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Some of you were on hand September 1 in Perpignan for the launch of Burn 02. By all accounts, the buzz on Burn and Burn 02 was palpable. In all my years in the business, I never saw quite this sort of “big warm”. Was it the slide show? Was it the new in print magazine? Perhaps those things helped. But it was way more than a function of display. It was about YOU. This audience. This audience who supported new and original work by Paolo Pellegrin and Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first in Burn 02.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. I am not published in it. I wish I was. The place to be published for sure.

Yes, 02 was a collaboration. But there is always one person who is THE driving force. Diego Orlando, our special projects editor, is that person for 02. Anton and I were in the background on this baby. Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

I am proud of this magazine/book…I can say this in a way I could never say with my own work. That requires silence. But I can say that this feels like my best effort so far  as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…Yet  I made something happen..Put the talents of others to work..Gave them all the rope they could handle. Kept an eye out..Mostly to set a standard….And to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..I knew they would thank me later …laughing…I will say no more now. On the front flap I wrote:

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.



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  • Panos…

    One day when we meet up at the massive Burn Mega World reunion I’ll tell you a ghost story which I promise will have us all feeling uncomfortable as the hair on the back of our neck stands on end.
    And it’s a real story…

  • All,

    I probably missed discussion about the bang bang movie here, but what you think about the movie? For me it is extremely weak movie. What is yours impression?

  • Marcin,

    after watching it the first time, I thought the same. After the second time, I thought little different.
    If one knows the book, the movie always will be weak, because many things are too difficult to express in a movie. I guess, that is, which weakens the movie.

  • @ ALL, but specially french people:

    I’ve just come from downtown Lyon and I bought in a store “Ame Partagee” (Divided Soul in French only) for only 16 Euros! SIXTEEN!! That’s only a pizza with a two cold beer…
    The bookstore need some place and books must go somewhere… If someone is interested, they have nearly a dozen of them. The store is DECITRE, Place Bellecour.
    If anyone interested, tell me, I can ship it, then we arrange thru PayPal.


  • Panos, I thought you’d like it. As for the white Lab, did it have red ears? The hounds of hell are white with red ears. Someone cue the eerie music now.

  • And since I’m on a roll, here’s this weekend’s Walking Around Photos, we’ll call it the not touched with photoshop edition. Not entirely accurate, and disingenuous, by any measure, but nevertheless, true, so true, so almost true.


    what do you mean exactly “not available”? not available how, where?

  • David, i admire your patience trying to “translate” Marcin….smiling of course!
    How can u not love Marcin?

  • Marcin; they are all still on the Magnum site… Cheers :-)

  • 17 pictures not like it was before photographers 1000. It happen right after last magnum meeting. I thought there was some reason.

  • I see some bug shows in my post :)
    Of course should be

    17 pictures not like it was before 1000.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    as PANOS says…”How can u not love MARCIN?” !!!

    I guess you are all doing good…

    kibbutz is rocking…
    Italian EVA is in the darkroom…
    we say Thanks to MIKER’S vet…ANDREW!

    how can u not love OUR BURNIANS ?!!!…

  • Thomas,

    I never read the book so I judge only the movie. And for me the movie is very weak. The story is strong but the movie is flat and shallow. Only the photoraphers story is so interesting that keeps this movie bearable to watch. And it’s sad because there will be no opportunity to shoot a new movie.

    And now if you write “the bang bang club” in google search you will se hundreds of photos the actors and movie frames and red carpet and only a few the real photographers.
    this is sad.

  • Marcin…

    I don’t think this is anything new, I’ve never seen a large quantity of D’Agata’s work on the Magnum site.

  • Paul,

    Well, this is new… before you could see 1000 pictures like you can see now looking at DAH’s photos.

    But anyway I was just curious.

  • Marcin…

    Laughing… I never saw the 1000 pictures, I must admit I only became interested in D’Agata’s work round this last winter, after the famous D’Agata Burn debate.

  • Civi…

    wrong. Am in the kitchen right now, developing film while watching a movie (right now Larry Towell speaking), hoping for two pictures from the last two days shooting.. later going out a few hours more, hoping for one more pic..

    Laundry piling up, dustbunnies having fun all over the place.. what not to love?

    Hope the Kibbutz crowd enjoys the ride fully, with not too much nostalgia kicking in..


    it is strange those 17 pictures by d’Agata….i have never searched by name like that until you mentioned it…i have no idea why i have 1000 nor why those particular 1000 which i never would have chosen…some of those are totally random shots that are indeed in the library but certainly not special selections…normally people search by subject and photographer or just go to the photographer page…so i cannot explain this…all i know is that i am going to remove my 1000 that are there down to 17 also!!

    this brings up an interesting dilemma…it is a full time job just to manage where all ones pictures are displayed …particularly on the net…just impossible to manage all possible locations and selections…as i said, until you mentioned this here, i never would have seen it..i mean, i am not going to the Magnum site to search my own name , so i would never have caught this…thanks

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    After Leibovitz’s problems with her rights to her own works, I thought that D’Agata have also some issue. It just looks bizzare when his pictures just dissapear. Like he wanted to cut off, or something.

    Thanks for the answer.

    And the searcher is great. I can see many pictures, every time. If I want see the best photography I just click on names. Fun for hours. Also I can see most recent pictures. If I can say; I learned on magnum archive searcher :)

  • Marcin…

    Try “chiaroscuro” that brings up 1000 varied photos from all the Magnum photographers.


    the book focusses much more on the events in the 90s in South Africa, with the personal story of those photographers as a by-story. The movie focusses mainly on the photographers. I guess this makes the movie so shallow.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am so,so proud…

    TOM YOUNG,TOM HYDE…our TOM…mythos beer on you…

    damnit…you are all so annoying genious…!!!


  • Just returned from Nanaimo, my traditional Sunday drive there with my son Brian. Picked up “Photographers A-Z with money my mom pressed on me for my birthday (thanks mommy).

    ” A comprehensive overview of the most influential photographers of the last century and their finest monographs: Arranged alphabetically, this biographical encyclopedia features every major photographer and photographic artist of the 20th century, from the earliest representatives of classical Modernism right up to the immediate present. Richly illustrated with facsimiles from books and magazines, this book includes all the major photographers of the last hundred years—especially those who have distinguished themselves with important publications or exhibitions, or who have made a significant contribution to the culture of the photographic image. While most of the 400-plus entries feature North American or European photographers, the scope is worldwide, with significant emphasis on the photography of Japan and Latin America, Africa and China.”

    Cool book, kind of a short biography and catalogue of books by well known photogrpahers, (some new to me) Very excited about the book, I can see it is going to cost me a lot of money because there is so many I would love to see more of.

  • One of my favorite photos has always been Ruth Orkin’s “American Girl in Italy.” Recently the woman who was the subject in the photo has spoken out with her take, and been featured in the latest issue of “Smithsonian” magazine and here on MSNBC:

    Was it a total set-up? According the article in Smithsonian, only partly…


    i do not know the answer, but i will find out…there could be any number of explanations….but none of them i can assure you have any resemblance to the annie l. case of losing rights…antoine has not lost any rights i promise….

  • Sidney:

    The Bulger Gallery had a retrospective of Orkin’s work this summer. At a showing of the movie on her life, the “American Girl” was in attendance. She now lives in Toronto…and she even brought/wore the scarf she was wearing in the photograph!

    I was able to view the contact sheet containing that image. I doubt if Orkin worked hard to set up the shot, as there were only two attempts at it. But the groupings had altered in between the time it took. The motorbike was parked, with no one on it, and there were fewer people in the unused shot. I’d conclude that it wasn’t an accidental moment, but that she waited for the elements to fall into place. Undirected by Orkin according to the contact sheet, even though there was evidence of set-ups in other images on that roll. She certainly didn’t massage the idea much.

  • Jeff,

    You corroborate what the model says in the Smithsonian article. But there’s nothing like seeing the contact sheet! Thanks for your firsthand report!

  • Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award

    Deadline: October 15th, 2011


  • Ok, so I’m too dumb to figure out if this is happening right now in Harlem (New York.. ’cause it IS in NYC, right?), but maybe it is, and having the book.. argh.. would love to see the exhibit:


  • Forget it.. one year too late…

  • Sidney
    Thanks for the Ruth Orkin link. Lovely to see other shots from the series and read the story behind the comment. Also lovely to see the subject at 83 and hear her comments.
    I am reminded of an interview and photos of Charis Wilson, which appeared a few years ago in one of the British photo mags if I’m not mistaken. She was of course the subject of many of Eward Westons beautiful nudes. In the article, she appears as she was at that time, a very elderly woman. I don’t know if she is still living. Similarly, a few years ago there was a feature somewhere on Betty Bein (sp?), the favourite model of John Rawlins about 50 years back.
    Of course, I get the same bittersweet feeling when I look back at photos of myself as a twenty-something then look at the geezer in the mirror.


    American destinations will be reached anytime from tomorrow till end of week..check your maiboxes..
    (for Canada ONLY: BOOKS SHIPPED, but add another few days to clear Canadian Customs)
    thank you ALL!
    again : ALL BOOKS SHIPPED , saturday morning (3 days ago) …they are on the way to TOU!

    WE ARE READY TO START PUTTING PRINTS IN THE WALL..not me..but real professional art handlers that work for gallery..
    i will accept all prints that arrive till end of this weekend..(of course whoever is on the mail already, will be INCLUDED and never IGNORED!
    SO PLEASE, REMEMBER, WE ARE OVERWHELMED BY SUBMISSIONS and, smiling, running out of “wall space”
    Again , whoever is already in the mail, no worries!
    email me if any questions:

  • Finally received it!! What a great afternoon!!! :)))

  • Denislav! which country r u in? USA? if so what state?

  • http://instagr.am/p/OSUZy/


  • http://instagr.am/p/OSU0t/

    SAM HARRIS , print 2! amazing paper/Print btw!
    big thaNks!

  • Panos, no no, Bulgaria, EU.

  • awwwwwww… the exhibition would be sweet!!!

  • Panos, my print is on its way. I have a Track and Trace number which delivers the message “Your item, posted on 19/09/11 with reference LY014750959GB has arrived in HEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC and is being processed for delivery.”. So now we know … or not know.

    Hope it arrives in time: if not, it’s yours. Any proceeds from the sale to go 100% to Burn.

  • Panos, got my Burn 02 today. You need to go into the shipping business! Of course, it helps that I’m in Texas. ;)

  • Burn-ed Garden show is where, when… opening when?


  • hey p:

    spoke with printer on saturday….print won’t be done til week’s end, if you’ve run out of space for wall, no worries…will send u the promised envelope instead…have just had other family/$$ priorities…

    which means it won’t arrive this week, not possible…but that’s ok, no worries…you’ve been amazing as is…

    gotta run


    all, do not worry:

    DO NOT WORRY!!!!!!

    all i was saying to ALL earlier is please do NOT (and i hate to say that) send any more..
    We are running out of wall!…We will NOT DESTROY/HARM/FRAME PRINTS…the best way the gallery people advised me to do is MAGNETIC WALLS!
    sO WE ARE going to use tine silver magnets that will NOT HARM YOUR PRINT!…no pins, no crap no cheap s##t!

  • SO AGAIN: no cheap frames, great light, info for photogs, credit card machine handy, FREE BEER, OVER 500 FOLKS, ART LOVERS subscribed to the opening, but i expect more than 1000 people..i honestly predict wayyyyyyyy more than 1000 art lovers , because the premiere of BURNED GARDEN EXHIBITION “COINCIDENTALLY/ACCIDENTALLY” matches the “2nd Saturday ART WALK/NIGHT” in SA Texas …THAT MEANS THAT ITS A HUGE FESTIVAL HERE AND EVERYONE WILL BE ON THE STREETS VISITING GALLERIES..
    That is YOUR night!
    DO NOT MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Akaky! he asked the worst editor in the world to choose the best of his 7 prints ,hmmm,

  • Frostfrog, just visited your blog, keep it coming, anxious to view the workshop through your eyes.

  • Can’t wait for 02. Really, really into the work of Karen Mirzoyan.

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