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Bradley Pearce – The Photographer Who Couldn’t


Bradley Pearce

The Photographer Who Couldn’t


In “The Photographer Who Couldn’t” Pearce presents himself as the titular photographer and through a mixture of appropriation, studio photography and photo montage Pearce attempts to come to terms with his identity and overcome his photographers block. This photographer’s block has been caused by his father who was a professional football player; Pearce did not follow in his father’s footsteps, instead choosing the become a photographer meaning that he did not succumb to the pressure placed on him from both family and society.

“Volume One” of the project showed Pearce’s struggle with his father’s image and was seen in his handmade book. The book is a unique “one-off” copy. All images and text were glued into the 52-page Panini sticker book by hand as is clear in the imperfect aesthetic of the piece; the non-parallel layout and poorly cut elements reflect Pearce’s struggle with his identity. In the book Pearce moves from giving out cameras in a jazz club to an attempt to become his father through staged studio portraiture and the appropriation of old images.

In “Volume Two” Pearce attempts to find some resolution for his struggle with his identity. Through a series of positive slides, taken in 1969 in Seattle that show his great-grand mother on holiday, he attempts to reconnect with his family and overcome his photographers block. By editing himself into these images Pearce aims to reconnect with his family through photography and therefore overcome the issues of representation that are placed on his shoulders.

By placing his own images, text and appropriated pieces into a Panini book and slides respectively Pearce reflects the relatable burden placed onto our shoulders by both family and society. The theme of phototherapy is present in this work and Pearce uses the camera as a means of healing.



Short Bio

Bradley Pearce is a fine art photographer who specializes in self-portrait work that is based on themes of identity and representation. Using studio photography and post production Pearce creates scenes and photo-montages that reflect narratives focused on the self and the perception of the self. Pearce deals with relatable topics including: societal and familial representation, and the difficulty of understanding one’s own identity. By using text in his work Pearce not only creates another layer to his pieces but also creates intricate narratives that are always based on truth. For example, in his latest piece “The Photographer Who Couldn’t” all interactions and happenings are true, as well as the main theme of the work which is based off of the life of his father. Pearce also takes part in conceptual work for others including a body of work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery based off of an item from their archives and a commissioned piece for the Birmingham Midland Institute.


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@folkesonjonas Photography is for me like running blind in a dark forest. Never knowing what to look for and always searching for meaning, a straight line that always is curved. Maby its because my life is in that way. What do i know? #jonasfolkeson #burnimages #burnmagazine #burndiary #blackandwhite


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos this week during 7 days. Both me and my father always get obsessed with things. We are very similair, but also different. His dream is to finish this house. The day it will be finished, it is going to be perfect. I wish i could help him more but my obsession in photography takes all my energy.


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on Burn Diary during 7 days. This is Dagny, my grandmother. In her mind a copy of me. Remember our walks in the forest looking for mushrooms. We share the same senaitivity. Both in good but also in less good ways. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on Burn Diary during 7 days. This is a closeup on my beloved mother. Thanks for all the patience u have always had even if i made you endure many hard days. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages

On the beach

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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on Burn Diary during 7 days. This is my mother and dog Akira during out trip to Snäcken. This place always brings us together because of all the summers we have shared here. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is posting his photos on Burn Diary for 7 days. Broken tree. Skärså forest. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on Burn Diary during 7 days. A trip to the realest thing of all. Nature #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on Burn.Diary during 7 days. Sometimes memories burn in to the skin. In bad ways but also in good. I have my own marks as we all have. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos for 7 days. One of many stores and facilities that have been shut down or moved to another town. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burnimages #burndiary #burnmagazine