nobody loves books more than Gigi Giannuzzi….he loves them so much that he publishes instinctively and without any thought of "commercial appeal"…he does not do "readership tests"….he goes by his gut and then scrambles like a madman to try to sell enough of his little masterpieces to be able to go on to the next….

Gigi claims he was "conceived in Sicily,  born in Rome, and never grew up in Turin"..if you know Italians, Gigi pretty much has it covered..Trolley Books, his mastermind and "baby" has for ten years created quite a stir in the publishing world…"unconventional wisdom" comes to mind when i think of Gigi….and his authors form a prestigious list..

Philip Jones Griffiths, Carie Levy, Stanley Greene, Nina Berman, Deirdre O'Callaghan, Tom Stoddart, Alex Majoli, Paolo Pellegrin,  and Alixandra Fazzina just to name a few…please go to: to see Gigi's entire lineup of artists and titles….

you may not find Trolley Books everywhere….like many fine objects, you have to look to find…and Gigi is the first to recount the trials and frustrations of the book publishing world….if you wanted to go into a business , you would not try to make photo book publishing your business…nope, only love gets you to do what he does…

last night Gigi slept on my sofa…but, not for long….he stayed up late and got up kind of guy!! tonight in my loft will be presented the above listed shows and the new books will be here and some of the authors as well…Gigi always comes to New York right before Christmas to launch his books…and i suppose it is "my turn" to help him do this…like all of us in this business, we do indeed get by with a little help from our friends….

tonight will be just the kind of event i like to have in my space…like minded folks looking at pictures…in addition to the listed slide shows, there will be others…i will show Anton Kuster,  "Sugar"; Patricia Lay-Dorsey, "Falling Into Place";  and Bob Black, "Bones"…

this event came up at the last minute , and i just do not have powerful music slide shows for some of you who do indeed have books near completion…but, please please do not feel left out if you are not being shown tonight….there will be other times, other venues….any of you who i am mentoring now for a book to be published, please be assured that i will get you in front of the right publisher at the right time…i think you already know this…

if you love books, buy one from Trolley…do i sell books?? no, of course not…but , i do know that photographers should always buy other photographers books…i remember Eugene Richards telling me years ago, that if photographers all bought each others books, then the circle would be unbroken…i think this is true…

Hannah Watson, Managing Editor of Trolley, just told me that if you send her an e-mail saying that you are part of my forum, she will give you a 40% discount on any Trolley books…  ….

ok, that is about as close as i ever get to selling anything…but, you know what?  i will stand by Trolley…these are special books from special photographers… will not be disappointed…

if you are in New York, come and meet Gigi's and some of his authors tonight…after all my friends, you could be one of them someday…



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  • Can’t resist the pleasure to maybe the first to reply to David’s entry, especially since I am so far and cannot attend.

    Enjoy the brainstorming. I think EMERGE is really a great title BTW, it relates directly to what has been brewing and labelled since David threw the idea of the EPF and the word insinuates great dynamic and energy.

  • And talking about brainstorming, of a kind, and getting together around photography, here’s a little image from a few days back, during the Angkor festival of photography.

    The night when the children from the Anjali foundation were watching the selection of pictures they themselves, quite a few many of them, took that week:

  • nice flyer
    burn is a hot title
    there is an online music mag with the same name
    but you should be able to easily eclipse them
    good luck with the event c’est soir

  • … another reason i’d love to live in new york.. these things just pop up all the time!

    hopefully i’ll be able to give you guys an update on New Orleans.. I went to the PhotoNOLA portfolio review.. it was a great experience.. i met with nine reviewers in two days.. and met lots of other photographers.. reviews like this are an opportunity to introduce your work and introduce yourself.. this was good for me. i showed 20 16×20 prints from Thirst for Grit.. had a very good reception.. PLUS it was in New Orleans! :)

    okay gotta run..

    ps – DAVID, MVSwanson seemed surprised that i hadn’t been arrested with you yet. :)

  • EMERGE… my favorite title so far.

  • Looks like I’m gonna make it! I haven’t been to New York in forever, and this is a better excuse than most.

  • Emerge… I like… I didn’t have the time to check the previous post for the other suggestions but EMERGE is symbolic and close to energy
    Sorry to be too far from 475 Kent Avenue to arrive in 7 hours and half.

  • Have you ever thought of moving David? Forget NYC, Lancashire, England needs a Kibbutz! Hope you city slickers enjoy the evening and the books. I’m pissed off.

    Mike R.


    and what a brilliant group of books! :))))…Marc Davidson and I were just talking about John Trotter’s work and experience…i cant wait to see his book :)))))…and of course, EVERYTHING GOD DAMN POLITICIAN IN AMERICA SHOULD BE GIVEN NINA’S BOOK FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!


    THAT’S gonna be a drop dead major wig party! :)))))

    y’all have fun

    marina and i will be there in spirit with y’all :))


  • i met and talked with Gigi just two days ago.. he looked at Thirst for Grit in New Orleans.. (although i don’t think he knows the title).. he looked through my box of 16×20 prints that i worked hard for.. “don’t teach me how to look at pictures” he told me.. okay Gigi, i didn’t teach you! :) he’s a hard man to please i think.. but he didn’t stop half way.. he looked at them all.. even the 10 additional at the bottom.. not much feedback from him. doesn’t surprise me. but i love Trolley books and told him so.. especially Paolo’s Lebanon book.. of course i would so much love to someday do a project with Trolley. have a great time.. talk soon.. lance

  • Jen is voting for Burn. She really likes it.

  • David/ALL/Pubslishers –

    I’ve been thinking about books lately and I have a couple questions I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion on:

    Do you think there will be a change towards “limited edition” books now because of the self-publishing? In other words we now live in a world where we can “publish” a story on the web one day (minute) and change it for another audience or just by fancy the next day (minute) and so I wonder if this is in such contrast to the days of having to print in large quantities, pretty much publishing the book in “stone”, that we will start seeing more of a movement towards a collection of volumes in short runs…or maybe this is already happening?

    Also I wonder about the fine line between deciding (from a publishers point of view or even a photographers) whether the images for a particular book project will or will not sustain a viewers interest when it comes to subject/content vs image quality/artistry…in that, does the subject carry the viewers interest through an entire book as much or more than the content at times?

    In my own experience I’ve looked through books that were interesting but basically were filled with the same image over and over…however they sustained my attention because of the subject and vice versa, I was bored not neccesarily because the photography was boring but the subject did not interest me at all…of course you could say the book failed at that point but did it if it was meant for a very narrow audience?

    Anyway, maybe Gigi could elaborate on this or other readers questions on the blog? live with DAH? I’m sure there is not even close to enough time but just a thought.

    ~ Chris H

  • Trolley do some great stuff and I loved your story about Gigi — brings the company to life. They have done great things for PJG’s last couple of books and the posthumous RECOLLECTIONS is such a fine book…

    David — Just curious: has digital (the M8 or whatever) turned you back on to B&W? Just noticing that you are posting more B&W pictures in recent weeks/months…

    cheers, alun

  • AKAKY: So…

    AKAKY IRL: No.

    AKAKY: I didnt say anything yet.

    AKAKY IRL: Whatever it is, the answer is no.
    If the question involves going to the city, the answer is not only no, it’s are you out of your mind?

    AKAKY: We could meet some of the people who make the world what it is today.

    AKAKY IRL: You want to spend thirty bucks to go to the city and meet mortgage defaulters? What about the guy across the street? He’s defaulting on that dump he bought and you can see him for free.

    AKAKY: Do you have any idea of just how bad you make me look?

    AKAKY IRL: Tough shit, guy, I didn’t ask for this gig: I was drafted.

  • BURN gets my ‘gut feel’ vote so far… instant reaction on reading it.

    burning issues, burning desire, burning questions, burning passion, burn, baby burn, slow burn, burning man (I am a Nevadan when in the US!) – and the tech folk will be happy with the post production link too…

    High fives KELLY —

    DAVID, I like the idea of keeping Road Trips as the title of your blog within the magazine…

    Damn, I wish I was not 15,000km away from NYC this week —

  • How about ‘BURN’ and the logo can be the corn cob pipe with a little ember and light smoke.. ha ha.. suits me. :)


    David. I remember meeting Gigi in your first book publishing class in Italy. He drove up outside the building and opened the trunk of his car which was filled with books. After carrying them in, dumping them on the table, the books seemed to have a life of their own. Their energy permeated the place. His energy is explosive with all the right ingredients to get a spark from flint. and…he’s sound and smart. i’ll buy Trotter’s book; he’s a favorite. and probably a couple more. love, anne

  • road trip magazine and emerge are still really doing it for me..
    have read all the others..

    have fun.
    will drop hannah an email now.. see what they have.,

  • Don’t we ALL wish we lived closer to NYC??? Oh, forgive me. All except Akaky IRL, that is. Tonight’s event sounds amazing. Just look at the photographers whose books are being featured! Sure would love to be a fly on THAT wall.

    Regarding David’s generous intention to show my “Falling Into Place” project, it doesn’t look like it will happen. There wasn’t enough time for me to send him a CD of my slideshow, but maybe David will find a moment to show Gigi my online gallery.

    Whatever happens or doesn’t happen with my work tonight, David Alan Harvey is one of the most generous-spirited persons I’ve ever met. When this man says he’ll be your mentor, he means it in the most TANGIBLE way. He’ll do anything he can to see that your work is the very best you can do, and then will go out of his way to show your work to the right people at the right time. What a prince of a fellow!

    in gratitude

  • Oh, I’ll have to check that. 40% off is pretty good. I spend more money in photography books than in film or gear. It probably is as much of an expense as food, but not as much as beer. I expect most of my xmas presents to be books as well… hopefully I enlarge my collection of japanese classics :o)

  • DAVID, the event sound totally great. I would love to be there, but you guys out there in the sticks really should just move to the Twin Cities. It’s much more centrally located.

    ALL-New post/new work on my blog. I’m going to try to post there more often.

    To everyone at DAH’s tonight: Have Fun.


  • New to the blog, and wish I could make it tonight.

    Like Lance, I met Gigi at PhotoNola this past weekend, and his passion is palpable despite his late arrival and lost luggage. He liked my my work, and said so, but recognized that my project has a few more years before it’s complete (very true) We had a great conversation about it, and about what they look for in photography for the books they publish. It was a pleasure to meet someone so genuinely and singularly passionate about good photography.

  • Bashmachkins – all of you.
    i’ll split the 30 with you or buy you a sandwich – one of you give me an eye while there. and dont forget that coat – its cold in the big city.

    Akaky – dude – you are dope. you need to publish your comments.

    PATRICIA – good luck tonight – I am very happy for you.

    burn, you all in NYC area.



    Bit late to the naming conundrum but…

    What about



    I like “EMERGE” and “BURN” but I don’t know, when I name anything I gotta go back to the source and I think most of us are evolving because of the mastery, graciousness and generosity of DAVID ALAN HARVEY so therefore he is the “EVOLVER” if you get what I mean…

    Probably a bit obscure, but then it sounds a bit like ‘Revolver’and then you have the whole ‘Magnum’ thing kind of reference…

    Besides I just think its sounds good on the tongue…

  • again… already posted this on “plans”…
    but i wanna make sure that CHARLES sees this:

    i just got informed that your book is arrived, waiting for me…
    i sent you an address that IS NOT my home…
    like everyone already knows in this forum… this is my 5th month
    being homeless… i do not have a home…
    i literally live in motel6’s & friends couches…
    $2.99 for internet access…
    but tomorrow i will drive to the desert to pick it up from a friends
    thank you again..

    …then i’m about to drive 1300 miles to san antonio texas…
    a very good friend will give me a room for a week,
    then back to cali for the COURT ordeal…
    …still working on sequencing the Venice book under the supervision of my best friend KARIM SHARIF… ( what would i do without him ???? i dont know… )
    soon i will share photos from my current life road trip… but Venice comes first …
    … scary part is that the motel6’s all look the same, all look like home…
    love y’all

    Posted by: panos skoulidas | December 09, 2008 at 09:09 PM

  • Love you too, Panos. Be safe, dear one. Your home is here with us. Wish it could be a bit more REAL, as in a bed, kitchen, shower & broadband internet…



    Please check your emails. I sent you two with the subject “Patricia Lay-Dorsey’s project.” Thanks for everything, my friend.


  • DAVID,

    Good news….I have been able to re-arrange my week and found a flight to get to New York tomorrow evening so that I will be able to join you and the group on Thursday…

    If possible I would love if you could send me some info on the logistics (i.e when you plan on getting together on Thursday) and, if you (or anyone else) have any recommendation on where I can stay near by, this would be fantastic…

    Looking forward to see hear from you.




    I just saw your kind comments about my “Lords of the Ring” essay on the previous post. Glad that you liked it! This was very much work in progress and many, like you, have commented that I can do a tighter edit which is most certainly the plan. Actually, I have several new images since I posted the link and hopefully, I might work on that edit more if we have a chance to do this with David later this week.

    Thanks for your comments.


  • I like burn but I prefer Emerge. Its a more forceful title IMO. Especially as a verb, its not just about emerging photographers although I like the connection, but really it wont be obvious to anyone who hasnt spent time here. Burn is cool but it really doesnt say much.

  • I agree, dear David… Book is the natural end for any work and story.
    I’m learning to my self and changing my way to do the new stories.
    It’s more simple if you lead your actions keeping in mind the final results (a book).
    My compliment to Gigi and all people that do books :) ciao

  • I see you will have next big blog meeting in your loft David. Good, have a fun and show us some pictures during this new magazine will created please. Tomorrow it will be history but soon it will be a legend!!!


    for successfully defending his PhD. Kudos big time.

    The word EMERGE has a nice shape to it but it speaks of emerging photographers and there’s way too much emphasis in the photo community on such. I could go on and on about this but won’t

    VERGENCE is interesting but the word doesn’t have a nice shape to it. Typographically, it’s horrible.

    BURN doesn’t work for me. Should the title be only one word?


    Back to single words, how about PHOTOSYNTHESIS, not quite there but it has the word photo in it and photosynthesis is the stuff of life, is it not? It’s the process by which plants have life and it’s from light.

    But my favorite is CELERITAS. This is the word used to represent light in the most important of all equations, energy equals mass times the speed of light (in a vacuum) squared. E=MC squared. It’s a latin word meaning swiftness and represents the speed or swiftness of light.

    CELERITAS is a beautiful word in itself, is it not?


  • How about SENSOR, has a certain ring to it, no? Strong looking word too.

    Good luck on Thursday.


  • PERCEPTION is dancing around in my head. Perceiving through the senses.

  • This is ridiculous. I have to do some work. Back later.

  • My last contribution before I try and get some work done…


  • I can’t help myself. I love words. I wish I was better at organizing them on a page.

    One last word before I piss off for a while and GET SOME WORK DONE!


  • Posted this on “Plans” late yesterday and fear it got lost over there.

    I’ve been sitting with BURN all day, hoping it might set off a spark of passion in my head and heart. But it hasn’t. Can’t tell you why exactly but it just doesn’t speak to me.

    Maybe I’m too literal but I’d hope the name of our mag would offer a symbolic recognition of what we are about, both as individual photographers and as a community. When I see the word BURN, I see fires blazing out of control ( To me it says more about destruction than transformation.

    Right now the names that work for me are:



  • David, All

    I just meet and take a few pictures The Dalai Lama!!!
    I was in rush and sudenly I saw big crowd, “Who you are waiting for?” I ask, “for The Dalai Lama” :)!!!!
    I knew he is in wroclaw, but I was sure there will be no occasion to see him!
    The crowd was huge and I was sure I will have no good pictures. But for a few second we stand face to face, and I was not sure I should shooting or try to talk with him.
    So I took a few pictures, and I will try to talk with him next time. :)

    I am with huge respect to the Dalai Lama, and I wish have enemies like he is for china.

    Peace (for tibet)

  • ALL….

    morning coffee..much needed after last night….the event went well…i would say very well…pretty much what you may imagine….Gigi would show three or four shows, we would take a 20 minute break and then show three or four more…it worked..yes, there was a party going on, but every time the room went dark and the projector came on, the party went quiet, respectful, and the shows went on…

    the only show that i could present from our forum was Anton Kuster and “SUGAR”… strong strong round of applause from the audience…it was unfortunate i could not show more..due only to the fact that i just did not have music slide shows that could be projected on the big screen from anyone else here…this morning i will show Gigi “BONES OF TIME” by Bob Black and perhaps the Patricia Lay Dorsey “FALLING INTO PLACE”…tech issues prevented me from showing the work last night…we tried to scramble at the last minute to make this happen, but alas it did not…

    this does bring up an issue that i must address in a proper post, but i will quickly mention it now….

    all of you must really do your part in the future to give me material that is either a “done deal” finished show OR send me files where Mike and i can build a show to the proper specs for high quality projection..

    now , last night’s projection came up at the last minute and i just did not have time to put out a proper request from you to get material ready…and since this was basically Gigi’s show for Trolley, i was not thinking in advance that maybe this would be a good venue for our forum…we could have easily done shows for Rafal, Eric, Erica, Panos, James, Audrey, etc with just a bit of advance planning…

    i think what should happen now is that i should have at all times Quicktime movies of all of the essays here that are in development …all on my desktop and ready to go at any time…i am always in a variety of venues where a spontaneous showing of your work could be so good for you…

    BUT, all work from you to me MUST be delivered without a single glitch…

    if Mike has to start building, or changing or is back and forth on the phone with you to make it work, then he gets very frustrated and i do not blame him…it just becomes overwhelming…when we do our student slide shows it is much easier because we start from scratch from the original files..even then, there is a lot of last minute scrambling, but at least we are set up for that throw that sort of production into our “normal” day or to try to do what we tried to get going at the last minute last night, just becomes an incredible burden on Mike, who is as unflappable as they come, but still there is a “break point” even for him…

    however, everyone should take heart…Gigi and i will probably team up again soonest…i have several really great venues coming up where i can show your work…and i have some ideas in my head for some weekend seminars out of my loft and the Kibbutz is surely now in New York one of THE places to be for the showing of contemporary work…

    the audience was just buzzing last night….so start thinking about your work in terms of a good slide show…

    i will do all i can to get you shown in the most respectful way….

    cheers, david

  • BOB….

    some very good news ..

    and just minutes after my last comment..

    as always, life is all about timing, timing and timing..

    Gigi is staying here with his girlfriend, but i got Gigi a rare moment..he usually does not stop moving …but he watched BONES OF TIME…from beginning to end…with coffee..sober…it was off my desktop, but with good sound and it looked terrific…you kept his attention and he liked the work..he asked about you..what you did and where you were from…his only critical comment was that he thought the slide show was “a bit long”…but this comes from a man with a very short attention span and i suspect he looks at even more work than do i…anyway amigo, you were shown in quite a unique way and in “good mood”…you should follow through at some point with Gigi…i will keep him “reminded” as well…also, with your permission, i will post “BONES OF TIME” in my “movies” section…

    all is well that ends well…good show!!

    cheers, david

  • Maybe that’s your title, TIMING.

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