Emerging Photographer’s Fund grant 2010

The paraguayans

8×10 moonlight photograph by Alejandro Chaskielburg, 2009 EPF recipient, from his essay The High Tide

DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 1st, 2010

We now announce on Burn our third annual Emerging Photographer Fund grant …for 2010 we are offering a $15,000. stipend for an emerging photographer to finish an ongoing personal project…the deadline for entries will be April 15, 2010….funding for the EPF comes from generous anonymous donations from our audience here on Burn to the non-profit  Magnum Cultural Foundation…these are very specific donations to the MCF and are apart from the general subscriptions and donations to Burn….

this year we must set up things a bit different from the last two years…we have no choice but to have a $25. entry fee per submission….last year almost killed Anton Kusters and yours truly with the almost 1200 submissions….we cannot do that again…this year the $25. will be well spent…we will be using a program called Slideroom to facilitate you entering and us having the grant juried in a first class manner…..with Slideroom you open a free account and you will literally have a “room” where you can work on your edit for the next two months…i.e. put in one picture today, four next week, change your edit, play with the pictures, do whatever you want, then hit the  submit button on or before deadline..if you decide not to enter after all the editing etc., then simply do not hit submit and you are not charged…the system is way easier to use for all  than anything before and makes it possible for us to have a wide prestigious jury (to be named soon) who can view your work at their leisure online and yet be communicating with each other all along…

so the financial breakdown is:  $8. will go for this  Slideroom program which is of great benefit to all of us (this is their fee to us per entrant)…$5. will go to a Haitian relief agency…and $12. will go to cover our admin costs for the EPF at Burn,and the costs associated with creating a sophisticated slide show and presentation of finalists and winner at this  summer’s one time special Burn/Look3 event for emerging photographers in June…we realize this fee may keep some from entering….we considered this and came up with the lowest price we possibly could and still be able to continue this grant program at all …we do not feel this fee will discourage any serious entrants…

all details for the correct entering of project essay submissions will be seen under EPF 2010 in the right hand column of Burn…

i look forward to seeing all the new work….

-david alan harvey

The EPF grant 2010 submission link:


Deadline for submission: May 1st, 2010

The winner will be announced in June, 2010

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  • LEE…

    laughing…yea, tax day is tax day..well, not exactly…i often get an extension from IRS as well…


    yes, of course…fair is fair…no problem…please see note from Anton…

  • Well, for the reasons described above, I had decided not to enter. But now that you have extended the deadline, and others have encouraged me and others like me… I have to think about it all over again.

  • Hi,

    Is a joint/collaborative photographic project eligible for the Emerging Photographer Grant?

  • Last Minute, I know… But Slideroom will not let me start a submission for this… I contacted their tech support – they informed me that if the new submission button isn’t visible, then it’s because the deadline has passed… But the deadline is today is it not? Is there someone I can contact? Thanks in advance to any feedback.

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