For the last few years I’ve struggled with doing two books simultaneous. It doesn’t sound like an idea I would recommend to anyone. Off for a Family Drive was in the works years ago. Then I dropped it. Now I’ve brought it back and am ready to make a very large print of the picture above from that book ( to be). Yet I’m also in the middle of shooting BeachGames which at one point I thought was donea year ago but then decided to keep going. So for me to be happy there’s gotta be a bit of anguish, perhaps a bit of drama, a bit of infatuation, all part of needing that “fire in the belly”..Very very luckily I arrived to a point where I can focus only on the sweet tensions of artistic pursuit. This is something I feel I can pass on to others. Just a tiny twist of the key can change the way you think which of course leads to the way you work. Come to my loft in NY June 3. See what my students have done the week prior. It’s always a show to be seen and the photo community of New York is there. Warm up band will be some famous photog as always. Celebratory party follows as usual. Check if you wish to join the DAH workshop circus. I think there are 3-4 spots left. Springtime in New York. This one will rock it good

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