Finally back home after 3 weeks in Tokyo. Cats were happy to see me in a cat sort of almost don’t give a shit way. Yet they love the lovin..My friends Frank and Dawn take care of my cats and my house while I’m gone. They also re decorate at will.. Each time a new art object. This is a corner of my small kitchen with a totally new exhibit. My silver gelatin test print strips from my Haenyeo show at Look3 in 2015 and back in the stairwell is now an 11×14 contact print of Georgia O’Keefe by Yosuf Karsh. Up the narrow stairwell up to my bedroom will be a gallery .Of small prints.Thinking Japanese. Use space wisely. It’s great to back home and the moveable feast. Thanks Frank and Dawn for the most recent slice of our mythical reality show MSA (Movjng Shit Around).

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