in this case hopefully stimulate the “big guys” to follow suit…the large media companies , even with advertising for support , are thinking of every way possible to keep from paying photographers for online content, and we at Burn are thinking of every way possible  to make sure the young photojournalists and artists of our time are compensated for their work….so, this is our brick in the wall…and oh yes, i am still working on assignments for Burn readers and icons as well…be patient, this is part of it…this is how it will happen….

photography has never been a professional choice either craft or art where people were expecting to become wealthy…photographers work from their deepest passions, either artistic or journalistic…yet, compensation so that they may continue their passion and yet feed their families seems to me to be fair enough….

i want to take this time to thank Andrew and Melissa Johnson and their beautiful children Critt, Cole, and sweet Gracie for allowing me into their lives….yes, i have made a few pictures with medium format film for my personal project, but what will be even better is if Burn gives Gracie a good digital camera so that she will have the opportunity to photograph her family from the real inside….soon to be published on Circus….



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  • David and Anton, congratulations. You guys are amazing.

    Viva la Revolucion!

  • Jamie Maxtone-Graham

    No question; the single best photography website in the world today……Thank you David, Anton, et al.

  • 4:08 am in grecolandia…let me read again…im excited once again..how can i sleep now…reading all the above…bravo!!!

  • let me start dissecting…piece by piece…

    Burn will not last forever…
    sorry but incorrect…

  • Wow you guys…what can I say?

    Great…nice…how generous…inspirational…exciting.
    Better than anything I could have imagined, which seems to be the norm here at burn.

    You really know how to do it right.

    Congratulations and thanks.

  • David, as always, you are one cool dude, and you and Anton make a hell of a team. Big cheers.

  • Did I mention my nephew Reese, the young aspiring photographer from Austin … ;-))

  • Dear David,

    This is another inspiring development here on Burn. In an editorial market which is becoming tougher by the day, you go against the general trend. I am proud to be part of this community here on Burn which has evolved from Road Trips…does anyone remember that? ;)

    As a past recipient of the EPF, I can vouch first hand what a difference it makes. Not just in a monetary sense, but in the sense of confidence, inspiration and belief it has instilled in me and my work. To think that this will now help inspire young photographers, well, that’s a great thing you are doing. Really.

    Good luck David. Look forward to seeing Circus Magazine go live.


  • i just want Burn to be good and to set a good example…and in this case hopefully stimulate the “big guys” to follow suit…the large media companies , even with advertising for support , are thinking of every way possible to keep from paying photographers, and we at Burn are thinking of every way possible to make sure the young photojournalists and artists of our time are compensated for their work….so, this is our brick in the wall…

    no advertising for support?????
    i have an Evil idea…why doesnt burn do what the NYT did with the Lens blog? Get advertising…put the money in your pocket…go to bahamas and do some silly, pathetic bullshit ala “Moments in time” and make every photographer in this world contribute sending you their photos for free? Of course all you have to do is send the photogs back something like a big smile? Tell the photogs that the copyright is still theirs and let them sell the photos (like they can anyways but even if they do, who cares?)..Anytime you want to repost the photo do it without asking them , just send them another big smile back…
    This way you will create a huge database for free…see???? great idea or what???
    just a thought…
    (ok..ok..i admit it..i just stole this Amazing idea from the New York Times…the Lens blog…just a thought)

  • David, I got to option (b) and had a panic attack….
    How could I possibly get to NYC in time for the party!.

    So I’m glad you guys went with option (c)
    It makes my life a lot easier and it really is a fantastic thing to do. It Really is.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what those kids get up to in the BigTop.

  • Our beloved Burn will last 100 years

  • Now worst case scenario is if Burn eventually runs out of money and dies…
    well..so be it..
    its better to Burn out than to fade away (SELL out)…
    that wouldnt mean that Burn failed…
    No no no…Burn is the last Resistance to the “big guys” who are scheming every possible trick to NOT pay…
    You see they figured the mentality of the Artist…Artists give their soul for free..anything to be on a blog, anything to hang on a wall…be in a book etc..The “big guys” know that…Flickr created this way…big huge low cost,dirt cheap Database so getty can buy 10 photos on the dollar…now NYT with “moments in time”…good intentions, ha ha ha, ho ho ho…one love, save the planet, volunteer here , volunteer there…
    (but they never forget to slap you with the latest canonikon add on the side)..
    Stay healthy Burn…we know “they” wont follow..and guess what: we dont care…
    big hug

  • May this become the general trend in webpublishing. Sincerely hope you pull this off on the long term David and Anton.

  • “photography has never been a professional choice either craft or art where people were expecting to become wealthy…photographers work from passion…yet, compensation so that they may continue their passion and yet feed their families seems to me to be fair enough….”

    Right on! Even now, not a week goes by without someone contacting me with a request that they be allowed to use my photos for free, or at a token price. I get so tired of it.

    I feel a little badly, because I had said that I would enter the EPF grant competition so that I could contribute to your effort. But in the end I did not enter because it just did not feel quite right. I will still find a way to contribute to Burn. I have been full-time freelance now for 25 years and have had many economic ups and downs, but the last few months have been very, very, down and I cannot contribute to anything at the moment – not even Special Olympics.

    The summer, however, is looking up and I think I will be able before long.

    Also, on interesting and related note, several of my blog readers had been urging me to put up a “donate” button of my own so that they could contribute to it. I had been very reluctant to do so, as it felt kind of like begging and also I have yet to find the time and resource to turn the blog into the kind of online publication that I plan to make of it, but finally I went ahead and put that button up.

    Over the past two weeks, I have received about $800 in donations. It won’t continue at that rate, of course, but it does tell me that people are willing to pay for my content online and it gives me hope that I can yet do this thing. All I need to do is to increase my readership of similar people by about 100 times and I am in business.

    Of everything that I see out there, it is Burn that is my biggest inspiration.

    That means David, Anton and the rest – it is you who are my inspiration.

    Thank you, and I will be follower of Circus.

    May Burn not burn out, but be around for at least 100 times longer than you anticipate.

  • Great news!!… but you dropped my essay!! (Joke!!.. Joke…) ;))

    Sean, we remember…

  • A ray of hope in uncertain times. Great news to hear this morning!

  • DAH & ANTON – you two are both amazing! looking for to seeing you both at LOOKbetween and finding out the grant winner. hugs to you both!

  • That’s impressive. No doubt – Burn is really leading the way. Congrats!

  • Why not keep or send the money for/to (an)other humanitarian crisis, especially those that do not have much coverage in the medias, like the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. This would also be fitting the intent of many essays on BURN, that introduce to us people and minorities hardly talked about in mainstream medias?

    Just on the Rohingya:


  • David; I’ve never submitted an essay to Burn, but if I had one published here I think I would prefer to donate the $500 to Circus Mag… the circle would turn twice. Just a thought… Anyway; congratulations on both your and Anton’s efforts. :-)

  • wow, that’s an amazing idea. congratulations & thank you david & anton, you guys just keep doing the right things. very cool.

  • Wow, thank you David, Anton and all others associated with Burn for your continued support and inspiration to the photographic community. Just amazing.

  • Just plain awesome…

    I’ve been wondering all day what DAH would present – this post totally surpassed anything I came up with on my own.

    Thank you David & Anton!

  • David Anton… Amazing. If you really make this work and stick, it could change the way we finance photographers in the digital age now. Amazing. I really hope this works. Very excited about this!! Great stuff.

  • wow….
    coming full circle….
    in todays world…
    what a gift…..

  • Very Good. Excellent, in fact. And still glad to be part of it.
    Thumbs up Anton and David!

  • I don’t plan to have a child so soon, but he(she) is excited already!!!

  • Awesome, really! Waw…
    DAH, it’s pretty amazing what you did since Road Trips (yes Sean ;)!
    David, & gang, you rock! In this day-and-age, going against the grain in such a positive way is quite visionary… No kidding, we’ll have pretty cool dreams tonight -and ideas for the days ahead!
    All the best, T.

  • The bestest of the bestest,
    You guys and all of us together we definitely ROCK!!!
    A sincere thanks

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “There is a MAGNET in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first… when YOU learn to live for others, THEY will live for you.”
    Paramahansa Yogananda

    “There is a MAGNET in your heart that attracts true friends.That MAGNET is unselfishness…
    you have learned to “live” for others(thanks MAMA,PAPA and OTHERS)…
    WE “live” for you…
    BURNIANS and CIRCUS photographers

    ohh…the trees…the dreams…oime…
    I need a true academian today…

    My fogging eyeglasses are too much to withstand…
    I will be back…

  • It’s all Civi’s fault, it there’d be some Martini instead of Ouzo there’d be a praty.. sigh… ;)

    Looking forward to.. uhm, lots of things really.. the work of the finalists, other new essays, singles, wee big CIRCUS taking off, BURN01.. Anton’s magazine.. inspiration all over the place.. thank you!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    THANK YOU ANTON and your family…
    THANKS to ALL the amazing team that is NEXT to DAH…who except all the other stuff, they have to keep MR.HARVEY awake at the airport gates…

    * Afrikaans (Africa) – Dankie
    * Albanian – Faleminderit
    * Arabic – Sukran
    * Arabic – Shukran Gazillan (Thank you very much)
    * Armenian – shur-nur-ah-gah-lem
    * Australian – Thoinks, Moite!
    * Basque Country (between France and Spain) – Eskerrik asko (Thank you very much)
    * Bengali – Dhannyabad
    * Bulgarian – Blagodaria
    * Bosnia – Hvala
    * Burma(Myanmar) – Jae Zu Din Pa De (Thank you)
    * Cameroon (Duala) – Na som (thanks)
    * Cameroon (Duala) – Na som djita (Thank you very much)
    * Cantonese – M’goy (sp? — thank you for the service)
    * Cantonese – Do jey (sp? — thank you for the gift)
    * Catalonia (catalan) – gràcies [grah’-si-es] estandard
    * Catalonia (catalan) – moltes gràcies [many thanks]
    * Catalonia (catalan) – merci [mer’-si] very colloquial
    * Cherokee Nation – Wado (Thank you)
    * Cherokee (Eastern) – Skee (Thank you)
    * Chinese (Mandarin) – Xie_Xie (shieh shieh)
    * Chinese (Cantonese) Mh goi (m-ghoh-ee) (informal: thanks)
    * Chinese (Cantonese) Do jeh (tou yeh) (formal: thanks)
    * Cook Islander – Kia Manuia
    * Croatia – Hvala
    * Czech – Dekuji (deh’-ku-yih)
    * Danish – tak (tahg)
    * Dutch – dank U wel (dahnk you well) (formal: thank you very much)
    * Dutch – bedankt / dank je wel (dahnk ye well) (informal: thanks) – WEL is ‘good’, like “I wish you well”
    * Dutch – Dank U zeer / duizend maal dank (thank you VERY much) – a superlative and used when you get stuck in a thunderstorm, then lost, mugged, robbed, etc. And someone helps you. Only then. ZEER is ‘very’. JE and U are ‘you’, but informal and formal. (still alive in old english like in ‘ye olde’). “Duizend maal” means a ‘thousand times’.
    * Dutch – hartelijk dank (thanks from the heart) Another formal form used in contexts like: “thanks for coming/inviting” (to a wedding, birthday party) or when receiving a formal present.
    * English – Thanks awfully, old boy
    * Esperanto – Dankon (thank you)
    * Esperanto – Dankegon (thank you very much)
    Estonia – Aitäh
    * Ewe Togo (Africa) – Akpé (Appé)
    * Ewe Togo (Africa) – Apké na wo (Thanks to you)
    * Fijian – Vinaka
    * Fijiab – Vinaka vaka levu (Thank you very much)
    * Finnish – kiitos (kee’-toas)
    * Fon Benin (Africa) – Kpè nu wé
    * French – merci (mehr-see’)
    * French – Merci Madame – Thanks (to a woman)
    * French – Merci Mademoiselle – Thanks (to a young girl)
    * French – Merci Monsieur – Thanks (to a man)
    * F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) – Hvala
    * Gambia (Mandinka) – Abarka
    * Georgia(Sakartvelo) – madlobt (thank you)
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    * German – Danke (dahn’-kuh)
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    * German – Danke sehr (Thank you very much)
    * German -Vielen Dank (Many Thanks)
    * Greek – Efharisto (ef-har-ris-tou’)
    * Greek – Efkaristo poly
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    * Icelandic – Þakka þér fyrir
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    * United States (South) – Thanks y’all
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    * Urdu [Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh] – Maherbani
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    * Urdu (Pakistan) -Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very much)
    * Urdu (Pakistan) – Bahut Bahut Shukria ( Thank you very very much)
    * Uzbekistan (Uzbek) – Rahmat (Thanks)
    * Uzbekistan (Uzbek) – Katta Rahmat (Thanks a lot)
    * Vietnamese – Kam ouen
    * Wales/Cymru – Diloch yn fawr (thank you very much)
    * Wales/Cymru – Diolch (thanks)
    * Xhosa (Africa) – Nkosi
    * Yemen – Shakkran
    * Yiddish – A dank
    * Yiddish – Yasher Koach (KOY-ACH)
    * Yoruba – Modupe
    * Yugoslavia – Hvala
    * Zulu – Ngiyabonga

    THANK YOU UNIVERSE… (i just copied and pasted ):)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and ouzo and tequila…and where is JIMMY and KATIIIEEEEEEEE and OURPATRICIA…

    Formula one…I am running…
    LOVE YOU ALLL…no kidding

  • David & Anton,

    although Civi has just said it all (how can anyone follow that! – Civi we love you :)))
    i’ll say it anyway…

    they say, there is a time and place for everything…
    I think this is the time and place to say thank you.

    Thank you for burn and your never ending supply of energy and inspiriation, thank you for your positivity …

    This is brilliant news, not just for burn but for photography in general, setting an excellent example and leading the way…



    truly, i am stunned.

    never thought i would see the day when a website paid proper money for a photographic essay.

    Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Times, BBC – take note.

  • Hi All,

    It is a very beautiful news in this uncertain time… Photographers support the magazines of photography (paper and online), but who support the photographers? I had few publications in photos magazines ( paper, not a lot, I don’t want to generalize…) but just one pay me…. the photographers cannot live love and fresh water…

    Thank you so much David and Anton to support the photographers, and please do not forget yourselves!

    I am really impatient to see the work of the young people…. Haik, are you behind circus ? :))))

    Best, audrey

  • Wow, actually made me choke up a little.
    I think you’ve probably made alot of people feel very very good.
    It seems rare that we get an acknowledgement/recognition of our work in the same way that other people do.
    Sincere thanks for doing this.

  • David, Anton,

    You guys are indefatigable!!! And always full of ideas! Yes, it will give BURN a big kick further!
    I wish you and BURN all the best!

  • truly a turn in the right direction, fantastic.

    now what about a retrospective chuck of cash ;)

  • I admire people who mean what they say, and are trying their best to walk the walk. I take my proverbial hat off to you sir.

    Also, would it be possible to set a date during which any money send to you through the donate button on Burn would be added to the sum you’ll be sending to the Doctors Without Borders?

  • CIVI:

    * Cambodia – Som arkoun

  • jenny lynn walker

    DAH/ANTON: A million thanks for all you do for emerging photographers. You ARE amazing! Now ‘Circus Magazine’ and other developments! It’s wonderful to hear that Burn received 1,000 entries for the EPF grant and that 6K will be going to Doctors Without Borders. That is great. Exciting developments every single day.

    ANTON: Are there ways to access your mag and/or book other than signing up for membership at Lulu for anyone not too keen on doing that? Or can those signed up to Lulu tell us more about what membership brings you.

    ALL: Such beautiful comments on this thread. Civi: : ) xx

  • yes yes – onward..
    good steps indeed and really refreshing..
    there is a hope that neither you david, nor anton, are going to struggle in any way by not pocketing some of the cash to cover your burn expensis.. which there are probably a great deal of..

    in any case – a great idea.. extremely well intended.. brings and idea..

    if the EPF is going to be difficult to single down to one person, why not narrow it down to include 5 or 10 ‘highly commended’ as well.. their reward can be 500 bucks and to be the first 5 or 10 essays featured which gain the award of payment?

    circus is a great idea as well.. something truely inspiring for younger people to get their teeth into..

    good stuff..
    good good.

  • David and Anton

    If I believed in Heaven, then I’d be delighted in the knowledge that your place in it would be secure.

    But I don’t.

    I do, however, believe in Burn.

    You’re amazing. The pair of you.

  • Nice one…..

    Dah and Anton, your dedication and service to others is really astounding. Good for you guys. Hopefully other web publications will follow with this model.

    I know I know your dedication is to the medium but at some stage you guys deserve some reward for the monumental time you have put into this.



  • I figure the Circus crowd could really shake things up for us older bods. Youthful enthusiasm and a lack of mature cynicism will likely yield very refreshing and questioning work. I’m very excited at the prospect.

    Burn might want to consider, http://invested.in for funding. It works. There’s also http://www.kickstarter.com Worth considering, no?

    I have a project at http://inv.st/4H for example.

  • You are legends. I’m buying beer if you’re ever around.

  • Things were starting to get a little stale
    around here. It’s about time you and Anton
    started doing something….(laughing!!! Very Out Loud!)

  • David and Anton, you guys are amazing!
    Burn is really leading the way and showing the respect all photographers deserve for their work.

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