Mr Darcy

This cat has at least 3 names. Everyone calls him something different. He’s “Mr Darcy” to some , “Earl Grey” for others, and in Spanish recently named “Gordo”. Even though he is a he, I tend to talk to both of my male cats as if they were females, calling them sweetheart or darling. For sure I spoil both and treat them regularly to tuna steaks that are intended for the grill. They prefer outside to inside and I observe them as wild animals. They were born in an upstairs bedroom and I was the midwife making sure all 4 found their milk source. Their mother Simone rejected them as adults and she moved down the street occasionally showing up to see if they are still here. She’s never forgiven me for keeping them. She will however share a resplendent gourmet food bowl. I’m just trying to keep peace in the family.

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