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@luisfabini takover! This year I photographed the potato harvest in the Ecuadorean Andes at 12,000 feet, where I lived with indigenous families for a month. More than 4000 varieties of native potatoes grow in the Andes. #harvest #burndiary #hands #Andes #ecuador #thelandwetreadupon

The Red Bench

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The Red Bench is a sacred space for inspiration and new beginnings, where we can share joys and sorrows and move forward. The Red Bench is a space to open up, to reach out to the other, and in doing so to dig and explore into yourself. #heidilender #uruguay #pueblogarzon #love #campo “We are defined as individuals by our attitude to the Other” #Emmanuellevinas


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I wake up before dawn, light the fireplace, she wakes up a little later, drinks her chai while I drink my coffee or mate. We read, edite photos, in deep silence . Then we jump into the mat; she is an amazing ashtanga yoga master,I am so lucky. We dive into a prolific photographic collaboration a couple of month ago. She likes to plan things through and I am intuitive , we add to each others work and lives.This is how I see her, she is a builder in every way, relationships, things; she likes to jump like a playful horse. She is very generous, loyal, creative and knows how to get things done. She is creating an amazing project, #Campo an #artistresidency project at #pueblogarzon in #uruguay.. Thank you #heidilender follow us @fabinilender


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@luisfabini takeover. Having so much fun playing & collaborating with my girl @heidilender Follow us @fabinilender #collabs #burndiary #iphone #uruguay


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@luisfabini takeover!I took this picture at Las Callanas, in Chile. One of my favorite places to shoot. The owner, my friend Gonzalo Vial is one of the most skillful breeders I know. #Patagonia #Chile #lascallanas #thelandwetreadupon #newbook #cowboysoftheamericas

Arturo Ibarra

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@luisfabini takeover!Several times National Champion, Arturo Ibarra, waiting for his turn at the finals of the Charrería National Championship. #Guadalajara #Mexico #charros #cowboysoftheamericas #vaquerosdeamerica #greystonebooks #wadedavis #thelandwetreadupon #newbook #portrait


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@luisfabini takeover! Roadtrip shooting around Uruguay, Estancia Santa Beatriz. Every flock has lamb mortality. It may be due to so many different reasons, these ones were unable to maintain their body temperature. #Gauchoslife #Uruguay #campo #Cowboysoftheamericas #newbook #thelandwetreadupon

Alfredo Chiarappa – Railroad Station Platform Zero: Idomeni.


Alfredo Chiarappa

Railroad Station Platform Zero: Idomeni.

My photo storytelling shows what life is actually like for migrants and refugees within the Idomeni camp in Greece. Idomeni is regarded as one of the worst refugee camps on the European migrant trail, which has increased in size following the decision of Fyrom to close its border.
My essay represents a mix of everyday moments of the harsh conditions of the camp as well as the joy of living in a community of stories.
My work focuses on people but it also intends to shake public opinion documenting all the sorrow and trials those human beings are still facing.
My target audience for my photographic reportage displays the characteristics of someone who is struggling with his everyday life while being concerned about future.
I am sending my application in order to fund my Migration Project that aims to improve our understanding about lives of migrants and refugees.
The award funds will support a photographic project that will also promote awareness on those social phenomena using photography as a catalyst for social action.




Born in Melfi in 1982, I got a degree in Graphic Design at Politecnico of Milan. I became interested in photography and filmmaking because I think there are no better means to tell stories.
My work has been focusing on young generations in countries that have undergone strong political changes. I started my professional carrier in 2011 with a project concerning how young Russian genera- tions spend their nights in St Petersbourg.
The project name is “Crossing Leningrad”.
Since then, I have been working as a freelance photographer and film-maker for editorial and corporate works.


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Alfredo Chiarappa


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@luisfabini takeover. Denley Norman calving at Haythorn Ranch #cowboys #cowboysoftheamericas #thelandwetreadupon #newbook #burnmagazine #burndiary


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@Luis Fabini instagram takeover!Charro Alejandro Pedrero training his rope skills #charro #mexico #lagosdemoreno #cowboysoftheamericas #newbook #thelandwetreadupon