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Abbey Road

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Now is playing “Abbey Road” of The Beatles, one of my father’s favorite records.Today we celebrate the father’s day in Mexico.@rafaelavina1959 I take this space to tell you that you are an incredible father !!! I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy you, learn from your lessons and share special moments with you. I am grateful that you have always been there, thanks to you I entered to the world of photography, I will never forget when I was 12 years old and you took me to the “Centro de la Imagen” where I built my first pinhole camera, all the exhibitions, documentaries and films we saw together. Thank you for so much love and affection. I love you with all my heart.🖤Day 5Photo 1iPhone shoot18.06.2017I am @oliweirdtwist


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My favorites tacos are tacos campechanos!!! We take a break after hours editing and went to eat to this famous taqueria “Los Pericos” in la Narvarte.Day 4Photo 317.06.2017I am @oliweirdtwist

Rodrigo 2

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After we end up sleeping at 6 am, Rodrigo and I wake up really late (2 pm) and now we’re getting ready to make the edition of the photos of the subway. Day 4Photo 217.06.2017I am @oliweirdtwist

Still awake

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Being 4:20 in the morning, we still awake. My 3 ex roommates and me. Sofía @pyrosg shows us her portfolio that she made for @eafmexico . She, @pablofavela_ and I graduated last December from there and now @manuelbepp is studying there too. He’s planning the design of his own. This table looks like this every time I’m here, haha.What a beautiful night of memories! Lov U guys. 🖤Day 4Photo 117.09.2017


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For weeks there was no normal day in this house, Manuel @manuelbepp celebrating with a “chela”, the famous Pabliño Favela @pablofavela_ entering the room, Jan and I singing Britney Spears songs, and everybody watching and remembering good old times with music videos.Day 3 Photo 416.06.2017I am @oliweirdtwist


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Today after almost 2 weeks in the hospital for not being able to walk and not to be able to move his arms, Jan left the hospital, his legs begin to respond and he can walk better just like his arms begin to have more strength, we are all happy to have him at home again.3 weeks ago I was still Jan’s roomie, but I still feel part of this home. I am very happy to see him with all the attitude of reckless. We are still waiting for studies to really know what’s going on. We all know that it will be all right soon. All my strength and love for @janriedelv Day 3Photo 3I am @oliweirdtwist

Elton Gllava – Where The Crows Would Have Sung

Elton Gllava

Where The Crows Would Have Sung

“Had it not been for the chrome, here the crows would have sung” said the old man by the side of the dusty road. He spoke of Bulqizë, and of its people who work in the mines. Bulqizë is a small town in North-East Albania known as the town of the miners . Following the discovery of chrome there in 1939 and the opening of the first mines in 1948, Bulqizë has now become the world’s third largest producer of this mineral.The first time I went to Bulqizë was in 2013. I knew nothing about this place. My first impact with this strange town was overwhelming. A first encounter that took me back in time. The grey buildings of the main street outlined a town which had stopped in time, crystalized in the atmosphere of the Albania of my childhood. There were many bars, a few grocers, betting shops, biliard halls, a couple of restaurants and two schools. I stayed there two days taking pictures of mines and miners. The feeling I got when I began to develop the films was as intense as the one i experienced when i first set eyes on the town. Alternating emotional surges from the heart and mind, suspended in time. So for the past three years I have been trying to tell the story of this slice of Albania which seems to be transfixed in the past and yet catapulted into the future by the unstoppable logic of exploitative capitalisim which knows no bounds. Through my photos I tell the story of a community sitting upon a “mountain of gold” which sees its resources and minds ceaselessly draining away. Bulqizë has been defined by some as a social ghetto. To me it represents a resevoir of cultural archetypes which I have endeavoured to capture.




Elton Gllava was born in Albania under the closed communist regime of the 1970’s. When the borders opened in 1991 he seized his opportunity to experience another world and like thousands of Albanians made the crossing Italy. His early years in Rome exposed him to some of the darker sides of multilayered Roman society through various pursuits and employments……however in 2007 he made the decision to dedicate himself to photography. His photographic style is focused towards both social and authorial reportage with a strong draw towards the intimate aspects.



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Elton Gllava


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Rodrigo @rhacastaneyra and I are starting a photographic project with iPhone only, in all stations of the Metro Transportation System.In this shoot the girl who is looking at him, noticed that we were both taking photos, assumed that we did not know each other and made a warning to me to realize that “a stranger” was capturing me. Attitudes like these help prevent harassment within the subway.Day 3Photo 2I am @oliweirdtwist

La espera

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La espera.Day 3Photo 1I am @oliweirdtwist


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The most delicious “sopes” are the ones that my mother cooks!It was a beautiful evening with her and with mebrother. They welcomed me with a typical Mexican meal and I do it with the typical dulces gringos!!! 🖤•Day 2Photo 3I am @oliweirdtwist