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Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org)

Some of you were on hand September 1 in Perpignan for the launch of Burn 02. By all accounts, the buzz on Burn and Burn 02 was palpable. In all my years in the business, I never saw quite this sort of “big warm”. Was it the slide show? Was it the new in print magazine? Perhaps those things helped. But it was way more than a function of display. It was about YOU. This audience. This audience who supported new and original work by Paolo Pellegrin and Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first in Burn 02.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. I am not published in it. I wish I was. The place to be published for sure.

Yes, 02 was a collaboration. But there is always one person who is THE driving force. Diego Orlando, our special projects editor, is that person for 02. Anton and I were in the background on this baby. Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

I am proud of this magazine/book…I can say this in a way I could never say with my own work. That requires silence. But I can say that this feels like my best effort so far  as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…Yet  I made something happen..Put the talents of others to work..Gave them all the rope they could handle. Kept an eye out..Mostly to set a standard….And to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..I knew they would thank me later …laughing…I will say no more now. On the front flap I wrote:

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.



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  • a civilian-mass audience

    “This is YOUR night…”
    no,no PANOS…this is YOUR DAYS and NIGHTS…

    I am the proudest civilian in the world…in the Universe…
    if there is a vision…there is a way…

    damnit…you make me proud everyday…I believe in YOU,ALL of YOU…BURN MF*


  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…what day is the opening?…BURN-GARDEN?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…don’t check your mail…not yet…
    hugs to my Italian familia!

  • CIVI, the GreekLoveGlue..

    don’t do anything, not before November.. will be off soonest, first North then deep South..

  • Bursa Photofest International Photo Contest

    Deadline: October 5th, 2011


  • @ ALL Metal Lovers: I send you some passion and power. Watch this drummer!

    The Trooper (Iron Maiden) cover by Machine Gun Smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh_zU2UFCmA
    PS: Boys also want to have fun!

  • Stephanie Sinclair, sorry..

  • TIME The Next Generation Contest

    Deadline: October 17th, 2011


  • Gordon, I remember reading Charis Wilson’s obituary maybe a year, two years ago. She was very old when she passed; if I remember this correctly she was 95 or 96.

    Panos, you’re a worse editor than me? Frankly, I do not see how this is scientifically possible because I have no damn clue what I’m doing.

  • http://instagr.am/p/OYPCX/

    (little tease above, part of the print , thank u!!!!!!!)

  • smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this one made my day
    thank you!


  • Panos, good news that the print arrived.

  • I’m with dq – it’s definitely Rio and my guess is DAH too.

  • Kindly help? I need catching up…

    I think DAH is in town for 2 weeks. One workshop ending this Friday with a bang, and then starts again w the advanced group? Anyone?

    DAH – you asked if I could stop by and show work, would love to if you haven’t filled the during the week docket and we can coordinate time. And excited of course for the final slideshows.

    And on a separate note, how are you embedding videos now into the thread?

    Also, Panos, I think you may have missed my question about me sending a smaller print. All I have it about 8×10. Too small, too late?

    Thanks one and all!

  • Need help with something. I have been using Picasa.google.web to display my portfolio and essays to share but it is so screwed up now. I had it loaded and went back today and it had reposted all the albums I had on there before and keeps wanting me to launch Picasa which is out of control! What on-line storage do any of you use that you could recommend that is good for sharing portfolio and/or essays for review?

  • ERICA, all sizes of prints are fine!
    Imants didnt even sent me prints but just a super cool “installation”
    please feel fee to send anything you like..and u are also A TRUE BURNIAN, so anytime you show “UP” you are “UP”…
    i personally include a big venice print and a tiny BEYONCE print!

  • Definitely RIO, yes, but but buttttttttt! definitely NOT DAH!

  • IT IS SIMPLY A FUN FUN POSTCARD! a great friend of mine sent it from Brazil!
    (damn, i love my job!)
    All, smile, lighten up, whole POSTCARD click below
    PHOTOGRAPHER: UNKNOWN???????!!!!!!!


  • PANOS: Jajaja you’ve made my day!! Funny picture. :-)
    PS: In California you got the same?


    i would love to have you come by…both weeks are equally advanced classes…i have done two classes back to back for the last three years i think…in any case, will call you soonest…i think next week the one, simply because i am pretty booked with presenters this week..of course i am hoping to see you friday evening for the usual presentations….and fiesta following


    hey, your unknown photog is working MY territory…pretty damned good postcard though….

    cheers, david

  • hahaha panos

  • David , laughing hysterically…yes , the “unknown photog” might overshadow YOUR “RIO”, which coming up “COMING UP SOONEST IN A THEATER NEAR YOU” (word on the streets;)

    Patricio..in california u see more of the opposite..bigger “upper-see silicon-buddy” tiny behinds, in Rio the opposite…smiling..but even in LA, it all depends which “hood” are u roaming at..Coz you can find best of both worlds if u interested..only problem:ITS EXPENSIVE!
    (dont get me wrong though, its EXPENSIVE to live in LA thats what i meant;)

  • apologies to Sir David Alan Harvey for even thinking for a minute that that postcard snippet was his photo. had they been putting up their hair at the same time, we might have had something more possibly his…

  • Mike R!
    send me an email here:

    i wanna ask u couple questions ..thanks bud!

  • DAH: Roger that! See you Friday night. Will scribble in the dark.

    panos – got it – now i just have to find the address again…

  • P.skoulidas
    1115 S.Alamo st, #2308
    san antonio TX 78210
    Unites States Of America!

  • Panos… I can assure you that where those come from , there are thousands more…the beautiful traditional Rio landscape (It isn’t an ad by American Airlines, but I hope that was persuasive enough to have you booking your flight ahahaha)And I’m with dq..it’s not a DAh, but it could be if it was 4:45 pm in copacabana beach with beach soccer players at background or a kid taking a shower, another girl running , a bike coming in the left,a volkswagen parked close in the right side, one of the girls fixing the hair, or the last girl looking at him..oh no…not the last dangerous option ahahah Kidding…He’d approach with a different magic ( “COMING UP SOONEST IN A THEATER NEAR YOU” )

  • Yes, indeed! still, the “unknown photographer from Rio”… it will be cool if we find out his name!
    anyway, Brazil, rocks!

  • David, lovin’ your comic book

    Two redheads in two days? Yup. Kerry lunches with Mike, who is friends with Shannon’s husband who shoots transvestites sometimes on the weekend.”

    Yes, I absolutely love red-headed women too. Us and Gustav Klimt. Shannons husband PHOTOGRAPHS transvestites I’m assuming. Shooting is such a loaded word. As a fellow portrait photographer once remarked, yup we book’em, shoot’em, mount’em.

    That photo of Gilda is absolutely absolutely stunning.

  • How the hell did eva manage to stay out of shot while soth managed to get in???

  • John.. you get Soth and a whole lot of other nice people and you complain???? Tststs…

  • JOHN

    time and time again we are reminded of what photography is actually FOR..the real PURPOSE…yes, after all it is simply a tool for reminding us of what we did at a particular time and date…without these fine photos i would not have remembered exactly who was in the elevator that night…and even after seeing, i am not sure i am believing….Soth wrapped in a blanket? where exactly were we?

    cheers, david

  • DAVID. We were at a rather nice monte martre bar, drinking large-ish amounts of red wine, white wine, cognac and lager…and I believe you may have had a tequilla in there somewhere, diego certainly hit the pastis..and this was AFTER we had drunk plenty of Magnums champagne…but BEFORE we drank my hotel mini bar dry.



  • …and I think Alec may have wanted to join our little party. Do you remember that rene and josef did for a while??
    ..and sang cuban toasts?

  • Yup.. confirm.. and it was the day AFTER David told me I’d love John.. and he was right!


    i do remember trying to kill the pain of my recently broken nose and it sounds as though i must have succeeded…yes yes i do recall Koudelka, Goldberg, Soth and Donovan Wylie popping by for a moment…Rene Burri too? just was not getting an image of Soth in a blanket..yes, grand evening to be sure, and nice to see these pictures…

    both of you are of course invited this friday pm to my new york loft and the fiesta that will follow the showing of work by Anderson and Gilden and my students for the week…would absolutely love to see you both….

    cheers, david

  • David..

    you know that you’re killing me, right?

    Speaking of photographs and memory.. remember this?


  • Interesting story about Bob Dylan, in his painter guise, copying (plagiarizing is the word the article uses) photographs by Cartier-Bresson among others. Interesting question, just what is acceptable these days. The article says that the ethical difference concerns acknowledging the truth of the matter, which Dylan didn’t.

    On a sadly similar note, the current issue of Harper’s includes some of those Irina Werning photos, intellectual provenance pretty much the same as Dylan’s. Imitative art without proper credit where credit is due (if she’s acknowledged who she’s imitated, sorry, but I haven’t seen it in Burn or Harper’s). It really pains me to see that kind of thing featured in my two favorite publications.

    Of course I’m aware that artists have always built on the ideas of others. Many of Gauguin and Van Gogh’s paintings were acknowledged copies of other people’s work. Acknowledged, being the key word, apparently. And true, they did it better than the original.

    But I shouldn’t let it bother me. Reading Oscar Wilde slice up his contemporaries, often for the imitative nature of their work, I find myself a bit surprised by how few of them I have heard of. And reading about the post impressionists one can’t help but note that those who were selling a lot of paintings in Van Gogh’s time are mostly forgotten. I guess it’s the same in every era. So if history repeats itself, odds are pretty good that some of the great artists of our time are out there somewhere, barely subsisting on the fringe. Or maybe that’s changed? Or maybe it’s different with photography? I know David is skeptical about the existence of these unknown geniuses. I guess I am too, but history suggests we are wrong.

  • Roberta:

    As apt a description of David’s compositions as I’ve ever heard. Think Picasso’s Guernica, without the violent overtones.


    Hugs to Bruce and you this Friday! There is a slim chance I may be in NYC late October, early November; it would be thrill to hook-up again with the two of you. Make it happen?

  • hey everybody here KNOWS that i love em ..right? no matter how much i disagree on point, or may not be in love with your work at the moment, you all (y’all where i come from) know i care..right? i do indeed hope that this is the consensus of the commentators here…so many of you i have met in person..how nice is that alone?

    ok, gotta run…students coming in…view of Manhattan out the window…very cool…you can just come hang if you simply politely ask…i think most of you know this as well…

    abrazos, david

  • MW,

    Looks like Dylan has a Gilden in there, too (scroll to bottom of page):


  • David..

    I’m sure all know this.. and I do hope that you’ll find the time and post some of the students work here, if not this week, as I gather you’re rather busy, perhaps when the workshops are over? And I’m really really ..ehm.. unhappy (trying to stay polite here) that I can’t see Anderson’s screening.. that of others too, but his I’m most curious about..

  • DAVID,
    would there a possibility to record the presentations and post the video afterwards, or have a streaming of the event? I guess, many people were absolutely happy to see the work but have no possibility to be on the same continent, even …
    please … ?

  • http://instagr.am/p/OdvPW/

    (amazing presentation)
    thank u!!!

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