sunset over Manhattan….



i am having the most amazing afternoon…the sun is setting over
lower Manhattan..such a cliché…Mike and Marie are here and we are having a
rollicking good time….i asked them to do a "screening" of the self
portraits you submitted, none of which i had seen before….as you know,
i have been pretty busy since setting up this lighthearted  judging..

always have more going on than i can possibly do, but that leads me to get
done more than i would do if i did not take on just a bit more than i
can actually do…get it??  probably not..well , in fact ,i am a lazy procrastinator by nature….so, i have to "trick myself" in many ways to "get motivated"..can any of you relate to this????

anyway, what fun!!!!  you guys really did it..each and every picture  is a treasure one way or the other…YOU ALL GET FIRST PRIZE!!! (metaphorically)..  but, i have no clue how this can be judged…hmmmm, time to "pass the buck" i reckon…

but i promised a judging , so i guess i (and others)have to do it…but i want to publish a bunch…

so thanks to all of you for giving me so many inner smiles this
afternoon and, more importantly,  no small amount of inspiration….this is my ultimate compliment to you as, in this case, a spontaneous collaborative "whole"….

ok, i gotta get back to seeing all of your work….i want to narrow the whole set down to about 35-40 for the  curators…i just cannot lean on my friends to take the time  to  judge from 175 photogaphs!!! so i will make the "first cut"….

so so sweet the light right now….

cheers, hugs et al…david

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  • david, you’re back! :-)

    but don’t stay too long. enjoy the spectacular cliche first ;-)


  • hi david

    hope you had a nice time in paris… it seems you did !

    will you be in perpignan this september ? Just had a look on the program : I’ll try to be there ! It would be great to meet there !!

    now going to bed..

  • Hi David, welcome back home.

    Yes- I am procrastinator. But I don’t use any tricks to get motivated. I just wait until the stinking stench of my piled of load of inbox bullshit pisses me off more than I can tolerate. Then I’m motivated to just decimate the entire pile of time-wasting annoyances so I can get back to photography.

    Sorry if I soiled your sunset! ;-)


  • @David: btw, I just printed a 57 shot edit of the cardiff night stuff (now going by the codename of ‘last orders’) to stick somewhere on a wall in Arles… more of an anarchic mosaic than a sequenced product… I threw it on a coach in a pub today and it seemed to work ok!

  • There it is! Sunset, Stop sign, Jerry Seinfeld’s bike…all is right with the world!

  • Hey all,

    Wonderful day here too. First few days alone (without family) in Arkansas.

    Seeing your view and all the familiar bric-a-brac of your place brought back many memories. Welcome home.

    I posted an update to the bachelor series but somehow (sure it wasn’t my doing) ended up as #400 under self-portrait.

    There is a fourth bachelor…..



    ok, good thinking…i wanted you to come to the conclusion that i also think is best…the self portrait nature of your work…you used the word “responsibility” and i would wholeheartedly agree…with your talent you do , in fact, have a responsibility beyond what most people on this forum may have…i am pleased that you feel this…

    now, when i go to your links i see two things…one are some of my favorite pictures of yours , but are not included in your main posted essay choices..the other, are some random pictures that just do not have the “tone” of your more personal work..

    overall, you need to clean up your presentations…let’s just have the nuggets!!!! you have them my dear…but please get the mediocre out!!

    basically, for all of us, the bad ones tarnish the good ones…

    as i have said many times trying to edit without the use of an editing program makes me crazy…i gotta be able to move things around…if i could do that, i could “fix” your overall presentation in minutes…just telling you which pics i like the best is not what i mean by editing…

    maybe there is some way to transfer or drop your link into a program…i do not know…if i can do it, i will move on editing your work soonest…

    you are a motivated woman….i am anxious to see a very strong body of work come from your “point of view” that will enlighten all…

    peace, david

  • I see person after person after person having trouble with editing..makes me feel better Im not the only one, LOL…for the record Ive been editing and re-editing and re-editing and Im probably not finished yet….but what stuck in my brain is what you said to me David, to make the story more secretive rather than obviuous, i.e. ask questions instead of telling them…alsthough I still want my story to be basically about family Im trying to emphasize shots that ask questions rather than answer. I have a 30 shot edit sitting on LS now, and I dedided that I will not exceed 35 shots until this year ends. That means each time I add a picture Ill take one out, until the end of the year and have 35 shots for the entire year. 35 of the very best I did ove that time.

  • David,

    Just came back from a painful long business dinner that would not end… Let me tell you that I have been fairly unsociable tonight…. I had to sit there pretending to be interested by the conversation when, for the whole time, I was thinking f**k, how am I going to do what David is asking me here….. I kept thinking….Trying to be intellectual… :):) what do I want to say????

    As soon as back, I went to check on-line who Larry Fink was as I simply did not know the guy…. Hard to find many pictures of him by the way but I have ordered the book so I will check out very soon his work ….Some words that were written to introduce the book were saying: “Fink reveals the spirituality, kindness, and dignity of American boxing culture in images rich with light and shadow, and respect”… Keeps going and says: “Fink’s inimitable style captures the grace, beauty, and paternal love that are the foundations of this brutal contact sport. He creates stunningly lyrical static snapshots which reveal the divine — the hope, the dignity, the perseverance, and the respect — in a fighter’s soul”

    Well well well…..Let me tell you sir that you know how to stress us….:) :) If I get no where near revealing any sort of divine I will buy you a bottle of Champagne!!!! Given Fink has an ininitable style the good news is that I will not be the same….

    Oh boy, too much thinking is killing me….Time to sleep…I know that by tomorrow, I am sure that I will know what I want to say…. Do you enjoy torturing your students? :):):)

    Enjoy New-York before you leave again for your project.



  • So bizarre—I just found a garage sale on craigslist starting Thursday at the house where I grew up. I guess I can’t miss that one.

  • Hey Eric,
    From one fighter to annother!

    The Big Empty: Dialogues on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth … By Norman Mailer

  • so i’m back home sitting at the kitchen table yesterday looking at the incedible new work of some awesome photogs like ERIC E., Young TOM, PATRICIA and DAVID McG, i had some catching up to do, i’d been gone for a whopping 48 hours, simply unacceptable by the standards at this blog here, when a tiny stream of water started to trickle from onderneath my laptop off the table edge onto my lap.

    I thought this was particularly strange, as i recalled that water should not be a major part of any laptop design or construction, if only because water and electricity don’t mix very well. so i trace the trickle and i see the coffee machine leaking. it is 6pm at that moment.

    now this is a major problem. outside the beautiful sunset is setting in, my mother is coming down the stairs, my brother is sitting in the couch with his girlfriend, and we are all addicted to coffee. there are very few things more important than a morning coffee in our family. except my sister, she’s a tea person. as you can recall a couple of years ago my brother and forced mom to cut down from 40 cups a day to 5 (and we’re not talking about the little teeny weeny moka cups here, we’re looking at the big kahuna mug in all it’s splendour. 40 every day. yep. better believe it).

    My brother and I both lost body parts in that month-long fight, but we got her down to 5 eventually. Treaties signed in blood.

    And now we are in danger of mom missing one of these five shots. And i was sitting at the kitchen table, nearest to the machine. And i’m a realist, i know who’ll take the blame. No time to go to one of David McG’s garage sales hoping for a replacement. So i’m picturing the inevitable murder scene which will result very very soon if there is no coffee fast… I’m not kidding, at times of coffee shortage, i have seen mom go beserk “24 days later”-wise, like a zombie in sight of fresh human flesh. There is no escaping, she needs to be fed coffee. This thing needs to be fixed.

    So i start opening up the machine, my brother pulling out the plug, which was pretty smart considering that i was standing in a puddle of water poking a philips screwdriver down the innards of an espresso machine and dropping screws and other bits all over the place. I’m thinking no way i can fix this before she’s here.

    She walks in and for a brief second the rage rises in her right eye but we counter with our best counter yet: don’t worry, we’re just spring cleaning.

    It’s nowhere near spring, it’s july, and nowhere near cleaning, ‘cos we hadn’t the first clue how to clean the delicate innards of an espresso machine, but she fell for it.

    So basically we did what every tinkering guy does when a household appliance breaks down: open it up and unscrew as many pieces as you can, take a long hard look at it, and then put i back together again. Result: everything should be fixed. Even though you haven’t the faintest clue what you’re doing. But don’t ever tell anyone this. Always maintain the ‘air’ of knowing what you’re doing. In some cases, like here, it can, and will, save your life.

    Of course we got stuck with the dreaded “extra screw”.
    Now, honestly. where did that come from? Two guys, one espresso machine, no clue. Tape it to the side and see.

    So all’s well that ends well, i’ve lived to tell, and i’ve learned some valuable lessons. Which undoubtedly are extremely important to photography:

    – never be afraid to open something complicated. even when your life is at stake. you might just be able to pull it off.

    – love your mom, you’ll live longer

    – the innards of an expresso machine have a grinder to grind coffee beans that hurt when you put your finger in it (it also has a heating element that stays really hot for hours on end)

    – coffee tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

    I am sure my photography took a great leap forward yesterday.


    Thanks SO MUCH for your ongoing help with this project. As I thought hard yesterday about the options you’d mentioned in your earlier post I realized all I had to do was listen to my heart to know the answer. My passion would not lead me astray. It became more and more clear that my passion lay with the self portraits in which I look INTO and OUT FROM my disability. So that will remain my focus.

    Now, about editing. I am confused about two things…

    The first is when you say, “now, when i go to your links i see two things…one are some of my favorite pictures of yours , but are not included in your main posted essay choices..the other, are some random pictures that just do not have the “tone” of your more personal work..”

    To WHAT links are you referring, David? Where did you go to see pictures that were not included in my main posted essay choices? When you say “main posted essay choices,” are you referring to the 24 images I’d originally posted on Lightstalkers?

    Secondly, I’m feeling pretty ignorant here but I don’t know what you mean by an “editing program.” I’ve never used anything except Photoshop to edit my work. Is there something I’m missing? If you tell me which editing program is best, I’ll download it and try to place my images there so you can help me edit.

    Hopefully we’ll have some time together in person this summer when you come through Detroit on your cross-country American Families tour. Regarding that, I sent Michael C. an email about the families I’ve lined up for you and suggestions for places for you to stay when you’re here. Unfortunately my dear husband is still walking with a walker and in too much pain for us to host house guests as I’d hoped. But you and I can get together as much as you like.

    Again, David, a BIG THANK YOU. You are most generous with your time and expertise. And I’m with you on the joys–and responsibility–of mentoring others as we get older and, hopefully, wiser. That’s what it’s all about!


  • ALL:

    I’m online again after a hiatus. What’s happening in the assignment arena?

    Also, thanks to all for the repeated congratulations. I’ve always shunned any sort of attention so I’m a bit embarassed by it all, but I do appreciate it. I think I may need to move Bob to full time in the publicity department soon!

    In your comments to Patricia you asked about a program. This may not be the best solution for everyone, but it is A solution, and the bonus is that you can kill two birds with one stone as it also handles the photo archive aspect of one’s web site.

    I’m sure you know of it, it’s Digital Railroad as they also do the backend systems for VII and Noor. You can upload lightboxes and then send them to editors or anyone for that matter.

    I’ve tried doing that with some members here and, although, I need to figure out a few aspects of the site, it worked fairly well.

    Anyway, got to run for now as I am working on a site redesign and some edits, but will be checking in later.


  • Yeah.. the project was great idea.. i am happy i have last photo with my Tajra because you gave us that assignment…

    also.. i see the view from your flat in Kibutz! Did you move there back David? I wish you did! …


    i may or may not be in Perpignan this year…it is the 20th anniversary, so i may go for that reason alone and may participate in a gratis Magnum portfolio review as i did last year…Jean-François has given me several exhibitions over the years and so my loyalty/gratitude factor could win out over the practicality of having absolutely no time in my schedule to go!!


    i do know what you mean…most of us have to work very hard just to even GET to the important work…


    sounds like a fine way to edit to me!!! so so sorry i will not be there to see the show…i had to choose between Arles and getting on with my cross country project and the project won out..again, my congratulations to you for exhibiting in such a prestigious venue….

    cheers, david


    Short words about “hometown”
    When I started working at this assigmnet for you I had idea to work on leica, medium format, and russian “lomo”. It had to do mixed work.
    But first day my medium format camera has been broken, lomo not work either. And some more things goes wrong.

    month ago I have bought mamiya 7 II, but I have not films to load. And no money, I have to wait…. but
    As soon as posible I will buy some films and I will finish this essay. I want to do it like I wanted. No digital rubbish!!…
    just pure my photography…
    but it will take some time…
    Is that ok for you?
    I have some material on films, but no story yet…
    some films to process…

    What you think

    cheers, marcin

  • Pat,
    to do the edit work I use Bridge. You can also use Lightroom or ACDsee or Nikon view (if you have nikon) I think.
    Everone has his favourite.
    My favourite of course was.. the contact sheets on the floor (or table if I was lucky) with a red crayon and a magnifying glass that is becoming bigger and bigger every year.. :)

    About the post..
    I am a procrastinator. (Only shooting or eating or sleeping or enjoying I’m not).
    And a short memory.
    So I use to write down every day what I am suppose to do. If I don’t do it I write it down for the day after… BIGGER!

  • Perpignian, Perpignian…. Same situation with me David.. i may go to Perpignian or not.. will be great to see some of us, but nothing is sure yet…
    I found quite good place to stay but the transportation is crazy expensive…
    Marcin.. are you planing to go to Perpignian?

  • LEE…

    i went back and tried to search out a link for your bachelor work to no avail…nothing on your site either…where is this work??? when in doubt, please always pop in the link again if you suspect i did not see it…sometimes i will read a post, but not have time to open the link…anyway, this sounds interesting, so give me another chance for perusal …please…


    you are so so right…very few have any clue how to edit…i am always surprised by this fact…photographing itself is an act of “selection”, so why doesn’t this carry over into editing???

    all i know is that some photogs can do it and others just cannot…and this goes for some very fine established photographers too….for example, one of my favorites, Cristina Garcia Rodero, who works all the time, makes amazing photographs, just cannot edit..cannot make the decision to “let go” of certain pictures…will even have 4 “similars” in a take…but she does surround herself with people who will help her…

    we (Mag photogs) are coming out with a series of published portfolios of contact sheets and sequences of pictures and showing the final “edit”…this spun off of a show we had that was very very popular showing contact sheets..

    in my classes i will show an untouched cf card or contact series to my students…they always tell me they get so so much out of this…

    your approach to the best 35 sounds pretty good….at least, i think it works for you and your essay and that is all that matters…


    of course, i do not want to “torture” you..but the thinking process is often painful…i am in pain all the time, so welcome to the club!!!

    i will tell you this…that when there is a “breakthrough” and the concept “hits”, there is nothing more rewarding…and, not only that, it usually turns out that it was EASY…OBVIOUS ALL ALONG…do not try to do something HARD…let it FLOW with a NATURAL rhythm…

    you already “know” how to “take pictures”…your “next step” (not someone else’s) is to find the raison d’ete…the overall and over riding philosophical reason for doing what you do…you will need “weight” and “substance”….you must move past finding a good location with good light and add your personality and perspective…the right mix of boxing as a subject and you as a photographer/author…


    no, you cannot miss that one!!!


    missing you mate….and thanks for the links…


    thanks for the story…i am not quite up to your mother’s intake, but i sure need the coffee pot going too…

    as for the “extra screw”, it just must be one of the realities of life…or, in my case, “the missing screw”…”where did that damn thing go??”…well, most coffee pots will work with either one screw missing or with one too many…which is the same thing mechanically after all..right??? ok, i need another cup of coffee to ponder that one!!


    i assume you are working with a digital camera…if so, you need to have a good editing program in your computer….like Photo Mechanic, IView Media Pro, Lightroom, Bridge (which might be what you have), etc etc…there are many more…you need to be able to easily move pictures around, put in folders, and sequence as you wish…in any case, when i am looking at your links online i cannot drop your work into my editing program..if i could , i could edit for you all i can do is tell you which pic numbers are “best”…this is painful…slow…and, as i said, i cannot move the pictures around and in a good sequence which is one of “my specialties” in a workshop or when i am doing my own work…

    on one of your last posts you left a link which did not match what i had seen before…i just do not have the time to try to imagine where it came from or to remember what, when, or from whence it came…you must make it easy for me and for any editor you want to see your other words, your current essay should be easy to see..the new work should be new and not mixed with the old if you want me just to look at new work…or , if you are a good editor, just let me see the “whole” , but edited down to a clean clear vision…

    your picture of a flower with a bee for example is right next to a more poignant picture of your husband in the living room…not a match!!! Patricia, i am not chastising, just explaining!!!

    ok, here is a suggestion…i would love to meet you and your husband..and , after all, you are an American family…so, why not let me photograph you and your husband?? i make double sets of contact sheets for all my subjects on this project and you may see all that i shot and pick what you want for your own family album or whatever…then two thumbs up, yours and mine, for the final exhibition, book etc etc..if you do not like the picture for whatever reason, i will not publish…if i do not like it for whatever reason, i will not publish..two votes to go!! fair enough??

    if i am in your home, i will sit down with you and show you perhaps how to think about editing…so so difficult to do online , because it cannot always be “explained”…it is one of those “i must show you” things in life…

    cheers, david

  • If I wasn’t a procrastinator I’d be working right now instead of reading your blog ;) I think I can relate to your “problem”.

    The self portrait challenge was interesting. Liked to see what different types of portraits people came up with. Would be fun to have something like that more often – and without the prices it’d be just as fine, otherwise you’ll run out of bags :p

  • MARCIN….

    take all the time you want….no hurry…and yes, medium format film is expensive…i am struggling with this myself on my current project….

    ok, i must rush now to get my license..yes, the second day in a row!! but back to you and to Aga soonest…

    cheers, david

  • David,
    already wake up at 7? and posting! Let’s wake up Panos and other west people :)

    Of course I’m a procastinator also in editing (the final one). I also have a list with editing stuff…

    finally I’ve readen all your long post. Yesterday I prinded and read it on the bus the way back home. Have you seen the Monicelli’s film “La mortadella” with Sofia Loren?
    I want to do it also with next Bob Black one. So I can procastin… etc.. other boring staff to the day after.

    I’m going to Perpignan, (I’ve procastinated for the last three years) I’ve a very cheap accomodation but you are right, the transport is expensive. We’re going by car from Rome in three people.


    i just thought of something…there is a big misunderstanding these days of the word EDIT…edit in my lexicon means CHOOSE/SEQUENCE…i ran into a problem in my last workshop because some thought the word “edit” meant to “change” as “edit” means in computer language i.e. photoshop…

    cheers, david


    welcome of luck with the motor vehicle dept..maybe they have a wifi connection and you can catch up..

  • David,

    you wrote :

    “if i am in your home, i will sit down with you and show you perhaps how to think about editing…so so difficult to do online , because it cannot always be “explained”…it is one of those “i must show you” things in life…”

    Don’t you think we could try and find a way of showing this online (video or step by step description or… I don’t know)

    Your short explanations have already helped a lot but I think many of us would really appreciate if we could build an online tutorial.

    What do you think ?

  • Procrastinate or flummoxed by the black dog- I can never tell the difference…

    This blog moves at the speed of light, I read Dadakaky’s bit and now I am wondering where Lee’s bachelor’s are…

    Love this rolling, roiling words and pictures place-it is often the light in my day.

  • lisa:

    no rock, but we felt the love big time :))))))…i imagine you’ll get the full on report soon ;)))…


    dmv: what you need a license for with that gorgeous bike…besides can’t Mike C and Panos drive ya around the country? ;))…

    gotta go gotta go…


  • Maybe I am making this up, but i thought I recalled Lee saying she took the images down??


    meeting Tamara tonight :) will have a toast to you..


    my emails to you bounced back a couple of times, did I already tell you that?

  • 5:22am.. Laura I’m here..
    Reading your stuff..
    ok.. Back to bed till 7:00am..
    then packing up..
    Possible long trip ahead..

    … David thats true, about editing..
    many many people I know they think that
    editing is to “manipulate” colors, crop..,
    fix photos..etc..

  • AGA,

    No money for Perpignian.
    I’m jobless, zero money. Even if I get some money I have many work to do.
    I’m prepering to open photo studio. I will shooting food, cosmetics, people. For that I need money too.
    If I can work as a stonemason or Bricklayer I can work as a comercial photographer… ha ha
    I wish but I could not go to Perpignan this year.

    But who Go???



    Glad that you are also catching up with Tamara, no I didn’t know my emails were bouncing, bloody hell…

    You definitely sent to

    The other emails are decommissioned.

    Could you fill Tamara in on the project we talked about?

    Still trying to draft a proper email about it.

    BRUZ can’t wait to hear about who Family Black are in the flesh! and Erica too!

  • Hello to all,

    I shall be in Perpignan in September, I have the luck(chance) to live to Béziers (the 1 hour by car) also, I am in Perpignan every year, moreover, David, you signed me an autograph last year!
    In the pleasure to meet you all,

  • Hello David,

    The reason you can’t find a link is because I haven’t figured out how to do it yet! Being on the road with various upload options (internet by ethernet, wireless, no internet, no phone signal) I have not been successful in giving access. I finally got them to upload with the signal I have at the Marriott and I’m working on moving them in the order I want for the essay. Anyway, normal travel adventures…

    Really want all here to see these guys and hopefully that is complete in the next day or so.



    I should be at Perpignan normally. Visiting my parents in the South of France and I have family in Perpignan so the plan is to be there during the first week. If this gets confirmed, will send you a mail. Would be great to meet and speak FRENCH!!!!!



  • GLENN,

    Thanks for the links…will study the words of the man….


  • Marcin… i am going to do something similar what you want to do…
    I want to open a company with my friend (photographer) and shoot weddings and comercial things. I hope we will start it soon because i am without regular job looooong time (without money too ;-)) as you are… so the trip to Perpignian is not sure at all…

    David… regarding my project about women in Istanbul … think i can put some photographs from Female Islambul and Modern girls from Istanbul together (as a bigger story about women in that city)… I am not going to go to Istanbul in near future… (life is changing soooo fast!).. and i need to find some interesting project in Poland.

  • ERICA :)…im happy you’ll get to hang with T…we had wonderful night and, we’ll u’ll get the report i imagine…have a drink for us :)))

    SIS LISA :))))…we’re the same in the flesh (well, i am) as here/ls/on line, only i laugh much more in real life that what people probably imagine of me here, much more…and mrs. black also talks much more than on line/emails…laughs more too and is more intelligent and more beautiful that your brother, believe me…marina now wants to come to australia, and hnoping hoping we do, inside of the next 2 years…as i told Tamara, we gotta touch the rock! ;)))))))))

    ok, running away for a while..


  • Road Trip meeting in Perpignan ?

    I’ll try to be there, I’d rather communicate physically than with a keyboard…

    maybe we could organise something to make the most of that experience (slideshow with comments from all of us on each other’s pictures, etc.)

    some kind of small and informal workshop, pretty much like what is going on here, but LIVE !!

    of course we can’t ask david to arrange this, but maybe we could bould something together and ask for david’s “expertise”

    just a very spontaneous idea… nothing more !

    please tell me what you think…

  • Ok here is the link. I have designated this for anyone view and I see there is a slideshow link on the page I am linking. If it comes up as unavailable for viewing I may have to ask someone how you make Flickr know you are SERIOUS about letting anyone view your page after clicking and saving it to allow anyone to view.

    Bachelor of Campbell Lane



    My mind is whirling, whirling, whirling…

    I woke up at 3:30 a.m. my time and have yet to go back to bed (now it is 10 a.m.). SO MUCH to think about & learn!!!

    Yes, I have Adobe Bridge but had never even opened it until you and Laura mentioned it! Now I need to figure out how to use it. I’m definitely feeling the challenges of being a relative newcomer to photography (2 years), self-taught, and with no photographer friends or community except those I’ve met online. There is so much I don’t know that I didn’t even know I didn’t know! Does that make any sense???

    So sorry to confuse you by posting a link that had nothing to do with this project! Only thing I can figure is that somehow you must have gotten onto my photo-a-day galleries on That is the only place where a photo of a flower & a bee might be next to a pic of my Eddie in the living room. I’ll try to remember to post the relevant link in each post from now on.

    Speaking of Eddie, he says yes to your invitation to take portraits of us for your American Families project. You wanted diversity and here you’ll get a “two-for-one!” Two folks with disabling conditions–one in a scooter & one on a walker!

    David, we’d like for you to stay with us while you’re in Detroit. As long as Eddie doesn’t have to be too entertaining, he’d very much like to have you here. You’ll even have your own bedroom, but it will be a shared bath. We’re 20 minutes from downtown and 3 blocks from a park on Lake St. Clair. You can swim either in the pool or in the lake (It’s a BIG but pretty shallow lake!). Hope you’ll say yes. In terms of timing, anytime is great with the exception of July 31-August 7. I’ll be in the Catskill Mountains that week taking a workshop with Mary Ellen Mark.

    We’ll edit my stuff when you’re here. Hopefully by then I will have gotten everything for this self portraits project up & running on Bridge.

    Again, HUGE thanks to you, Laura, Katharina (by email), and Charlie for all your help. My goodness I have a lot to learn!!!

    PASSWORD patricia


    PS David, our home phone # is 313-886-0967. As soon as you have some idea, please let us know the tentative dates of your visit. Can’t wait to see you!!!!

  • Patricia,

    Just watched your latest link. Image 3182d seems to tell your story to me, almost in one photo. It speaks of the distance between spouses a disability with a wheelchair imposes, the loneliness of being below eye level in society, the mood of the light spoke of beauty in your life as well as indicates the blues on occasion and the husband at the top in the light even though his back is turned speaks loyalty and always there.

    Hope we get to meet one day Patricia.


  • LAURA,

    No, I haven’t seen La mortadella. I have heard of La morta d’Ella, by Ricardo DiMerdarico, the tragic opera about the love that made Bologna great. This opera opened at La Scala in 1887 and closed the same night, after an enraged piccolo player leapt up onto to the stage in the middle of Act II and stabbed the soprano to death with his instrument. A riot broke out in the mezzanine section immediately afterwards between beer-sodden mobs of Yankee and Red Sox fans that the theatre management unwisely placed near each other, despite warning that this sort of thing might occur, what with Yankee fans being the standard bearers for Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, and the Italian classics, while the Red Sox fans, being the sort of people they tend to be, loved the realismo of Leoncavullo and Mascagni. The Carabinieri finally suppressed the riot in 1893 after borrowing some heavy artillery from the army to level the theater, killing about half of the rioters; the government sent the surviving half to Honduras as contract labor for the banana planters. DiMerdarico, the illegitimate son of a millionaire night soil collector from Aci Trezza and his mistress, a well-known circus crustacean from Jersey City, is almost totally forgotten today, and deservedly so, I think, his career demonstrating just how far a total lack of musical ability will get you in the cut-throat world of classical opera.


    I wrote the note to the Real Estate as you requested. How much good it will do you, I don’t know, but it never hurts to try.

  • David, Marcin,

    Sometimes you can find cheaper medium format film on ebay – the film will be either just expired or about to expire – this will be more of a problem with colour than B&W. One seller which seems to be highly recommended is


    i really cannot imagine how i can teach editing here on line…that is, beyond what i write about already…the way i edit with one person and their story , is not the way i edit with another…

    i have tried reviews here too…it just does not work….it takes me an hour or more to write a one or two paragraph review…and then that only leads to more questions etc etc….or, as in many cases, they do not even acknowledge that i gave a review at all!!!

    surely my basic teaching plan is best done in a workshop…i do those officially and unofficially…and , of course, people are coming to my loft all the time for portfolio reviews…i do my best here to simulate the workshop experience and we have done some very concrete things, but i cannot replicate here the the live one on one experience…

    by the way, i taught myself how to edit…by just looking at pictures…one learns to edit i think by studying the work of the photographers or painters they knowing what works and what does not work….listening to music enhances ones appreciation of music…but many photographers seem to ignore doing the same thing with pictures…

    in any case, i hope we meet in Perpignan…i will be quite happy to find a nice quiet table in the corner of a cafe and look at your work again…fair enough??


    once i am out on the road, hopefully right after July 4, i will let you know my schedule…i would love to photograph you and your husband and can bend my program accordingly…thank you in advance for your hospitality…i think i will be self sufficient i.e. a van/camper to sleep in, but your courtesy is most appreciated…


    nobody speaks French in Perpignan!!!


    you mean we have already met?? hmmmm, i had no idea…well, in that case, i look forward to meeting you again..


    now i am really “imbedded” …yup, i now am the proud owner of a New York drivers license…yes, i think Panos and Mike will at various times drive me around the country..can you imagine??? well, stay tuned!!


    yes, let’s have a look at your Istanbul women….and , yes, we have to find a new project for you in Poland…


    i smell another reunion for some of us in Perpignan…i am not sure i can take it!! i am still recovering from the last two blasts in both Virginia and Paris…well, ok, one more time can’t hurt….

    peace, david

  • There is nothing like the the summer sunset… I am glad you had a great day David.

    I have been working on my “crime scene” story. I will be working a a couple different aspects of the story this month, some families who are suffering the consqeuences of violent crime here, the hospitals that treat the wounded and the prisons that house the murderers.

    I have spent about 24 hrs with Baltimore’s Eastern district Police and I am going out tonight and tomorrow with them. Below are links to what I have so far, I have to admit, I am not happy with it yet. I dont think I have made it personal and I am lost at how to do that, the images reflect the old montra “if you are not close enough….” I think its not the distance in this case, but the emotional closeness perhaps? Its a strange thing to be in a cop car chasing people and then photographing them at their worst moment….

    I will say though that the project has made me ask myself a lot of questions about the state of our neighborhoods and our involvement in them. Its an eye opening experience.

    I would appreciate any feedback people can offer before I had back out tonight. Below are the links to the work I have done…. I am off for a run to clear my head and get ready for tonights shoot. I have been working the 4-midnight shift, fours of great light and 4 hours of night…. cant think of a better time to be awake!

    Hope to hear from you all, many thanks.

  • David said …

    “….you must move past finding a good location with good light and add your personality and perspective…”

    ERIC, it’s a good kind of torture at least … bloody hell … where is it, where is it, where, who, how ……… getting the window, where the fuck is the mirror ….

    sorry, do i sound frustrated? ;-)

  • David, “trying to edit without the use of an editing program makes me crazy…i gotta be able to move things around…if i could do that, i could “fix” your overall presentation in minutes..”
    I’ve not tried it yet but Aperture’s Light Table looks interesting. The tutorials show how to move, resize etc. But you probably know that don’t you?

    Totally off topic: if anyone out there knows anyone at Nikon please say D3 great D700 wonderful – now how about some updated prime lenses? Like 35 1.4 of 50 1.2 soon, PLEASE!

  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.


  • hi all,

    did i heard/read perpignan in this threat..? i already bought my airplain ticket! it will be a great pleasure to drink some beers with you guys and girls with photography on the table.




    This is really, really sad to hear that you have the same basic problems like we have. Because WHO IF NOT YOU should have not problems with lack of films. YOU ARE FAMES PHOTOGRAPHER!!
    But on the other hand… we all have our stuggles… it sounds close… and somehow attractive…
    Life with passion…. hmmm and witout money :)


    Ebay this is great idea, but velivia is always expensive :(

    guys… I have one more stupid problem, long time I serched laboratory for my velvia scans, and I found only one, sole… only one laboratory give me good quality of scans first of all they give me good colors identical like on film. the rest guys from other laboratory are totally idiots!!
    When I bought my used mamiya I was sure I will work on it like on leica. I will lookin for the same colors, view, mood ect… Thats why I decided working also on velvia, but this my sole laboratory don’t want to scanning my medium format films!!!! they have too much work.
    I have not my own good scanner, and even I will have nice works on films I will have it only on films… no printing, no publish…
    I will work on negatives, but this is not the same quality.
    shit and one more shit!….

    take care all
    peace (and independent Tibet)


  • Marcin,
    Get yourself an Epson V700 or V750 for your medium format scans. If you’re scanning at resolutions around 1600-2400 dpi you’ll get large files and quality will be more than good enough.

  • Dear David…. I add more photos to my Istanbul’s Girls and Female Islambul.. if you will find some time you are more than welcome to take a look

  • Martin

    I need Dmax 4.8 or higher epson have 4.0, its mean I will choose nikon’s scanners. I work hard to have right color I can’t loose it by scanner.

    step by step I will buy everything I need. I am patient…
    hmmmm… am I? ;)

  • Marcin,
    The more expensive coolscans probably have better dmax but I don’t think they really are 4.8. You’ll probably have to look for an Imacon or Hasselblad scanner for that and then we’re talking a horrible amount of money. If you’re seeing that a lot of photographers needs high quality scanning in your area it might be worth getting a Hasselblad maybe? and offer a scanning service..

    BTW. There’s a german scanning service that’s scanning 6×6 negs for 3.70 euro on a Hasselblad X5. Sounds pretty good to me and might be something for you to look into..

  • David,

    The reviews or comments on photographs made here I always find very useful to read… so it’s no wasting of time…always very intersting and rich for all fo us !!

    Another interesting read is Abbas’ interview in Magnum Stories where he explains how he looks at his pictures, makes a first edit, then forget about them, looks again, makes a 2nd edit… pretty much what you described here…

    Anyway, I’ll be very glad if we could all meet in Perpignan !!

  • OH, MY GOD, how does one catch up???….;)…

    AKAKY: you’ve taken my place as long-comment member…im afraid i might not be able to post long, poetic comments, cause i dont have the time anymore (1 hr thingy) and so so many posts so quickly, it’s impossible to keep up, so let’s switch places…i’ll post something long and rambling every few weeks and you take the daily beat :)))…by the way, DAD, where the hell where you with a letter when i got the $600 tax bill that knock our families plans out for the Charlottesville trip, huh??…always knew you liked Lisa better: who got the Australia gig, who got sent to the behind-the-deli counter gig?…jeeeeezzzzzzzzz-US….

    AGA! :))…I spoke to Arantxa on Monday night: write her directly (find her info at LS) and she’ll try to help :))…by the way: I LOVE LOVE THE NEW COLOR-GIRLS ISTANBUL PICS…lovely; in fact, the whole Turkey series is so wonderful and so evocative and so strong that im sad you havent published it…u head back, let me know: i’ve a contact for you: 22 year old filmmaker/woman who will be perfect for you…keep the beautiful stories coming! :))…

    ERIC :))…cant wait to see the culmination o f that project (is this for David’s 1st Assignment “Publication”?)…should be…his sage words are, i think, spot on!…ditto with the Fink book and the Mailer book…if i did boxing, i’d ask this question: why to these young boys drift toward boxing…cause the story of boxing is not just in the gym, in fact, it’s a small part ;)))…cant wait to see what you do with this…

    LEE: :))…ok, 1 down, 3 more to go (for us to see)…the one pic (shot of river with dog in river) reminds me straight out of Faulkner’s God Down Moses (you read it?)..some sublime water (i love muddy rivers in the south)…and cant wait to see how you deal with this all, visually, thematically :))

    JONATHAN: some great pics, especially in the first gallery…im wondering this: is it possible to get closer to the people in this lost and violent and sad part of baltimore…not just with cops, but about the suspects (you’ve got a hard act to follow when you think of, for example, Richards’ sublime and powerful work with cops, which is for me nearly the apotheosis of this kind of reporting, somehow Richards gets inside the lives and heads of both the cops (their job, their pain, their loss) and the people,suspects, victims…i dont have any advice, only that I hungered to see either more about the cops life away from duty or more of the people’s life…but i also cant wait to see what happens…lots of pics there that have lots of “tension” beyond the experiential tension: for me, that’s the key im waiting to see :)))…

    PATRICIA: no way in hell im gonna top what David wrote about making decisions which way to go, but i makes a very important point…let me say too, to iterate what Lee wrote, that there are some brilliant and extraordinarily metaphoric, poetic and profound pics…the pics of you and your husband (3683d, 3182d, 3119f) are great…and i also love many many many of the point-of-view shots: the odd view that you offer us from below normal eye level (im a fan too of shooting out of sync, including under over, on floors, in angles, etc) because most folk just dont get that or see the world (unfortunately) that way….there is a great film EDWARD YANG’S YI YI (one of my favorite) and i recommend you rent it IMMEDIATELY! :)))…the son, Yang-Yang, a young boy, who just begins to photograph is asked by his father, NJ, why he photgraphs the backs of people’s heads and he says “because people cant see the back of their head….”….i fucking love this movie…anyway, there are 2 things that i love about this series: either 1) your life lived and what that means or 2) the world, quixotic world you perceive because of this…FOR EXAMPLE, I THINK PHOTO 2526f.j IS PURE GENIUS!…the photo of you in the public bathroom, your beautiful tiny head/face eclipsed by the side of the mirror…like your face is a child, or a sun setting/rising…i’ve almost never seen a portrait like this, and damn, i fucking seen ALOT OF PHOTOGRAPHS!….that’s, to me, the key…as david pointed out, go with 1 or the other, both have brilliance in them and both will be welcomed…for me the question: what means, at this moment, more to you personally: to express the life of your living within your peculiar space or the world as you see it, what others cannot/do not see…i’d say, rent YI YI and spend time with DAvid, and something, the answer for you shall emerge…

    DAVID: god, i dont know how you do it…so many pics now to look at…god bless you Mr. Rosewater ;)))…and i hope hope hope at some point in the next year, you let me drive you too, or me and marina can drive you…i really want that too…but you’ll be in good hands (i think) with panos and michael….

    ok, pooped…

    that’s it for me for the day/night


  • Aga, thanks for your istambul pics…if you have the chance, look at Peter Turnley photo essay on this topic he shot for teh harper magazine.


  • hello david and all?
    are you going to perpignan the 2 weeks? or when are you planning to go?
    i will love to go to one of your fiestas at least once in the life!
    un abrazo!


    ok, you are doing something quite different than anyone else here with an assignment right now…and doing a pretty good job at it too..

    i think you have the right plan…was this work from your links just that first 24 hrs. with the cops??? there are several very nice pictures already…i do not know how many times you want to ride with the police and i do not know how or if you can go back into those same neighborhoods alone…you may have been “branded” undercover or something…but, at some point you do need to cover this from the “other side”…just do it safe….you already mentioned hostpitals etc which is a good idea…you are getting “in there” my friend…good for you….

    i would say just keep going…and with as much prudence as possible…i am pushing you to think and to make great work…BUT, i am also wanting you to do it with no negative consequence to you….when in doubt, stay out!! no picture is worth your life…if you stay smart and cautious, you will have an important essay….many thanks for taking this on….

    cheers, david


    IF i go to Perpignan, i will just be there for the last three days or so….there is really only one week of Perpignan as far as most are concerned..make sure you go the RIGHT WEEK!!!


    please please do not feel sad because i have the same “problems” you have…i am not sad…quite the contrary…i did not intend to give you the impression that i had a “problem” anyway…in financing my own project i gave up having a luxurious expense account….but i gain the exhilarating feeling of doing it all on my own and controlling every aspect of my project from the exhibition design to every piece of content that goes into it…i tell you about us having to think about the same stuff so that you will NOT be discouraged and also so that you know i do not live in some kind of “ivory tower”….at some point i may have to take an assignment to pay all of my bills etc etc…but i “stocked up” back in the spring by taking on perhaps too many assignments so that i would have the funding to spend my summer with the families…

    i do not mind sleeping on the ground or in the car or whatever….i always keep my mind on the end result….so whatever it takes to get there is what i will do…besides, i am just having so much fun with these families…each one offering insights into life, love and the need to bond….

    be of good cheer…david

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,

  • Martinez,

    the professional week is from 1 to 7 September:

    so must of us “professionals” (in generally) are in the first week only

    all the best,


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!
    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:


  • Aga,

    i also love the new color photos ypu put in your website. i’m anxious to see more developments!

    oh by the way, ou have a wrong url in the first image on the Female Istambul work. i think you have to remove one slash just after the img/ in the actual url:




    I currently have no internet access and checking in here every few days is rough!!! SO many comments…so much great activity. :)))

    VENICE, CA with DAH WORKSHOP NEWS…If anyone is planning on taking the November workshop with David in Venice (I AM!) They are currently offering a 10% discount on the workshop if you pay in full before July 11th. Call Julia Dean workshops for info.

    Is anyone planning on taking this workshop???

    David, I did shoot the Santa Fe Rodeo and as soon as I edit I will have some work to show you. Very soon…



    W. Eugene Smith: The Art of HistorY

    Silverstein Photography
    535 W. 24th Street

    wish i could see this baby! ;)))


    Framing a Century: Master Photographers, 1840–1940′
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    1000 Fifth Avenue{7D1B1F4E-B641-41C5-AB1D-482D3EF78D34}


    ok, NOW that’s it for me…


  • CATHY…

    i had totally forgotten about the Venice Beach workshop…but , i think those are just weekend workshops and not the kind i usually do…minimal or no student shooting time…wasn’t that your experience with Alex Webb??? still it will be good and i do occasionally do these more minimalist workshop/seminars…

    cheers, david

  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)


  • Bob,

    Hi! i didn’t forget your words about Lobo Antunes! and i want to say to you that i might have a surprise to you until the end of the year… just keep tuned ;)



  • Marcin,
    I could throw you a pro pack of tri x 320 (5 rolls of 120), if you need some film, let me know, I could pop it in the mail tomorow. if you are interested post up your address.
    best wishes to all.

  • Last three days or pro week of Perpignan? Last three days OF pro week at Perpignan?

  • David;

    Thanks for your words a week or so back re the Timor work. If you don’t mind me asking… what images would you pick if you were editing to 6-8?

    This is a first rough edit and I’m interested in other’s opinions. Of course I know which ones I favour, but any ideas welcomed!!!


  • Frustrated, broke, depressed…

    Seems like everyone feels it sometimes…

    Dadakaky your note didn’t work and my phone has just been cut off, this internet link which I am hitch hiking on from god knows where is my only link with the outside world.

    Tell me what does everyone else do when the black dog comes a’snapping at their heels?

  • David,

    Do you have any idea who from magnum will be in Seoul doing the workshop you did last year? If I recall correctly, that was almost a year ago so it should be soon.

  • Lisa,
    just sent you an e-mail.

  • LISA

    What can I say to offer support? All I know is that whenever I’ve seemed to hit bottom, a door opens and suddenly I’m entering a new realm. Why do we have to go through so much in order to find ourselves? Wish I knew. Painful? Yes. Essential? Seems so.

    I’m with you, my sister. You are not alone. Live it fully. Grieve, scream, cry. Do what your heart demands. These are labor pains and something brand new is struggling to be born. Breathe…deeply. And keep breathing until you and the pains are one. This is sacred work, work you’ve been preparing for all your life. Hold fast to your dreams and don’t settle short. WATCH FOR THE OPEN DOOR…



    Thankyou, thankyou so much. That means more to me than you will ever, ever know…


    No email, thats probably been cut off as well…

  • Lisa,
    oh no…. do you have some alternative e-mail ( yahoo/gmail) ? can you access lightstalkers?

  • KAT as long as I am online I can get to the LS PM’s I think.

    I sent you an email, did you get that?

  • Lisa,
    got it … I replied to that one and also sent a pm on LS.

  • Lisa;

    My heart goes out to you; I know exactly how you feel. I reckon the job description for freelance photography/photojournalism should be “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”

    I’m in a similar position to you, no services cut off (thank goodness) but eagerly awaiting the 20th for the next magazine payments.

    I can’t offer any help except to say, stay strong. You seem to be the sort of person who will have the black cloud’s silver lining appear especially for you!

    At least you are pursuing an occupation that fills you with passion, you could be living a drab 9 to 5 lifestyle, and saying “what if” about your life. Sure the 9-5 pays better, but I know you will emerge from your present circumstances, and it will only make you more passionate and driven.

    I don’t know if this will help…. But… here’s a poem from James K Baxter, New Zealand’s pre-eminent poet (long dead now… RIP). When the black dog of worry arrives, and I agonise over whether I’ve made the right lifestyle decision I always read this piece. God I wish I could write like this…..

    Ballad of Calvary Street

    On Calvary Street are trellises
    Where bright as blood the roses bloom,
    And gnomes like pagan fetishes
    Hang their hats on an empty tomb
    Where two old souls go slowly mad,
    National Mum and Labour Dad.

    Each Saturday when full of smiles
    The children come to pay their due,
    Mum takes down the family files
    And cover to cover she thumbs them through,
    Poor Len before he went away
    And Mabel on her wedding day.

    The meal-brown scones display her knack,
    Her polished oven spits with rage,
    While in Grunt Grotto at the back
    Dad sits and reads the Sporting Page,
    Then ambles out in boots of lead
    To weed around the parsnip bed.

    A giant parsnip sparks his eye,
    Majestic as the Tree of Life;
    He washes it and rubs it dry
    And takes it in to his old wife –
    ‘Look, Laura, would that be a fit?
    The bastard has a flange on it!’

    When both were young, she would have laughed
    A goddess in her tartan skirt,
    But wisdom, age and mothercraft
    Have rubbed it home that men like dirt:
    Five children and a fallen womb,
    A golden crown beyond the tomb.

    Nearer the bone, sin is sin,
    And women bear the cross of woe,
    And that affair with Mrs Flynn
    (It happened thirty years ago)
    Though never mentioned, mean that he
    Will get no sugar in his tea.

    The afternoon goes by, goes by,
    The angels harp above a cloud;
    A son-in-law with spotted tie
    And daughter Alice fat and loud
    Discuss the virtues of insurance
    And stuff their tripes with trained endurance.

    Flood-waters hurl upoin the dyke
    And Dad himself can go to town,
    For little Charlie on his trike
    Has ploughed another iris down.
    His parents rise to chain the beast,
    Brush off the last crumbs of their lovefeast.

    And so these two old fools are left,
    A rosy pair in the evening light,
    To question Heaven’s dubious gift,
    To hag and grumble, growl and fight:
    The love they kill won’t let them rest,
    Two birds that peck in one fouled nest.

    Why hammer nails? Why give no change?
    Habit, habit clogs them dumb.
    The Sacred Heart above the range
    Will bleed and burn till Kingdom Come,
    But Yin and Yang won’t ever meet
    In Calvary Street, in Calvary Street.

    – James K. Baxter.

  • LISA….

    the black dog has bit me square on my butt a few times!!!

    that, i am sure, does not make you feel much better, but know my dear that probably all of us have “been there” at one time or another…

    please know that you have friends here….virtual?? no… real….please let us know what we can do….too bad we are so geographically far apart…in any case, hold your head high and walk straight into the wind…you will come out the “other side”….i promise…

    hugs, david

  • Lisa,

    Remember Bangkok? You bounced back like i couldn’t believe, everyone was amazed, impressed. YOU ARE STRONG.

    I can’t find eloquence equal to the fine, fine words of Patricia and Ross but, for what it’s worth, you have a big family around this small world … you know this, yes? … And i really do believe what Patricia said with all my heart, and i have found it to be true in my own life over the last few years … “WATCH FOR THE OPEN DOOR” … it will come, it will if you keep searching and since you are obviously smart, strong, talented and courageous, you will take it and you will find something new and wonderful. Hold on, do not lose hope, because there are many, many people who believe in YOU.

  • … and by the way, albeit on the other side of the world, the door is always open in our home for you ..

  • David,

    35 is just an arbitrary number but I want to keep the editing as tight as possible. Actually the last thing I wanted to do was to influenced by other photographers so other than a few I had been interested in I was trying to not look at other work…its hard trying to be original as it is. However one thing I was never happy with was how I was sequencing…trying to shoot loose but my sequencing was totally not….seemed like in the sequence first came shots of my son, then him with my wife, then my wife, then nudes….too much fragmentation…I looked at how Sobol edited his stuff (I was not even aware of his work before he was pointed out to me a few weeks ago) and his editing of the story of his story on his girlfriend Sabine was interesting in how there was a mix, how he went from nudes to stillifes to postraits and candid moments…it was so loose and free both in editing and in shooting…

  • Marcin

    I have 20 rolls of Velvia 100 and close to 20 rolls of Velvia 50
    all in 120 format.

    If it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to mail it from Montreal
    to Poland it would be a pleasure to see it put to good use.

    Let me know,either here or email,



    I had an email exchange with David that we thought might be useful/educational/interesting/whatever to some of you here. It certainly is for me. It echoes the tone of some other recent encouragement David is sending to Eric and Patricia to name a few. David is pushing me hard.. I’m nervous that I’ll fail. I’ve known David now for almost four years (?!) when I started shooting people rather than landscapes.. and I know that when I seek mentorship that he will deliver. And that it won’t be easy. Ever. Worthwhile, always.

    There are many photographers and artists that I admire that can just shake great work from their sleeve.. or so it seems.. I long to be one of those. But I can only be me.. and push hard.. so that is what I do. I hope you guys get something out of this short ‘conversation’…. and maybe someday this ‘Thirst for Grit’ project will be at a high enough level to publish… someday.. I’d love share the story.


    SUBJECT: quiet moments w a book

    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    hey david.. i just had some down time with divided soul.. i gotta tell you amigo, that is a truly beautiful book.  hope you’re well..   shooting/pushing here..  talk soon.. abrazos, lance


    David Alan Harvey
    To: Lance Rosenfield

    hey lance..thanks for taking another look…are you in austin??? will i catch you on my cross country trip?? hope so…we need to meet somewhere where there are not 3,333 people around….motel 6 out on the hwy somewhere might be about right….wishing you and kelly all my best…cheers, david


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    hey chief..  yes, i’m in austin.. along with kelly.. and you?  we are both working on our projects and staying busy in general.. it looks like i’ll be headed for the border this weekend, Del Rio, Texas.  i (or we) would love to cross paths somewhere along your journey.. let’s make it happen. 

    i’m attaching a few images from this past saturday..  there are many more..  i’d love to make this ‘Thirst for Grit’ into something good, something with some meat. my biggest question is how i keep it esoteric… [and] how do i tell the story?  i find my images becoming more linear, which is a little bothesome.. anyway, working on it..
    abrazos, lance 

    4 attachments


    David Alan Harvey
    To: Lance Rosenfield


    i would not worry too much about telling a story for “thirst for grit”….honestly, your biggest problem is not story, but just in having some really strong pictures overall…you are close, but missing something in all 4 pictures you just sent…you are a true friend, and as a good friend back to you, i must tell you my honest opinion…there is no “truth” , but i think you know what i mean and where i am coming from…i do not “get” the out of focus rodeo shot…i mean, if you were shooting this whole story with a holga or something or if that was your style, then i would totally be up for it….the guy in the truck with the night scene outside, just needs another element..something going on over on the left side…good lite, but nothing happening……the kids in the rodeo box i do not get at all…the guy with the cell phone on the bed could be good, but it is just not there…need higher angle or just more graphic imagery overall…some face expression or something other than just a straight shot….now lance, i know you can do this…you have one of the great all time subjects….now please just get in there and make strong single images..forget story…at least for the moment…iconic images…one at a time…..

    all i want is to help…i hope you take this note in that spirit….

    looking forward to a meeting out on the trail with you and with kelly…

    abrazos, david


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    david.. thank you for the encouragement.. your honest opinion is the best gift anyone could ask for.  the best mentors and friends PUSH, not praise for the sake of praising and I sincerely thank you for that.
    last week i met with photographer Stephanie Sinclair, she’s a very good freelance photographer now represented by VII Network.. anyway, she got me on the ‘story’ kick.. so this past weekend that’s where my mind was..  a couple of quick notes on the pics:
    the first image: the dirt in the air is what’s in focus..  it’s the feel of the dirt/grit that i’m going for in that one.
    second image:  i agree.. not enough going on
    third image:  late-night diner, 3am, the boys are being boys.. harassing girls at the next table..
    fourth image:  composition and moment sucks
    anyway, i’m back to what you’re saying.. thanks again maestro.. talk soon, lance


    David Alan Harvey
    To: Lance Rosenfield

    lance..good attitude as i would expect from you…i did not see the dirt in the air…nor did marie  or mike…maybe in print form it would work and a really cool idea…you should stick with this idea , but make it more clear…i could not see the girls being hassled at the next table…i just did not get “late nite diner”…stephanie is a truly fine photographer and a great photojournalist…i respect her vision and philosophy…and i do not exempt “story” at all…but, in this particular case, i think the strong iconic images will carry whatever storyline you are on…there just are not that many complex parts to this essay….go iconic….with your sensibilities the “story” will fall into place….cheers, david


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    hey david, as you might imagine, your words are ringing loudly here (same for your words to Eric)..
    i have a question.. in ‘going iconic’.. can you explain this a little more.. i mean, when i hear those words i think, ‘i’ll never beat Allard or Kendrick or the countless others that have covered this subject matter so well already.. i want to do something different, something LANCE.. something true to how i see the subject matter..  well maybe ‘beat them’ isn’t the best way to put it.. but ‘iconic’ rodeo images have been mastered time and again..   so, i guess my question is, can I still ‘go iconic’ on a subject that’s been ‘done’ by the best and still have something new and unique??  maybe i’m answering this myself.. but i have to show this project through my own vision, and ‘iconic’ scares me a little into doing something that’s been done..  
    does any of this make sense?  i wish we were just talking.. typing doesn’t always work very well to express..
    cheers mate,
    ps – this is a request to push more, learn more… not a ‘push back’.. but i trust you get that..


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    hey david, if you prefer, we can move this conversation to the blog, i’m only slightly hesitant, but i don’t mind going public with it if it helps others, too..  and makes your life easier to talk in one place.. just let me know ..  lance


    David Alan Harvey
    To: Lance Rosenfield


    yes, this all makes sense…and it is a good question too….yes, to “get on the map” , you do have to beat all those guys or  at least do something equal…anything less and you are wasting your time….iconic for you may well be different than iconic for allard…yes, you do not want to imitate allard and yet you want to be iconic…..or maybe the word should just be very very visual…yes, lance visual…check out norman mauskopf work on cowboys…he shot b&w and is working much the same as you…oh yes, you gotta beat him too!!!!

    abrazos, david


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    well fuck..   yes.. yes, i know this.. but, fuck..


    Lance Rosenfield
    To: David Alan Harvey

    no worries amigo…  again, email loses subtle reactions..  i hope you laughed with me on that last ‘fuck’ email..  this could be a long-term challenge..  one that i am up for..    cheers, lance


    Those images were from the first 24 hrs with them… I am trying to figure out how much time I may need. The idea of being branded as an undercover or as a police officer is a worry, but I listen to my gut in these situations and so far things have been ok. I shot tonight, and I am pleased with some of the work I have, but I am heading out the night of the 3rd and 4th. I am really excited to get on the “other side” and into the lives of the people… The access at the hospital will help provide me with that because I will be introduced to families and hopefully, they will accept me.

    Thanks for the feed back…

    Lisa, my thoughts are with you… your passion will get you through it.

  • Wrobertangell, Mark

    Guys many, many thanks…
    But only if it rally is no problem for you.
    Let’s have a deal,
    I will accept your help with geat joy, but I need to have capability of feedback.
    Let say… After your help I will help someone next from this forum if smeone will need help. Ok?


    many times I have no money at all my work stop, but many times I have good money. So I will accept help now, but I hope it will be rule. If someone will need help, will have no films, let gives us know. If only I could help I will help.
    It will be pleasure to help someone of you beacuse I am sure here are people who need help maybe more than I.
    Is this good idea?

    My mail adress:

    Marcin Luczkowski
    ul. Komuny Paryskiej 53/7
    50-452 Wroclaw

    It’s look like next step of this collective!
    David what you think?


  • Nelson.. thank you.. there was other mistacke with that photo but thank you that you let me know! Hugs, Aga

  • Aga

    I like your works very much. Especially from istambul. I hope you will more capabilitys to do your own work. And weedings photographer is not as bad work as work in office :)
    I wish you luck



    don’t be sad sis! keep up the passion at all cost… hey, you’re an aussie girl, right??? you’re supposed to be tough as hell… that’s why i look up to you so much :)))

    to be honest i’ve been bitten by the black dog here as well… i’ve had sooooo too much input over the past month, the great look3 (dammit i missed you there) workshop, the wonderful paris fête, david being there all along… i have learned so much… right now i feel totally lost and immersed at the same time… immobilised but senses running overtime… studying every book i can lay my hands on…

    So hang in there SIS i’m thinking of you here… burning a candle… you will see a door at some point… just don’t look too hard for it, it’ll show itself to you and you will know it right there and then…

    god i miss australia right now



    i have 3 tri x 320 rolls, i will send them to you this afternoon.

    i hope this helps…



    THAT’S THE SPIRIT… that’s the DAH “army”…
    we were talking about…
    helping each other

    thank you for sharing… like an open school..
    we all learn from each other..

    also thank you for sharing and letting us into
    your life… we are ALL on your side…

    3am… should craash… but i can’t…
    i think too much… my brain on fire.. i need to clear
    my head from all those thoughts, ideas…
    my “medicine” is NOT working tonite…
    it’s not insomnia that im trying to “fight”…
    it’s excitement…
    to be continued…!

  • Have others picked up the “The Places We Live” by Jonas Bendiksen yet? I just got my copy from Amazon yesterday. Yikes! This is Bendiksen’s second book in 2 years from Aperture! At 30 years-old he is at the top of his game like never before. Jonas just keeps pushing further. Really makes me feel as if I am playing a totally different game. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to move towards such a level in photography. It’s not just about shooting more. Bendiksen’s concepts and ability really do seem unparallelled.

  • So…

    Have you ever had one of those days where all day long you thought it was a different day?

    Tuesday of this week was Wednesday for me…all freakin’ day! No big deal you might think, I’ve jumped ahead of everybody and will make it to Friday before you all! Heh-heh.

    Well no. What happens is this. You spend all day preparing for the typical Wednesday down at the river. Playboating at the Maryland Chute! Meet at Angler’s Inn parking and get some shots of the Vets gearing up, preparing. Hike out to the Billy Goat Trail and clambor over a few not-so-small boulders to your spot and get ready to shoot the crazy kayakers doing amazing things in the whitewater. Except…except!

    I get to the parking area around 4-ish. Notice Jim’s truck, all the kayaks are already out! They’re here early? They’re on the river already? Fuck! Nobody told me.
    OK, well I’ll just hike out there and get to it!

    Now keep in mind, I spent a couple hours earlier, making lists of shots I wanted to get. Making sure I had the lenses I wanted. Batteries for flash and cameras charged. The normal things one must obsess over. Except…

    So now I’m hiking down the tow path, turn on to the Billy Goat trail, big, full, heavy backpack with tripod strapped to the pack, climbing down steep hills and over rocks and…wait a minute! It’s not Wednesday! It’s not Wednesday at all! Aaaagghhh!!! Talk about your senior moments! This was and entire Senior Day!

    Well now what? Go shoot some birds? Some random hikers or bikers or fishermen? Turn around and buy some beer…drown your stupidity? Uh yeah, think I’ll go with that one!

    Anyway, the real Wednesday did come for me and I remembered it really was the real Wednesday and all that…so got some good shots last night. I realize a lot of this will make little sense to most in here…but what the hell. Just needed to share my idiocy!


    yes, yes….and Jonas is doing exactly what i would like so many of you to think about..where i am trying to push several of you with assignments now…and that is CONCEPT and AUTHORSHIP…that is totally 100% what he is all about..if you go in and look at this work, then no more explanation is needed..from just a tech or even aesthetic point of view , Jonas is probably no “better” than many photographers…but he “says something”, his work “means something”…he started with an idea, THEN picked up his camera…

    as i told Lance above, whose goals are quite specific, you MUST move to that “level”..unless you want something much much less than what i imagine..

    all of us need to decide at some point in our pursuits whether we can “make a mark” or not…or whether that is even “important” or not….and try to understand that it is not about commercial “success”…i.e.,Patricia can make just as significant a “mark” as Jonas…i expect her to…

    now Davin we must watch….Jonas just became a full member of Magnum…obviously deserved…but he must still move forward…there is no “there” there….


    i could not get your portraits judged yesterday…by the time i got the “finals” from David McGowan so that we could even do a judging, it was too late for me to do anything about it…not David’s fault…that boy is “on the case”…just circumstances…in any case, i will try again today….i will be at the Magnum office at some point and can surely find some “judges”…if that does not work, then some Mphotogs are coming to my roof for the July 4 fireworks and i can “lean” on them to lend a hand…


    i hope that is just the “giving” nature of our community here….that has definitely been the “feel” of it all along…

    when i became homeless last winter, so many of you offered your homes to me…..when we saw a note thinking Panos was in jail, i picked up the phone and called the police dept. and others checked the local hospitals…we are all hugging Lisa….all of you are so so generous with your critique and advice to each other…and isn’t our whole point here to get photographers out doing their work???

    there are several sides to human nature…some light, some dark….i prefer to tap into the light….i am so so pleased that you will now have some film given by your friends here….how sweet is that???

    peace, david

  • Michael–thanks for making me laugh
    Lisa–for me it does seem that the “darkness” really does seem to “come before the dawn”–I think the spirit is the main thing–not caring or giving up–from what I’ve read that you’ve written, I don’t think you are a quitter. Good luck.
    to All who share their words and work–thank you. For someone like me who loves photography and is striving to improve–and also loves to read–this site is like coming to a living book–I look forward to each new page

  • LANCE! :))))

    fuck ;))))….great exchange and I am happy you posted the exchange too, cause it gives insight into both of y’all’s thinking/friendship/determination…would only agree: dont be iconic allard, be iconic YOU..(whatever that is!)…aint gonna talk about the 4 images after Captain David, but hope to see this entire story when it’s finished…by the way, since i often too take ‘outoffocus’ images (though, maybe i’ll stop cause it’s so common now), my take on them has always been this: if i see something and i close my eyes, what is that that i remember?…outoffocus not for its own sake, but to make the viewer not see something outoffocus but something totally new…absolutely abstract: to show that images are always more than they look like…is is possible to shoot a cowboy even MORE out of focus?…think depth of field/f adjustment ;))…but, i always love the tender sadness in the agression (or depiction of agression) of your images…keep the exchange coming :))

    NELSON: can’t wait to hear what you’re doing with/wabout Lobo antunes…my hero…

    BIG SIS LISA:….well, i am so sad to hear this…and i wish i were a wealthy dude, i’d immediately wire you whatever it is you need, but all i can do is wire you love and thoughts that the others have said…home aint about a roof, but the companions who construct the roof for you…and having just housed Tamara, I can assure you that you have a home with her, with us (if you can get across the lake) and all that…take the strain, you were built and fit for it….all is temporary and all passes, both the good and the ill, and just remember each and everyone has gone through this and fuck the phones, and listen to a song, and remember there is but one roof and that streams over all things….i know it aint shit, but u gotta remember that we are nursed back from the brink and can nurse ourselves, when we know what is the what….u’re healed sister, your strong,you lit with licks of light in your life and remember that shit….tamara’s gotta a blue baby, fear not….sending you love from the family black…




    i wish everyone here knew you….you are the LIGHT!!! you radiate LIGHT….

    it was so so nice to see you in C’Ville…our chat was way too brief, but you definitely bring warmth to my heart always….

    cheers, david

  • BOB…

    i did not critique the work, or did not intend to be critical, of Lance because his rodeo shot was out of focus…it just did not match his other work, and frankly i just could not see the dust where he was focused on my screen…

    i like out of focus…i like the “holga look”…your work is consistently “out of focus” and is therefor part and parcel of your style…not so with Lance….hence my comment on that particular picture…

    cheers, david

  • Thanks David for checking in on that. I’ve met Jonas twice in NYC for coffee before. He’s very inspiring. I remember leaving the cafe both times totally psyched for photography and vowing to be more confident about everything and even more committed and more intense about work.

  • Have just ordered Jonas’ book too. And Edward Yang’s “Yi Yi” as recommended by Bob B. Immerse, immerse, immerse…

    BIG thanks to all who have checked out my most recent work, David first of all, but Lee and Bob B as well. Lee, what you saw in image 3182d takes my breath away. Yes, yes, YES! But how did you find all that in one simple image? The power of photos to tell more than the photog ever suspected!!!

    Bob B, as always you push me further than I was before I read your words and experienced the original mind from which they come. You’ve now got me wondering if the two different perspectives could possibly be a “both/and” instead of an “either/or.” Meaning, if my project might become a book as David suggests, could it have two sections? Part One being the world as I see it, and Part Two, me as seen by the world. If I pursued this approach it would incorporate David’s idea about my not “showing my hand,” so to speak, at the start.

    Bob B, David, all…does this seem like a viable possibility?

    PASSWORD patricia

  • DAVIN….

    i went back to your website again….you have all of the tools….

    where do you live??

    we should meet at some point soon…

    cheers, david

  • BOB

    I second David’s comment about your work. The “out of focus” component of your photos is an integral element of your signature. It’s not something that’s easily done effectively, but you make it look easy when in fact it’s not. Am I making any sense?


    I know you’ve stressed “authorship” many times. I think I am beginning to understand what you mean, maybe maybe? I find myself looking at my photos and asking “so what?”… many of them, nothing new or compelling, really generic images, perhaps contrived or just missed the mark. BUT, rarely, really really rarely, I’ll see one that reaches right back to my occipital lobe (eternal geek here, sorry) and jabs me in the stomach, and I think “that’s MY image”. Then the question becomes, why? What is it that makes that MY image? No clue, yet. Maybe I shouldn’t dissect it too much. Doesn’t it have to come from some subconscious instinctive reflex? If I figure out the parts that make the sum of MY image, then I’ll be too aware of it, and won’t my images become contrived again? Over-thinking it perhaps, lots to learn…


    ok, now THAT “contact sheet” makes sense..

    now, you must decide on another thing…notice how the top of the “sheet” is quite a different mood than most at the bottom?? you cannot have every picture in the indoor mood you have created, but they should not “clash” either…simply put, your outdoor work needs to be shot in a color pallet that is at least complimentary with the others…the outdoor pics in bright sunlight just kill the sentimental powerful aesthetic you have inside your need to set an overall “tone” or “look”..

    you may have noticed i have so far refused to pick out or identify “favorite” single pictures…do not worry they are in my head….but, that is not the point…at least not yet…editing your work is another step away in my opinion….by time i get to Detroit, the time will be right for a good “first edit”….

    cheers, david

  • David,

    I glimpsed you a few times at Look 3 actually. . . I have an apartment in Bucharest, Romania where I am trying to make a go of it in Eastern Europe, but I am home here in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts for at least 3 more weeks making meetings with editors in NYC. How much longer are you around?

  • Michael,

    I thought today was yesterday, or was it yesterday I thought was the day before?

    The film thing was way sweet. Lisa, I’ve been where you are. You always make it to the other side and in a surprisingly short time and in retrospect necessary to go forward.

    Rosemay, hey! Listen to her Lisa. She is very, very wise.

    The bachelor series is reshaping strangely in my head. Yesterday I was out with #4 to some property he just signed off on out in the sticks. This guy is different because he is “immune” to me. His words of wisdom regarding dipping his toe into the relationship waters: “I look down the road and if I see it forming in a way I won’t like, I turn around before it begins.”

    In the beginning of the shooting with #1, I was in his home, very personal, very there. And I can see it clearly now that in my confused state regarding relationships I just opened for anything. That is what he saw and responded naturally to. Unfortunately for him, I was open only to seeing what was out there; I had no desire to actually taste it.

    With all these revelations I am beginning to see a format for the story that encompasses all of the guys and something else. I know not what that something else might be but it will no doubt be revealed–come hell or high water. And it might be messy.

    Some clues I’ve had. #3 said, “I looked up and saw an angel in my door.” This was the first time I walked into his shop since 9/11. His shop had hit hard times (politics of the neighborhood, construction blocking access) and when I appeared and began hanging around shooting his picture he began to reveal his desires for his shop. His shop is his life, since 1976.

    #4 said yesterday, “These guys are lonely.” “These young girls swishing their asses around us scare us. We like women we don’t have to explain ourselves to and those are few and far between, especially pretty ones.”

    I am looking at the contact sheets on his shoots with this in mind now.

    Today I move into a house off of the campus here in Fayetteville. I found it on craigs list. Great house, on a quiet street, wireless, two dogs, gardens, decks, hot tub, private quarters. All for $550 for the whole month. Not bad. Looking forward to being there during this process of the bachelors. Single woman owns the place–loves to hang out on the street I did when I first knew all these guys. I think the street has something to do with the series too. I keep thinking of 7-9 photos….????….

    Patricia, he hated my portfolio.


  • Thanks, David. I know just what you’re talking about. I’ll keep that in mind from now on.


  • Yes! A bier in perpignan!
    I’m in Sardinia and I’ll be out of web for a few days. Read something about a new lyric on Morta D’Ella. Now I understand Akaky’s english!

    I remember, the fist time you sent us the link on Istanbul girls that there was another interesting story about a teenager mother. That one was made in Polland. Isn’t it?

  • DAVID :)))

    yea, i totally totally understand your comment about the outoffocus shot for lance, absolutely :))..what i meant was as a follow up to your comment, that it would make sense too from an outoffocus guy to agree with you (am i really always out of focus? ;)) )..wait until u see bones of time stuff ;)), anyway, i meant: this: for me outoffocus must be more than outoffocus (not that lots of people do it), i want outoffocus pics to not be an outoffocus image of something, but something completely different, so that people dont understand at first what’s going on, it’s purely an abstract/aesthetic thing: but the philosophy is simle: we fail often to see the other sides of things: face is a face, liht is light, car is a car, etc, when it’s much weird than that ;))…but i was not disagreeing with you at all: more me, the cowboy could be even more abstract to make sense…but wasn’t countering your assessment…posts/emails…not nuaance ;))…

    ASHER: yea, i think so ;)))…we’ll talk over a drink when u cocme in august :))…i think im gonna ditch my outoffocus stuff now, after bones of time work ;))))

    DAVIN: love love jonas work and he’s a wonderful human being…satellites is one of my favorite books, period, especially with it’s personal (my own) relationship to russia: he][s a great photograher and, even more importantly, a wonderful human the way his wife Laara is also a wonderful and deeply rich/talented photographer: let’s not forget about her, just as Trent’s wife Narelle is a genius with the camera too…

    Patricia: will look later…my pleasure…rent the film…will make sense..

    gotta go…so late..



    have you already tried to
    take a look at the Lomo Society to buy films
    certainly they can send it to anywhere

  • Laura, yes.. it’s in Poland and it’s still on my website :-)


    have you already tried to
    take a look at the Lomo Society to buy films
    certainly they can send it to anywhere


    One day I will have you all here (or where-ever) for the biggest barbie (BBQ) that you have ever experienced…

    Thankyou so much for everything you have written, I get so down sometimes, but when I come home to you guys it doesn’t seem so bad.

    Ok its not a Mini Me statement- but well you guys ‘Connect’ me…


    If that sounded like a shout I am sorry, but you know this is a great place to hangout, its great work (I went to a slide night here tonight some great/brilliant work and then they went and gave out a prize and ruined it all) but I think what is happening here is even stronger.

    I feel a lot for you fullas here, I don’t feel so much like an outsider anymore, thankyou so much for being my family…

    Thankyou all- I have kicked the blackdog out the door!

  • Davin

    Great Job !

  • DAVIN….

    well, too bad, i am not around…i leave on the 5th cross country..i might be up to see my brother in Boston within your time frame and maybe we could me there??? if not, i may or may not be back in New York for a day or two here and there…we will just have to stay in touch…

    cheers, david

  • David, yes Boston could work. . . or Perpignan. . . but it seems you may not be there this year, huh? I’ll be back and forth to the US between now and the end of the year, so let’s do stay in touch.


    If/when you’re in Boston, PLEASE let me know, if only so we can finally meet face-to-face.

  • HI ALL,

    Many, many thanks for your offer of help. I am sure I will payback soon.
    I know one guy who selling films. He have often cheap films, with normal time for use, 35 and medium. Mostly films I don’t use, but now I will remember about you. I will not wait when someone ask for help. I just buy more and send to person who will want it. Simple payback. :)


    this site is great. I think I will use it.

    must running

  • Hello to all,

    I am delighted to meet soon a large number of you!!

    I have already met you during the session dedicates of Magnum, to the convent of Juniors, you remember it surement not, I had postcards “magnum”, represent you a kid in front of her fans, it was me!

    You were totally right about my parents, my father is hospitalized at present since Tuesday, an ablation of the prostate, and as you say, it will maybe be just a family try(essay), but I am sure happy to be present in near my parents….

    Kind regards,

  • Davin E:

    Your black and white photo essay on the village in Rumania is superb! I especially like the mix of very personal up-close shots of people with wider group shots and the landscapes. They all work together to paint an indelible portrait of this wonderful place. Your horizon-tilting works when you use it and is not overdone. Obviously you made a place for yourself in this community and were accepted. You should be praised for that as well as for the quality of the photographs.

    I didn’t feel that your color work from the same locale was nearly as strong as the black and white. Since I work 95% in color and generally prefer color for this kind of ‘anthropological’ or ‘geographical’ kind of story, I was surprised by that, but honestly the b+w photos moved me in ways that the color didn’t.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Good luck!

  • Aga

    I loved your self-portrait with dog’s mouth- I think it was my favorite of the self-portraits. And I also like very much your color photos of women in Istanbul. I hope to see you do more work in color in the future.

  • BOB… got your email.. THANK YOU brother/uncle/friend, i haven’t figured out what to call you yet.. your insight is a treasure… not just photographically but more than that.. you know this. and DAVID also yes what is tremendous is your ability to transcend visions to see what works for different people with wide varying ‘things to say’ and ways to say them..

    bob, your insight to your ‘out of focus’ work was enlightening.. i KNEW there was a reason why i always loved it, and you just put it into words for me.

    just one quick thing to say about the first picture which appears out of focus… it’s actually ‘in focus’ with a strong ‘out of focus’ element (being the rodeo scene in the background).. it’s the DIRT in the air.. look, you can see it.. now, it may not be a successful picture yet, it’s a telling sign for me since we’re even having this discussion….. but there you have it, now you know what i was after. i will try again to GET this picture..

    i generally do not shoot out of focus, although i often shoot ‘blurry’… i love blurry and subtle and mysterious.. it’s in a lot of this project already, purposefully, but you’re right, i don’t think you’ll see anything ‘out of focus’ from me on this project.. so, i would like to execute that picture better.. because i have something to say with it. :)

    PANOS – you’re right, open classroom, although i was hesitant to post that conversation b/c it makes me ‘vulnerable’ to be judged.. fuck it, that’s one reason we’re here.. you blazed out and rose to the occassion with VENICE.. and PATRICIA and so many others either saying ‘fuck vulnerability’ or embracing it.. either way, you guys are inspiration..

    MARCIN – i’m working on your second print… getting the colors right is difficult on this one.. will send them as soon as they’re ready.. and i’ll let you know when i receive yours..

    cheers all!

  • Marcin,
    ok the film is in an envelope and en route to the post office, give it ten days or so.
    all the best

  • Lance, vulnerability is where it’s at, even for someone shooting cowboys! And you showed us that by sharing your email exchange with David. This is how we learn from one another. Whatever is said to one can be valuable for ALL. And I’m talking about comments made by everyone here, not just David. I learned as much from YOUR end of the conversation as from his. Thanks, Bro!


  • JULY 3rd 1971..
    the “Lizzard King” died in Paris.
    So imagine whats going on in Venice tonight…
    thinking of all my losses..

    This is exactly what I gained all those years..
    Numerous losses.
    let’s meet in venice tonight..
    let’s sleep on the beach.. under the stars..
    Jim, thank you..
    and I’m coming to meet you ONCE more..

  • Hello ALL,

    I’m glad that I discovered DAH’s work and this amazing community!

    My few words now are just to keep in touch and send my congratulations to all of you for the compelling works presented here (recently I had the pleasure to visit the portfolios of Patricia, Davin, Joni and Laura)

    Despite the different levels of skills, experience or talent I believe we all have ALWAYS a powerful message to send thru our photographs, and sharing these with the others is priceless.

    I’m also willing to meet some of you in the next available opportunity (maybe in a DAH’s workshop)

    All the best!
    Ari B.

  • Jon Anderson, a photographer and writer and the author of some of the more interesting and philosophical posts on Lighstalkers, is back with an interesting thread after a bit of a hiatus:

  • LANCE :)))

    ok, i hope just friend and brother (i cant be your uncle, we’re nearly the same damn age bro!)…and feel free, if u and david see fit, to publish my email as part of your great dialog u shared above…and, by the way, i do see you using blur (i dug the holga stuff for day of the dead, but more than that other stories with 35mm)…, just depends on where/story/how (and i guess what hootenany ;)) )…as david always says, it would be better to chat about this all over a drink…someday someday with marina and kelly i hope :)))..


    im with you and cant wait to see where you and david take all this :)))


  • David,
    Thank you VERY much for such kind words. I think you know that I am always glad to see you. Looking forward to your posts from your road trip. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back…..”
    I am not very wise, but I did tell you to be careful!. You were lots of fun to be with in C’ville. I hope we can both go next year. Good luck with your project.
    I would be honored to be your blog sister! Glad that blackdog got “kicked out the door!”

  • wow sooo much to catch up again… :)) the time difference with europe is killing me to keep up…

    CONGRATS to the winners! truly strong stuff here!!!


    the suspense is killing…. tell tell pleeeeeeeaase!!

    on a lighter note: two funny things:

    ONE i went to the library yesterday for the first time in years and i borrowed a ton of photography books (w eugene smith, koudelka (exiles), nan golding, dekeyzer, alvarez branco, …) to LEARN LEARN LEARN and guess what? they had YOUR CUBA BOOK in DUTCH? now how cool is that? NOTHING EVER gets translated into dutch except the most most most most important stuff… so you know what theis means… you DA MAN here….

    and also, this is for me the first time to see these pictures in print, gotta say, you’re moving me man, you really are…

    TWO you’re not gonna believe this… you know you mentioned (or was it someone else here) that you’re continuously looking for ways to make little tripods out of beer bottles and stuff, and that you use any available means you can lay your hands on? well look what my brother brought me over from tokyo… a beer bottle tripod!!!
    i have never seen one of these before, so i fell of my chair with surprise (is this even an expression?) smiling all along. it’s sooo tiny and easy, i have it in my pocket from now on!! (i can find out details where to get them if you want)
    needless to say, a DUVEL bottle is the ideal vehicle for this tripod, it’s a bit wider than other beer bottles so much more possibilities (besides drinking it:))


    how are you my friend!!!! i thought of you THREE times yesterday… (Duvel truck, Panos sign and music festival) will put some images together today to show… i’m going to Rock Werchter since yesterday… great atmosphere, great great music… lots of beer & spice… and really hard to take pics but i’m trying… for you :))))


    oh, so there is conversation going on outside of this blog??? how the h*ll can anyone EVER keep up with this!!!!! i can’t even keep up with the blog here….
    no seriously… Lance, David, Bob… thanks for sharing the words, it gives me an amazing insight (yet again)… i’m learning here… yet again… like a sponge… and hoping i will be able to deliver someday too like you guys all here can… i feel so privileged to be able to look at all the work here and understand as well what’s behind it…


    the films are on their way, posted them in the mail yesterday…

    special note to DAVID B

    … i have psoriasis as well… your words are remarkably accurate as to what i feel and experience continuously day to day as well… since i was a little kid i was “different”…

    …for me, something has drastically changed the last five years, since i tried PUVA treatment under controlled supervision of my dermatologist… with great success… even though the treatment in itself is, i guess, quite invasive and not very healthy… and of course, it’s only a symptomatic treatment, it doesn’t “cure” in any way…

    PUVA is essentially a radiation treatment in that you get exposed to a very high dose of UVA rays under a special kind of sunbench, after you have downed mono Psoralene pills (hence the “P”) to make you even more sensitive to UVA rays. needless to say, these pills make you feel really sick and throw up and the UVA rays burn your skin… but this is the intention apparently… i have disovered that for me, after 15-20 sessions, my symptoms dissapear for 1,5 to 2 years… which, for me at least, is HUGE

    i mean… 2 years of nothing (the occasional spot pops up now and then, but i resist using the cortisone as much as possible) compared to twice daily cortisone or coaltar ointment on each and every one of hundreds of big and small spots all over your body, taking care of it, the time involved, the loved ones that need to help, the… i don’t wanna think about it anymore…

    what i’m trying to say, david, is that i feel you, really… thanks so much for sharing. and your strong words.

    and EM is on my list too :-)

    peace to all

  • damn, posted in the wrong thread… well, it was bound to happen one time or another :-) i’ll repost in the other one


  • Lisa, just looked at your site: black dog not due to poor work that’s for sure. Keep well.

    Good Light!


  • Lisa, just looked at your site: black dog not due to poor work that’s for sure. Keep well.

    Good Light!


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