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Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org)

Some of you were on hand September 1 in Perpignan for the launch of Burn 02. By all accounts, the buzz on Burn and Burn 02 was palpable. In all my years in the business, I never saw quite this sort of “big warm”. Was it the slide show? Was it the new in print magazine? Perhaps those things helped. But it was way more than a function of display. It was about YOU. This audience. This audience who supported new and original work by Paolo Pellegrin and Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first in Burn 02.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. I am not published in it. I wish I was. The place to be published for sure.

Yes, 02 was a collaboration. But there is always one person who is THE driving force. Diego Orlando, our special projects editor, is that person for 02. Anton and I were in the background on this baby. Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

I am proud of this magazine/book…I can say this in a way I could never say with my own work. That requires silence. But I can say that this feels like my best effort so far  as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…Yet  I made something happen..Put the talents of others to work..Gave them all the rope they could handle. Kept an eye out..Mostly to set a standard….And to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..I knew they would thank me later …laughing…I will say no more now. On the front flap I wrote:

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.



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  • Akaky:
    Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. -chuckle-


    Are thou a fan of Hemingway, Steinbeck or Cormack McCarthy?

  • SIDNEY..

    yes, one name was accidentally omitted…Heidi Lender whose self portrait we published was not listed..now Sidney, anybody who counts pictures and then counts names to figure this out of course has extreme obsessive behavior traits , so now while you are at it, figure out which one Heidi is :) ..our apologies of course to Heidi

  • Looks GREAT!
    can’t wait to touch it….
    feel it…
    smell it…….
    off the press……
    Thanks BuRN crew!!

  • yes Sidney! i made a mistake! the name missing is Heidi Lender and i hope she will forgive me…
    i must admit i would have never noticed that so thank you to give me the opportunity to mention her and her beautiful selfportait…
    Heidi.. i am sorry!

  • and about the books to USA: they are leaving Italy the printer place now, direction United States.. so finally next week they will be there ready to be in your hands.
    I will keep you posted about when they arrive there, it should be by next wednesday.

  • I think Heidi is the one with the camera balanced on her head in the bottom row.

  • DAVID,

    I didn’t START by counting names and counting photos… was just trying to match names to faces when I noticed a discrepancy, and THEN I counted in order to make an accurate report and inquiry…

    So, Heidi must be either #4 or #5 from the left on the bottom row… with her Swiss-German-Austrian name, I would guess she’s the blond with the camera on her head…??? (But I’m probably wrong… Entschuldigen, sehr geehrte Heidi!

    Obsessively and compulsively yours,

  • not the blond with the camere on her head.. she is the one on the left of her. it is the very very nice frame with heidi looking out the window.
    heidi selfportait is receiving even more attentions by having the missing credit… i am just sorry we’ve already interrupted the pleasure of counting…

  • Damn! I was going to pick that onE! Haha…

  • After a nearly two month hiatus, I brought my blog back today. I shouldn’t have. I should have waited until next week, but I said I would so I did:


  • WHO is HEIDI??????
    what a mystery! Diego! you are the Mystery Magical Man!


    good to see your blog live again.
    Your selfpic is just great.

  • …and so I had this little light bulb moment.[the fact that they are exclusively energy saver light bulbs nowadays is something for AKAKY IRL and his actuality to riff on]
    I was thinking on the whole pessimist/optimist/ the world is a sensual blinfolded labryinth easter egg hunt ,full of possibility and Kantian positivism/ er, no actuallly its a series of large pathches of boredom clothed in banal habit that occasionally erupts into lust or panic, or remains heading towards universal heat death blind to the failings that are guiding its rudderless skiff etc etc …kind of dichotomy we go through here from time to time, when I got one of those….things. you know, … a brain fart.
    And it was this: YOU [insert name as appropriate] make the pictures you make based almost entirely upon the way that you see and interpret the world. but…..I [also insert name blah blah] make pictures that reflect MY reflection of the world based on MY thing. And if I made them like YOU SEE THINGS…… how could that be true to me???? Where would AUTHORSHIP live???
    The darkness in my picture is ONLY a reflection of its author just as the light in your picture is ONLY a reflection of its author. Where is authorship without remaining true to that??? …..and how does one type of vision TRUMP another???

  • John…

    I’m going to have to read your comment a couple of more times to get the gist of it :))

  • “Mystery Magical Man”, said Panos… There are a few ‘Mystery Magical Men’ -and some ‘Mystery Magical Women’ too!- in the Burn garage band! ;))

    Some Mystery burnians we don’t know anything about, some Magical burnians we follow, but it’s the positive energy here, with all the ideas/projects/critiques/essays/and the likes, that brings us back for more… Even if it’s impossible to keep up with the comments :))

    ps: some self-portraits are really great!

  • John..

    if you don’t remain true to YOURSELF then there’s nothing worth to even talk about.. then it’s just clicking away on the shutter..

    Do you, ok, do I make pictures like I interpret the world.. or how I would want it to be? Can it go that far.. I take pictures and make pictures of what I do not have, but would want to? Or most probably it depends and is different for each and anyone of us, depending what photography is to us.. a healing tool, an expression tool, etc. .. nightmare or dream..

  • …and how does one type of vision TRUMP another???

    Depth of understanding and skill at communicating, perhaps? Something like that anyway.

    And don’t fret. There must be 100 great works of art that come from some dark place for every one that’s all happiness and light. Far more than that, I’d hazard.

  • I like happy snaps of puppy dogs and ice cream.

  • Hey Jason, I resemble that remark!
    Actually, my own Pollyanna approach to photography is often an attempt to lift myself out of the abyss. As I once remarked to David, it is an antidote rather than a purge.

  • Never wear black t-shirts in Memphis nor listen to Metallica!!! u might end up in jail for almost 20 years like the 3 kids above! yikes!!!!!!!

  • ok , back to our “regular” programming..

    time to purchase the remaining copies of BURN.02…before it is toooo late!

    oh btw…anyone want to come to SA for the premiere???? to help Burn out and enjoy tons of free beer??????????????????????????????????
    i think, working on it as we speak, i have a HOUSE for 3 guests!???? anyone interested????

  • Already i have one, THE FIRST confirmed guest for Texas the 8th… He is a fellow Burnian that is flying all the way from Minneapolis Minnesota!and of course is included in exhibition..who is the Mystery Man?


    there is NO trumping ….period…..it is all the same and we all end up in the same place in the end…even the quantifying (this vision is more, blah blah blah) is fodder, fun, games, silliness for the insecure….make the shit you need to make, it will be trumped in the end to begin with…those most concerned with trumping seem the most enfeebled, honestly….the categorizing and organizing is a game for those whose desires/job it is to do that….honestly…..time has its own organizing principles and who knows if they’re legitimate anyway….really matter?….shiiiiiit no….


    i know/guess…i ate sushi with him and his partner when he visited toronto, i’m guessing MS



  • MAS .. Yes Bobus! Exactement!!! Bravo!!!

  • AKAKY: Is it you?

    AKAKY IRL: Is it you who?

    AKAKY: The mysterious visitor from Minnesota.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re kidding, right?

    AKAKY: Just wondering aloud, dude.

    AKAKY IRL: Keep wondering.

    AKAKY: Hey, I’m just saying, you never know.

    AKAKY IRL: I do know. Do you know where Minnesota is?

    AKAKY: It’s out there somewhere.

    AKAKY IRL: Mars is out there somewhere, dumbass. I mean do you know where Minnesota is?

    AKAKY: Vaguely. Lake Woebegone is out that way.

    AKAKY IRL: Lake Woebegone doesn’t really exist. I mean the real place. And I will take another evasion to mean that you have no damn clue.

    AKAKY: I was in New Jersey once.

    AKAKY IRL: That doesn’t count. And you have no damn clue. All of that education and you’re still dumber than a box of wet rocks.

    AKAKY: I blame the new math.

    AKAKY IRL: I blame you.

    AKAKY: You always blame me. It’s unfair, you know.

    AKAKY IRL: That’s true. On the other hand, blaming you saves time and, let’s face it, most times it is your fault. So we have truth and blame in one easy package. And without that annoying bubble wrap that you can’t get open.

    AKAKY: Yeah, I hate that stuff.

    AKAKY IRL: Me too.

  • ALL

    now since i have no photos in BURN 02 and since all i did was to tap into the talents of others for this book, am i not allowed a certain kind of more visible pride than if my work were literally in it? …when RIO comes out in the spring i must be very quiet…but for 02 i think i can without embarrassment or false pride have some true pride…pride for the others…Diego and Andrea….it is a sin to boast are my family values, so this is just in the form of a bar room high five…

    i think the sales stats on 02 are 30 books per day for the last 10 days, just sales of this website and at the bar in Perpignan…that is 1.5 books sold per hour 24/7…..

    so damn, that’s just friggin cool…and they have not even hit the streets in the U.S. and no publicity yet…we printed 1500 and that will be that..a legit limited edition….we will hang on to about 300 copies for ourselves as an investment (01 goes for 40% more than original price)..so really there are only 1200 to be sold at the current price…they surely are not going to be for sale for Christmas…at least not at this rate…i do not know for sure, but i think 30 photo books sold per day off one site is a lot….ok, that’s it…nuff said

    this is fun..and this is US , only us! …nobody else around but us…timing , timing, and timing….we might just have all three…

    cheers, many thanks to all, david

  • brother panos :))

    i only know 2 photogs from Minn…i’ve eaten & drunk with both ;)))….and the one i know will be in nyc during the burn’d garden so the other must have been the one…u owe me a beer and taco ;)))


  • dah ;))))

    tomorrow i order, then when received will write a ‘review’ once it makes it north of the border…see if i can help in the truckin of 02 :)))

    sweet numbers, which i’m sure will accelerate once the damn thing hits the streets…i expect you’ll do a good show at the loft i can imagine you’d be able to sell a couple of hundred over the workshop period….

    ok, running
    must go-gone

  • Bob, i do owe u;) u guessed it right!

    BURN: “something is happening here and u dont know what it is! Do you? mr. Jones? do you? Status Quo?
    no advertisement, no control behind us, no politicians, no tea nor coffee parties…
    thats garage
    thats punk
    thats real hip hop from the Streets..
    BURN/DAH put photography back up in the Art Map!
    We proudly declaring Photography’s Rebirth…in the worst economic times..new order..world is changing…
    Recession, Depression…distraction…but we do not “see” or “hear” nor getting distracted…
    Serving at that “Tower of Song/art/photography” as Leonard Cohen once said!

  • yes, we might have to do 10 jobs to survive, yes we gonna bar-tent and wait tables to buy film, yes we gonna pay the rent later to buy a BURN book, but we know that the money comes back to us and the EXPOSURE we get here in BURN is beyond any coolness or edginess… !

  • and most important: IT MOTIVATES.. serious motivation…not about EPF money, no no…f$$k that..the recognition and respect we get from peers is priceless…

  • “AKAKY IRL: Lake Woebegone doesn’t really exist. I mean the real place. And I will take another evasion to mean that you have no damn clue.”

    What???? What!!!!!

    What are you telling me????

    At summers end, I saw a man walking toward me, talking, singing, a pretty woman by his side doing the same, and he sure did look like the man from Lake Wobegon. So I walked alongside him, too, snapping pix, thinking that it really must be the man from Lake Wobegon.

    And now you tell me that Lake Wobegon does not exist?

    So no one could be from there… I thought I had photographed someone famous. Now I find that I photographed no one.

    Oh well. I have never been a celebrity photographer anyway.

  • PANOS…

    i think we might take the EPF money and turn it into an assignment for publication fund….right now, so far, none of the EPF recipients have been required to show or to publish what they did with the 15k…we gave it to them to finish a body of work, but with no requirements to show us that body of work…for sure this will change…


    can we skype before you come to new york?

  • DAH
    brilliant!!!!! it sounds more “fair” and more interesting! and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder, than to show people the best we could do on our favorite subject!

  • Some thoughts…

    Vissaria is still rockin'; Thomas B’s washroom I recognized before Thomas himself; my assumptions and generalizations finally pay off…all Burnian woman are beautiful!!!

    And, thanks Diego for putting my portrait in third last. The ante-penultimate position is probably where I belong, but more importantly, it allows me to use that word legimately, in a sentence, for the first time ever! :))))

  • Speaking of grants (in general). I feel that the “working grant” will become more popular as grants get harder to acquire (in the shrinking economy). The idea that a portion of a grant being given up front; and the rest at a specified length of time through the project seems a good one for both parties. It assures the grant giver that the money is put to the use it was meant for; and the photographer has to really commit to the project.

  • I think the Getty Grant won by Stanley Greene was a working grant

  • Jeff..btw..did u send me your print?
    no pressure:)))))

  • and except from Sean Gallagher that constantly updates and inform us with his work, i ..hmmm, correct me if im wrong, everyone else..never ever reported back..dont get me wrong , i dont doubt they all working hard etc, blah blah..but you folks/winners…
    u can just drop by and say hello once in a while, show us some love after all the love BURN showed/gave u , unconditionally and report…some new work, a link from here and there would be nice…out of courtesy at least…!
    big hug…just be nice, when others are nice to you! its just nice to be nice!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ADMIN…I believe PANOS …hacked my account:))))))))))))))))

    as JEFF says…”all Burnian woman are beautiful!!!”
    and as civi says…

    ALL BURNIANS are beautiful…oime…some are mucho,mucho beautiful!!!

    yes,PATRICIOM…what not to LOVE!

  • BURN works.. because burn WORKS.. it does the work, not the talk

    BURN gives and takes and gives right back.. and most of the time it just plein gives, everyday, each day, to everyone who wants to stop by and have a listen

    BURN motivates.. picking up 01 or 02 and thinking that it could be ME in there along with the others who have delivered stunning work is a scary thought, but I couldn’t think of a better motivation.. and there’s more room, no limit, no waiting, just doing the work and submitting right HERE, one gotta give the best!

    I think, David, you have every reason to be proud, ’cause you don’t dwell on it, but move right on to the next thing.. read the last twitter feed.. others put in a lot of hard work too, alone you could not do, but it is on your credibility that you’ve built this tightly knitted BURNing network that really WORKS!

    And if there’s no tomorrow, you can look back and smile!

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