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Inside the time machine. Spanish classic: the Osborne bull. Next stop: Madrid!Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos #burndiary #burnmagazine

Cartagena lights

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Inside the time machine: Cartagena lights. Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos #burndiary #burnmagazine #Spain


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Sometimes the time is not enough. At least there was ten minutes to dip the feet in the sea. Cala Flores. Cartagena. Spain.Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos #burndiary #burnmagazine


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Massage time for everybody! Luna stares at Sandra while Rocio gives her a massage. Juan Carlos, Sandra’s boyfriend, gives Gala her massage.Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos #burndiary #burnmagazine

Ken Kamara – Tokyo Unmasked

Ken Kamara

Tokyo Unmasked

“Tokyo Unmasked” saw the light when, after days of wandering around the streets of Tokyo with the intent of meeting “real Japan”, I realized that the biggest challenge a foreigner has is to meet its inhabitants. Truth be told, one cannot avoid to notice how comfortable Tokyoites are in the surgical masks they wear in public. And even though hygiene seems to be the reason behind this habit, my gut told me this cannot be the case, not in all the circumstances. I returned to the streets of Tokyo with the intent of asking passers by to take off their masks and let me take a portrait of them. The great majority declined, but some showed trust, and accepted to unveil their face to me and to the audience. In the intimate process of getting closer with the lens to their naked face, while having them sitting on a stool at the edge of a sidewalk under the eyes of everybody, I realized what a big deal personal space is in Japanese culture, and how useful a mask can be to protect one’s own identity. In its race for technological supremacy, in all its methodical organization, meticulousness and politeness – the human Tokyo is happy to hide. All of the subjects are portrayed both MASKED and unMASKED, and displayed in a series of dyptics to be read vertically, as the Japanese language can be too. The exception is an old fisherman. He was wearing no mask and unmasked he was depitcted. Because he showed no fears, neither to the camera nor to life.




Ken Kamara is an English photographer active in the fields of art, fashion, music and advertising. After years of artistic search he found his voice in portraiture, as an unrivaled means to connect with humanity, unlock its hidden sides and make them visible to whom still cannot see. Like for TOKYO un MASKED, his portraits are all photographed using film and his beloved twin-lens reflex camera dated 1956.

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Ken Kamara


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Inside the time machine.Scene from Cartagena, Spain.Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos #burndiary #burnmagazine #bw #myfujifilm


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Cartagena, Spain. Sandra is getting married and Rocio is receiving her invitation to the wedding. Rocio is in Cartagena visiting her family and some friends. When I was asked to share a daily experience, I thought it could be interesting to tell others’ stories. So I’ll be following Rocio until tomorrow night, when we’ll be back in Madrid. Who’s there? Photo by Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos


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Inside the time machine. Scene from Granada, Spain.Raul Amaru @amarulero / @runa_photos


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Runa @runa_photos was born in Ecuador. All of us Runa members have family, colleagues and friends there. As you now, #Ecuador has suffered one of the strongest earthquakes in its history. We owe everything to Ecuador and we are very sorry. If you want to help, you can do it through #UNICEF. Please go to learn how you can help. This is Raul Amaru @amarulero member of @runa_photos posting for @burndiary. The @burndiary will continue the transmission tomorrow. Feel free to share this


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Inside the time machine. This is Raul Amaru @amarulero transmitting live from some point between Seville and Murcia (Spain). La Feria de Abril is over and we are traveling to the future. Stay tuned to see what’s going on! Who’s in Cartagena?