ann curry


energy….wow…wow…so much energy…..anyone who meets ann will feel this blast of energy in a split second…and you had  better hang on, because this woman is moving at the speed of light….and, in my opinion, for the purest reasons of better communication…..

for those of you in europe, south america, asia and africa you may not know ann….she is an american icon and an NBC News anchor for the Today Show…sometimes those of us in the print media really do not know if the "faces" on television are really reporters or just "reading the news"….i just met ann last night at a  Memorial Day gathering over at rob clark’s studio (read about rob "family/friends")….if you talk to ann, you will quickly realize she is the "real thing"….a true journalist and reporter….

"i like to do stories about people who have nothing…no political power, no voice….i want to give them a chance to speak" says ann, who was with her husband and two children at rob’s  and lei ling’s  "first day of summer" holiday barbecue….sure, ann is obligated to report whatever is happening each day, but she digs and pushes her crew and goes to battlefields like lebanon recently  and has no fear….she reaches a lot of people on television and she is totally a "real person" off camera…

and guess what else??  she loves photographers!! ann seems to know about everyone and everything in our print business …amazing really…when she speaks about photography she knows what she is talking about…she is seen above yesterday with her friend david turnley (and under "work in progress" with her two children)…she also shoots digi stills when she is on assignment…..

meeting ann was a nice way to start off the summer….positive energy turns into more positive energy…

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  • Wow, wish I could have been there to meet her…she’s an alum from my alma mater, the University of Oregon J-School. Her success was a big inspiration to many of us there. Glad to hear she shares the same spirit and values that were taught to us.

  • Nice to know there’s still some real journalists out there in tv land.

    By the way, I love that image of ann, as there’s a lot going on in it, and it really shows her energy and spirit.

    Thanks, David!


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